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Shut Up and Kiss Me by soapman333
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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This is my first attempt at writing a story on this website: enjoy.

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns the Harry Potter characters and ideas, I'm just hoping to add to the magic. 

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I have been waiting for this day since the start of our summer vacation: the day I go back to Hogwarts. My parents, brother, and I are standing to the side, watching the platform fill with enthusiastic students and bittersweet goodbyes. We do this every year. My parents apparate Leo and I here twenty minutes before the train leaves and then stand by us, awkwardly, for fifteen minutes before leaving again. Little is said in exchange. This being my seventh year and Leo's fifth year, I didn't really expect much else.

My family is a pureblood family, well, my family is a pureblood traitor family. The Galatians can be traced back to Merlin himself, but my grandfather insisted in doing the most “atrocious thing imaginable” and married a muggle born. This action banished my grandfather and father from the pureblood community, something my mother has never been too happy about. She married him for his title, not knowing that it was tainted by his half-blood status. That's about all I know about my family and all I care to discover. I see my father check his watch for the fifteenth time. It must be time for them to leave because he's brushing the arms of his coat.

“Er, Elizabeth? Leo?” He addresses us.

“Yes?” I ask in response.

“Have a productive school year,” he nods at me and awkwardly hugs my brother before turning to leave.

“Don't bother writing or coming home for the break.” my mother adds. This statement would have seemed rude to anyone else, but I expect it. My mother has never really been taught proper socializing skills. She's very emotionless and distant, like her job in the ministry.

Another thing that is slightly, well, extremely important about me is that I'm a werewolf. I was bitten when I was eight and I don't care to recall that night, but I will express the annoyance I hold towards my parents. They are terrified of me. There was a huge discrimination political battle that happened close to when I was born. Harry Potter, the most skilled, powerful, and yet humble man in the wizarding world, went to work reforming the ministry after the war. Potter pushed the minister to pass what are now called the Lupin Acts, named after a close friend of Harry who fought bravely in the war. The man was a werewolf and could not work because of it, despite his brilliance.

The Lupin Acts protect werewolf rights, but there is still hostility against us.
A group of werewolves known as the “Moon Minds” got together and created their own wizarding school to teach those who are bitten young. They also teach those who were never allowed to go to school because they were werewolves. I hear a lot of great things about this school, but my parents have chosen to treat me as though I don't transform into a monster every month. They obtained special permission from Headmistress McGonagall to ship me off to Hogwarts. The problem with this is that I have to keep myself on the “down low” to keep from scaring parents and students. When the full moon rises, I am escorted to the Shrieking Shack, a building close to Hogsmeade. Apparently when Remus Lupin was a student, he too, had to wait out his transformations in the isolated building.

I watch my parents walk through the barrier between this world and the muggle one. After a few moments, Leo tugs on my robes and we board the train. Leonidas Archibald Galatian III is my brother and only friend. He looks very similar to my father, with short brown hair and bright blue eyes. I, myself, take on more of my mother's characteristics: long, wavy blonde hair and pale, grey eyes. Leo once told me that he loved me, despite my weirdness once a month, something that every girl loves to hear from her little brother. He's my rock that supports me through thick and thin.


There are three reasons as to why I don't have friends at school, the first being my “time of the month”, as Leo so eloquently refers to my transformations in front of his friends. The second being that James Sirius Potter has declared his undying affection for me and scares any boy that tries to be my friend or have a romantic interest in me. The third, and final reason for my isolation is that Lily Potter, James' little sister, hates me with a fiery passion similar to Harry Potter's feelings towards Voldemort. This hate prevents girls from socializing with me because the Potter/Weasley families are the most popular group of children that has ever walked on the grounds of Hogwarts. In conclusion, how should I put this. . . I am eternally grateful that Harry Potter defeated the most evil wizard back in his day, but I wish that he didn't have children with his Quidditch extraordinaire wife, Ginny Weasley.

The only Potter child that doesn't have any distinctly passionate feelings of love or hate towards me is Leo's good friend, Albus Severus Potter. We both share the hobby of reading in the library, so we generally see each other and exchange a few words here and there, but due to his passive nature when it comes to his siblings, he hasn't really “reached out” and befriended me in the public sense. Leo's other best friend is very similar to himself, Scorpius Malfoy. They both are the womanizers of Hogwarts, something that I never have approved of, but respect anyways. It takes talent to charm nearly every girl they see. Leo and Lily went out, at one point, back at the start of his womanizing career. He broke up with her because she is a year younger than him and Albus never approved of the relationship. Suffice to say, her hate for me went up exponentially after the affair. The difference between Leo's and Scorpius' womanzing is that Scorpius would drop any girl if Rose Weasley would give him the time of day.  Heck, the kid would become a Death Eater if Rose so much as implied that she wanted him to be one. The three boys are Slytherins, I, myself, am a Gryffindor. Another strike against me, in regards to my parents approval.

Leo and I walk in the corridor of the train until we see the blonde head of Scoripus, flirting with a Ravenclaw.

“Oi!” Leo calls at him and the two greet each other with a very manly embrace. Scorpius nods his head at me after the exchange and I smile nicely back at him.

“We saw and we conquered our usual compartment!” Scorpius exclaims to us.

“I'm fairly certain that our fellow students avoid our compartment because of your hexing fit two years ago. Rose wasn't too please with the fiasco, isn't that correct?” Leo snorts happily as he dodges a tackle from an embarrassed Scorpius.


I leave the two to attack each other and slid into our compartment across from Albus who is busy reading a book about pixies. He looks up at my entrance and nods at me, similar to how Scorpius greeted me.

“How does it feel to be a seventh year Gryfindor?” he asks me, eyes still trailing along the pages of his book. I know his only purpose is to be polite, so I don't bother to respond quickly and open up this years potions textbook.

“The same as every other year,” I answer and we sit in comfortable silence until Leo and Scorpius enter the compartment.

“Nerds,” Leo exclaims upon seeing us, “how is it that you two weren't sorted into Ravenclaw?” he adds after crashing into the seat next to my own.

“Good question, mate, I'll go ask that girl I was talking to before you rudely interrupted us,” Scorpius pats Albus' head sympathetically before leaving the three of us behind in the pursuit of the blonde witch.

I can see Leo pouting at me from the corner of my eye, “What?” I ask him.

“Do you know who the head boy and girl are this year?” he wonders out loud, ignoring my irritated tone of voice.

“If I knew, you would know,” I tell him.

“I know,” Albus says and we look at him expectantly, but he shrugs his shoulders, “you'll know soon enough,” he explains to us.

Sure enough, James “You're-Going-to-be-My-Wife-Someday” Potter struts into our compartment with a shiny badge attached firmly to his robes. He looks around at us and collapses into Scorpius' unoccupied seat next to Albus.

“Ellie! Hear the news?” he winks at me as he leans back.

“What news?” I ask innocently from my seat and stare out the window. We're passing some very lush parts of England.

“I'm Head Boy!” he announces loudly to catch my attention.

“Congratulations,” I reply, still entranced by the scene outside.

“You know what that means, right?” he continues to question me, begging for my attention.


I sigh and finally look at him.  He's the most attractive person that I have ever seen. He has dark raven colored hair that is permanently messed up, large brown eyes, and a sexy, mischievous smirk. Albus has a similar physique, minus the brown eyes and smirk. He inherited his father's deep green eyes, but he hardly smiles, let alone smirks. Lily Potter is gorgeous, too, with her long, straight red hair and bright, green eyes. I'm a sucker for James' brown eyes because, and I know this sounds cliché, they twinkle when he smiles, and he is always smiling.

“What does it mean?” I ask him, trying not to be absorbed by his eyes that just twinkled with his laughter.

Still laughing, he explains, “This means that if you don't go on a date with me, Galatian, I can give you detention!”


I snap out of my trance and frown at him. Yes, I am infatuated with James Sirius Potter and, yes, he asks me out a lot. There are two reasons why I constantly reject his offers to go on a date with him. One, I am a werewolf. This means that there is nothing I can do that will bring me closer to James' perfection, because I am a monster. I don't deserve the kid. Two, he doesn't mean it when he asks me out or proposes to me.

Don't believe me? The first time we met was back before our first year at Hogwarts in Diagon Alley. We ran into each other at the Quidditch store, literally. I fell over, he apologized, and then proceeded to lift me up off the ground. My parents saw the exchange and rushed over to prevent the boy from “touching my contaminated hand”. I was so embarrassed that I ran away crying. School started and he ignored me. All of a sudden, our third year he ran into me, literally, again. His friends laughed as we crashed to the floor and, laughing at me and trying to pull me off the ground, he asked me to marry him. I didn't take him seriously and left the scene as fast as I could. Every day since then he harasses me, but I know he's only joking, despite what Leo and his friends suggest. Let's be honest, who could possibly like me, even if I didn't turn into a monster?

I roll my eyes at James and look out the window again, “You can't give me detention for rejecting you, Potter. McGonagall wouldn't allow it.”

I hear him sigh, “Okay, don't go on a date with me. We can skip that and just go straight to matrimony! I'm thinking of an autumn wedding, the bright leaves complement your grey eyes and our photos will look amazing. . .”


I shut my eyes and attempt to drown out his voice. His lies are giving me a headache, and everything is magnified ten times over when the full moon approaches. I have four days before the wolf has complete control of my body. Funny thing about territorial animals: they are super protective over what they believe is theirs. This wolf thinks that my body is his/hers and does not enjoy being contained. I have to fight for control every day, it's harder when the moon's reflected light becomes more full. My favorite days are new moons, there is never a hint of an animal fighting inside me.

“Ellie?” Leo's voice coaxes me out of my thoughts, “He had to leave for a meeting. You okay?”

“Just a little nauseous,” I tell him.

“Sleep on my shoulder, I'll wake you when we get close," he commands me. I thank him and succumb to my exhaustion from fighting with the wolf.

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