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Saviour by imacullenpottergirl
Chapter 1 : Savior
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 Hey Guys!! So, this is a fluffy Christmas one-shot, which I was meant to post AGES ago, but never got around to. Hope you enjoy!! And please review if you can :)

Anything you recognize isn't mine, unfortunatley. 

- Abhi

I absentmindedly trace patterns on the piece of skin that is bare on her back between my t-shirt that she is wearing and her shorts, as I gaze into the warming fire flaming in front of us. She scrunches up her nose in response, tightens her grip on my shoulders and sighs contentedly back into blissful sleep. I do admit that my legs are getting a little numb, but honestly, she is too cute to spoil at the moment. I can hear her heavy and short breaths coming from her just open mouth, as it rests on my chest and I am at ease, in wonder, that she is all mine. Forever.

I’m not sure how long I was staring into the fire, and drawing patterns on her skin that she woke, and started to silently run her fingers along my cheek, but I closed my eyes and kissed her hand before surrendering myself to her. She cuddled up closer to me, not that we weren’t close enough, though I wasn’t complaining, and our silver wedding band, that rested on her ring finger shone and sparkled in the light from the fire as she rested her hand on my chest and nuzzled her head into the crook of my neck.

She stares at me, while I stare at the fire for a moment, before I turn, kiss her forehead and whisper, “ How will I ever deserve you?” I inhale heavily before closing my eyes, the twinkle of the baubles on the towering Christmas tree ceasing as my lids drop.

We lie in silence. The only sounds are our constant and slow breathing, and the crackling of the roaring fire that we sit in front of.

She gently and softly whispers, “The question is not whether you deserve me. It is if I deserve you.”
Her voice is a soft caress against my chest and she speaks so quietly, that it is hard to hear. “Sometimes, it feels as if I’m being kissed by an angel. I don’t know what brought you to me Perce, but thank god it did, otherwise, I don’t know what would have happened to me.”

I can hear the pain, and the love in her voice. Contradicting each other, as always, but somehow living in perfect balance. I can’t believe the love I have for this woman, this beautiful creature that has pulled me out of the swallowing depths of the darkness.

I love her more than anything in the world, more than my own life; and-by some miracle-she loves me that way too. I realise that not only did she save me, I saved her. We saved each other, and there will never be a day while I live that I will not remember that. She is my saviour, and I hers.

We lay in silence once again, cherishing each others quiet company while we can. Abruptly she starts to giggle, her voice filling the entire room, giving it light. I furrow my brows at her, asking her to share. “You know Perce, the other day, James came up to me, and guess what he asked me?”

Oh no. James. This better be good. He’s trouble, I can already tell. He’s only 9, and already he and his cousin Fred are knee-deep into mischief.

Audrey continues to giggle, and looks at me, her smile breathtaking in the light, and says, “He asked me where babies come from.”

I was NOT expecting that.

“And pray tell, love, what answer did you give him?” I ask her curious, and gaze at her with a humorous smirk.

She hiccups, and a lavish grin crosses her face. “His grandmother.”

I gasp and stare at her incredulously, with my mouth agape in wonder. “No.”

She smiles, and nods affirmatively, and I shake my head in shock, and mumble, “Mum’s going to kill me.” She did have seven of us, but she won’t hesitate to chop my head off if she finds out. After a moments passing, I ask her, “You didn’t did you?”

“Oh I did, trust me.” She stands, and with a profuse smirk on her face, takes a steady step away from me. I in turn take a step towards her. It’s my turn to smirk.

“You do know that I can catch you right?” I inform her.

“Oh, I’d like to see you try Mr Weasley.” She says and we stand, eyes locked in an intense hold. Waiting it out to see who is going to make the first move in the cat and mouse chase. Her gaze is challenging, defiant and playful. Suddenly, she moves, a vixen on the run, around the stairs towards the kitchen, and I chase after her.

We stop, panting, on other sides of the island, both poised to flee again. She darts away again, towards the stairs, and gracefully ascends them, turning back and smirking at me, before I follow her in her wake, taking the stairs two at a time in an effort to catch up to her.

I corner her at the end of the corridor, and she is frantically looking for an escape. I smirk at her and slowly make my way towards her, knowing full well that there is no way out. She stops, and gazes at me, like a deer caught in headlights, and stands still, anticipating. She steps back, until she hits the wall, and her breathing escalates.

Almost immediately, the atmosphere charges with electricity. Both of us can feel the attraction, and I place my hands against the wall on both sides of her head, and run my nose against hers. We can hear each other’s laboured breathing, and she leans her head up to mine, and all of a sudden, wildfire ignites my blood.

I kiss her with passion, with such need, with love, and her hand snakes it’s way to my hair and pulls me closer to her. I hold her waist and feel her silky smooth skin while we kiss with heated emotion, pouring ourselves into each other.

She starts to unbutton my shirt before she abruptly pulls away and leads me to our bedroom. I give her a wicked grin, and say,” I told you I could catch you.”

She pushes me into the bed forcefully and in all her glory whispers, “What if I wanted to be caught?”

We head back to the burrow, our rare night alone over. We walk hand in hand, relishing in our love, and open the door. Molly and Lucy run over to us, and I bend down to hug Molly, as Audrey lifts little Lucy into her arms.

I give Molls a good squeeze, and kiss her forehead and say, “Hey Molls.”
She pulls away and shyly smiles at me before saying, “Hey daddy.” I pull her towards me and whisper, “What have you been up to while I’ve been gone missy?”

She winks at me and before she walks away she says, “ A master should never reveal their secrets.”

I shake my head, and smile. They grow up so fast, kids. My little girl’s only 8, and she’s already cryptic. Lucy runs to join her, and they hold hands and walk up to Albus and Rose, to see what they’re up to.

I put my arm around Audrey’s waist and lead her to where all the adults are standing, sipping wine. Bill takes one look at me, and him and Charlie snicker, while Fleur and Charlie’s wife look on with humour. Bill loudly shouts to me, “So you got lucky last night eh, Percy?”

Everyone starts to laugh, and I shake my head at him before I walk up to him and hug him. “Good to see you Bill.”

“You too Perce, you too.”

Audrey and I walk over and say hello to everyone, and I ask her if she wants something to drink.

“Yes please Perce. What are you going to have?”

“I’m thinking white, do you want a glass?”

She leans closer, and whispers in my ear, “Please” before she quickly kisses me, and with one look, I’m off to fetch my lady a glass of white wine.

As I walk over to the kitchen, I see James running away with what looks like Albus’s toy in his hand, and two seconds later, Albus is running to catch him. Little Lily comes running after Albus, wanting to find what all the fuss is about, and poor Harry chases after Lily, fearing for her wellbeing. And through all this, Ginny is looking on with a smirk on her face, calmly sipping her glass of wine. I look at her, and she shrugs in response to what we just saw, and smiles. I smile back, and laugh.

I look towards the Christmas tree in the living room, and see dad watching Louis and Hugo, making sure that they don’t open their presents before tomorrow morning. They slowly crawl forward before dad pulls them back, smiling, and they start to laugh at him, for what, I’m not sure. You never know what little boys at their age are up to.

Once I fetch two glasses of white, I walk back to Audrey who is busy talking to Angelina and hand her glass. She thanks me, and winks. Suddenly my throat is very parched, and I take a large gulp. She smirks at me. I leave her to her woman’s business, and wander over to mum and Fleur and help them set the table for dinner.

Once the children are fed, all the adults sit down for dinner. I sit next to Audrey, and also Ron. Bill and Ginny sit opposite us, and Ginny gapes at the amount that Ron puts on his plate, still not used to him eating like a pig. Bill overlooks with amusement, and praises his wife and mum’s cooking once again. I talk lightly with Ron all the while playing footsie with Audrey as she talks to Ginny. I accidentally hit a foot I know not to be Audrey’s and Bill laugh’s at me as I go deep red.

Well, crap.

The evening goes on, and slowly the kids tire from their high intensity games, and doze off in the several couches in the living room, which is to be expected when all of us get together. It’s quite a benefit really; they go to sleep as soon as they’re in bed once we get home. Slowly the food runs out, and so does the wine, and that’s when we all know that it’s time to go home.

After Bill and Fleur, and George and Angelina leave with their kids, Audrey and I say goodbye to everyone and head home with Lucy in Audrey’s arms, and Molls sleepily hanging on to my hand. Once home, we put the girls to bed, tuck them in, and wander down to the kitchen, where I make both Audrey and I a cup of steaming hot chocolate, and we sit in front of the fire, once again in blissful silence. Audrey lies in between my legs, and I rest against the front of the couch. I play with her fingers, kissing her wedding ring, and close my eyes and sigh.

We listen to a soft piece played on the piano, and I relax; knowing that everyone I love is safe and sound. My beautiful wife is in my arms, my precious little girls are both asleep dreaming upstairs, and my family is happy. The only sound in the room is the sweet melody of the piano. Once that track ends, a new once starts, and we sit there, cherishing each other’s company, willing for this feeling to never end.

Once the CD finishes, I glance at Audrey, to find her fast asleep, in my arms, and I kiss her forehead and carry her to bed. I doze off, watching her slow, steady breathing, her soft smile, and whisper that I love her.

All too soon, chaos ensues.

“Mummy!! Daddy!! Get up, get up!! It’s time to open the presents!!” Lucy shouts as she jumps on the bed in front of where my slumbering wife and I lay.

Merlin help us.

Audrey takes a deep breath, awaking from her sleep, and suddenly pounces on Lucy, tickling her and startling her. She tries to force her way out, but Audrey’s hold is too strong. She kisses her forehead, and I peek behind them to see my favourite little girl shyly smiling as she stands at the door. I shrug on a t-shirt, walk over to her, and ruffle her hair to her protest.

“Dad!” She grumbles.

“Merry Christmas Molls. Why don’t you take mum and Lucy downstairs and start opening your presents, while I make your favourite breakfast.”

She looks up at me, eyes wide with excitement. “Waffles and ice cream?”

“You got it pumpkin.” She hugs me, before whispering in my ear that she loves me.

“Me too Molls, me too.” I say and smirk at her as she heads back into my bedroom. I make some coffee for Audrey, and some tea for me, and start work on breakfast. Just while I’m making the waffles, the girls come down. I put the waffle maker on, and join them in the living room. Audrey and I snuggle up on the couch, as the girls start to unwrap their presents.

Lucy is thrilled with her new prank set, courtesy from George, and Molly is beaming with her new Quidditch jersey and bundle of books. I warn Lucy not to try anything on me, and she giggles in response, before speeding around the couch to Audrey and whispering in her ear. Audrey smirks at me, and I turn away, not wanting to know about their scheming plans.

Molly helps me finish up, a little to eager to sit down to eat, and we eat breakfast, mildly chattering and teasing each other. I’m nervous about Audrey’s present. I mean, what if she doesn’t like it, and makes me sleep on the couch for the night?

I don’t like the couch. It doesn’t have the same Audrey feel as she does.
And I like the Audrey feel.

Geez, snap out of it Perce! She will love it. She will.

I shake my head, and Audrey looks at me quizzically. I shyly smile, and flush a little, and she smirks at my reaction. Once I’ve recovered myself, I lean down and whisper in her ear, “Your present is waiting upstairs.” She raises her eyebrows in surprise, and takes a sip of coffee.

“So is yours.” She replies.

Once we’ve cleared up, and the girls are dressed, we get them to floo over to the burrow, giving us 20 minutes at the most alone. We head upstairs, and I get Audrey to sit on the bed, and close her eyes. She smiles, and does so. I rummage round my drawers looking for her present.

Gosh, where did I keep it? Gosh. I’ve lost her present.

“Look in the top drawer.” She says from the bed, a smirk on her face. It’s in there thankfully, and I wonder how she knew it was there.

“You asked me to remind you a while ago.” She answers my unspoken question. I nervously sit on the bed, and then ask her to open her eyes.

She gasps in surprise at the small white box, with a red ribbon tied around it. Then she turns to me and smirks. “You got Ginny to wrap it for you didn’t you?”

I nod, and run my hand through my hair. She chuckles, and starts to unwrap it. Inside the layers of tissue paper, is a silver heart locket. It’s about the size of a ring, and inside it is an inscription.

For you shall always be in my heart.

She smiles at me, and kisses me, and I realise that there are tears in her eyes.

“I love it Perce. I really do.” She says, and hastily wipes the tears away.

Thank god for that. No couch.

Once she recovers herself she kisses me briefly and smirks. “My turn.” She walks over to her dresser table, and picks up a thin envelope with a blue ribbon around it. She brings it over to me, and hands it to me before kissing me on the cheek, and resting her head on my shoulder while she waits for me to unwrap it.

Inside the envelope I find a hotel reservation for a luxury 6-star resort in the Bahamas, and two plane tickets to get there.

“I don’t understand.” I say as shock crosses my face, and I look at her incredulously.

What is she playing at? Are these for us? What?! But I can’t leave now, what about the girls? What about Kingsley? Would he let me go?

“You said that you wanted to escape, just you and me. So we’re going; next month. The girls are going to stay with mum, and with Ginny, I’ve already asked them. They’ll be okay. And Kingsley said that it’s fine, hell, he wants you to take a break!” She shrugs her shoulders, and smiles hopefully.

“It’ll be just you and me, for a whole week. No distractions, nothing.” She smiles shyly, and waits for my reaction.

“Really?” I ask her, my mind still not processing fully.

“Really.” She says, and nods.

After a moment of silence I sweep her of her feet and spin her around and around. Gosh. The Bahamas. A week. Alone. I still can’t believe it!!

She laughs and I set her down, and give her a very long kiss.

“ You’ve made me the happiest man alive. Bloody Hell Audrey?! How did you- you know what, I don’t care. All I care about is you.”

She gives me a shy smile before she gives me a sweet kiss, and she says, “We better go, you know, Molly’s probably wondering where we are.”

“Stuff it. Right now I want to snog the living daylights out of my wife, and my mum isn’t going to change that.”

She giggles, and a red blush crosses her cheeks.

“Merry Christmas Perce.”

“Merry Christmas love.”


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Saviour: Savior


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