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Magic in the Walls by HufflePuff_Blitz
Chapter 1 : Bubbles, Butterfly's, and Wet T-Shirts
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The hospital wing is not a fun place to stay the night with a broken arm and leg. My name is Blake Finnigan and for the most part I am your average 6th year Hogwarts student...extremely sick of school and Slytherin. Today was no exception when two Slytherins in my year decided they would taunt me 'bout my  parents today after our double Defense Against the Dark Arts, in which I proceded to send a tiger made of flames after one of them, then the other sent a stunning spell which sent me flying over the 5th floor railing, and being unconcious it wasn't like I could do anything either. Luckily for me  a kid in seventh year sent a badly cast cushioning charm at the last moment onto the floors of the entry hall, saving my spine from breaking into a bilion pieces.


Now as I sit in the bed at the far end of the wing, dozens of monarch butterfly's hover above my bed slowly morphing into bubbles. Being my usual self  I was so focused on the spell I did not noticed the tall and amazingly handsom  auburn haired teen walking up to my bed until it was too late. Jumping on my bed and suddenly distracting me, made me flick my wand in the wrong direction making all my butterfly's/bubbles turn into water. Also with James being his usual self, did not help the fact by "accidently" pouring his water all over me.

"Did you really have to do that?" I ask, obvious annoyment in my voice
"I did not see a reason not to do it if that makes you feel better" James Potter said with his boyish smirk.


Me and James are in the same year but he is a Gryffindor and I am a Hufflepuff. James is tall and lean with his cropped auburn hair, and his devilish smile set into his chiseled jaw. I am a couple inches shorter with some if not more muscle than James, my dark brown hair shaggy but out of my eyes just the way I like it.

"Hey so i sent a letter to my mum letting her know what happened" James said looking everywhere but my face knowing what anger will ensue.

"Why did you do that!" I nearly yell, "It's bad enough as it is, it will only get worse if your mom freaks out and storms up to the castle."

James looks down and of coarse I fall for his ploy "Professor Sprout put you up to it didn't she?"


" your mom will be here in about ten minutes wont she?"

"I would give it more like five" he said grinning. He may annoy the hell out of me sometimes, but he is still my best friend and I cannot stay mad at him for long.

I hear the doors open and there struts Ginny Weasley who was in the middle of arguing with our Headmistress, I knew this night was not going to be fun.

<A/N> I finally got the courage to work on this story again. Fixed some mistakes I found and seperated the last paragraph so it is easy to read. I will also have another chapter up sometime soon hopefully :) 

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Magic in the Walls: Bubbles, Butterfly's, and Wet T-Shirts


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