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Got Dynamite? by neverlosehope
Chapter 3 : Bloodstream
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Disclaimer: Everything you recognize from the Harry Potter series belong to other geniuses.

''Get up, Alex! The train leaves in half an hour!!'', Rose screeched in my ear and I wriggled under my sheets as I buried my head under the pillow, trying to drown out the noise.

I had been in the middle of a very enthralling dream involving a sea of mashed potatoes when- Wait.. Did she say half an hour?
I leaped out of bed with wide eyes, probably looking like some sort of rabid animal with my hair a tangled mess and dried drool marks down the sides of my mouth.
I shoved past Dom on my way to the bathroom, and then after the shortest shower humanly possible I hurriedly got dressed. I left my face free of make up and wand dried my hair.
Rose and Dom stood bemusedly and watched while I panicked.

I couldn't understand how Rose was even awake. 
After Dom had gone to bed early claiming she needed her ''beauty-sleep'' me and Rose had stayed up late talking about her new found crush on Scorpius Malfoy. 
''Even if you are right and he does like me -though I highly doubt it-, we've never even talked to each other. How do I even approach him without seeming weird?'', Rose had worriedly asked me in the wee hours of the night.
''Befriend him! Isn't Al like his best friend or something? Just say you want to spend some more time with your cousin if anyone asks'' I had cleverly (ha-ha) advised her before we'd finally fallen asleep.

Well at least I had packed my trunk yesterday unlike Dom who'd had to wake up at six in the morning to finish packing hers.
When I was done we had fifteen minutes to get to King's Cross. We descended the stairs and hurried to the living room where everyone was waiting for us around the portkey. 
''The fuck, Alex! It's about to take off'' Roxanne lectured as we entered. 
''Hey!'', I exclaimed. ''Why do you just assume it was my fault?''
''Oh please, Alex. It's always you! Even I know that'', Joseph laughed from his spot next to James who was looking thoroughly bored to pieces. 
''I resent that!'' came my offended response.
Just then Nana Weasley came in to the room along with Grandpa Weasley (as they insisted I call them).
We all hugged them goodbye and thanked them for everything. 
I received a bottle of potion from Nana Weasley to help ease the portkey-sickness I would undoubtedly get and I hugged the old woman extra tightly before pressing a finger to the now flashing tray that had been enchanted to work as our portkey. 
I started counting backwards from ten to try and ease the building tension inside of me, but before I could make it down to zero the world had started spinning fast and we were all flying through the air for a second until Rose screamed for us to let go, and we were suddenly falling.

Fortunately I landed on my feet. 

Unfortunately since the world had not stopped spinning I found myself unable to stay on my feet and came tumbling down in my dizzy state. I waited for the pain from the hard pavement impacting with my skull but it never came. 
Instead I found myself being lifted by a pair of muscular arms and cradled against a glorious chestpiece as I gazed in to a sea of golden swirls.

''Is she okay?''
''Alex!! Talk to me'' 
''She looks a bit green..'' 
''Here! Give her the potion'' 

I felt something warm and liquid being poured down my throat, burning its way through my entire body, it's flames licking away all my dizziness and nausea and leaving a lulling haze.
''Are you alright?'' came Potter's deep voice from above me, his eyes taking on a concerned look. 
''I-I'm fine, thanks'' I said in a haze, keeping my wide eyes trained on him. 
My heart was pounding at an unbearable rate and all I could think about was how incredibly deep and captivating his golden hazel eyes were while they were looking down at me. 

Potter looked a little dazed himself before taking on a smirk and dropping me on my arse down onto the pavement.

I've changed my mind. Potter's eyes are not in any way extraordinary. 
They are hideous and disgusting and annoying, and I hate them.

After seeing that I was still alive my beloved friends decided to ditch me while I was still laying on the ground swearing and rubbing my arse. 
I had to run after them with a throbbing behind through the platform, literally leaping onto the moving train. 

Thank Merlin Al had been nice enough to at least grab my trunk before he'd hurried off with the rest of them.

My leaping entrance on to the Hogwarts Express would have been pretty freaking rad if it weren't for the fact that I had very clumsily landed on top of someone. 
And not just any rotten old someone. The someone. Lucas Smith. 
''Holy crap, I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?'', I blurted while scrambling to get off him.
''No, I'm good, don't worry about it'', he reached out a hand to help me up, and I took it. 

He had a really nice handhold. It felt warm and soft, and not too rough. 
He must use some sort of moisturizing hand lotion, his hands were incredibly soft.
Like velvet. I like velvet. Especially red velvet. Red velvet cupcakes. Th-''Alex? You there?'', Lucas waved his hand in front of my face and I realized that I had probably just been staring off in space for merlin-knows-how-long.

I probably had drool on my chin from thinking about the cupcakes. I wiped my chin not-so-discreetly while Lucas watched in amusement. ''I'm sorry, what were you saying?'' I asked.
''I was wondering if you've had a nice summer vacation?'', he asked lightly. ''Sure, it's been great. No homework. That's a win if you ask me. What did you do this summer?'', I politely asked even though I found it hard to focus on what he was saying. 
I was too busy looking at his face. What a face. His blonde hair looked soft enough that I had to force myself not to reach out and run my hand through it.

That would've been weird. 

His beautiful blue eyes were looking deep into mine. I realized a second too late that he had been trying to ask me a question. ''Umm.. Huh?'' I asked dumbly. 
He laughed a short laugh, his eyes crinkling up in the most adorable way. 
''Nothing important'', he responded with a smile on his face.
''I'm gonna go find a compartment, but I'll see you around'' he ended with a wink and turned to go while I was trying to splutter out some resemblance to a proper answer. ''Yeah.. yeah.. see you around!'' I managed to get out, but he had already slipped in to a compartment. I sighed and dreamily set out to look for my friends.

I found them two compartments down engaged in a game of exploding snap. 
''No, Freddie, I have a bad feeling about that one'' 
''Shh, Dominique, I'm trying to focus'' 
''Don't you Dominique me, Fredward'' 
''You know that's not my name, Dom'' 
''Au contraire, I am rather certain it is'' 
''That doesn't even make sense, what kind of name is 'Fredward' anyway?''
''Oh, Fredmund, boy don't beat yourself up. It's not your fault you have a shit arse weird name''
''You want to start talking shit names? Take Albus Severus Potter'' 
''Wow, thanks Fred, way to make me feel good about myself'', I hear Albus chip in.
''What about Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy'' Dom added, ''talk about getting screwed over''.
''Don't drag me in to this'', Scorpius' bored tone said. 
I walked in to the compartment in a Lucas-induced daze and looked around to see that all the seats were taken. 
Fred was sitting on the compartment floor opposite to Dom, with an exploding snap deck between them. 
Rose and Scorpius were sitting opposite each other by the window, occasionally sneaking glances at one another and blushing when they got caught. 
It was literally the cutest thing. 
I decided there and then that I would get them together this year, if it was the last thing I ever did. 
Al who was sat next to Scorpius, looked immensely bored with everyone and everything, and next to him was Ella Longbottom, long time friend and dorm mate. 
Ella smiled widely at me in greeting, and I returned the smile just as enthusiastically. On the opposite seat, stretched out with his feet in Rose's lap lay Potter, eyes closed with his head tilted up towards the ceiling. 

As the only seat available was the seat his legs were currently taking up, I sighed and turned towards him. ''Potter, move your legs''. He pretended not to hear me. 
''Potter, will you please move your legs?'', this was oddly pleasant for me, and I could tell noticed, because I saw the corner of his mouth twitch the slightest bit. 
Without opening his eyes he said, ''I'd rather not''. 
''Well, you're gonna have to, because every other seat is full'', I harrumphed, not wanting to ruin my good mood from the run in with Lucas. 
''Why don't you run along and find another compartment then?'', Potter suggested. I decided not to grace him with an answer, and instead sat down on top of his outstretched thighs. 
Potter started and pulled his legs from under me. ''What are you doing?'', he asked, caution apparent in his voice, his eyes wide.
''I'm sitting'', I answered slowly, watching him carefully. 
He had the slightest hint of a blush spreading in the back of her neck and he looked away, but a moment later it had faded and he was once again tilting his head to the ceiling, eyes closed. Confusing, was to say the least.

I turned to Ella and started a conversation with her about her summer, she had spent it in Italy with her family and therefore I hadn't seen her since the beginning of summer. 
Her appearance had changed over the last few months. She had cut her long, sun-bleached sandy brown hair to a shoulder length which suited her well. She was sporting a light tan and the freckles on her skin had been multiplied by thousands. Her hazel eyes sparkled with joy as she retold the stories from walking down the cobbled streets of Tuscany. 
It really did sound amazing, and it made me dream away to the days after Hogwarts when I'd finally get to travel the world. Experience the stuff I'd only ever read in books. 
Maybe Lucas would come with me. I sighed dreamily.
Ella was still talking, oblivious to the fact that I wasn't paying attention.
''Alex, would it kill you to actually listen?''. Okay, maybe not so oblivious.
''What's got you so dreamy anyway?'' she asked.
''Yeah, I saw you walking in looking over the moon like an idiot'' Dom added.
''That's because she is an idiot'' Potter decided on this moment to open his eyes. 
''Shut up, Potter!'', Oooh burn.
''Why don't you make me, Jones?''
''Oh Y-'', I started but Albus interrupted loudly 
''I'm gonna go find Lys before I become collateral damage, Scorp, are you coming?'' he asked. 
''I think I'll stick around here for a little while'' he said, glancing at Rose. 
''Suit yourself'', Albus shrugged and then left the compartment.

''Why did you look so moony, though?'' Rose asked, and I blushed bright red. 
''Well I may or may not have run in to a certain drool-worthy Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain before I came here'', I mumbled.
''Oooh, you had a romantic rendevouz with Lucas Smith, now did you'', Elle teased. 
''No, it wasn't like that, we just talked. It was nice, though, really nice. He's gotten even dishier over the summer'' I blushed again.
Potter let out an exasperated noise and we all turned to him . A blush spread across his neck, which he seemed unaware of as he growled 
''Why is everyone so impressed by that bloody prick?''.
''Well for starters he's hot'' Dom stated
''And smart'', added Rose, which made Scorpius scowl a bit.
''He's nice too'', said Ella.
''Not to mention he's hot.'', Dom again. 
''And he's a great quidditch player'', I finished. 
Potter looked murderous. ''He's not that sodding great, and where is your loyalty? You're lucky I don't kick you off the team'' 
''For what?'' I snorted. ''Besides, you wouldn't survive a day without me'' 
''Wanna bet?'' he smirked. And then he left the compartment. Probably to go snog one of his groupies. Prat.
I spent the rest of the trip scowling, as my friends threw each other knowing looks. What they meant, I had no idea, but I was too mad to care.


After the carriage ride up to the castle we all seated ourselves as per usual in the Great Hall while waiting for the sorting to begin. 
I looked up at the staff table and scanned the expressions of my teachers. Most of them looked depressingly bored. 
The only people not looking as dead as Professor Binns, were tiny little Professor Flitwick who was always happy, Professor Slughorn who was trying to make conversation with the muggle studies teacher -Professor Gumble, and Ella's dad, Professor Longbottom was smiling at the crowd of students seated at the four tables. I let my gaze wander over to Mr. Jacobs, who was sitting next to Professor McGonagall in the middle. 
Derek Jacobs had taken over the role as the Hogwarts matron after Madam Pomfrey had finally croaked last year.
And according to the female population of Hogwarts, it was the best thing that had ever happened to Hogwarts since they'd updated the dorms. 

Derek had graduated from Hogwarts six years ago, gotten his healers degree and then spent a year volunteering as a paediatrician in Ghana, which he gladly told me about whenever I asked. And I often did. 
Not to mention how unbelievably gorgeous he was, with his blonde hair and grey eyes, square jaw and high cheekbones.

I didn't even notice Hagrid bringing the first years in until the hat started singing.
I never payed too much attention to it's lyrics, as they were basically the same every year now since the war, so instead I scanned the student body until I found Lucas.
He was watching the head of the great hall with interest as the Sorting Hat told it's tale.
As the song was coming to an end, he turned his head and looked me straight in the eye with a smile. I smiled back, a little embarrassed at being caught staring, he winked at me and turned back towards the hat with a smile on his face. 

A blush spread across my cheeks, and I looked down with a smile on my face, when I felt someone's eyes drilling into the side of my face. 
I turned to find none other than James Potter staring at the blush on my cheeks with an odd expression that only made me blush brighter, and look away, finally paying attention to the sorting going on before me. 

I made a serious effort to avoid looking at him through the rest of the sorting, which was really of no interest to me except when Hagrid called the name ''Weasley, Lucy'' and a small redheaded girl shakily made her way up to the stool to put on the rugged old hat. The sorting hat seemed to be having trouble placing the little girl, and she was noticeably getting more and more nervous as time ticked on.

I couldn't help but feel sorry for her.
I hadn't had much to do with Lucy before, but I did know her sister Molly, who was quickly turning out to be a smaller version of her stick-in-the-mud parents. 
I had only been in the vicinity of Percy and Audrey Weasley a handful of times, but I had quickly learnt to avoid any type of conversation with the pair. I can honestly say that I had never met a more boring couple, and I'd been to enough of my mother's posh charity events to last a lifetime.

I truly hoped that Lucy wasn't like that, but with a family like that, what could you expect, really?
The sorting hat seemed to have finally made a decision, and boomed loudly at the great hall ''Gryffindor!''. 
Everyone burst into applause as a relieved Lucy took a seat next to Rose and Fred, who gave her a high five as the Wotters from each house kept applauding even after everyone else had stopped.
Headmistress McGonagall had to threaten with detention when they all wouldn't stop. 
Even Molly, over by the Ravenclaw table kept applauding her sister, so maybe there was hope after all. 

After Professor McGonagall had given her annual speech (Weasley Wizard Wheezez-products were all banned, The forbidden forest remains forbidden, and all that gibberish), and we had all filled ourselves to the tipping point with delicious foods and desserts, we all went up to our dorms. Those fifth year and below, to get ready for bed. And the sixth and seventh years to get ready for the Wotter annual Welcome-Back-Party.

''I have nothing to wear'', Dom groaned as she dove headfirst onto her bedspread. ''None of the dresses I bought last week feel right anymore'' 
''Please, Dom, your clothes take up half our closet space.'', which was true. After we'd discovered that all four of us girls shared the same size, we'd decided to magically join our four wardrobes to create one large, and just share clothes, and Dom did an obscene amount of shopping. 
''I'm sure you've stocked up on dresses over the summer too, Dom, you must have something.'', Ella's voice came from the bathroom where she was doing her make-up.
Dom's face lit up and she shot up like a rocked ship, sprinting as fast as she could without messing up her drying toenails, towards the trunk she hadn't bothered to unpack, ripping out clothes and throwing them on the floor in search for whatever it was she needed. 

Rose came out of the bathroom with Ella, both looking gorgeous in their attire.
Rose (who had ended up not going with the dress we'd bought in London, as she felt it was, and I quote ''Too special to get vomit on'') was wearing a beautiful sequined flowy dress with a bateau neckline, three quarter sleeves, and a skirt which ended at the top of her thigh. 
It was in a lovely dark forest green color (most likely in honor of her favorite Slytherin) which complimented her long dark red hair which was middle-parted and done perfectly in big hollywood curls. 
She had on a pair of red pumps, and her make-up was limited to a cat-eyeliner and a bit of mascara. Ella was wearing a strapless loose, rose printed dress with a sweetheart neckline in a pink pastel. Her hair was straightened and hanging free on top of her shoulders. 
She'd completed the look with a pair of pumps in the same pink as her dress. She'd kept her make-up light with a little summery blush and some mascara.

They both looked great. When I told them so, they both took note that I, in fact did not look so great in my messy bun and pajama sweatpants. 
''Please don't tell me you're going to the party dressed like that'' Rose scolded. 
''I'm actually thinking of skipping out on this one'' I confessed. ''I just don't feel in the mood to party tonight'' I had a rather fetching book laying on my nightstand.
''Come on, Alex. Please! You can't stay here like a sad loner while we go out. You know we won't have any fun without you!'' Ella said, although we both knew that was a lie. 
They'd probably forget I was even there as soon as they found some bloke to snog. ''Besides, how will you blow Lucas Smith away tonight with your bedazzleness''(''That's not a word'', Rose mumbled) ''if you're not even there?'', Dom who had just finished getting ready added. 
She was wearing a deep metallic blue tight dress that clung to her body and had a peplum waist. 
Patterns weaved across the fabric in some sort of sparkly thread, and she had thrown on a pair of matching blue heels to go. 
Her hair was in a tight bun at the top of her head, and there were loose tendrils of hair framing her face beautifully.
''Alex, I'm not gonna let you sit around moping all night, we will drag you there in your sweats if we have to. You are simply being given the option to clean up a bit before we do, unless you'd rather face Luke looking like that''

I sighed and surrendered myself at their mercy.

When we walked in to the party an hour later I had been showered, shaved and dressed in the dress I'd bought on our shopping trip last weekend (a black tight-fitting dress with a plunging neckline that went all the way down to right above my bellybutton, but that was covered by transparent black mesh, to keep it modest -as if that helped. The dress ended at the top of my thigh and barely covered my arse).
I had on a pair of black suede platform pumps, and my hair had been straightened into a high ponytail. I had kept my make-up light, and I had to admit that even though I looked like a right slag, I was pretty hot.

Me and the girls made our way to the seventh floor and Rose paced in front of the room of requirement until a door popped up out of nowhere. As she pulled open the door the blaring music was enough to make us all stumble into the party in our hurry to drown the noise in case the Hogwarts caretaker, Miss Lolly was lurking.

What we walked into was basically a huge night club with flashing lights in different colors, Mark Jordan at the DJ-booth, and a blue neon bar the size of the staff table in the great hall. 
There was an uncomfortable-looking, long red sofa along the wall, and on different platforms stood metal cages with strip poles inside them where you could go up and make a fool of yourself when you'd had too much to drink, which I had done on several humiliating occasions. 
On the far wall there were two floors of red doors where you could go if you needed some privacy, or just to crash in if you didn't want to risk sneaking back to your dorm in the middle of the night. 
They worked sort of like the room of requirement, whatever you needed you got when you walked through the door. 
It was actually very clever of Fred and James to come up with. Say you'd had too much to drink and you really needed to throw up, the room would turn into a bathroom. Saves a lot of cleaning time too.

Dom scurried off to dance with some bloke she'd laid her eyes on, Ella saw some Hufflepuff friends and then she was off as well, leaving me and Rose by the door. ''Wanna go grab a drink?'' I asked Rose, who nodded, and we both went for the massive bar. 

Joseph Wood, and Dave Finnegan were both bar tending, a task Potter and his pals seemed to take shifts on doing during these events.
Upon our arrival Dave let out a slow whistle, ''Looking good, girls. What can I get you?'' 
''Two firewhiskey's, please'' I ordered, but Rose stopped me ''Actually I'll just have a butterbeer, thanks'', she said while anxiously scanning the room for a certain handsome blonde.
''So, where are the party hosts?'', I asked Dave as he set the drinks on the counter. ''Around, I guess. I'm supposed to be trading shifts with James in a moment, so I imagine he'll be here soon. Thank Merlin for that, I'm starting to feel deprived. I'm desperate for a shag! Any volunteers?'' Dave winked.
''Gosh, David, you are disgusting, I- Oh my, he's here'' Rose jumped. 
Dave rolled his eyes, and went to flirt with some slaggy Hufflepuff on the other side of the bar. 
I turned to Rose who had taken to twirling her hair, while casting not-so-subtle glances at Scorpius, who was laughing with Al and Lysander in a near corner of the room. 
''Rose, go over there and talk to him.'' I urged her while she bit her lower lip nervously ''No, he'll just think I'm weird for coming up to him'' 
''Of course not! Your cousins are there anyway, you can just pretend you came to talk to them'' I insisted, while she anxiously fiddled with the hem of her dress. 
''Rose you look stunning. Any guy would be a fool not to want to talk to you, just take a chance and see what happens.'' I said soothingly. 
She got a determined look on her face, grabbed my firewhiskey and downed the liquid courage. Then she confidently walked over to where the boys were standing.
I smiled watching her go, then I realized that she'd left me by myself, and my smile dropped. I waved at Dave to get me another firewhiskey and keep them coming, and sighed, staring at the empty glass in front of me as it refilled itself.

''I've never seen anyone look so depressed at a party'', spoke a smooth voice beside me. I looked up to see Lucas Smith (I should stop calling him by his full name) smiling down at me.
I blushed and spluttered ''I do not look depressed, I'll have you know that I happen to know that I look like I'm having a tremendous time!''. Lucas snorted, and I laughed as he sat down next to me and ordered himself a firewhiskey. 
''So how come a beautiful girl like you is sitting here all alone?'', he lightly asked, his blue eyes gleaming as he observed me with a look that made my heart flutter and a blush spread across my cheeks. 
''Well, my friends all ditched me to go boy-hunting'' I sighed again, trying to seem unaffected by his charm, and he chuckled. 
''I suppose I should put you out of your misery and ask you to dance then'', he mock sighed, and I accompanied him to the dance floor where we moved in sync with the music and the flashing lights until we were both panting hard. 
Lucas went to get us yet another pair of drinks, and I kept dancing, heart beating rapidly in tact with the music. 

For the first time in ages I just unwound and moved without a care in the world as all the night's firewhiskey went to my head.

Suddenly I felt myself being spun in to the muscular arms of James Potter.
''You do realize I'm here with someone, right?'' I half-lied as I felt his hands on my hips who started swaying on their own accord, as I looked at him. 
''You mean Smith over there? Because he doesn't really seem to be missing you'' he smirked, and I followed his eyes to see Lucas over by the bar, chatting up some girl in a scrap of fabric that made my own dress look like a nun's shroud. 

Of bloody course. 

I glowered. ''Did you just come here to gloat?'', I huffed at him.
''Not at all', he said honestly. ''Actually the way you were just letting loose was just magnetizing. I couldn't resist sneaking in a dance'' he said.
And even though I could tell he'd had a bit too much to drink, I knew that he meant it. 
His voice deep and husky, and the way he was looking at me, caused a tingling sensation to spread across every inch of my too-hot body. 
I only struggled for a fraction of a second to regain composure, but by the look of the self satisfied smirk resting on his lips, I could tell that he noticed.

''What do you want, Potter'', I asked exasperatedly while I struggled to keep down the blush that was threatening to spill across my cheeks.
''To bury the hatchet. Once and for all. Aren't you tired of fighting?'' his velvety tone coaxed, and I couldn't help but agree with him silently in my mind.

I was most likely not thinking straight due to the alcohol-fueled haze clouding my mind, but in that moment, I didn't care that I was dirty dancing in the arms of the guy I'd despised since third year. 
In that moment I wasn't disgusted by the fact that as my eyes scanned his unruly black hair, his sparkling eyes, his high cheekbones and strong jaw, his full lips.. desire screamed at me loud and clear in my mind. 
In that moment I just felt sick and tired of it all, and in that moment a cease fire sounded pretty good to me.

''Just give in, Alex. I know what you're feeling. Give in.'' his voice was barely above whisper, but I heard it loud and clear in spite of the blaring music. 

We had stopped moving then and in the sea of sweaty, bodies, dancing to the rough beat coming from the speakers, there was only him and me, hearts beating fast, our breath coming heavily with our clothes clinging to our bodies in the humid air. 

Our lips met in a searing kiss that held just a taste of all the withheld desire, confusion and frustration coursing through us in that very moment.
We broke away and with one look, we both knew where this night would inevitably lead. 

''Let's get out of here'', Potter murmured, and I grasped his hand as he lead me to the wall of doors. 

We hesitated for a moment as we reached a red door, both pondering what we were about to do, then I determinedly twisted the handle, and we stumbled into a mid-sized room with beautiful shimmery fabrics hanging from the walls in different shades of bronze, beige and light browns. 
The air smelled faintly of roses, and there was music playing softly in the background. The only real piece furniture was standing in the middle of the room. My heels clacked softly against the dark wooden floor as I walked to admire the beautifully sculpted divan. 
I ran my hand along the deep lavender colored fabric, admiring it's soft quality. 

I turned to find Potter looking at me with an unreadable expression, which quickly enough changed into one of pure, unsated desire as I walked towards him. I was ninety-three percent sure my face mirrored his expression.

As a man sung soft lyrics in the background, James' palm gently brushed my cheek and I couldn't fight the blush spreading across my face at the intimacy of it all.

''Words can be like knives, they can cut you open''

I rested my hands at the base of his neck and our lips met in a sweet, slow kiss, that gradually became more desperate.

''And then the silence surrounds you, and holds you''

His hands started to wander until they reached the hem of my dress, and I raised my arms to help as he slid it over my head.

''I think I might have inhaled you''

He started kissing his way down my neck, leaving a trail of light kisses all the way to my shoulder and then back across my collarbone as I struggled with the buttons on his shirt, until finally sliding it off to reveal his perfectly toned chest and Quidditch muscles.

''I can feel you behind my eyes''

I nipped at his earlobe and he let out a low moan as we backed towards the divan only to find it replaced with a king sized bed complete with fluffy pillows and duvets in the same exquisite lavender color as the divan had been.

''You've gotten into my bloodstream.''

Once again, our lips met in a passionate lock as one by one, items of clothes were removed and our limbs became a tangled mess.

''I can feel you flowing in me''


A/N So here it is. Disgustingly late, but it's here. 

I had a major case of writers block, and with school and exams and everything.. Well let's just say that life caught up with me. I started working on this chapter right after my summer holiday, and I finished it last week, so that might be why the whole mood of this thing changes a bit. 

I honestly wasn't planning on this story to go this way, but it did. And I might even regret it later, but I didn't really know what to do with it all, and so I did this. 

I have started working on chapter four, and I've been in a bit of a writing mood lately, so hopefully it'll come along faster than this one did. Again, I'm sorry. 

I would like to thank all the people who favourited and reviewed. You all keep me going, so please don't stop. Please let me know what you think of this. 

The lyrics and chapter title in this chapter are from a song called Bloodstream by Stateless, It's a very beautiful song and if you haven't heard it, I suggest you look it up.

So much love to you all. N 


EDITED: 02.10 AM, 11/2.
Grammatical errors and such edited out. It's my birthday tomorrow (12/2), by the way. Just thought I'd mention it, because oddly enough, I am looking forward to it this year. 

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