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Expecting Otherwise by majamariamaja
Chapter 25 : Late.
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Another brilliant CI by misericorde.@TDA.

Chapter 25. Late.

Okay, there are crazy things you do for love, and then there are hazardous, frightening, full-out barmey things you do.

Flying a broom when you're one week away from your due-date was one of those things.

"I don't think I can take this any longer!" I yelled from behind Deuce. I was holding onto him for dear life, even though he'd magically fastened me to him with invisible rope. It was physically impossible for me to fall off, and he was absolutely far away from speeding. I knew he'd never jeopardize my safety, but still... An irrational fear of hights means you don't get to use your head at all when high up(ish) in the air on a broom.

"We're there soon. Look," he called back to me, and pointed at the lit up Quidditch pitch(it was now twilight) about a hundred feet away.

"Both hands!" I shrieked, at which Deuce only chuckled. But he did as told. He probably didn't want me to lose consciousness or anything.

And Deuce was right, it took less than a minute before we were so close I could see the lone shadow of a boy on a broom, flying around as if something was chasing him.

"On second though," I said aloud, suddenly consumed by fear, "let's just turn around and fly back."

"Stop being a bloody chicken, Del!" Deuce told me. "You're about to be a mother, step it up."

Damn, I hated when he was right...

So we kept on flying straight for the pitch, and my heart beat so furiously against my chest that it almost made it hard to breathe.

"Deuce?" Chase called out. He had caught sight of us, but hadn't noticed me yet, seeing as I was behind Deuce. Hiding? No, not at all...

"What's up?" He started flying toward us. "Anyways, you up for some one on o- What's she doing here?"

So he'd seen me. Great.

Deuce didn't say anything, he just flew in closer, seeing as how Chase had stopped abruptly when he saw me.

"What is she doing here?" Chase repeated, face cold and hard. "On another note, are you completely mental? It's not safe for her to fly when it's only seven days until she pops! For all we know her waters could break right this minute, and then where would we be? This is so irresponsible -"

"Jeez, bro, relax," Deuce cut off. Chase closed his mouth with a snap. "She came to tell you something."

He didn't respond. I didn't think he would.

"But you're right, it's not good for her up here, so let's land. Okay?"

Chase didn't respond to this either, but he started floating down when we did.

When our feet hit the ground Deuce waved his wand between us and I felt myself being un-hitched from him. He assisted me off the broom, and gave my hand a squeeze while winking conspiratorically before he turned me to face Chase.

His brown hair was tousled, and I wanted to smooth it out with my fingers. He always had such soft hair. His cheeks were flustered, but whether it was from the exercise or from seeing me, I didn't know. Maybe both. His hand was clutching the broom so hard his knuckles were white, and his hard breathing made small clouds between us.

"Yes?" he interrupted impatiently. "You wanted to say something?"

"Ehm, I-I, yes... I do..." Oh, Christ. That look he gave me was enough to set my skin ablaze. He hated me. He didn't love me anymore. Far from it. "N-Nevermind," I stuttered and was about to turn around. But Deuce was still standing right behind me, and spun me right back.

"Could you relax, brother?" Deuce told his twin off. "Stop being a prat."

Chase gave his brother a seething look, but then closed his eyes for a split second. When he opened them he seemed visibly calmer.

"What is it, Adella?" he asked with a sigh. He was tired. Of me, of this situation we were in, of it all. I could hear it.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. Raising my voice was impossible at this time.

"What was that?" Chase inquired, not having heard me. He looked at his brother for assistance.

"She said she's sorry," Deuce repeated for me.

"You're sorry," Chase echoed, and scoffed. "That's all? Fine. You've apologized. Now what? You expect us to go back to normal? Being all chummy and whatnot?"

"No, I-I-"

"Because I can't do that. You know why I can't. I told you. And no amount of apologies are going to change that."

"Calm down, mate!" the older of the two twins reprimanded. "You're not letting her speak."

Chase growled and got a tighter grip on his broom. "Fine. Speak, then."

I swallowed hard, and looked back at Deuce for support. He gave me a reassuring nod and I turned back to his brother. His brown eyes didn't look at me as they used to. Maybe it was too late?

"When you, I mean, when we, ehm..." I took a deep breath. Chase didn't interrupt me this time, but I knew he was itching to. "After you left me on top of that staircase, Chase, I didn't know.... I didn't know what the hell had happened. So I crumbled. Completely and utterly. It was worse than Bray accusing me of cheating in front of everyone, worse than hearing Kat's revelation - it was worse than anything. Having Bray storm out of my life was nothing. Nothing compared to when you walked away from me two days ago."

Nobody stirred as I took a break in order to push away the lump in my throat and to force away the tears forming in my eyes.

"It completely destroyed me," I told him in a strained and choked whisper. "You were right. I've never cared about other people's feelings, I'm a very self-centered person -"

"I didn't say -"

"No, but I am," I interrupted Chase. Some of the hardness in his expression had faltered, and he looked more apologetic than angry. "I'm not blaming you for saying those things, Chase. I needed to hear them as much as you needed to say them."

Chase placed his gaze on the snow covered ground.

"You were right about me not thinking about what you wanted. But that was mostly because I never knew you wanted anything. You never said anything. I might've been thick, you know, to not see any hints you may have given. But you know me!"Chase looked up with a guilty expression. "You know I don't take hints! I'm pretty daft in that area."

"You are daft," he agreed in a mutter.

"Precisely!" I threw my hands in the air. "So you should have said something before."

"But you wouldn't have reacted any differently!" he accused. "You would've said just what you said on those stairs. That you loved me as a friend, nothing more, that -"

"You don't know that!"

"Yes, I do!"

"Okay, top screaming at each other," Deuce cut in. And Chase and I each took a few calming breaths.

"The only thing I'm saying is that... Things might've been different," I said in a weak voice.

"How could they have been different?" he asked, but before I had the time to answer, he continued, "Whatever. It's too late for 'what ifs' now. What's done is done. You're with Tristan now."

"No, I'm not."

Chase gave a start.

"What? You didn't tell me that," Deuce said, poking my shoulder. But I ignored him.

"You're not with Tristan?"

"I'm not with Tristan."

"Why not?"

I shrugged. "We agreed we were better off as friends."

"That didn't last very long," noted Chase, quirking a brow. "You got tired of him awfully quick."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I gasped. "We agreed that -"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"I'm telling you the truth! We both agreed that we were better off as -"

"As friends, I heard you."

"Why are you acting like this?" I asked, now getting angry.

"Like what?"

"A complete arse!"

"If I'm an arse, love, it's because you've made me one."

He could just as well have punched me in the stomach.

"Ok, ok," Deuce interrupted again. "Let's not say things we do not mean."

"Oh, I mean them, alright," Chase growled.

"Come off it, bro, you know that's not true."

"How the bloody hell would you know?!" Chase bellowed at his brother. "You know all the things I did for her! And she still went and got together with that -"

"No need to scream," Deuce said, stepping in between me and his twin. "And you know quite well that I told you to sodding tell her."

Chase looked away sourly. He'd dropped the broom and was now standing there with his hands crossed over his chest.

"Del's here, apologizing, saying you were right and that she was heart-broken when you did what you did, telling you she was wrong. Telling you she broke up with her bloody boyfriend." Deuce paused. "She's not the only one who's blind to hints, bro."

"What are you saying exactly?" asked Chase, eyes narrowing, and casting a glance at me.

"Do I need to spell it out for you?" Deuce moaned, tired of his thick-headed brother.

"Might save us some time since you can't hint worth shit."

"I hint better than you, and the proof stands behind me, cowering."

"I'm not cowering!" I corrected him, stepping out from behind Deuce. I was scratching my throat. Apparently my rash had spread. I really had broken out in hives.

"What are you doing?" Chase inquired in a mocking tone. "Got fleas?"

"No, I don't have fleas!" I basically screamed. I had had it. "You know what this is?" I flashed him the oh-so attractive, bright red rash covering my throat. "It's bloody hives! You know how someone gets hives? Stress. You have caused me stress. And you know how you did just that?"

"No, how did I do that?" Chase asked angrily.

"By being so - you're so-! So- So incredibly -"

"So what, you stuttering moron?"

"So bloody addictive!" I screamed right in his face. "That's what!"

Silence ensued.

"When I didn't see you for forty-eight hours, I broke out in hives. I was stressed out of my mind because I thought I'd lost my best friend. I was heart broken. But then I realised...that's not really how one is supposed to feel about someone who's just a friend, is it? And then I knew."

"You knew what?" Chase whispered, stepping closer to me.

"That I'm actually in love with you. Have been for quite a while, I think."

More silence. The wind was howling, but I didn't really notice.

Chase looked at me in disbelief and confusion.

"Is this one of the situations where you say the opposite of what you really mean?" he asked after a while, and I chuckled.

"No," I answered, actually smiling.

"So, what you're saying is... You're in love with me." He didn't seem to believe his own words. "You, Adella, in love with me, Chase? You're saying you love me, that-that's what you're saying?"

I took a slow step closer to him, and saw him take a sharp breath. When I stretched out my hand and cupped his face, he seemed to lean into it for a bit before it dawned on him.

"You love me."

"Good job, Mancy Drew," I joked, now grinning. I sensed my impending victory and couldn't help feeling elated. "Did you figure that out all by yourself?"

And then it was Chase's turn to smile. It was as though my soul was saying finally, because I immediately felt relieved beyond comprehension. As if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Actually, burden was a better word.

"You love me, really?" he asked again for good measure, and as an answer I took his face between my hands, went up on my tippy-toes and placed our first real kiss on his lips.

"Really," I whispered when we broke apart several seconds later, before kissing him again. I reckon Deuce had stepped away to give us some privacy, because I couldn't hear him.

Chase was the one to break the kiss this time, and he looked down at me with a warm fire burning in his eyes, reaching into my soul and giving my heart a healthy start.

I really did love him.

"You're not going to suddenly change your mind, are you?"

I laughed and playfully punched his arm. "No!"

"You're absolutely sure?"

"Yes." I put my arms around his waist and snuggled into his chest. "I am."

Chase held me tighter and rested his head on top of mine. We stood like that until I felt my limbs go completely stiff, and my body shivered involuntarily.

"You're cold," Chase stated dumbly. "Let's get back."

He took my hand, guided me on top of the broomstick, magically fastened me to him so I wouldn't fall off, and then we hovered up into the air. This time though, I wasn't half as afraid to be flying. I wrapped my arms around Chase's firm body, and closed my eyes, enjoying having him near again. He was my tonic. My rash didn't even itch anymore.

By the time we landed on the steps of the entrance hall, I'd quite forgotten we were even on a broom. Which was a nice experience, I had to say.

Chase put his broom in the broom shed out in the hall, but never letting go of my hand, fearing I'd disappear from him if he released me for even a second. The castle seemed more quiet than usual, and that was when I noticed it was way past curfew.

We then hurried down to the dungeons and into the common room before anybody could see us, and when we'd slipped inside, the entire room had fallen silent. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was looking, no gawking up at me and Chase. And let me tell you, there were a lot of students in the common room this evening.

And who broke the silence?


And how did he break it?

By applauding.

The worst thing about this was the fact that people joined in, clapping, applauding, stomping their feet, yelling "finally!", wolf whistling and loudly congratulating us.

"Ehm, thanks," I said over and over again, and more glad than ever to be holding Chase's hand.

"Wanna go up to my dorm for a sec?" he whispered into my ear, and after a few minutes of mingling, we snuck up to the seventh year boys' dormitory. Nobody noticesd because Chase had apparently asked Deuce for a diversion so we could slip away unspotted.

"That was...weird," Chase stated after closing the door behind him. I walked around the room for a bit, having had to let go of his hand for a moment before.

"Yeah," I agreed. Shaking my head as I sat down on his bed. I knew it was his because I'd slept in it mere months ago. How far we'd come since that fateful day...

"Did someone really call us 'Chadella' down there?" he recalled out loud, and I giggled.

"I think so, I heard it too."

"I suppose they've shipped us for a while."

"Shipped?" I quirked a brow and smirked.

"Yes, it is a word. Google it."

"Don't mind if I do..." I said under my breath, and made a mental note to actually to it.

Chase rolled his eyes, and walked over to me. But instead of sitting down beside me he pulled up a chair and sat himself opposite me. He then took my legs and lifted them onto his lap, removed my shoes and proceeded to massage my sore feet.

"I can't believe this is happening," I admitted out loud, chuckling.

"Is anything happening?"

"You, me...happy."


"Yes. Wait, wh- Are know, together?"

"I hope so," Chase said and smiled so sweetly at me, making my heart leap into a frenzy. Oh, how good it was to feel something besides confusion and heartburn!

" love me again, then?" I asked, looking away.

"I never stopped."


"I hope you know that I don't want to mess this up, I want this to be a real thing."

"As opposed to a fake thing?" he joked, and I gave his hand a tiny kick. He chuckled at that and started tickling my foot.

"I'm being serious here, Chase!"

"I know, I know," he said and reached over to me to take my hand. "And you don't have to worry. I'm in this with body and soul."

"Even though I'm a time-bomb of responsibility waiting to go off?" I asked, grimacing. "I mean, two babies, Chase, it's a lot to handle. I'm a package deal, you know-"

"I know all of this, and I wouldn't want it any other way," he interrupted and held my hand even tighter. "I love you, Del."

"I just hope you won't...get overwhelmed," I said, voicing my fears.

"I will be, we both will, but we'll get through it. Together."

And that was all it took for me to entirely fall in love with him. I knew I'd loved him before, but there was no denying it now.

"So you're my boyfriend now?"

"If you'll have me," was his stupid answer. I snorted, that's how stupid it was. "What?"

"You're a bit daft," I told him and put my feet back down on the floor. Then I put my hands on either side of his face, lightly pressed my lips to his, and sighed contently. "Of course I'll have you."

"Then it's settled," Chase said with a grin. "You're my girlfriend. I'm your boyfriend. Were together."


"Brilliant," he muttered happily against my lips and kissed me softly.

I could kiss him forever.

Well, at least until I really had to pee - again.

"I've never been so uncomfortable in my life," Chase groaned as he slumped down beside me at our table in the great hall.

He'd been out training with the team for hours. Having the Quidditch team captain as his twin brother only meant he had to work twice as hard as the others, since Deuce was harder on him than anyone else.

"We'll talk about 'uncomfortable' when you're over nine months pregnant... Prick," I said, but when Chase put his head on the table and subsequently fell fast asleep I started smoothing away the hair from his face in a gentle way. Poor thing.

"Yo! Wake up, bro!" Deuce swatted his brother's head while he sat down opposite him. A goblet of pumpkin juice spilled over him when he jumped up, looking bewildered.

"Why am I wet?" Chase wondered aloud, groggily.

"You spilled something," Deuce aswered indifferently. "Anyways -"

"After you startled him, yeah," I cut in.

"Nuance." Deuce waved me away like I was an annoying fly. "Back to something important! I've put us down for the pitch at five tomorrow morning."

"Five a.m.?!" Chase screeched. "No! No, no, no. Absolutely not."

"Too bad. It's not up to you. It's up to the captain. And who's the captain again? Oh, that's right, ME. Now stop fussing like a prissy girl and eat your dinner, not sleep in it."

I choked a laugh.

"You've turned into a Quidditch maniac," Chase muttered under his breath while drying off his shirt with his wand. "You've gone over to the dark side."

"I would take offence of that, but I know you're only being a little grumpy-pants, so I'll let it slide," Deuce said and filled his plate with shepherd's pie and sausages. "I would be grumpy too if my girlfriend were to shove out a couple of brats any day now."

He was right. My due-date was five days ago. I had daily visits at Madam Pomfrey now, and Mum and Dad was flooing me every day, nagging and quizzing me about every little part of my daily routine. They sometimes even dropped in on me, without any sort of warning, and expected me to be happy about it. Happy? Unlikely. Considering I'd "forgotten" to tell them about Chase, I was a bit awkward whenever they decided to drop in and he was there.

I was dragged out of my internal ramblings when I heard Chase and Deuce bickering.

"And you called Manfred a homo!"

"Well, he is!"

"But that doesn't give you the right to scream it at him during practice, now does it, dickhead!"

"So what? He could call me 'straight' and I wouldn't mind one bit."

"It's not the SAME!" Chase bellowed, and quite a few heads turned.

"Whatever," Deuce said and shrugged his shoulders. "I still think he overreacted."

"He threw the quaffle in your face," Chase reasoned angrily. "It wasn't enough of a reaction, in my opinion."

"Well, at least he didn't cry, like Ellie. I suppose that's good, at least."

Chase gaped at his brother.

"Are you for fucking real? You said finding the snitch should be easy for her considering her tits were so small and she still found them everyday!"

I gasped and slapped Deuce upside the head. "Bad Deuce!" I reprimanded as if he were a dog.

"Hey, I apologized for that!"

"No, you didn't."

"... Yeah, that didn't sound like me." Deuce snickered as he pierced a particularly large sausage and proceeded to gaze lovingly at it.

"Ignore him," I told Chase when I noticed he was tearing his napkin into pieces. "He's just being the same old Deuce he's always been."

"I preferred it when he was too occupied with snogging Jade -" he lowered his voice considerably when he said her name, it was still somewhat of a touchy subject, "- to be such an arse."

"Ah, hey baby..."

I turned to Deuce fully expecting him to be addressing another one of his sluts.

But I was surprised to learn that the lad was in fact talking to...his sausage. No, literally. He was flirting with the sausage pierced onto his fork.

Chase was sporting the same expression as myself.

"Are you gonna eat it or buy it a dress, mate?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Just getting to know each other," was Deuce's reply, and he gave it a quick kiss before devouring the sausage whole.

Chase and I looked away simultaneously, both grossed out by this feat.

"Hi, guys, sorry I'm- What the hell are you doing, Deuce?" Clover had just sat down when she caught sight of the less civilized of the Zabini twins.

Oh, yeah. Clover and I were talking again now. I had done as James told me to, and it worked. We now acted as if our little falling-out had never even occurred. Denial was amazing that way. And besides, I knew our friendship was stronger than that - it would take a lot more to break us apart.

"Ahm eethin, ant you fee?"

Clo looked over at Chase. "Translation, please."

"I'm eating, can't you see," Chase said without even lifting his head. He was giving braiding my hair his full attention.

Clo nodded, and then proceeded to fill up her own plate.

She'd taken the news of me and Chase being an item surprisingly well. That may have something to do with the fact that Deuce had rushed back to the common room that night to tell her and the whole house that the 'will-they-won't-they' pair were now together.

"Now that we're all here," I said aloud in a uncharacteristically serious voice. "There's something I need to say, or rather, ask you."

I looked at Deuce and Clo. I had Clo's attention, but Deuce was a different matter.

"Oi!" Chase called, and Deuce looked up from his plate. "Del's trying to tell you something important."

"Sorry, Del. Where are my manners -?"

"You know, I've been wondering about that ever since I met you," Chase muttered under his breath.

"How could you do that when we met at birth, you tosser?" Deuce jabbed back.

"Question asked, question answered."

"Quit it, you two!" I yelled, and silenced them.

"Sorry, love," Chase said and drew a breath. "Continue."

"As I was saying," I pointedly looked at Chase and Deuce, warning them not to interrupt me again, "there's something I need to ask you."

"Ask who?" inquired Clover.

"You and Deuce," I responded, and smiled at her bewildered look.

"What is it?" Deuce seemed both curious and uneasy of the answer.

"Well, Chase and I have been talking about it... And we were wondering -" I looked over at Chase and he nodded, urging me on, "- if you two wanted to be godparents to the boy-baby."

Clover squealed happily, and bounced in her seat before strangling both myself and Chase in something resembling a hug. Deuce just sat there, mouth hanging open.

"Of course I will!" Clo clapped her hands and she had tears in her eyes.

"What about you, Deuce?" I asked, and he seemed to snap out of a trance at the mention of his name. "Will you be the godfather of the baby?"

"The godfather," he repeated and smiled approvingly. "That sounds so badass!"

"It's not like the movie, bro," Chase explained, and Deuce cast him a nasty look.

"I know that! I'm not a child," he replied sourly.

"Coul've fooled me..." Chase muttered out of the corner of his mouth, but I was the only one who heard him.

"But you'll do it?" I asked again.

"Absolutely," Deuce answered, grinning widely. "I'll teach the lad everything I know!"

Oh no.

Chase seemed to think the very same thing.

"Well, you don't have to -"

"Thanks, Del," Deuce interrupted, and actually looked a bit sentimental. "It's really an honour."

I smiled back at him and tears blurred my vision for a second. "Oh, Deuce, I-"

"Ha ha," Deuce suddenly exclaimed and pointed mockingly at Chase. "I'm the Godfather, and you're nothing."

"I'm their bloody step-dad, arseface!"

"Which means I'll be both step-uncle and godfather, bumhole! That's two things. Suck it!"

At least he could count.

"But I'll have more responsibility."

"Pff. Responsibility - who wants that? That's only for poofs, nerds and -"

"Parents?" Chase finished, looking rather flustered.

"Yeah. Sucks to be you."

"I can't wait to be a step-dad!" Chase was now screaming, and I saw we'd attracted a bit of an audience.

"And I can't wait to be the most awesomest, bestest godfather slash step-uncle!"

"Del, we made a mistake." Chase turned to me, serious concern in his eyes. "We can't let them be near him. What if the kids pick up on his horrible grammar! I couldn't live with myself! And the boy, in particular... What if Deuce does teach him everything he knows - he'll be beyond our help!"

I laughed. As did Clover. This was too comical for me to get involved in. I had made a decision and I was sticking to it.

"Who's gonna be the baby-girl's godparents?" Clover asked me while Chase and Deuce went back to their fussing.

"I haven't asked them yet, but I was thinking Albus and Ronnie."

"Oh, they'll be thrilled, I be-"

"No, Deuce! That does not mean you get to hold him first!"

I rolled my eyes. As did Clo. Then we laughed again. Suddenly I had the greatest idea of how to shut them up.

"Watch this," I whispered to Clo, and she smirked.

"Oh, bugger," I complained loudly.

"What's up, Del?" Clover played along, and I gave her a quick wink.

"The elastics in my underwear snapped again. It's really being stretched to the limit. Take a look -" And then I lifted my shirt, exposing my freakshow of a belly.

Deuce and Chase were staring. As were everyone else. It was as if they'd never seen a bare pregnant stomach before. Well, most of them probably never had...

"Do you see these stretchmarks, right there?" I pointed at the ones on my hips. I wasn't ashamed of them anymore, they were like bravery-tattoos. "Yeah. And I have to rub this lotion on myself so that, like, the rest of my skin doesn't just rip apart completely. You should see my -"

"Heard enough?" Deuce asked his brother, grimacing.

"Oh, yeah." Chase tore his eyes away from my bump and followed Deuce out of the great hall.

Clo and I high-fived.

Hey, at least I shut them up.

I couldn't move. If I moved I would suffer the consequences. The consequences being throbbing, excrutiating, pounding, searing pain in my head. Do not confuse a simple headache with this sheer torture I was currently suffering from, because they were lightyears apart.

Why was I being turtored in this way? I was so hot. And generally uncomfortable. I was hurting everywhere, not only my in head.

Oh, my dear Lord. I'd just tried massaging my sore temples with an ice cube from the glass of water Clo had conjured up for me, and I couldn't contain a moan of pleasure as the numbing and cold sensations somewhat helped.

"What in Potter's name are you doing, Del?"

Damn that Chase! He had just given me a fright by suddenly appearing at my side and roaring this stupidity in my ear, and worst of all... He made me lose the ice cube.

No amount of his heart melting puppy eyes would ever make up for this hate-crime.

"Blime, love," he proceeded to scream, and I winced at his loudness. "You look terrible."

"She's in a bit of a mood," warned Clover, but that still didn't stop my boyfriend from placing a kiss on my cheek as he sat down beside me on the couch in the common room. Unfortunately, it was snowing too hard for the lads to be out practicing for their upcoming Quidditch match. So I had to endure their company this free period.

"Yeah, after Arithmacy today, some girl wished her a 'good day', at which our lovely Del replied: Don't fucking tell me what to do."

Chase looked at me with eyebrows pulled up, and then returned his gaze to Deuce. "Which girl?"

"Madison something," Deuce replied.

"Oh, Madison Carmichael? She's so sweet! And very talented. Last year in DADA she -"

"If she's so bloody sweet and talented then go be her bloody boyfriend!" I cut in, roaring. This was not a very bright move on my part, considering my head now thobbed more than ever. "She's skinny too. I'm just this fat blob. And she has a-a nice, nice... arse," I sort of broke out in sobs at the last word.

"Adella!" Chase exclaimed and began stroking my hair. I'd put my face in my hands and was crying up a storm. Apparently I'd left my dignity up in the dorm this morning. "Nobody thinks you're fat!"

"Speak for yourself, mate," Deuce said, and I stopped crying for a second to hear what insult he would use this time. "Lately I can see her coming like the big ball in that Indiana Jones-movie."

I resumed my bawling tantrum.

"I think you look good, love," Chase assured me, kissing my head.

"You and I both know that is a lie," I snapped, and sniffed. Clo handed me a tissue and I dried away my tears. Suddenly I felt much better. What I was feeling now was hunger. And that I was hot. And something resembling menstrual cramps.

Menstrual cramps?


Well, it didn't hurt too much, so I suppose there was nothing wrong. If it started to bother me I'd go to the Hospital Wing.

It was probably just indigestion.

"You know what's strange?" Clo asked.

"Del's stomach?" Deuce answered, which earned him a glare from the blonde.

"No," she said pointedly. "That Bray hasn't contacted you at all. I mean, he could easily have been a dad by now, you know, considering you're like a week past your due-date."

"Six days," Chase and I corrected her. We then grinned at each other and kissed. Yes. We were one of those sickening couples.

"Whatever." Clover pushed her hair back, and the long mane hit Deuce in the face. He looked startled, but didn't say anything. "What I meant to say was the hell can a person become so-so indifferent? And to his own children, no less. The fruit of his loins!"

"Chill," I told her. Clo then realised she'd stood up during her speech, and she sat herself back down next to the fireplace with reddening cheeks.

"Maybe he wasn't hugged as a kid?" Chase suggested.

"Yes, so keep in mind to hug the babies after you squeeze them out," was Deuce's advise.

I laughed.

But then something happened that should not have happened.

I peed myself!

"What the- Del, it wasn't that funny," Deuce said uncomfortably, staring at me. He seemed to be the only one who noticed my little accident, but suddenly Chase jumped to his feet.

"Bugger, I spilled something," he muttered, but then he stopped, turned and looked at me. The entire couch was wet, and I was now sitting in a pool of my own- Wait. It wasn't pee, was it?

"No," I told him. "I believe I spilled something."

Deuce's eyes widened in alarm, and sprang to his feet and ran to me.

"That's not pee!" he observed. Chase looked from me to his brother and to the wet couch.

I couldn't answer. My throat had closed up, and what came out of my mouth were small squeaks.

"Holy Horcrux!" Deuce exclaimed, burying his fingers in his hair and pulling on it. "Her waters just broke!"

"How the hell would you know?!" Chase cried, looking scared shitless.

"Fuck you! I know shit!"

"You don't really need to be a bloody expert to know that her waters broke when she is obviously leaking buckets!" Clo reasoned, and then extended her hand so I could grab it.

But standing up was a big mistake. Even more gross and tepid water flowed out of me, and something hurt in my lower abdomen. Suddenly it felt as though something pierced a nerve in my back, and it spread to my front as well. I doubled over and groaned.

"She's having contractions!" Deuce basically screamed. "Are the babies gonna come shooting out of her right now? I'm not too good around blood, and -"

"Shut the hell up!" Chase bellowed, and then put his hand on my shoulder. "Okay, we need to time the contractions! One dancing princess, two dancing princesses, three -"

I moaned again, less loudly this time.

"Well, that was relatively painless," I said with a sigh, but instantly regretted saying anything. The contraction wasn't even bloody over. "No, it wasn't!"

"Does it hurt?" Deuce asked stupidly, at which everyone growled.

"No, it's like a walk in a meadow- Of course it bloody hurts, you daft prat!" I screamed.

I didn't even acknowledge that there were several other people in the common room. I guess they'd be there for the birth of my children as well. At this point I didn't really care.

I groaned when I felt my uterus do that cramp-ish thing again, and I grabbed Chase's hand while I clenched my teeth.

"You should hit something," he said all of a sudden. "Hit Deuce!"

"What?!" Deuce squawked. "No!"

"Oh, come on, mate! Take one for the team."

If I hadn't been preoccupied right then I would'e laughed at Deuce's expression. But unfortunately I was busy being in labour. And suddenly everything seemed very clear.

I was not going to have my babies in the commn room. And I was not stressing anymore. I needed to stay calm.

"Okay," I said and breathed in and out slowly, just as I'd read in those books. "Here's what we need to do: Clo, run up to McGonagall's office and tell her to alert my parents. Then go find Heathcliffe and tell him what's happened, and Albus, Lily and Ronnie as well. Deuce and Chase, you have to help me up to Madam Pomfrey. She'll know what to do next."

They just stood there for another second, frozen into frightened statues.

I clapped my hands strictly. "Now!"

And then they all did as told.

Now all I had to do was...gulp...have some babies.


Yes, it's finally time!!! The babies are coming!
And you got your wish, Chase and Adella are finally together - as we all knew they would be, eventually. But I still have some twists and turns for you, so don't relax just yet ;) Muahahaha.

How did this chapter feel? Anything to say about...well, anything?

Got any ideas as to what's gonna happen next?

Thanks for being awesome, and for still reading this story. Not a lot of chappies left now.... (Bitter-sweet!!)

Love you!


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