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Roommates by Antilles
Chapter 2 : I move out.
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A/N: Disclaimer! I dont own Harry Potter, it belongs to the wonderful J.K. Rowling. Anything you dotn recgonize though is Mine. Mine!! all Mine! Muhahaha!






With a final flick of the wand, the last of my worldly possessions were packed into one of the many boxes that were stacked in the centre of my now empty room. Even the bed had been disassembled and packed into one of the boxes, thanks to a shrinking charm. I looked around the room, its walls barren, stripped of all of the knick knacks that once made this room one of my favourite places. Call me sentimental, but I had grown up in this room, and it was hurting me to leave. Sure, I knew I was going to have to leave it eventually, even as a little kid, but I had always had that hope I would never leave, never have to lose this piece of me. Of course, I would grow a new piece; gain something I could have never had if I didn’t move out. That didn’t matter though, it still hurt.


With a sigh, I turned and walked out into the hall and down the stairs to the living room. “Right, off your asses, you lazy bums, we need to get those boxes over to the Leaky Cauldron and to the house by five, the truck is due back by six.” I said to James, Fred and Jackson, who were all lounging around with my parents, waiting to help me move the boxes. Or really… be my slaves and do it all for me.


“Right, it’s only one, Dommie, we have lots of time.” James said waving an arm over his head as he continued to talk with my Dad and Fred. “I mean, really, if Uncle Ron still hopes the Cannons will do anything in his life time, they really need to up their offers on people who are actually good. I mean when they came up to me and Jackson, they offered a third of what the Falcons offered me, and not even a quarter of what Puddlemore offered Jackson.”


Fred just sighed… “I still have no clue as to how we got onto this topic. But anyways, You’re right. The Cannons just don’t have the funds to do it though. Because they have never been successful really, no one really wants to sink money into them, thus they can’t afford to.”


“They did have a pretty big investor though before the War, and they still sucked.” Dad said with a laugh, “Honestly that team is hopeless, just like Ron.”


“Fred! Do not be mean to your brother who isn’t even here to fail to defend himself!” Mum exclaimed whacking him across the chest before letting out a laugh. God Mum sounded so much more… British nowadays. When I was little, she still had a thick accent, but it only ever crept into her speech when she was angry these days.


Everyone joined mum. As the laughter died down, I wacked James and Fred across the back of the head, “Right, done talking, now go get those boxes.”


“Fine…” they both grumbled, standing up and heading up to my room. I could hear them trudge up the stairs, leaving just myself, Mum, Dad and Jackson. Looking over at Jackson, I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms across my chest.


“Shouldn’t you be helping mister?” I said in a somewhat stern, yet joking tone.


“I guess those two do need supervision.” Jackson said as he pushed himself off the chair and headed towards the stairs. As if to prove his point, a loud crash could be heard from upstairs, followed by some profanities and a very loud “I can fix it! Don’t worry!” from Fred.


Mum visible cringed as Fred yelled down. Jackson let out a small laugh, “Don’t worry Mrs. Weasley, I’ll make sure he doesn’t try magic on whatever it is, we all know how crap he is at Repairo.” He headed up the stairs, leaving me alone with my Mum and Dad.


I shifted uncomfortably as Mum looked at me with sad eyes, and Dad looked at me as if wondering what to say. “Look… honestly… uhmm…” I sputtered out awkwardly. I could feel my eyes watering as I stood there staring at them. Now I understood why Tori had been so emotional when she had finally moved out herself, it was hard as hell. No matter how much Mum drove me crazy I loved her, and now I was leaving to go live off by myself, only to see her occasionally when we had family dinners or when we visited. “This is so much harder than I thought it would be…” I said quietly, looking down at my feet.


I heard my dad grunt slightly as he pushed off his chair and made his way over to me. “Dom, sweetie, it’s always hard when you leave home… Remember how you felt when you first went off to Hogwarts? Remember what I told you?” He asked as he pulled me into a hug.


I sniffed loudly as I wrapped my arms around his chest, “No matter where I go, when I go, or how old I am, you and mum will always be waiting at home if I need you.” Jeez.. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry….


“Just because you’re moving out doesn’t mean that’s changing. We will always be here for you.” He stated as he kissed the top of my head. I pulled away and looked at Mum who was now standing beside us. Opening my arms wide, she pulled me into a hug as well.


“Ma chère petite fille, je vais manques tellement!” She said with a loud sniff of her own before holding me at arms length and looking me over. “You make sure to eat healthy and not too much take out.” Mum said with a faint smile as some tears escaped, “I will come to that flat myself and make sure you are!”


I laughed knowing full well she meant it, “Don’t worry Mum, Jackson said there is a grocers right down the street from the flat, we can have fresh food every night.” Letting her go, I took a step back and looked at them both as Jackson, James and Freddie finally made their way down the stairs levitating the boxes in front of them. “I’ll owl you once I’m all settled in, in a few days, and you can come look at the flat.”


“We’ll be waiting sweetheart.” Dad said as he wrapped an arm around Mum who was full on crying now.


I gave them both one last hug and kiss before making my way over to the fireplace where Jackson was grabbing some floo powder to take the trip to our flat with the last of the boxes. I watched as he shouted the address before disappearing in a flash. Grabbing some powder of my own, I stepped over the little gate, turning to look at my parents. With a smile and a wave, I threw the powder into the fire and shouted, “32 Grosvenor Square.” 



“Oyi, get off your lazy asses and come help me move these boxes to my room.” I yelled at James and Freddie with a fair bit of anger as I walked down the hall floating some of stuff with my wand. I heard Jackson’s distinct laugh as a crash came from the living room followed by hurried footsteps coming up the stairs. Stepping into my room I smiled. Jackson had already set up the bed which faced the windows, and a view of Hyde Park.


Setting the boxes on the bed, I flicked my wand and everything started unpacking itself. “Dommie, where do you want them?” Freddie asked as he and James brought the last of the boxes into my room.


“Just set them on the bed.” I ordered waving my hand towards the bed. “After that… I guess it’s dinner time.”


James and Fred high-fived each other after they set the boxes down on the bed. “Yes! Dinner from Dommie.” They ran out into the hall and down towards the living room. “Oyi, Jackson, Dom’s making dinner!”


Laughing to myself, I waved my wand at the boxes they had just dropped off. Mostly full of clothes, they all flew towards the rather large closet. Moving to the center of the room, I spun slowly taking in the details of the room. It was huge, with ceiling to floor windows along the outside wall, its own full in-suite bathroom and a large closet for all my clothes. Just across the hall was another bedroom mirroring mine; the hallway lead down to the staircase which went into the living room, which opened up into the kitchen. Finally at the other end of the hall was a staircase that lead to the garden on the roof. As the clothes finished packing themselves away into the closet, I made sure to set the last box aside. Full of pictures from over the years and tokens from treasured memories, it was something I wanted to unpack by hand and take my time.


Changing out of my clothes I threw on some sweats, a T-shirt and threw my hair into a loose bun. Heading down the hall I made my way down to the living room where Freddie and James were already playing a game of exploding snap, while Jackson was watching TV. One of the many convenient features of the flat; Since Jackson’s parents had bought him the flat in literally downtown high-end London, it was chock full of modern Muggle features like the TV, satellite radio, telephones, which admittedly only James and Freddie’s place had, and shiny new appliances.


“So… what shall we have dinner?” I asked making my way to the kitchen. Cooking was one of the things I loved to do, having learned from Mum and Grandma Weasley, I had kind of mixed the two cooking styles and I was awesome at cooking. Okay so I may be a bit biased, but James and Freddie loved my cooking, and that was saying something, because Godric, did they eat a lot, and were picky as hell.


“Ohh, Chicken Paramesan?” James asked with that hopeful look in his eyes. It was one of his favourite foods, along with lasagna and steak.


“Noooo, let’s have spaghetti and meatballs.” Freddie countered as he laid a card on top of the pile.


I laughed and looked over at Jackson. “And what about you, what do you want?”


“Well, what about a stir-fry?” Jackson asked looking over at James and Freddie.


“Sure.. chicken Stir-fry and you have a deal.” James said as he laid a card on top of pile, causing it to explode. “YES! IN YOUR FACE FREDDIE!”


Freddie coughed, waving his hand in front of his face to clear the space. “Sounds good to me.” He said through a coughs.


“Okay then, chicken stir-fry, with rice and vegetables.” I said clapping my hands and rubbing them together.


“I’ll help.” Jackson said as he got up and followed me to the kitchen.


Pulling the chicken out of the fridge, I looked over at Jackson who was just standing there. “Well, grab the rice and get it going. I’ll start the chicken, then we can cut the peppers and other vegetables up.”


“You got it boss.” Jackson said giving me a mock salute and pulling the rice cooker and rice out of the cupboard.


First time in my new place, with all these Muggle appliances, and I wanted to do this their way. Grabbing a pan from the hanging rack, I sprayed some cooking oil and cut the chicken into strips. “So, you know your parents really spoiled you with this place.”


“Ya.. All I wanted was a small flat with 2 bedrooms for a flatmate, yet here we are in this huge fancy flat.” Jackson said with a shrug as he turned the rice cooker on. Moving to the fridge he pulled the peppers out and started cutting.


“Well… it’s huge and fancy.” I replied as dropped the chicken onto the pan with a satisfying sizzle. “And I feel kind of bad for living here for free.”


Jackson laughed as he cut up some carrots. “Hey now, once you have a job, you can start paying rent, that’s the deal we made. And until you do, you can cook our food and stuff.”


I let out a sigh, “Well, I guess I could do that. Still feel bad.” I said frowning slightly, as I pushed the chicken around with the spatula.


“Don’t, okay? I needed a friend to live with, and it’s not like I'm paying a lot of rent as is myself.” Jackson said as he pulled me into a one armed hug. “What could be more fun than us two living together?”


I hesitated a little before looking over and smiling at him. “Ya, this is going to be a lot of fun.” And queue the butterflies, god damnit.



James and Freddie left a couple hours later, stomachs full and happy. Settling into the couch with a large cup of hot cocoa cupped in my hands I smiled contently. The butterflies had passed with dinner, and now they were both just sitting there watching some Muggle television. “Soo.. what exactly is this about?”


“It’s three guys who drive those car things around. Various high powered, expensive and cheap ones and make fun of each other all the time. It’s rather entertaining sometimes, they ever interview celebrities.” Jackson replied as he took a sip from his own cup of hot cocoa. “Called Top Gear.”


“Well.. I have to admit, it looks pretty funny just from looking at it right now.” I said letting out a laugh as one of the presenters drove something called a Lorrie over the course’s finish line, the trailer fully engulfed in fire.


“My Uncle on Mum’s side is addicted to the show. When I moved out and got this flat with the TV, he made sure to send me a few seasons of it, on DVD.” Jackson replied as he took a sip of his hot cocoa.


We sat contently for another few hours as we watched Top Gear and laughed as the presenters pulled pranks on each other. The tall one, Jeremy, putting cars stickers out of reach of the short one, Richard, and them both making fun of the middle one, James. Finally after another two cups of hot cocoa, I said goodnight to Jackson and made my way to my room… for my first night in my new flat.




A/N: Okay, so Chapter two.


This comes since I seem to have hit my muse as of late. I was going to work harder on my other story…. but you know how it goes, when the muse comes, the muse comes, and you write the hell out of the story. And after that… well who knows.


So, obviously, Dom is now in her new flat with Jackson, and the fun is about to begin!


Read and Review please!






Ma chère petite fille, je vais manques tellement! = My Dear little girl, I will miss you so much!



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