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A Rollercoaster Called Life by missclaire17
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fifteen
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“That is the stupidest idea that I’ve ever heard of,” Lucy said adamantly, folding her arms and glaring at Louis who just sighed at her exasperatedly.

All of us, minus Ethan, was sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room, enjoying a brilliant Saturday after we watched Slytherin absolutely slaughter Hufflepuff in Quidditch. The next game in April was Gryffindor versus Slytherin, the Quidditch Cup finals.

Louis and Ellie had come up with a brilliant idea for Valentine’s Day, and Lucy was not on board with the idea, not that she had to participate.

“Who would even want to participate in that?” Lucy cried, throwing her hands up in the air and waving it around madly.

“You know, it shouldn’t matter if you think it’s stupid because you’re not going to be participating in it anyways,” Louis snapped at her, folding his arms and glaring at her from where he was sitting on an armchair.

The idea actually wasn’t too bad. It would be interesting, to say the least.

Louis and Ellie had come up with a brilliant plan for all of the couples at Hogwarts. It would be a game between couples, essentially to see which couple knew the most about each other. Contestants had a week until Valentine’s Day next Saturday to sign up.

How the game would work, I had no idea. All of the requirements to sign up were to be a couple, and to have a vast amount of knowledge about your significant other.

Lucy always had a problem with Valentine’s Day; it was one of the most hated day on the calendar for Lucy. The idea of having to participate in a game on Valentine’s Day, designed for Valentine’s Day was practically a nightmare.

Quite frankly, I never knew why Lucy had such a problem with Valentine’s Day when it wasn’t as if she was lacking in invitations on Valentine’s Day.

 “Can’t you at least give us more details?” Rose whined, putting on a fake upset look on her face. If it wasn’t because I knew my best friend so well, I would have thought she was genuinely upset.

Bloody great actress, that girl.                                                                           

Louis scowled at her, obviously not buying her look. “No. That’s part of the challenge. You don’t know what’s coming at you so you have to be prepared if you’re going to sign up.”

I considered this carefully as Rose dropped the fake act and turned away from Louis, striking up a conversation with Grace who had been watching this entire conversation with a sort of grimace.

The idea of participating was intriguing; I certainly didn’t know as much about James as Rose knew about Scorpius, so what other perfect opportunity would arise that would give me such a perfect chance to get to know him better?

With that, I craned my neck around to look at James, whose lap I was sitting on, and grinned. He watched me warily as my grin grew bigger.

“James, I want to participate.”

Louis’s mischievous smirk couldn’t have been bigger.

“Welcome, everyone! To Hogwart’s first ever, Valentine’s Day Couple Challenge!” Louis announced brightly as he stepped forward in the Great Hall, his voice magically amplified, speaking to practically every student, staff member, and ghost at Hogwarts.

“How this will work is we will have a set of questions we will ask about you and your significant other. The only way to win is if you answer the most correctly out of all the couples. Let’s have our first couple to demonstrate!”

As I watched the current couple move its way through the questions, however, I began to panic. Each question asked was different for every couple, and quite frankly, some of them was bloody difficult.

“Maybe this was a bad idea,” I whispered to Rose who was standing next to me, looking smugly confident as the current couple, a Hufflepuff couple whom Ellie apparently knew, answered disastrously.

We had been separated from our significant others, the boys on the other side of the Great Hall from the girls.

Rose rolled her eyes and linked her arms with mine. “Don’t be silly. This was an excellent idea to participate and you know it.”

 “What if I answer everything wrong?!” I asked frantically, waving my hands in the air madly. 

“Bella, relax. This is just a game. So what if you answer everything wrong? You and James can have a laugh about it later,” Olivia said with a smile as she stood on the other side of Rose.

I looked at her skeptically but sighed in resignation. “Okay… whatever you two say.”

“Right! Next up, we have Olivia Davies and Samuel Wood!” Louis announced, his voice giddy and barely hiding his excitement. The Great Hall went into a frenzy with its screaming and clapping as Olivia and Sam made its way onto the make-shift stage.

“Please sit down, girls on this side, boys on this side,” Ellie smiled, gesturing for Olivia to sit down on the side closest to where Rose and I were standing.

“Right so, how this is going to work is for example, Olivia, if I ask you what Sam’s birthday is, you will write what you think the answer is on your parchment. When you’re done, we will ask Sam what the correct answer is. Got it?” Louis explained, his eyes roaming back and forth between Olivia and Sam.

Olivia and Sam nodded, Sam looking like he was trying to convey a silent message to Louis.

Probably a message telling Louis not to embarrass him.

“Let’s get started then! I’ll be asking the questions about Sam and Ellie will be asking the questions about Olivia,” Louis said brightly. He turned to Ellie and said, “Ellie, do you want to start off this time?”

Ellie nodded and smiled. “Alright. We’ll start off easy. Sam, how many ex boyfriends does Olivia have?”

Sam didn’t say anything as he just picked up the quill and started writing. When he looked up, Ellie nodded and turned to Olivia. “Please tell us the correct answer.”

“Three,” Olivia answered, her voice carried across the hall.

“What did Sam write?” Louis asked dramatically as he bent down to look at Sam’s paper. “THREE! Sam and Olivia answer the first question correctly.”

“Now for this next question, Olivia, please tell me how many girls Sam has shagged in total to this day,” Louis said, causing Sam to go red and punch Louis on the arm and James, who I spotted standing in the line on the opposite end of the Great Hall, to start laughing his head off. 

Bloody hell… 

I don’t know how many girls James has shagged. Just the thought of James shagging other girls, however, made me go sick in the stomach.

“I’m guessing Sam’s total will be far less than the other boys,” Rose muttered from next to me.

Olivia shifted, biting her lips as she picked up her quill and scribbled an answer.

“Done?” Louis asked, his eyes still glinting with excitement. Olivia nodded and Louis said to Sam, “Sam, tell us how many girls you have shagged in total and I will know if you answer incorrectly.”

Sam glared at Louis before clearing his throat awkwardly. “Five.”

I gaped I turned to Rose with a horrified expression. “Sam shagged five girls?! WHAT?! And I thought he was the good one! I can’t believe Sam has gone all the way with five girls!”

“Apparently not,” Rose said in an equally horrified voice.

The questions continued on for Sam and Olivia, the two of them answering surprisingly well, despite some embarrassing questions.

When the questions ended for them, they had the highest total so far.

“And Sam and Olivia are currently in the lead! With a whopping 7 out of 10!” Louis announced with a grin. “Right, if you’ll just wait along here while we finish up with our final two couples.”

“We shouldn’t have gone last,” I muttered to Rose as Ellie called out hers and Scorpius’s name.

To no one’s surprise, considering Rose and Scorpius spent far more time together and had been friends since the first year, Rose and Scorpius had answered all but one correct, something that I was fairly sure that James and I were not going to beat.

“And our final couple, James and Bella!” Louis announced as I gathered my Gryffindor courage and made my feet carry me onto the stage.

As I sat down, James gave me a reassuring grin. Though I grinned back, I was feeling far more –wary about embarrassing questions that Louis was sure to throw in there.

Ellie smiled at the both of us and said, “So I assume that being last, you two both know how this works. I’m going to start with the questions. James, please tell me who was Bella’s first kiss.”

My mouth dropped. Yeah, James was not going to know that, especially when I try desperately to block out the memory of my first kiss.

I can’t believe Louis asked that question.

I was going to bloody  kill him when this was all over.

James raised his eyebrows, his face conveying no emotions as he thought for a moment before picking up his quill and beginning to write.

I stared at James writing, trying to convey the answer to him telepathically.

This was such a bad idea. I was going to bloody fail.

“So what is the correct answer, Bella?” Louis asked joyfully. He was obviously enjoying embarrassing the hell out of his friends.

“Luke Watson, my brother’s best friend,” I answered with a glare at Louis.

Louis grinned at me and bent down to take a look at James’s paper. “And James answers it correctly! One question correct for James and Bella!”

“What?!” I hissed at James. “How did you know that?!”

There wasn’t time for James to answer though, as Louis went on. “Next question! Who was the first girl at Hogwarts that James fancied back in his first year?”

... My memory does not go that far back.

I wasn’t even at Hogwarts during his first bloody year.

I bit my lip as I picked up the quill, drumming my fingers as I thought back. I remembered Lucy, Rose, and Albus telling me that James first shagged Mackenzie Methen in his third year, so it obviously had to be before that.

Merlin, it was painful thinking of James shagging Mackenzie

It had to be a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw because James hardly ever liked Gryffindor girls, out of respect for our house mates, and he’d rather shoot himself rather than fancy a Slytherin.

Having no other idea who it could possibly be, I wrote Mackenzie Methen, who seemed like she’d fit the bill considering she was in James’s year and a Hufflepuff

“Finally done?” Louis rolled his eyes as I set down my quill. “James what’s the answer?”

James turned slightly red. Why was he turning red?!

He finally said, “Mackenzie Methen.”

My jaw dropped as Ellie checked my paper and announced to everyone that I had answered it correctly.

I can’t believe he fancied her for that long! From first year till third year?

James evidently seemed surprised too, as his own jaw dropped upon realizing that I had answered it correctly.

Maybe we would do just fine.

“The next question for our lovely couple who seem quite surprised they got both questions right so far,” Louis said before nodding to Ellie.

“James, how many kids does Bella want in the future?” Ellie asked.

James snorted as I rolled my eyes. James picked up his quill and quickly scribbled something. Ellie turned to me and I said, “Three.”

Louis took a look at James’s paper and grinned. “Three indeed! You two are on a roll! Now, next question. Bella, who is James’s role model?”

Role model… we actually had never talked about such specifics like role models, but taking a gander, I wrote down Jocelind Wadcock onto my parchment.

“All done?” Ellie asked me as I placed my quill done. I nodded at her and smiled. Ellie looked at James expectantly.

“My parents,” James answered as I groaned.

Damn. I should have known that.

Ellie pulled my parchment closer to hers and said, “Bella put Jocelind Wadcock. So that’s three out of four for you two.”

James raised his eyebrows, the corners of his mouth upturned in amusement at my answer. I pouted but let Ellie continue talking. “Next question. James, what is Bella’s least favorite subject?”

This question, no doubt, was not something that James would have answered easily. James never had classes with me and I never did homework around James. When I did, I also complained about all of my classes.

Don’t judge me. Everyone does it, except Rose because she’s Rose, and she’s Hermione Weasley’s daughter.

My least favorite class, however, was Potions. Professor Isaacs, our Potions Master, was nice enough, but nothing can make up for the boringness that is Potions.

“Your answer please, Bella,” Louis said as James finished writing his answer.

“Potions,” I said, crossing my fingers underneath the table.

Louis looked at James paper and sighed dramatically. “Sadly, James put Herbology. That’s three out of five so far.”

I grimaced. This was steadily getting worse. I can only hope that the next question asked might be something I knew.

“Bella, what is James’s favorite subject?” Louis asked

I picked up my quill, and began to write.

I knew that James didn’t like Potions, as it required patience that he didn’t have. James excelled at Charms but found it boring. Herbology was fine enough, since Professor Longbottom was the teacher.

My most likely bet would be Transfiguration, since I knew that James had a fascination with his two namesake and the Marauders.

“James your answer?”


I nearly fist pumped. I grinned widely as I shoved my paper towards Ellie triumphantly. I had guessed something right!

Ellie gave me an amused grin before saying, “Transfiguration! That’s four out of six for you two.”

Thank Merlin. I was beginning to think that we’d fail miserably.

“Now this one is a bit harder. James, who was the first guy that Bella fancied at Hogwarts?” Ellie asked, causing my mouth to drop and James to frown.

My first boyfriend was Matthew Gall, a Ravenclaw who was a year older than me, back in my fourth year. However, the first bloke I fancied…

Heat rose up onto my cheeks as I thought back to who it had been.

Oh Merlin’s beard. I regret it so much now.

I swiveled my head around, craning my neck to see if I could spot Lucy and Rose. When I finally did spot Lucy standing with Rose and Scorpius by the corner, they had the biggest smirks on their faces.


“Finally done, James? Just write an answer,” Louis’s eyes twinkled mischievously as James finally put down his quill, looking very apprehensive. “Right then. Bella, your answer?”

Oh my… Merlin kill me now.

In the quietest voice I could muster, I quickly mumbled my answer.

“Pardon? What was that?” Ellie asked, frowning slightly as she tried hard to hear.

I can’t do this. WHY! I had gone six years without anyone asking me this and now it comes up.

I sighed heavily, aware that Lucy and Rose were practically wetting themselves from laughing, Grace looking confused as to why. James was also staring me down, his eyes slightly narrowed.

Well, best get it over with.

“Louis. My first crush was Louis,” I finally said, my eyes shut tight as I grimaced.

Our little corner of friends exploded into laughter as I opened my eyes, James looking gobsmacked and Louis looking rather pleased with himself.

Through laughter, Louis picked up James’s parchment and exploded into further laughter. He guffawed, “James put Dylan Parker. Well, that’s certainly not correct. That’s four out of seven for you two.”

Dylan Parker… bad memories with Dylan Parker.

I had asked him to go to Hogsmeade with me back in my third year but he had brutally turned me down, stating that not only did he date someone younger, but he also didn’t date someone from his same house.

Dylan Parker had been a Gryffindor two years older than me.

I can’t believe James still remembers that.

James looked peeved, though I couldn’t tell if it was directed at me or towards Louis, who seemed to be keen on embarrassing all of us.

“Right, next question!  Bella, what was James’s first impression of you?” Ellie asked.


Nothing significant?

Honestly, I could barely even remember my first impression of James, having been introduced to him by Ethan and Lucy and Rose, who I became friends with on the Hogwarts Express.

However, I quickly scribbled my answer, completely sure I was going to get it wrong.

Honestly, what were with these questions?

“Got you answer written, Bella? Alright. James please answer,” Louis said to James who looked uncomfortable.


“I can’t really remember…” James started before Louis cut him off with a stern look.

“James Sirius Potter, I distinctly remember what you said to me after we were all introduced,” Louis rolled his eyes. “Come on. No one will kill you now if you repeat what you had only meant for my ears to hear.”

Oh dear. This was not going to be good.

James threw Louis a filthy look, no doubt plotting how best to kill his cousin after this was all over.

He caved, however, and mumbled just loud enough for us to hear, “Besides the fact that she was our best mate’s cousin, she looked rather developed for an eleven year old.”

I could hear Lucy, Rose, Grace, and practically everyone else burst into laughter as my face flamed red.

Merlin, why was it that I didn’t remember this?

I can’t believe James said that!

Louis grabbed my parchment and read, “Well, Bella got half of it right. She had written that it was nothing significant and that she was his best mate’s cousin. Should we give it to them Ellie?”

Ellie grinned. “I don’t think so. Bella missed a significant part of James’s answer so that’s four out of eight!”

Merlin, why?!

We were epically failing, though I was certain that nothing Louis and Ellie had asked us would ever come up in our normal conversation.

“James, when was the first time that Bella became attracted to you in more than a friend way?” Louis asked, his eyes twinkling at us mischievously.

Merlin’s beard, this was so bloody embarrassing.

I thought back to the days after the party… I could barely look James in the eyes.

James smirked at me, his eyes betraying his amusement as he started writing.

I can’t stand this. Oh Merlin, he was going to tease me for as long as he possibly can.

“Bella your answer?” Ellie turned towards me after James was done writing.

“The back to school party…” I answered, looking determinedly away from James.

“And that is five out of nine for you two! James wrote back to school party,” Louis announced. “Last question for the two of you!”

“This is the hardest question. Bella, when did James start to love you?” Ellie asked, stunning me with the question.

What… how on Earth did Louis know?

I furrowed my eyebrows.

“ Like when he said it to me or when he felt it?” I asked, confused.

“When he felt it,” Ellie replied, making me internally groan. That meant there was the obvious difference.

James and I shared a look, one that said very clearly, “We’re screwed.”

Not having any other clue as to when James could have possibly started to feel love for me, I wrote down the date of when the two of us had made love for the first time after conceiving our child.

“James what’s your answer?” Louis asked, glancing at the two of us.

There was a moment of silence as everyone waited for James’s answer. Finally, James smiled at me, one that made my heart pound, as he answered, “Christmas.”


My mouth dropped open. For no particular reason, I wanted to cry.

I barely even heard Louis as he announced that we had answered five out of ten correct, only half, which was a rather disappointing score.

My eyes just trained on James as the two of us slowly walked off the makeshift stage.

“That long?” I whispered to him, my eyes full of tears.

Merlin, there was honestly something wrong with me. I had thought that by now I’d have no more tears left. It wasn’t even that shocking, given that the two of us had exchanged ‘I love you’s already.

“After we told my parents,” James whispered back, wrapping his arms around my waist. He pulled me closer and said, “I told my dad that staying with you was one of the best, if not the best decision of my life, and I mean that. I love you, Bella.”

I couldn’t even reply as I chose to just give James a kiss, ignoring the look that Ethan had been shooting us.

I love you too, James. 









A/N: Hello! This chapter might have been slightly disappointing, but after last chapter and Ethan's blowup, I figured there needed to be some cuteness and fluff. 

Not to worry though, the next update will be big, but that's all I'll be saying for now! 

What did you think of Louis and Ellie's Valentine's Day game? Louis embarrassing his friends? Valentines Day in general? 

I love reviews; they're chocolate to my soul. 

Love you all and thanks so much for sticking with me, 

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