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Magic in the Walls by HufflePuff_Blitz
Chapter 1 : Potter in the Ward.
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With the scratchy sheets, and moans of other patients in pain, the hospital wing is not a fun place to spend the night. An arm broken in several places and a fractured femur is a relatively easy remedy, but it will take a couple unpleasant doses of Skelegrow overnight to ensure a proper bone growth.

Since the war, Hogwarts renown has returned to its former glory, if not a better reputation than before. Under the direction of Headmistress McGonagall, Professor Sprout, and Flitwick, the castle was rebuilt with greater defensive capabilities than ever. Though the main danger had passed, they believed that it is better to be more safe than sorry.

They employed Goblins to construct new, nearly indestructible doors for each of the entrances into the castle. Tall statues with formidable spears have been placed to the sides of each of these doors at night, blocking them to prevent students from sneaking out into the grounds.

House unity has also been stronger than ever. The four house tables are still present in the great hall, but often you will see the students mixed between them. The Gryffindor's are closer than ever with the Hufflepuff's since their involvement in the war. Even Slytherin has shown remarkable camaraderie with the other houses. It is assumed that it helped that someone started putting Gryffindor students with Hufflepuff’s in most of their classes, easing some of the rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

You still get some of those nasty Slytherin's, like Malfoy and Nott. Both are spoiled brats who are more concerned with power than popularity. I cannot believe that Albus Potter hangs out with those two creeps. Anyways, I was headed down to dinner from the Gryffindor Common Room earlier when I ran into the two of them in a fifth floor corridor.

“Well, look at what we have here,” Scorpius Malfoy sneered. His untidy platinum blonde hair framed his weasel-like face, making the angular features pop out in an unusual mix of attractiveness and unattractiveness.

“Move along Malfoy,” I said pushing past him. I made it to the grand staircase when Malfoy called out, “Not so tough without Potter by your side, Finnigan?”

“I don't need Potter to protect me,” I turned around angrily.

“Well, prove it then,” Malfoy smiled maliciously. “Stupefy!”

I quickly blocked his spell, and then fired a stinging hex back at him. There were spells flying everywhere in the corridor. Even though I was facing the two of them, we were nearly evenly matched. Barely missing one of Malfoy's spells made me start to lose my ground. This duel became more defensive on my side, and with each spell they fired, I ended up another step backwards.

Eventually, my back was to the railing of the staircase that looked down five stories. Trying to fight back, I was able to disarm Nott, only to be stunned by Malfoy in return. They told me I had fallen over the rail, and I could have easily died if it wasn't for a seventh year who had cast a sudden cushioning charm. It had not worked fully though; hence, me being broken in the hospital wing.

It was incredibly boring, sitting in this bed. Madam Bones was currently with Headmistress Sprout, who was deciding the fate of Malfoy and Nott. I ended up transfiguring the flower vase on the nightstand into a flock of monarch butterflies. Eventually watching the butterflies flutter around got tiresome also, so from there I started turning them into bubbles and back.

It was a complicated spell, and required a lot of focus. This was a problem because I did not realize the He-Demon had arrived. James Sirius Potter (AKA: He-Demon), was a spoiled, good-looking jock, who enjoyed pranks and causing mayhem. It just so happens, that he is also my best friend. He pranked me during our first night at Hogwarts back in first year, and I turned around and pulled an even bigger prank on him the following week. He decided I was cool enough to be a friend.

I do have a slight problem concerning James though. Last year I fully came to terms that I was attracted to men, and at the same time fell completely for James. Not just fell, as in tripped, more like fell off the astronomy tower sort of crush. He is any girls’ fantasy, with a toned frame and shaggy, windswept, auburn hair. He carries with him an air of mystery, yet a kind character who enjoys laughing through life.

James is also amazing at sneaking without being noticed; only when he huffed aloud did I actually notice him. I cursed and lost focus on my butterflies, which turned into water and soaked through the duvet on the bed. “Merlin’s scruffy beard James!” I yelped. “Give some warning when you enter a room.”

He gave an incredulous look, and I asked why he was making that face. “Nothing,” he smiled. God he had perfect teeth, and his lips were a perfect shade of perfection. “Who uses 'Merlin's scruffy beard'? I admit Merlin's trousers is a weird statement also, but it is common so I guess that makes it alright.”

“James,” I said. With which he responded with a cheeky “Yes Blake?”

“Will you please shut up?”

“Right away captain!” he enthusiastically saluted. “Back on topic though, who were those nasty’s that messed with my best friend. I have a perfectly-imperfect batch of polyjuice potion in my trunk upstairs that'll make any man wish he didn't mess with you.”

“It is fine James. I was handling the situation myself,” I retort. He formed a pouty little frown, and then proceeded to pick up the covers and peer under them. “What do you think your doing James! At least ask me out on a proper date first.”

“You only wish you could land a fine stallion like me! However, I was not checking out your junk, seeing as I would have to remove your trousers first.... Anyways, you look pretty broken so I don't think you handled the situation well at all.”

“I'm not broken, I am just a little bent out of shape. Nothing a good night of relaxing will not cure. I am in a stress free zone, and I am perfectly okay with it.”

“Oh,” James muttered. “You wanted a stress free zone?”

“Yes...” I said. “James, what did you do?”

“Oh nothing major really.”

“James Potter, Tell me right now what you did or I swear I will devise a lie to get you in trouble... with... your... mother.”

“That was quicker than I thought it would be,” he applauded. My glare ceased the clapping immediately. “Oh come on Blake, it wasn't really my fault. I was having a mirror-chat with mum when I got the note saying what happened to you. She demanded to know what it was about, and when I told her she dropped her mirror down onto the table and I am assuming came here. The only thing I really could hear after that was dad laughing at some muggle TV show,” he laughed.

“How long do you reckon she will be?” I ask sheepishly. “Ten minutes?”

“I would guess more like five. She's a witch that women.” Right on time, the doors opened wide revealing a furious Ginny Potter, followed by a flustered Headmistress Sprout and Professor Longbottom. It was not going to be an easy night.


A/N: Hey you guys look a new chapter!!!! and I say new but really it is just the first chapter somewhat re-written, and the rest of the chapters are not going to exist anymore because they too, are being replaced. :)

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Magic in the Walls: Potter in the Ward.


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