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Slowly, Then All at Once by helloshelby
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four.
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He leaned into her softly kissing her lips, his arms were wrapped around her resting on the small of her back. Pulling her closer to him, he drew small patterns on her back as he kissed her more deeply.


His hands were tangled in her mass of honey brown curls as he kissed his way down her neck slowly. Teasing her, he pushed his hips in hers, she rose up to his body and his hands slide down.


He bit her neck softly as she moaned, he squeezed her ass getting her as close as he could to him. She could feel his budge against her, he grinded his hips into hers for her to feel it even more. Slowly, then more roughly.


She let out a squeal, she pulled away and looked up at him. His grey eyes looked into her brown as he raised his eyebrows as to ask why she stopped.


She pressed against him and then said firmly, “Stop teasing me, Draco.”


“Of course, love. You can have whatever you want.” He murmured as he went back to kissing and sucking her neck.


His fingers played with the bottom on her shirt, and then he started to raise it to take it off. He tossed it to side the bed as he made his way down her chest.


Hermione woke with a start, sitting start up in her bed. She looked around the room quickly, scanning the beds to make sure she was the only was there. Her breathing was heavy, and she silently thanked Merlin she was alone.


She couldn’t believe the dream she had been having, especially since it stared Draco Malfoy.


It didn’t mean anything, she told herself as she straighten herself up and rose from bed. She was a teenager, the hormones caused the dream. She didn’t fancy anyone right now and Draco being the last one she spoke to before bed was the reason it had been him.


He was in her subconscious, she had worried about how to handle things with him. So much so she tossed and turned for almost an hour before she fell to sleep.


The sun up, she checked the clock sighing seeing that she was already running late for the tryouts. Making her way over to her wardrobe she pulled out a Muggle jumper and pair of jeans. Along with her under things and boots. She laid them all out on the bed.


She padded out of her dorm across the hall to the bathroom, she tied her hair up as to not to get it wet. Turning the shower head on to hot, she waited for a moment as to let the pipe heat up.


When the steam started pouring out, she stepped in turning away from the water. Her mind still racing from that dream, she was being ridiculous though. It was a dream that didn’t matter that, events that would never happen. With Malfoy at least.


She was sixteen, of course she thought about sex like any other student at this school. And many would never suspect that she did think about quite a lot.


Thinking and doing were two different things. And until she found someone who loved her, who she truly was, nothing hidden. Till then she just had to satisfy herself.


And after that dream her mind wandering to that was going to be a problem. She hurried to wash her face and brush her teeth.


Getting out of the shower, she went back to her dorm room. Wanting to get ready quickly to see Harry and Ron at the pitch.


Pulling her hair down, she shook it out and ran styling crème through out it. She grabbed her wand and cast a few glamour charms.


To cover the puffiness of her eyes and to brighten them. Even out her light skin tone while adding a glow. And giving a rosy tint to her cheeks and lips.


Hermione looked in the mirror, she realized a long time ago she was no great beauty. This was as good as it was going to get. It wasn’t perfect and she hated that.


Turning from the mirror, she grabbed her small purse. Then she strolled down the stairs, making her way out the castle and across the grounds.


It was a beautiful day for Scotland in the fall, the trees were losing their leaves. There was crispness to the air.


Before she knew it she was up in the stands. There was quite a crowd formed to watch the tryouts. She was happy she came to support Harry, Ron and Ginny.


Waving her over to sit next to them was Neville and Luna. This made Hermione smile even more, they really would be cute together. They liked each other, both were just too shy to admit it and lose a friend.


She understood, they had seen what a strain she and Ron had in their friendship. Plus Luna and Neville didn’t have others to lean on. They both said they finally felt more accepted, and that made her elated.


Sitting on the hard, cold seat reminder her again why didn’t like the sport. Luna looked chilled to the bone and Hermione felt it was getting a bit too nippy.


Pulling from her bag a small jar, she produced a blue flame to give them heat. Her eyes rose to the goal posts. Cormac McLaggen was in the position of Keeper as Ginny was trying to get the Quaffle pass him.


This was of no interest to her, she leaned over to Luna who seemed to be enjoying herself.


“Let me know when Ron’s up.” She whispered.


Luna nodded and gave her a small smile as Hermione pulled Hogwarts: A History from her bag.


Her copy was well loved and quite broken in, from this book she had learned so much of her new school. Things she would have been taught had she been of a magical family.


Only getting to read a few pages before she heard a shout.


“Oi, get your nose out of the book and watch me stop the Quaffle.” Ron roared confidently.


Hermione grimaced, she had seen Ron play with his brothers and Harry. He was alright but nothing like Oliver Wood had been. But he had done already last year.


She just hoped he didn’t think Harry would pick just because they were mates.


Giving him a small wave and a smile, he turned speeding towards the posts.


Ginny was throwing the Quaffle just as hard as before, if not more so. Ginny would never play favorites, even for her brother.


Luna informed her of how many shots McLaggen had stopped, Ron ended up matching to that. So it was McLaggen’s turn again.


He was doing very well, she was worried. She didn’t like Cormac, he was in ways worse than Draco Malfoy. He was cocky and snobby. But he acted as though he didn’t realize it. Malfoy knew he was rude, he knew it, as well he was proud of it.


When the last pass was thrown Hermione shot a Confundus Charm on Cormac, he swerve in the air, seeming to lose his balance.


Oh Gods, she hoped he didn’t fall of his broom. That was a stupid thing for her to do, someone could have noticed, he could have died. Okay, now she was being a bit dramatic.


Please let Ron stopped all the shots, she wished silently. Knowing if he was beating out she would never hear the end of it.


Then a feeling of sickness came over her, thinking back to her thoughts of how she was like their mother in ways. This was one, making sure they didn’t fail. Even though that’s how they would learn.


But thankfully Ron did block all the pasts, he had a huge grin on his face as he flew down to the floor of the pitch. Where Harry was waiting, he caught her eye and motioned for her to come down.


It looked like tryouts where now over. Neville, Luna and she made their way down to the team. Hermione was given a hug by Ron but quite a smug look from Harry.


He must have seen her cast the charm, damn it. She gave him a pointed look as if to say don’t say a word, it’s not like you wanted him on your team.


They talked among themselves until Neville saw a brood of Slytherin coming towards them. Malfoy was leading the pack, he was captain. The look in his eye said he would do anything to bet Harry.


“Potter, can you get your sorry excuse for a team off the field? My team is having their tryouts.” Malfoy spat.


Harry walk forward to Malfoy glaring at him.


“The pitch is Gryffindor’s for the morning, we have it book so we can now practice.” Harry said, the anger in his voice was clear.


“Well sorry to ruin your plans, Potter. I know your so called team could use the practice but I have a busy schedule. Professor Snape gave me permission to hold the tryouts today.” He drawled on, bored with this.


“You can hold tryouts when you schedule them originally. Should have known then what your schedule would have been.” Harry said trying to stay calm. But Hermione knew he wasn’t, he had balled his hands up into fists,


Looking at his hands remembered her of last night with Malfoy, slapping him and him grabbing her wrists. She hadn’t even notice if she had bruises or not.


“Since you need to know every detail of my life to help your obsession with me. I have extra lessons with Professor Snape as well as my other classes and patrolling.” Malfoy said with something of a swagger.


Ron started laughing, “What you need to catch up, Malfoy? Grades not good enough for Daddy?”


Malfoy took several steps closer and Hermione saw he had a faint bruise on his other wise unblemished face.


“Weasel, I would keep my mouth shut if I were you. We all know what a dunnerhead you are. My grades are only second to the little princess over there. I’m learning more advance magic.”


“Yea, probably dark magic.” Harry piped up.


Hermione just want to leave, she was getting a headache from the arguing, it was stupid. Malfoy had the note, who cares if they practiced a different day?


Now Harry would probably start about how Malfoy was a Death Eater and a bigger fight would break out.


Since Malfoy had a bruise though she pulled her sleeves up quickly glancing at her wrists seeing them a darken purple color. She pulled her sleeves down sensing someone looking at her, it was Malfoy.


Catching his eye for a moment the look on his face was almost worried. Like he was sorry for what he did.


He decided to use the fact that Hermione looked up to get the lot to leave.


“Potter, Weaselbee, don’t you care you are upset your precious kitten?” Nodding towards Hermione.


Harry caught her expression and said, “Fine we will leave. But don’t ever try to mess with my practice again, Malfoy.”


They filed out the pitch slowly as the Slytherin players took to the air. Malfoy however stayed on the ground, as Hermione passed him he grabbed her sleeve gently, pulling her to him.


She flushed for some reason to reminded her of how he pulled her closer to him in her dream. But this was innocent, it was nothing.


He leaned in and brushing against her cheek, “See you tonight on patrol, Princess.” He whispered softly.


She pulled away from him and stride away quickly catching up to the team.


What was his deal? He just could not make up his mind about how he felt. He had to remind her she would see him tonight. Had to put her on edge for the rest of the day. Worried if tonight would be anything like the last, she hoped not.


She needed not to get him started, just let him go on as much as he liked. As much as it pained her to not mouth off back at him. But her curiosity out weighed that, at least at the moment it did.

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