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Traitorous love. by AccioSachio
Chapter 4 : Common ground.
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I was so comfortable. Much more comfortable than usual. That was the first sign that I wasn’t at home in my own bed. Also, I could smell something different. It was a mixture between alcohol, aftershave and sex. Another sign. Finally, my head was pounding like never before and I feared that any movement would make it explode. I inched open my eyes and saw that I was in an only vaguely familiar room. I couldn’t remember clearly where I had seen it or when I had been here before. After a quick evaluation, I realised I was naked. Mentally slapping myself, I turned around in the bed to see who was on the other side. Each inch that I moved hurt my head and each inch brought back tingling memories of the previous night. My guesses were confirmed when I was face to face, naked in bed with Draco Malfoy.



“Oh shit!” I whispered to myself. And quickly made a move to leave the comfort of the large bed. Unfortunately, Malfoy’s arm was rested over my body, which made a quick escape very difficult.



Malfoy jerked awake when he sensed my movement. “Hermione?” he croaked, confused.



“Draco, I’m so sorry. This is awfully inappropriate and of course should not have happened. I’ll take my leave, and I promise not to mention it.”



With that, I slipped from the bed and made to retrieve my clothes. Once I was finally covered I left the bedroom without another glance in Malfoy’s direction. I hurried down the hallway and blushed as I passed Malfoy’s discarded shirt on the floor. I was mortified.






Amazingly, I wasn’t late for work. I made it in record timing even with my going home to shower and change. I almost expected to see Malfoy come into my office with our morning coffee, but then remembered that he would be just as humiliated as I was about the mornings encounter.



As the day went on, there was no sign of Malfoy. I soon realised that he hadn’t turned up to work at all. This made me mad. I wondered if he was so embarrassed that he felt he had to avoid me. However, after some painful recollections of the night before I realised that I had in fact initiated the intimate contact between us. I cursed myself for getting drunk. I then grew worried as I thought of my friendship with Malfoy that was surely ruined now. Why was I so stupid?



I didn’t stay late at work as I usually do, and instead Apparated straight to The Burrow. I had to see Ginny. On arrival I was greeted heartily by Mr and Mrs Weasley and also by George Weasley and Bill and Fleur, who were all obviously visiting. Ginny was the only Weasley who now lived at The Burrow with her parents, although I was sure that she would be moving into Harry’s house in the near future.



“Hermione dear, what brings you over?” cried Mrs Weasley, giving me a squeeze. “Can you stay for dinner?”



I smiled warmly at the reception. “I’d love to Mrs Weasley; however I can’t stay too long. I just came to see Ginny, if she’s here?”  



Mrs Weasley nodded. “She just got home actually, she is in her bedroom.”



I took the stairs two at a time, even in my heels, and was soon outside Ginny’s bedroom door. I knocked quietly and then let myself in. Ginny was sat on her bed, using her wand to create different hairstyles.



“Hermione!” she smiled. “What’s wrong?” she asked, instantly losing her joking manner.



“I need to tell you something. It’s very important, and very embarrassing.” I told her quickly, blushing all the while.



“Go ahead,” Ginny instructed.



“Okay,” I began. “Last night, I went for drinks with Draco after work because I was really pissed off after receiving Rons’ latest owl. We were drinking and dancing and then one thing lead to another...”



“Yes?” said Ginny quietly.



“I slept with Draco Malfoy!” I concluded, feeling myself go a deep, warm red.



Ginny didn’t speak for a few minutes as she processed this new information. “How was he?” she finally asked.



“Excuse me?”



Ginny rolled her eyes. “Don’t be coy Hermione. How was he?”



I blushed deeper and then grinned. “It was amazing.”



Ginny nodded to herself. “I always assumed he would be,” she mused, absently.



“Ginny!” I said astounded. “Aren’t you ashamed of my indiscretion?”



Ginny sniggered. “Oh come on Hermione! It was only a matter of time before this would happen. Harry and I were talking about the possibility just the other day.”



“Why didn’t you tell me?” I cried.



Again she laughed. “Don’t whine Hermione,” she said, sounding just like her mother. “I don’t see what the big deal is. You slept with him; so what?”



“The big deal is that Draco and I have just settled into a comfortable friendship and I may have jeopardised this by the consumption of alcohol!”



Ginny snorted. “Let’s break this up. You like him?”



“Well of course,” I answered.



“No, you really like him?” she pressed.



I nodded, embarrassed. “I suppose there is a part of me...”



“Just as I thought. You enjoyed last night?” she continued, in a businesslike manner.



I sighed. “Yes Ginny, I already told you it was fantastic.”



“So why can’t you and Draco be more than friends? You should talk to him about what happened and see where he is and then make a decision on where you want to go next. That may just be back to being friends or that could be something more. Anyway, even if you were just friends you could add in a few benefits.” She concluded with a wink.



“Fine,” I huffed. “And thanks.”






With Ginny’s words in mind, I planned to go home to change out of my work clothes and then to visit Malfoy at his apartment. I just hoped he’d be in. As I took the stairs up to my own apartment however, I found Malfoy himself leaning against wall outside; a bunch of flowers in hand.



“Hermione,” he said quietly. “May I come in?”



I nodded mutely and opened the door. He handed me the flowers and I accepted them with a smile.



“I came to talk to you about last night and this morning,” began Malfoy.



“I was going to come to your apartment to do the same thing,” I replied smiling. It was amazing how comfortable we still were.



“I want you to know that though last night may have been a mistake, I don’t regret it,” Malfoy continued.



“You don’t?”



Malfoy shook his head. “I’ve liked you a little more than a friend for some time now and it was only a matter of time before I said something. I know my absence from work may have made it seem like I was avoiding you, however I knew we had to have this conversation and I didn’t want to do it at the office. I thought it was ruder of me to go to work and ignore you rather than not going at all.”



“Oh,” was all I could reply with.



“Also, last night was some of the best sex I’ve have in a long time.” He said, grinning.



I blushed in a pleased way.



“I enjoyed last night too Draco, and throughout the day I’ve realised that I don’t think last night was a mistake.”



Malfoy stood up and took my hand to pull me up with him. He brushed a loose strand of hair behind my ear and smiled. Then, he leant in and placed his lips on mine. Our first sober kiss. Just as it had last night, electricity shot through me and I felt my arms wrap around his neck and my fingers curling into his hair. Then, just as I had last night; I led him towards the bedroom for what I hoped would be another night of satisfaction.



Later on, when we were lying awake together in my bed, Malfoy said that he wanted us to be more than just friends. When he questioned what my views on that were, I accepted with a kiss.






“So?” asked Ginny. It was now Saturday and I hadn’t seen her since I visited her at The Burrow to tell her about my drunken night with Malfoy. “Did you speak to him?”



We were in my kitchen and drinking coffee; something we did most Saturdays to catch up with one another.



“Yes, we spoke.” I replied, smirking.



“What happened?” she pried.



“We had sex again.” I said simply. “We had sex on Thursday too.”



“Bloody hell Hermione,” said a wide eyed Ginny. “Harry’s going to flip.”



I rolled my eyes. “You told him?”



“Well of course,” she said, grinning. “He didn’t say much really, just that he hoped everything worked out for you.”



I nodded and took a thoughtful sip of coffee.



“So are you and Draco exclusive or anything? Or are you trying the whole ‘friends with benefits’?” asked Ginny, curious.



“You’re so nosey Ginny!” I chided her. “But yes, we are somewhat exclusive.”



“Somewhat meaning...?”



“Meaning that we aren’t parading it around the world, but we aren’t seeing other people.” I clarified.



“So you are a couple?” Ginny continued.



“Yes!” I cried impatiently.



“What about Ron?” Ginny asked hesitantly.



“What about him?” I asked. “It has nothing to do with him. We were barely a couple before he left and we won’t be one when he returns. I don’t think he’ll really care to be honest; however I’m not planning on telling him.”



“Of course,” smiled Ginny. “It’s none of his business.”



“Exactly!” I agreed.



“And,” continued Ginny, gleefully. “He’ll get the shock of his life when he gets home.”



“Oh I hope so,” I murmured as I finished my coffee.







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