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Suck it Up by Welchie
Chapter 16 : Everybody Lies
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A/N: *Throws hands up to cover face* PLEASE! HAVE MERCY, WONDERFUL READERS! I know it's been FOREVER since I've last updated, but I have valid excuses. 1.) I moved, no internet, 2.) Lots of teenage boyfriend drama-rama, and 3.) I broke my hand by punching ex-cheating-boyfriend, but it's fine now and I can type again! So, please, read this chapter that I finally updated and believe me when I say that there will be another DRAM-IONE-ATIC one on the way!


"Now, Ginny darling, your name will not be Ginny while you attend Hogwarts," Lilith told Ginny as she fidgeted with a lock of her hair like some mother hen. "You will be undercover for me, so we need to keep your identity a secret."

"Yes, mother," Ginny replied in a monotone. She was staring past the green flames that would take her to her mission, seeing them but not seeing them. Her mind wasn’t on green. It was on red. Cardinal red, to be exact. Red with black tips –

"We’ve decided your cover name will be Darling," Voldemort interjected as he strode through the large double doors, smirking. "You will be called Darling Malfoy."

"Darling Malfoy?" Ginny asked in disgust, wrinkling her nose. "Why that?"

"Because," Lilith said, throwing Voldemort a steely glare, "Draco Malfoy is at Hogwarts and he will introduce you as his cousin from the Americas, so the last name of Malfoy is needed to add back up to your story."

"Can I pick something other than Darling?" Ginny requested humbly, lowering her eyelashes just barely and looking up at Lilith through the fringes of them. She saw Lilith’s resolve falter as her mouth gentled into a smile, but Voldemort snarled coldly, "Absolutely not. The headmaster of Hogwarts has already been notified of Darling Malfoy’s coming. Which should be soon."

"The train!" Lilith gasped, forgetting completely about Ginny’s identity crisis. "Ginny, dear, hurry and grab your things."

"Already have them," Ginny said in defeat, taking out a smaller version of her trunk from her pocket and holding it out for them to see. When comprehension didn’t dawn on their faces, she explained, "I shrunk it, since I didn’t want to lug it around everywhere."

"Marvelous, Darling," Voldemort hissed sarcastically, smiling cruelly when Ginny narrowed her eyes at him.

"Hush, Tom," Lilith admonished him, causing him to glower in turn at her. Ginny grinned in unwarranted satisfaction, but dropped her smile like a stone in the water when Lilith began ushering her to the fireplace.

"Time to go, Darling," Lilith exclaimed, pushing Ginny toward the fireplace. As Ginny was shoved in to the flames, she could barely make out Lilith’s instructions.

" – get to the train – Draco Malfoy – sorting hat – grades – don’t forget – befriend – Granger –"

"Platform nine and three quarters," Ginny heard Voldemort shout as a handful of green dust was thrown in a poof at her feet. For a moment, nothing happened, then she was spinning, spinning, spinning.

Suddenly, she was pushed out of an opening and onto a smelly pavement, coughing at the smoke that filled the place. Voices were everywhere, trains were whistling, and animals were making their ridiculous animal noises. She looked up from where she lay on the pavement.

She was at the Hogwarts Express.

She was supposed to look for Hermione Granger.

She got up, the name on her lips as she walked up to another student-looking body to ask of Granger’s whereabouts when a shrill, demanding voice cut through her words and straight to her memory.

"Ronald, dear, you have soot on your nose again."


"So, you and Hawthorne," Cece said suggestively as she barged in my room with no permission at all. I rolled my eyes and turned over on my stomach and continued trying to read my book on Tracking Spells while she walked around observing everything. "I think he likes you."

"And I think Styx likes you," I muttered under my breath, fully aware that she could hear me. She ignored this and instead went on like I hadn’t said anything.

"I mean, y’all looked pretty into it when I walked in earlier and everything and –"

"Listen, Cece, I know you’re a hopeless romantic and all, but there’s nothing between me and Hawthorne. For one, I could never feel for him that way because I still have trouble distinguishing Hawthorne from Malfoy. Two, I do have feelings for someone else, contrary to your belief. And three, it’s illegal for vampires and Shadowhunters to be together and, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not the rulebreaking type," I said in an irritated voice, turning a page of my book to look like I was actually reading it while giving her my internal mantra that I’d been repeating to myself over and over since earlier. There was nothing between him and me. Nothing.

"Wow, y’know, you almost had me fooled," Cece declared triumphantly after a pause, walking over to my bed and falling down beside me, smirking. "You wanna know what gave it away?"

"Nothing gave it away because there was nothing to give away," I said through clenched teeth, keeping my nose in my book, even when she leaned in to my ear and mimicked mockingly, "-‘in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not the rulebreaking type,’"

"Shut it," I groaned, then pushed her off my bed. "No lesbians allowed."

"Sexual discrimination!" Cece shouted in fake outrage, throwing her shoe at my head. I sighed in defeat and set my book down, knowing that studying at all in hopes of clearing up this stupid Clave business was hopeless.

"Cece, listen, I need to concentrate right now," I told her in a weary voice, suddenly mentally exhausted from all of the stress. Vampire laws, Shadowhunter laws, warlock schooling, keeping well fed on blood, dealing with Ron, Hawthorne, Raphael, and Andrew – it was all starting to take its toll on me. My shoulders slumped as if there was a physical strain on them.

"Ok, ok," Cece groaned and got up, flashing me a crooked smile and said, "If you need anything –"

" – I know, you’ll be there for m –"

" – Hawthorne will be sleeping within ten feet of you," Cece finished mischievously and hooted in a mixture of amusement and alarm when a hex went by her face from the end of my wand. Giving me an exaggerated wink, she flew out of the door, cackling madly all the way down the stairs.

"Why do I have to have the weird friends?" I asked no one in particular, falling back on my bed and covering my face with a pillow.



"Styx, we have to talk," I barked, grabbing the collar of his wizard’s robes as soon as he walked through the portrait hole and dragging him across the room, and up the staircase to my room.

"Is this about you and Granger snogging –"

"We were not snogging," I seethed, pushing him into the room and closing the door behind me, trying to slow my heart rate. No, we hadn’t kissed, but Angel knows I wanted to kiss her. How could she be so cold and warm all at once? She was dead, or undead, or whatever. She had fangs. She wasn’t even my species. It would never work.

"Then what’s this about?" Styx demanded, rubbing the back of his neck and glaring at me reproachfully. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and said as evenly as I could, "Ginny Weasley is alive."

"The Weasley girl that died in Diagon Alley?" Styx asked skeptically, frowning. "She couldn’t be. We saw her die ourselves. And there isn’t a warlock spell that could bring her back."

"Maybe it wasn’t a warlock," I said in frustration, throwing my hands in the air. "All I know from Voldemort is she’s under a glamour and is coming here under the name of Darling Malfoy and as my cousin."

"Wait, I don’t understand what’s going on," Styx held his hands up in a slow-down motion. "Ginny Weasley – the girl that died – is back from the dead and is working for Voldemort, who is sending her here under the name of Darling Malfoy as your cousin?"

"She’s also under a glamour and has a heavy memory charm on her," I added absentmindedly, rubbing my temples in exasperation. "He won’t tell me why she’s coming here, but I’ll trick it out of her somehow."

"You going to tell Granger?" Styx asked, getting straight to the matter of why I brought him in here in the first place to talk about this.

"I don’t know," I groaned, leaning against the wall and sliding down it to a sitting position. Styx knelt down beside me and was quiet for a few minutes before he reached over and ruffled my hair like Leigha used to.

"Here’s the deal, kiddo," Styx said, exhaling slowly. "I think you need to keep this to yourself for a while – at least until you know why she’s here. I mean, notify the Clave of course, but Hermione and Cece have no business knowing it anyhow. Ginny may have been Hermione’s friend, but, for one, she’s a vampire now, so technically speaking, her ties to Ginny dropped the night she was Awakened. Second, this officially stopped being their business the day the demons killed Ginny – making it official Clave business."

"You’re right," I said in relief. "I’ll just wait and see what happens. Thanks, Styx."

"No problem, loser," Styx laughed, getting up.

"Uh, excuse me, but there es un problemo, pal," Cece said angrily, throwing my bedroom door open with a slam, causing cracks to appear in the door. "Ginny’s alive and you’re going to lie to Hermione about it and let her wallow in her guilt?"



My mother, Ginny thought in awe. From somewhere deep inside of her, she knew that this terrifying, redhaired woman that was determinedly trying to wash the face of a teenage boy with her thumb was her mother. And the boy, he was her older brother. Ronald. He’s the youngest boy, she remembered suddenly, before remembering also that she was the only girl. She had more brothers.

Bill. He had…long hair? Long red hair. A pierced ear. He worked at a wizard’s bank. In Egypt. He used to read to Ginny at night when she couldn’t sleep. The memories were sluggish at first, but like a dam broken, they rushed in and momentarily overwhelmed her.

Charlie. He was the second oldest and he worked with dragons. Ginny immediately got a picture of a young man with short red hair, a cocky smile, and burns all up and down his arms. Tan skin. Teaching her how to ride a broomstick.

Percy. Snobbish – that was the first thought that came to Ginny’s mind. Percy was snobbish. With red hair, of course. Stickler for the rules. Always tattling on everyone.

Fred and George. Before Ginny could stop it, a smile pulled up the corners of her mouth. They were twins and so troublesome that even their mother couldn’t keep them in line. Skiving snackboxes. Giving Ron wedgies for pulling her hair one summer. Tricking her into swimming in the black lake once, but scaring off the grindylow that tried to grab her.

Before she could think, Ginny pushed past the people in her way and ran to her mother and brothers. Tears were welling up in her eyes and pouring down her face. These were the Weasleys, they were her family, and she was Ginny Weasley. She’d tell them everything and they would get it all sorted out – it’d all be ok, like it always was.

"Mother!" Ginny screamed, shoving Ron out of the way and throwing her arms around Molly Weasley.

A/N/Again: So... I know it was short, but the next one will be amazing, I promise! This was a filler so I could get little stuffs in motion all at once, ex. What will happen with Cece's new discovery? What will happen with DRACO'S new discovery? What will Ginny do now? What will MRS. WEASLEY do now? Feel free to answer these questions with predictions in a beautiful review ;) Oh, and to my reviewers that left me sneaky little surprise reviews while I was gone - thank you!




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Suck it Up: Everybody Lies


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