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Unexpected Blossoming Love by Hermione and George
Chapter 7 : Hermione gets a detention....
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(Hermione's POV)

Once Holly and I got down to the great hall, we both found our usual spots next to Harry and Ron. They must've gone straight from the lake to the great hall because either Holly or I saw them enter or leave the common room and they were still in their swimmers.

We had been seated for at least 5 minutes before Fred and George came in. They took their rightful spots on either side of us and stared to gorge themselves. Holly, being the bubblier twin of us spoke up first.

"So, George, have you done the stuff for the deal we made?" She asked smugly.

"Honestly, I'm half way there at the moment" He replied.

She looked over to me and frowned. I must have had a really angry look on my face to make her say what she was about to say.

"Hermione, is something wrong?" she said. Yes, she does care about me.... Sometimes. She barely ever says that so that is why I used the sarcasm.

Dinner then went by in a blur of questions and answers. It was a blur because I was too busy thinking about why I reacted that way. I suddenly realised that I had finished dinner so I excused myself from the table. I left the great hall and was far away from it when I felt eyes boring into my skull.

"Hermione, could I talk to you for a minute?" Professor McGonagall.

"Sure" I responded reluctantly.

I followed her into the nearby classroom, which just happened to be hers. Wait! Her classroom was on the fifth floor. I swear I was only on the second floor.

"Why are you lurking around the fifth floor, Miss Granger?" McGonagall asked, curiously.

"I seriously don't know, Professor" I replied.

"Well I'm sure that you know that the fifth floor is out of bounds when classes aren't being taught, Miss Granger" She said while looking me straight in the eye.

"Oh no, please no professor!" I begged. The punishment for being on this floor at this time was a week’s worth of detention.

"I'm afraid so, Miss Granger. You will serve detention with the Weasley Twin, George, on the second floor tomorrow night, and until you have served the weeks’ worth of detention. If you want details, refer to Mr Weasley. Now goodnight, Miss Granger." and with that. She beckoned me out of the classroom and slammed the door in my face. Isn't she rude?

I walked back to the stairs, hoping not to get anymore detentions from any more teachers lurking on this floor. I reached the bottom step when Professor McGonagall shouted out to me from the top of the stair case.

"You shall also be serving detention with Percy and Penelope watching over you. If you do not want to talk to Mr Weasley, you can talk to either of them. Just thought I would let you know. Good night, Miss Granger." with that, McGonagall drifted back to her classroom.

(George's POV)

I had just got a letter from McGonagall saying that Hermione would be serving detention with me for the week. I have been frozen ever since I read the letter. Fred managed to yank it out of my hand to read it as well. After he had read it he passed it on to Holly who looked just as shocked as I was. Hermione had gotten herself a detention. A week’s detention at that.

A minute after I started moving again, Hermione launched herself through the portrait hole. She said she was going to bed, and I don’t blame her. She is a goodie-two-shoes and has landed herself in her first (I presume) detention.

A/N Please take the much appreciated time to review. I promise the next chapter will be out soon.

Lyss xxoo

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Unexpected Blossoming Love: Hermione gets a detention....


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