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Unexpected Blossoming Love by Hermione and George
Chapter 6 : Love fest
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 (Hermione's POV)

Holly and I decided to go up to the common room to get our swimmers. We entered the castle and were on our way. About a floor away from the common room we heard noises and moans coming from an abandoned classroom.

We walked in to find Penelope Clearwater and Percy Weasley snogging. Holy damn. We left the classroom and walk away from it at a brisk pace. Once we were just outside the portrait hole we burst into laughter.

The fat lady questioned us on what we were laughing so hard about but we refused to tell. Percy and Penelope were the head boy and girl, we didn't want to destroy that for them.

Once we gave her the password we entered and ran up to our dorms. We fetched our swimmers and got changed, then made our way towards the lake again.

"It's funny that we found Percy and Penelope snogging. Whenever I see them they are down each other’s throats throwing insult after insult. Quite amusing really." Holly said.

"Well they were down each other’s throats today but just in a different way", I giggled. We had reached the lake in what felt like record time. We abandoned our towels and jackets and hopped in the lake.

We were splashing around until Holly suddenly stopped and looked from somewhere behind me to give me a wink. That can't be good. I looked behind me and saw George staring at me. I realised that my swimmers (which insisted of a bikini) were a tad too small and weren’t covering very much of my bum. Damn.

I quickly submerged myself into the water so that only my head was above it. Then I quickly swam over to the edge and hopped out. That wasn't a good idea because that just showed even more skin than I wanted shown.
I ran over to my towel and the second that I reached it and covered myself in it, George looked away. I decided that I would go back up to the castle and dry off there, since I didn't want any more attention.

I dried off in the dormitory then went back down into the common room. I sat on my favourite lounge and read my favourite book, ‘How to charm A Boy’. No one but myself and Holly knew that I had this book and I intended to keep it that way.

(Holly's POV)

As soon as Hermione left for the castle George approached me and started to talk to me.

"So, Holly, do you know who Hermione likes at all?" he asked while scratching the back of his neck.

"Yes, for a matter of fact I do" I replied. Hermione and I are complete opposites even though we are identical. I’m average and sporty whereas Hermione is Brainy and clumsy.

"Would you mind telling me who that person would happen to be, Granger?" He said, still scratching his neck but with a huge smirk etched on his face.

"Only if you tell me who your two brothers over there like." I replied. I might not be as brainy as Hermione, but I knew that George didn't know who Ronald liked. Whoop Whoop.

"You know that I don't know who Ron likes, Don't you Granger?" He smirked.

"Yup, and I don't intend to change the deal so find out, Weasley!” With that I got out of the lake and headed off to the common room. Once there I got changed and headed off to dinner with Hermione.


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Unexpected Blossoming Love: Love fest


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