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I, Rose. by Potterwatch124
Chapter 8 : Hogsmeade
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 A/N: The song lyrics were just randomly made up, they don’t belong to any song I know.


Directly after lunch (sandwiches and treacle tart), Adara forcibly escorted Sandra and me to Gryffindor tower. “Sandra, I know you’ve got dressy clothing. That green skirt with the cream halter will be perfect,” Adara began, sounding uncannily like an army general. “Rose, do you own anything besides mom-fitting jeans?”


“My jeans are not mom-fitting!” I protested hotly. “They fit very teenage-girl-ishly!”


“Please,” Adara scoffed, “don’t even try.” I settled for scowling angrily. “I’ll look through your trunk and mine and Sandra’s and find you something.”


“Adara, you seem to have forgotten that Sandra is substantially shorter and thinner than I am and that you are substantially shorter and thinner as well.”


“Rose, it’s not a substantial difference, and you seem to have forgotten that we are bloody MAGICAL! Altering clothing is not that difficult!”


“Right,” I muttered. After several moments of rummaging, Adara emerged with… WHAT?! “Adara, I don’t know what the BLOODY HELL you were thinking but there is no way in BLOODY HELL I’m wearing THAT!” I shrieked. Adara rolled her eyes.


“Relax, Rose. Get in the bathroom and put it on. You don’t have a choice here,” she said in response to my puppy-dog eyes. With a huff and a glare, I retired to the bathroom to dress. I stared at the outfit in distaste.


“Don’t I at least get a coverup, Adara?” I whined at the door.


“No!” came the harsh reply.


I looked back at the clothes lying on the counter. A short, tight black pencil skirt and a sheer ice-blue halter top looked back at me. “Oh, and take these.” A pair of ridiculously high black heels were lobbed through the bathroom door. I had never even considered clothes like these in my entire life. I didn’t want to wear them – forgive me if I didn’t want to go the ‘slut’ route to making Scorpius notice me. I decided that I wouldn’t wear them.


Determined to shout Adara down, I exited the bathroom with all the confidence in the world. “Adara, I am not wearing this.”


“Yes, you are, Rose.”


“No, I’m not! It’s so completely not me and I don’t like it! It’s too short and too tight and too sheer to wear in public!” I argued. Chin held high, I stalked to my trunk and withdrew a skirt that came down a little past mid-thigh and a V-necked, tank top-style top (yes, it’s more than you needed to know).


“Rose, you’ll look like a nun in that.”


“Last I checked, nuns don’t even show their foreheads, forget their legs, arms, backs, and a good portion of chest,” I shot back. Before Adara could say another word, I ran into the bathroom to change. The blue top, which shimmered softly in an unobtrusive, pretty way, was a gift from Aunt Ginny – she said it brought out my eyes. The skirt, which was plain and black but fell stylishly over my hips, I had gotten while shopping in the Muggle world with mum. We had gone to this little boutique in the center of London. There was an elderly lady who owned it and the shop assistant, probably her daughter, who helped pick the skirt. The store smelled like cinnamon and pumpkin pie even though it was summer, not Christmas, and so did the skirt, at first. It was my birthday present and the shopping trip had been mum’s way of apologizing for being insanely busy during my summer holidays. I suppose it was rather a sentimental outfit, but in any case, it was the one I wore when I tried to look pretty. Exiting the bathroom, I threw a short-sleeved black cover-up over the tank top (I didn’t like to expose my shoulders and mum preferred them covered as well). I may sound like a complete goody-two-shoes, worrying about covering my shoulders and all, but I suppose I was just shy and rather conservative in my ‘fashion’ (at least compared to Adara I was).


“You’re not getting out of make-up,” Sandra grinned at me. She was completely ready, having taken Adara’s suggestion on the outfit.


“I wasn’t trying to,” I replied coolly. I put on the customary light covering of foundation, thin line of eyeliner, and lip gloss that I normally wore when I dressed up. I wasn’t an expert at make-up. Mum hadn’t worn it when she was younger, so we’d learned together.


“Here, let me,” said Adara. I frowned but let her examine my face. She grabbed some of her blush from the counter and applied it critically, frowning and blending the color on my cheek every now and again. “Turn around,” she said brusquely, “and sit down.” I followed her instructions, sitting on the chair she’d just pulled up. I felt the comb jerking through my poor hair, sometimes a bit too harshly (“Ow!” followed by “Sit still, Rose,” then “You’re bloody murdering my head, woman! I can’t sit still!”).


“There, you’re done. You look awesome,” Adara told me with a grin. I looked at her skeptically, eyebrows raised (I still couldn’t lift just one!). Still, I looked in the mirror. I did look nice – a little unlike myself, but that was the make-up. I found that a teeny bit of make-up made me look at least ten times better – I suppose that’s why people get into the habit of wearing it. My hair wasn’t too different, just combed out nicely and slightly straighter than usual, which had the effect of making it look more like hair and less like a bush. I turned and smiled at Adara. “Are we ready to go?”



Sandra, Adara and I walked into Cadence with Alex and Frank, who had met us at the Three Broomsticks. I’d asked Alex if he’d seen Scorpius, but he said he hadn’t (not, however, before he asked teasingly why I wanted to know. I stepped on his foot.) My heart was pounding in my chest – I was beyond nervous. I had been fairly sure Scorpius liked me back, especially after the lake incident, but what if I was wrong? What if he didn’t? What if he rejected me? Rejected me? Was I really going to be crazy enough to ask him? But what if he didn’t ask me? Did I look okay? Stupid question, I looked like a mountain troll! Scorpius wouldn’t look twice at me! Still, I kept a calm exterior. At least, I tried. I think everyone may have seen through my ‘perfectly’ portrayed sangfroid when I started hyperventilating and giggling at ridiculously high pitches.


We danced for a bit to a nice upbeat song I hadn’t heard before (I hadn’t heard most songs before, considering I never had time to stay up to date on music, what with my studies and clubs and everything. My musical knowledge was all about two or three years old, which is ancient, according to Sandra). Sandra and Alex were getting… friendly… to say the least, leaving Frank a bit disappointed. Jonathan wouldn’t be making it (Adara had howled about this for ages a few days before when he told her) because his mum and dad collected him right after exams for a trip to Ireland.


I looked around for Scorpius while trying to look like I wasn’t looking, and endeavor that failed on both counts. Finally, I saw him standing in a corner. My heart may have stopped momentarily. He was wearing a blue polo shirt (blue, polo for a dance club? Really?) and jeans and was slouching against a wall. He was slouching against a wall that was surrounded by girls. He was surrounded by girls. I couldn’t believe it and I had to get out. How could he? The betrayal! But it wasn’t betrayal if you weren’t dating, my reasonable side pointed out. He practically confessed his undying love for me! I argued back. What, through the passionate way he asked to borrow pens? Wow, even my inner voice is sarcastic. But it’s still betrayal! I mind-shouted stubbornly. He never made promises, did he?


That did it. Adara and Sandra didn’t even notice my hasty exit in the direction of the drinks even though I tripped at least sixteen times (I’d worn Adara’s ridiculous high heels). “Water, please,” I asked the drinks guy breathlessly. I’m not a juice/lemonade/no-alcohol Shirley Temple person.


He’s not going to ask me, I thought, he’s not going to ask. Look at all those girls. There’s no way he’s going to ask. My mind was failing miserably at convincing itself, and my head turned several times of its own accord to see if Scorpius was making his way toward me. He was always in his corner with the girls, one of whom had apparently gotten him a drink (non-alcoholic Shirley Temple, judging from the vibrant pink color), which he was sipping with a grin on his face. I ignored the hot, prickly tears that threatened to spill and continued sipping my ice-cold water. I needed an ice-cold wake-up call, I thought wryly. How could I ever have thought he liked me?




After I finished my water, I walked back to Sandra and Adara. “Should I ask him?” I asked Adara in a whisper. “WHAT?” she yelled over the music. Letting out a hiss of impatience, I whispered again a bit louder and this time closer to her ear, “Should I ask him?”


“No, definitely not.”


“Why not?”


“Just trust me. Don’t.”


What did I do? I did.




As I made my way gingerly over to Scorpius, I caught the phrase “You’ve got to ask her, Scorpius!”


“Leave him alone, you lot,” I laughed falsely, having recognized them as the girls I sometimes spent time with when Adara and Sandra weren’t around. I lost my nerve and turned around and left, so it must have looked like I came over just to say that. I almost slapped my forehead at my stupidity, but realized at the last second that that would look even sillier. I passed off the odd motion by brushing my hair behind my ear.


I couldn’t wait there forever, hoping against hope that he would ask. I couldn’t!


I approached him quickly as he went to refill his drink. “Erm, Scorpius, I, erm, wouldyouliketodancewithme?”


“Um, Rose, I…”


“If you don’t it’s fine, just thought I’d ask!” I smiled brightly (it probably looked more like a leer, sadly).


“No, I do,” he said, catching me by my arm as I turned to leave and cry in a corner, “I can’t. My parents don’t like me to date.”


“No, it’s fine, mine don’t either. Just a silly dare, you know?” I giggled nervously at a very high pitch. “Well, see you later then!” I don’t know what expression was on his face as I walked away – tripping over my own feet, I might add – because I was too embarrassed and afraid and rejected to look.



I went back to Sandra and Adara to pretend to dance, but found that a lonely looking chair at the edge of the dance floor was suddenly much more appealing. I sat in the chair, sharing my loneliness with the poor thing, for some times, tapping my foot in time to the music. When a slow song came on, I decided to go get a drink of water – I didn’t want to see if Scorpius was dancing with anyone. I noted with some amusement that Sandra had declined a fervent Frank and that Alex had slunk away, looking very disappointed.


“Water, please,” I said tiredly. Someone brushed against my shoulder, and I moved over to make room.


“Rose,” he said, his voice sending chills down my back (yeah, yeah, I was a teenager, okay?).


 “Hi, Scorpius!” I squeaked.


“Would you… erm… like to dance?” he asked awkwardly, staring at the ground. I was shocked. Stunned. Flabbergasted. Staggered. Dumbfounded. You get the idea.


“Are you sure?” I spluttered. “I mean, what about your parents?”


“It’ll be fine,” he said.


“You’re completely sure?”




“Okay, then,” I said nervously. We both stood there awkwardly, not really sure what to do. I’m pretty sure that the drinks guy was laughing at us (at least, I heard snickers). In a sudden burst of un-Scorpius-like confidence he lead me onto the dance floor (the edge of it, at least – we weren’t brave enough to be in the center). As calmly as I could, I place my hands on his shoulders and he put his on my waist, so gingerly that I wondered if he thought I was breakable. The song kept playing, and I almost couldn’t believe it when I felt a slight pressure on my waist, pulling me closer to him. We weren’t as graceful as the other couples – my elbows were sticking out at weird angles (what can I say, it’s difficult to position yourself!) and my heels lifted me enough so that I was only a few inches shorter than Scorpius, meaning my chin came a bit higher than his shoulder – not at all the perfect fit that Lisabeth and Thomas, for example, seemed to have.


Still, even after the song ended, we stayed like that for a few moments, his arms around my waist and mine around his neck, my head resting on his shoulder. It wasn’t anything compared to what Adara and Jonathan got up to, I knew, but it was perfect to me.


“Do you, um, want a drink?” Scorpius asked once we had broken apart.


“Oh, er, sure!” I giggled. Merlin, I was awkward. We walked to the drink stand and, oh, I don’t know, got drinks.


“This is a good song,” he said.


“Mmm,” I replied, not particularly agreeing. “Who is it?”


“The Howling Whizbees,” he answered.


“Never heard of them.”


“Yeah, they’re pretty good.” Applause, ladies and gents, we held a conversation for a full 30 seconds! Must be a record.




“Rose,” came the sneering tones of Melody and a new sidekick, blonde this time. “and Scorpius. How interesting. So you’re finally ready to admit that the picture wasn’t edited?”


“Shut up,” I hissed at Melody.


“Just leave us alone,” Scorpius sighed.


“Where’s Annalise? She disappear after your little display of treachery?” I smirked.


“No, she’s over there with your awful cousin, James Potter,” Melody answered, her voice barbed.


“Pity,” I replied, my voice sugary. “Leave.”


“Of course,” she said, her voice poisoned with false sweetness. “Anything for you, Rose. Those pictures of you on the dance floor, though – that’ll make a lovely end-of-year present for Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy.”


“I thought you’d tire of pictures after that little incident,” I hissed menacingly.


“What incident? The one where your mother fabricated evidence to get my father locked up to satisfy your childish grudge against me?”


“That’s a lie and you know it,” I said, my voice low and angry. “My mother would never fabricate evidence and I don’t have a grudge against you. After all, you’re the one who posted the pictures.”


“It was Annalise, remember?” she smirked. “Anyway, Scorpius, your address in the Wizarding Owl Directory, isn’t it?”


“You wouldn’t dare,” growled Scorpius.


“Dare what?” smirked Melody before she turned and walked away, hips swishing and black curls bouncing.



I broke the another awkward silence that resulted from that episode with “So, the phys. ed. dance classes were a bit strange, weren’t they? I wonder what made Madame Hooch decide on salsa…”


He laughed. “Yeah, it was pretty strange. You look good in a flamenco skirt, though,” he said teasingly.


“Oh, ha ha ha,” I pretended to laugh, sarcasm dripping from every syllable.


“I told my dad, and he said that if Madame Hooch had done that to his year, he would have been all ‘Wait until my father hears about this!’ The funny part was that I actually said that to Thomas when we started.”  I giggled, even though it wasn’t funny. Scorpius said it, which was all that mattered. However, it ceased to matter when his warm fingers brushed mine, and I, in a moment of sudden daring, caught his hand. He intertwined our fingers and grinned as I looked up at him. We stayed like that for a few minutes, sporadic conversation intermingling with silences that were now not so awkward. Others around were pointing at our joined hands and whispering. Thank goodness it was holidays, or we would have been the talk of the school for months: Rose and Scorpius, the it-took-forever-for-them-to-figure-it-out nerdy couple. Of course, Adara had noticed by then and was frantically motioning me to come over.




“Shh!” I giggled. “He’ll hear!”




“I really like him, Adara. I can just talk to him and he makes me laugh and – ”


“Awww, wittle Wosie is in wove!” she cooed mockingly. I elbowed her ribs.


“Pity Jonathan couldn’t come,” I said.


“Yeah,” she agreed, “but we were kind of slipping anyway. We broke it off before he left.”


“ADARA CORNER! AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME?” It was my turn to shriek.


“Just needed time, I guess,” she shrugged. I hugged her sympathetically.



“Another slow song! Should I find Scorpius?” I asked Adara anxiously. She replied with an expression that said ‘well, duh!’ and pushed me to the dance floor. I heard her mutter ‘honestly!’ as I walked away and could picture her shaking her head and rolling her eyes.


“Hey,” I said once I’d found Scorpius, and we assumed our awkward-teenage-slow-dancing-position. Somehow I felt like I had to fill the silence. “Why would they play a break-up song for a slow dance?” He shrugged in response. I made a few more futile forays into conversation before my brain caught up and, very wisely, shut my mouth. We stood on the edge of the dance floor after the song was over, talking a bit.


“These shoes are killing my feet,” I groaned, slipping them off.


“They seem pretty painful,” he grimaced as the heel fell on his foot.


“Oh, sorry! You okay?”


“Yup,” he laughed. We stood in silence, when he began to hum with the song. I saw you that night, and I love you… he sang softly as he looked at me (at least, that’s what I think it was. I don’t remember any of the lyrics other than the ‘I love you’ part). Romantic, right? Me being Rose, my brain short-circuited. Love? Love only happened to older people, mature people, and not after only five extremely awkward conversations! No, no, no! Shit! In panic, I stuttered out the first thing I could think of.


“I should probably put my shoes back on.” Well, that went well.



The night ended with quiet ‘good byes.’


“Should I say bye to him?” I asked Adara apprehensively as we boarded our carriages. Scorpius would be leaving this evening.


“Rose! Stupid question!”


I went over to him where he was surrounded by his friends. Quickly, before I could lose my nerve, I walked into the middle of them, hugged Scorpius, and whispered, “Good-bye! Keep in touch over summer, okay?” He nodded in response, and I was too nervous at the time to notice that his arms didn’t go around me in return.


Adara, Sandra and I left the evening behind as we rolled up to the school in the thestral-pulled carriages. “Good-bye,” I whispered into the night air, my head full of Scorpius, his warm hands, and his voice and my heart full of excitement, the hope of something beginning, and a different kind of magic that seemed to be in the air tonight. “Good-bye.”


A/N: They finally got together! Tell me what you think of Rose and Scorpius and how their ‘relationship’ is going to progress J

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I, Rose.: Hogsmeade


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