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Concordia by DramioneBabyy98
Chapter 2 : Banners, wandfights and humungous buttheads...
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A/N: I don't know whether anyone noticed but that first chapter was meant to be a oneshot, but, I've had a really good idea for a Dramione plot so I'm going to continue writing.

Disclaimer: anything recognisable is J.K.Rowling's. I, unfotunately, am neither the brains nor the beauty that is the queen. ALL HAIL QUEEN ROWLING! 









“Hello students of Hogwarts and welcome back to another year at this, well, fairly new school. “McGonagall’s voice rang throughout the great hall as she signalled to the green, red, yellow and blue banners that floated above the rows of pointed black hats which adorned each students head. “I’d like to thank the people that helped restore and modernise it after the terrible war. From the building and extensive magic that was done by the teachers and ministry workers, to the funding we received from the Malfoy’s. I would also like to thank Mr Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood for their on-going bravery and hope during this war. A final thanks goes to you, the students, without you and your bravery we would’ve lost the war. Without your unity, we would’ve grown weak; we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”  





Applause rang out across the hall as she finished her speech and the goblets and plates were filled with a fine feast. Contagious laughter and chatter ensued as the students rejoiced in the winning of the war but one group of people stayed quiet, an awkward silence consuming the group of friends that once used to talk like there was no tomorrow. It continued for quite some time, the only noise made between them being the clanging of cutlery against plates, until suddenly a young red head had enough courage to break the silence.





“So, Malfoy donated money. I never saw that coming!” she announced loudly, cutting the silence like a knife. The rest of the group smiled, relieved that she’d been brave enough to break the silence.





“I know right, Ginny?” chuckled Neville, “He really must have needed to convince the ministry that he’d ‘changed’.”





“Yeah, I can’t believe that they didn’t just take your word for it when you and Hermione defended him in court Harry. I mean the boy who lived- twice and Gryffindor’s Golden Girl and the Brightest Witch of her age, what’s not to trust?”





“He hurt a lot of people though Ginny, even if it was because he was scared for the wellbeing of his parents. It’s understandable that he had to prove himself to some people.”





“Yeah, I agree with Harry. I do feel sorry for him though,” said Hermione whilst glancing across the hall to where Draco Malfoy sat, smiling at one of Blaise’s jokes. It was a rare thing to see, a Malfoy smiling but it was a habit he’d picked up since the war ended and his father was sent to prison, freeing him. Unfortunately, the smile didn’t reach his eyes. They were still cold and grey, letting no emotions past the barriers he’d put up. “He may have made our lives a misery but he didn’t deserve to be brought up scared of his father, knowing that one wrong move could mean torture, that he couldn’t follow his dreams because his father had planned his future out for him, dominating his beliefs from a very young age. Making him believe in supremacy of blood, money and race and imprinting it into his mind by using pain and anger. He corrupted his innocence, corrupted a young boy. Becase he was just a boy and he didn’t deserve that. Just like Harry didn’t deserve the treatment he got.”





“Hear, Hear, Hermione.” Whispered Harry.





“Beautifully said.” Murmured Neville, a contemplative look on his face.





“On another note,” said Ginny, a smirk on her face, “Harry, have you got something to tell me about this wand fight in the bathroom with Malfoy during your sixth year? I can’t believe I had to wait until the ministry hearing to find out! I was shocked that you’d kept it from me because I really don’t mind if you’re Bi, Harry. Just didn’t expect you to be ‘Slytherin’ into bed with a Malfoy” She winked at Harry as he turned red and began to splutter whilst Neville and Hermione burst with laughter, hitting the tables with their fists and gasping for air at the look on his face.





“I- I didn’t have a wand fight with Malfoy! Not in the way you’re suggesting!” he exclaimed before they all burst out in a fit of giggles again and he gave in to the wide smile that was tugging at the corners of his mouth, “Oh, shut up.” He chuckled, resting his arm on Ginny’s shoulders, eyes sparkling with laughter. The group of friends continued with their laughter and banter for the rest of their meal, any thoughts of Ronald Weasley’s recent betrayal of Hermione long gone.





A little way down the table, said boy was sat, watching his old friends laughing and chatting, he stared wistfully, regretting his actions against Hermione over the summer for a second before Padma pulled his attention back to her with a searing kiss.





Across the hall, another boy (well, young gentleman really now that the war had made him and his fellow students grow up far sooner than they should’ve) also watched the exchange with longing, cursing his father for ruining him and his childhood, for corrupting him. He wished he could turn back time and stop himself from treating that group of Gryffindor’s with such malice. And so, when Hermione Granger glanced innocently across the room and cold, grey eyes met sparkling, cinnamon ones, he smiled at her, ever so slightly. Hoping, that the warmth in her eyes was reflected in his.










Once the food had all been consumed and the students were smiling lethargically up at her from their seats, McGonagall stood up again and smiled as she said, “Students, welcome back. Now, we shall sing the school song before bed time, eh? As always, adapt it to any tune of your liking.” The students sang, one ravenclaw first year continued for an extra 2 minutes, singing to the tune of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'  Before McGonagall continued “Brilliant! Now then, Prefect’s, please lead your students back to their common rooms whilst the seventh years stay behind, I would like a word.”





Ginny waved goodbye to Hermione and Neville and pecked Harry quickly on the cheek before she rushed off in pursuit of the first year Gryffindor’s as she was a Prefect, repeating her sixth year. The threesome headed in the other direction, to the back of the hall where McGonagall and the other seventh year’s stood waiting.





“Now then, let us just check that everyone has arrived before we rush off anywhere,” She pulled out a short piece of parchment from her pocket and began to read the list of names on it.





·         “Harry Potter? – Lovely to see you, Mr Potter.”





·         “Hermione Granger – Hello dear!”





·         “Neville Longbottom? – How are you Neville?”





·         “Droce Malfoy? – Good evening, Mr Malfoy.”





·         “Lavender Brown? – Hello, Miss Brown.”





·         “Hannah Abbott? Miss Abbott – ah, hello!”





·         “Blaise Zabini? – Good Evening.”





·         “Padma Patil? – It’s disappointing that your sister decided not to come back, dear.”





·         “Ronald Weasley? – Mmhmm










“Now, it seems like everything is in order. Let’s walk and talk, shall we?” she didn’t turn around for an answer, just continued on her path through the door leading out of the back of the great hall. “Okay, well as you know, we have double  the number of first years this year as last year’s repeat their education. This means that we have not got enough dormitories for you, seventh years and so we have built you your own common room with individual bedrooms for you all in your own tower. Here we are.” She said as she walked up a few steps and stopped at a portrait of a snake, a lion, a badger and an eagle all playing in a field. “Okay, so the password is Concordia” She announced and the portrait opened to reveal a common room that was decorated with a blend of gold, silver, black and bronze. “Welcome to your new home! Follow the stars through this door and you’ll find a door with your name on it. Girls are on the right and boys on the left. The door to the left of the fireplace leads to a library to help you with your 7th year studies and the door on the right is a kitchen which will cater to your every need, although you are expected to attend at least one meal a day. There is also a shared bathroom on each floor, for the use of the boy and girl on that floor. So, please makeyourselves at home while I have a word with Mr Malfoy and Miss Granger.” The rest of the students bounded away, up the stairs to their dormitories, whilst McGonagall pulled two badges from her dormitories on the top floor and to accompany your shared bathroom and top grades is an office/meeting room for all your heads duties.” A wide smile graced the old woman’s face as she handed them a badge with ‘HG’ and ‘HB’ on it in their house colours. “I hope you can put your past differences behind you and really promote this house unity that we need. Anyway, your first meeting with the prefects will be in that office and your topic to discuss will be how to unite the houses. It will be held tomorrow evening (Sunday) at 6.30pm, please notify the prefects of this, a list of them is on the table of your office. Goodnight.”





Hermione and Draco turned and smiled at each other, before they made their way to the staircase and up the stairs towards their rooms.




“ahem, well Goodnight then, Malfoy.” Murmured Hermione as she finally reached the door which had ‘Head Girl – Hermione Granger’ engraved into the dark mahogany. “I’ll tell the prefects at breakfast tomorrow.”





“mmhmm” he said and she walked through the door, closing it with a ‘clip’. “Goodnight, Granger” He whispered before walking through his own door.














Now, i know I'm doing this the wrong way round but I forgot to put an authors note at the end of the last chapter and Im too lazy to do it now :S Anyway, I would like to thank you for reading so far and ask as politely as I possibly can if you my dear, sweet reader could review? It would really help me correct any mistakes and expand the story. Although, I would like to apologise in advance for any late updates as I am in a VERY important year of school atm and I get LOADS of homework, but I promise I will try to update as quickly as possible. Writing is my escape from stress and Dramione is and always will be my otp<3





Ooh, SUPER IMPORTANT, I know that Hermione and Draco seem a bit out of character at the moment but there is a reason behind their polite-ness. Is that a word? Meh, anyhow yet again THANK YOU for reading and PLEASE REVIEW!!!?

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Concordia : Banners, wandfights and humungous buttheads...


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