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Time Turner by HolyCricket
Chapter 3 : Pensives
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Hermione was in the Great Hall for dinner when Harry came in with very exciting news. He sat next to her and told her to meet him outside the headmaster's office around eight o'clock. She nodded her head and continued eating. She heard giggling and looked up. It was Ron and Luna. She had decided at lunch that day that she needed to pay less attention to them. And, as much as she hated to admit it, they did seem rather happy together; that didn't stop the jealousy, it only made it less hostile. Harry touched her arm, and she looked at him.

"Are you okay?" He asked. "You were staring off in nowhere."

"I'm fine, just thinking." She answered. 'Nothing can get past him.' She thought. She looked away from him towards the head tables. She saw Professor McGonagall; she appeared to be yelling, her face was red, but not a sound was heard. Hagrid stood up.

"OY!" He bellowed. "MINERVA'S GOT SOMETHIN TER SAY!" The entire hall went silent.

"Thank you, Hagrid." Professor McGonagall said while giving him a friendly pat on the arm. "As you all know, the school is in need of repair. We could really use you all, so if you want to stick around and help, be here tomorrow morning after breakfast hours." She sat back down and the conversation continued.

"Are any of you going to stay?" Ron asked. Neville and Luna nodded their heads.

"Yeah, probably." Harry said, and everyone was looking at Hermione.

"Yes, I suppose, I haven't got anything better to do." She said. Harry turned and smiled at her. She smiled back and he held her gaze.

"What about you two?" Luna asked in her dreamy voice. Hermione, blushing a little, moved her eyes back to Ron, but Harry kept his eyes right on her for a second after she turned.

"Ginny and I are going back to the Burrow for a while to help with mum and dad." Ron answered.

"We'll back as soon as we can though." Ginny added. The talking and eating continued on for a while. Harry kept sneaking timid glances at Hermione, and, when she looked back at him, he turned his head quickly away. Harry excused himself at about a quarter to eight, and a few minutes later, Hermione excused herself as well. She quickened her pace once she left the hall, she was anxious about what Harry was going to tell her.

She turned the corner and saw Harry standing by the stone gargoyles. When he saw her, be gave her a wide grin.

"There you are," he said. He turned the gargoyle and recited the password. He turned toward her and held his arm out. "Shall we?" He asked, and Hermione put her arm through his and they ascended the staircase. They entered the office. Nothing had changed since they'd last seen it; not a book was out of place.

"So, why did you bring me here?" Hermione asked.

"Well, I learned that sometimes when a person looses their memories, certain events or objects can bring them back. Like if you lived near a farm, and one day you smelt or saw something that reminded you of it, a memory could come back." He explained.

"Okay, but why are we here?" Hermione asked.

"I'll show you." Harry said, and he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards a cabinet. Harry opened and Hermione recognized what was inside of it- a pensive. Harry let go of her hand and walked closer to the pensive, and pulled a phial out of his robes. "This," he said while holding up the phial. "Contains a few of my memories. I was hoping that if I showed you them, you would remember." Hermione stepped closer and examined the glass.

"Alright so how does it work?" She asked. As an answer, Harry opened the top of the phial and poured its contents into the pensive. He stepped to the side and Hermione walked toward the pensive.

"Just look into it." He said, and she did.


The pensive worked out just as Hermione expected. Every detail Harry put into it was the way she remembered it. He did only show little pieces; breaking into the ministry, Godrics Hallow, and breaking into Gringotts. When the memories were over, Hermione found herself back in the Headmaster's office with Harry looking at her questioningly.

"So." He said nervously.


"What do you remember?" He asked.

"Everything, I guess." And she told him. She left everything out that happened between her and Ron, though, because that obviously didn't happen in this world. When she finished, she looked up at Harry; he had a strange look in his eyes- a defeated one.

"Well, I guess we should er... head to the common room then."

"I thought everyone was sleeping in the Great Hall." Hermione said.

"No, they finished repairing the common rooms this morning. They were the least damaged." Harry explained. And they left the office and headed to the Gryffindor Common room.

The Fat Lady didn't even require Harry to say the password; she just praised him and let them right on in. The common room looked just the same as before. Ron was sitting on one of the couches practicing chess when they came in. He looked up at them and smiled.

"Fancy a game, mate?" He asked.

"Sure." Harry answered. Hermione went ahead to the girl's dorms and got ready for bed. There was something bugging her, though. It was Harry. It was that defeated look in his eye earlier. It was like he expected something from her when she remembered; when she woke up in the hospital yesterday and he kissed her.

Suddenly it hit her and she couldn't believe how completely daft she was for not seeing it sooner. Something had gone on between her and Harry. She jumped off her bed and pulled on a jumper. She had to set things straight with Harry- tell him she didn't feel that way about him. She exited her dorm and headed down the stairs.

"I just... I thought she would remember." She heard Harry say. She stopped and stood next to the wall, listening.

"She told you she did. Maybe she's just confused about what to think. Maybe she just wasn't sure what she should do." Ron assured Harry.

"No, Ron, you didn't see the way she looked at me; it wasn't like she used to. When she explained to me what she remembered, she was completely oblivious to what happened between us. It's like she remembered everything but that." Harry said and a few seconds past before he continued. "Everything except what I wanted her to remember."

"Look, mate, if she doesn't remember, then show her."

"Show her what?" Harry said exasperated.

"Show her how you feel. Make her fall in love with you again." Ron explained. Ron got up and began walking towards the boy's dorm.

"Show her how I feel." Harry echoed softly. "What if I can't?" He yelled to Ron.

"I don't know; tell her how you fell for her I guess."

"That's not something I can just tell her." Harry said.

"Then show her that too. Look, mate, I'm tired. You can figure it out." Ron said, and then he continued up the stairs. Then, Harry stood up and quickly walked out of the common room. Curious, Hermione followed.

He went back to the Headmaster's office with Hermione following quietly behind him. When he got into the office, he went straight for the pensive. Hermione went and hid in the shadows. Harry paced for a bit, with his hand under his chin. Then, he walked up to the pensive and brought his wand to his forehead. The same silvery substance that was in the phial before came edging out off his forehead. He brought the substance down into the pensive and then slowly stuck his head in.


An hour had passed and Hermione was just about to fall asleep when Harry came up from the pensive.

"That should work." He murmured quietly to himself. Then, he brought his wand out again and pulled the substance back out of the pensive. He grabbed a phial from the cabinet next to him and pulled the substance into it. He gently sat it on the table next to the pensive and exited the office. Hermione stood and walked toward the pensive.

She grabbed the phial and studied it. She unscrewed the cap, but then hesitated. The logical part of her mind was telling her not go snooping in Harry's mind, but another part of her- was it her heart? - was telling her to do it. She turned the phial over and spilled the substance into the pensive. She watched as it mixed and swirled in the pensive. Then, before logic took over, she bent her head down into the pensive.


A/N: So, how was it? If you've got any questions, comments, or rude remarks,  don't hesitate to let me know.

Till next time :D

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Time Turner: Pensives


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