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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 7 : A Double Serving of Homicide
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Chapter 7

Viper and Raven stood outside a small house that was tucked away in the country side. The nearest house wasn’t for at least a mile. This was a good place to live if someone didn’t want to ever hear or see their neighbors. It was a terrible place to live if the people in the house were going to be murdered. It was possible they wouldn’t be found for days. Unfortunately for the people living in the house, it wasn’t the place they wanted to be living at the moment.

It was a quiet night. The sounds of crickets chirping could barely be heard and there was no sign of human activity around. The conditions of the night practically sealed the death warrant that Raven had put on the heads of the owners of the house.

“Why are you coming with, again?” Viper asked, “I thought you wanted me to redeem myself.”

He too wanted to prove to Raven that he was capable of successfully committing murder and leaving no witnesses behind. Her coming with him was making him feel uncomfortable. He would have preferred to kill them on his own without his boss watching. Having her watch made him feel like a stupid little first year, trying to cast a spell for the first time.

“I do, but I also don’t want either of these people getting away like Lily Potter, Hugo Weasley, and Savannah Wood did,” Raven replied, harshly, causing Viper to flinch at the memories of the cruciatus curse.

He desperately hoped that everything would go alright and that she wouldn’t use that awful curse on him again. He, after all, was on her side. Viper then gave an understanding nod before opening the locked door with a simple alohomora. The two sneaked inside of the house, casting spells to see if the house had any security system. It didn’t. Raven laughed inside her head. How stupid of the house occupants to make it so easy to break into their house. Well, they deserved what they had coming to them.

Raven and Viper climbed the stairs slowly, making sure they didn’t step on any squeaky steps. It would make killing these people a lot more difficult if they had their wands to defend themselves, so they had to be killed while they were asleep. The two people that lived there might have been stupid, but they were quite good in defense against the dark arts from what Raven and Viper remembered from Hogwarts.

Raven was anxious for them to die. They would cause some damage to the people who she truly hated. Their deaths would cause major suffering, and just the thought brought a smile to Raven’s lips.

When they reached the top of the stair case, they turned right and approached the only closed door. Faint snoring sounds came from the bedroom, indicating that people were sleeping. That was a good sign. Viper unlocked the door with another “alohomora” and took a step inside.

“What’s that?” Alyssa Weasley, who was known as Alyssa Lee before she married, asked in a sleepy tone.

Viper’s eyes went wide with worry. The unlocking of the door must have been louder than he had thought. He had to get the job done quickly and quietly if he hoped to have a chance of being redeemed for his past crimes by Raven.

“I don’t know,” her husband Louis Weasley mumbled, turning away from the door, “Just go back to bed.”

Raven smiled at how easily Louis had brushed that off. She thought that if he didn’t care enough to investigate what was going on his house, he deserved the death he got.

“Avada Kedavra!” Viper exclaimed, pointing his wand at Alyssa.

It hit her in the chest and she fell back on the bed, no longer moving.

“Alyssa!” Louis cried, reaching towards the night stand, now completely awake, desperate to grab his wand and get revenge.

However, Louis acted to slowly. He would not get to have the revenge he desperately wanted. Viper and Raven were the ones who would get what they wanted instead.

“Avada Kedavra!” Viper yelled again, once again hitting his target.

Louis’s lifeless body rolled off the bed and onto the floor. The two intruders could hear the thump as Louis’s body hit the floor. Viper smiled at his two latest successes. Hopefully now Raven would be happy with him.

“I thought it was clear I wanted you to kill them while they were asleep?” Raven asked coldly.

“I had to get into the room somehow! I didn’t think they’d wake up!” Viper defended himself, confused as to why it really mattered whether they were awake or asleep when they were killed.

“You will be punished for this later.”

Viper’s draw dropped. Raven was being ridiculous. Maybe it was time for him to finally stand up for himself.

“What? Alyssa and Louis Weasley are still dead! That’s what you mainly asked for! You’re not being fair!”

Raven glared at her colleague, unhappy that he was trying to argue with her.

“Life isn’t fair.”

With that, she caused Louis to truly start thinking that Raven was crazier than he had originally thought. Raven grabbed his arm and disapperated, leaving the two bodies for people to eventually find.




***I hoped you enjoyed that chapter :) So far, Viper and Raven have killed five people. Who do you think they will try and kill next? Who do you think Viper and Raven really are? As always, I'd love it if you continued to read, review, and enjoy this story :D ***

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