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Revenge by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 2 : Chapter One
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 A/N: It's finally here, the second chapter of Revenge!! Enjoy xx

Five Years Later.


“NO WAY! There is no way in merlins baggy underpants that I am taking you out in that!” Zach roared, pointing at me who was calmly walking down the stairs.

“Yes you are! And I look fine, don’t I Nat?” I smiled at Nat who was on the couch reading the latest Witch Weekly.

“She looks amazing Zach, leave her alone! It took us forever to find her the perfect outfit for this party and I am not letting her leave this house in anything else,” Nat grinned at me, “Perfect choice don’t you think?”

“She will not!” Zach roared, “It’s too tight and short! I don’t want my little sister having boys want to take advantage of her!”

“I am not little anymore Zach! I’m almost of age!” I yelled back, “Just because you’re frickin’ engaged now doesn’t mean you have complete control over me! In fact, I was the one how got you to man up and ask her! You wouldn’t even be engaged if it weren’t for me!”

Zach and his girlfriend of five years, Amelia, had just gotten engaged last week. I loved Amelia to bits. She was pretty, funny, smart and caring, she was the perfect match for Zach. Amelia and I got on well, in fact, I was going to be a bridesmaid at their wedding. Zach was shitting his pants before he asked her and I knew he was going to back out, he had told me just before she arrived when I noticed that he was more jumpy. So, I pulled him aside and smacked some sense into him. The next thing we all know is that Zach was marching across the room and getting down on one knee in front of Amelia.

Zach blushed scarlet, “I would have!”

“No you wouldn’t of!” I scoffed, “You looked like you were going to do a runner when she arrived at the house!”

“No – hey! Don’t take this off topic! You will not go out in that!” Zach yelled.

“I WILL SO! IT’S NOT EVEN THAT BAD!” I screamed back.

It seriously wasn’t that bad.



Zach stopped and gulped, “I know! I just don’t want you to look cheap.”

“Zach,” I murmured, walking over to him and pulling him with me in front of a mirror, “Remember me six years ago?”

“Of course! I can’t forget that look on your face when-“

“I don’t care. You remember who fat and ugly I was? I’ve only just got over it. I’ve only just started to believe that I am pretty and slim, not that girl I was six years ago.”

In the mirror, I saw another person come into focus next to me Zach and I, the younger Caroline Keggs.

Caroline Keggs aged twelve was fat and ugly no doubt about it, she also had a look in her eye that showed she had been hurt deeply, leaving scars that could not be seen on the outside. Caroline looked like she was about to cry.

Zach was standing in all his six foot one glory, perfect from his light brown hair to his tanned skin. His sea-green eyes like mine where glimmering with happiness, which had been there since he heard Amelia scream yes to his plea to marry him, but were also laced in sadness from the memories of my sad twelve year old self that I had forced him to remember. His limbs were muscular from his hard work in curse breaking and his skin was tanned, he had a fresh cut on his left forearm. Zach was wearing a v neck white t-shirt with aviators hanging off the v, cammo shorts that went to his knee and flip flops. 

Caroline Keggs of this day was a lot different to the twelve year old girl who was bullied at Hogwarts all those years ago. Nina and I had not changed myself to complete opposites, but she taught me how to look after myself properly and keep myself pretty. My skin was no longer greasy and pimply, a simple change to washing my face twice a day. I was also quite tanned because I sun baked at least once a day in the summer and did a tanning charm in the winter. Figure wise was my biggest change, Nina had taught me the difference between healthy foods and bad foods and ever since that talk, I had started to eat only good foods like vegetables, fruit, red meat, poultry, grains and dairy. I also worked out a lot giving me and slim but toned figure. My hair was no longer frizzy and dull, but smooth and a sexy ebony. Today I was dressed ready for a Beauxbatons start of summer party that was going to be held at Royce Beaumier’s house who was the most popular seventh year and possibly the biggest player to walk the Beauxbatons walls - he had never had a girlfriend, only a girl that he used. A seventh year always held the start of summer party, it was kind of their leaving Beauxbatons party and was always held in the first weekend of holidays. Everyone from the fifth year and up was invited and it was pretty much the event of the year. It was also tradition for the graduation class to choose a person in sixth year to hold the party next year. This was a massive honour and this year I was up for the part. I had to look perfect.

Natalie and I had gone out for hours this week to look for the perfect outfit, and after three days we had succeeded. I was wearing a white strapless top and skirt with a small split up the side that was half way up my thighs and clung to my body like a second skin. As it reached my hips, it became soft and flowy. The neck line was a deep V that finished about half an in. My shoes were nude stillettos five and a half inch heels making me look like a giantess as I was already five foot nine. I wore simple silver earrings with a heavy diamond necklace, and a silver clutch. My make-up was smoky eye with and extra-long lashes, red lipstick to match my heels. My dark hair was done pin straight so that flowed down to half way down my back.

The one thing that was most different was the fact that I was no longer called ‘Scare-o-line’ or ‘Caroline’, my new nickname was Cary. And I loved it.

“You’ve always been pretty Cary,” Zach smiled, putting his arm around my shoulders and hugging me.

“Get off Zach! Your messing up my hair!” I growled, pushing him off.

“Sorry!” Zach laughed, “But you’re not going like that! Go get changed or I’m not taking you there.”




“ZACH TAKE HER TO THE FUCKING PARTY IN THAT OUTFIT BEFORE I TELL HER ABOUT THE THING!” Nat roared, stomping over to us with an evil glare in her eye.

Zach’s eyes widened and his mouth clamped shut. ‘The thing’ was something between Nat and Zach that they both refused to tell me about. Nat threatened Zach with it all the time and he did whatever she asked when she used it.

“Ok let’s go!” Zach yelled, grabbing my hand and apparating on the spot.

Thanks Nat, you really are the best sister ever.


* * * * *


“Cary!” a voice called from my left as I walked into Royce Beaumier’s house, fashionably an hour late. Rushing towards me was Iva and Jacqueline, two girls in the same year as me that I was kind of close with, Iva dressed in a blue strapless mini dress with her hair out and dead straight and Jacqueline in a yellow skater dress with her hair in a high ponytail.

“Hey girls!” I smiled, kissing them both on the cheek, “How are you?”

“Fantastic! This party is amazing!” Iva giggled, obviously she had already had a bit to drink.

“Why thank you,” a voice said from behind me, slinging an arm around my shoulder.

Royce Beaumier.

Royce looked stunning in dark grey suit pants, a crisp white dress shirt, black tie that was pulled undone and shiny black shoes. His caramel hair was shaggy and messy and his ice blue eyes had a sexy glint in them. He was looking so bloody sexy, it was a wonder that girls won’t throwing themselves at him.

“Cary, you’re looking very nice tonight,” Royce winked, his arm moving down to my waist and giving my hip a little squeeze.

“Thanks Royce, you’re not looking bad yourself,” I returned the wink, putting my arm round his waist as well. If he was going to flirt with me, I was not going to let this fly by. He was Royce, the most popular guy of Beauxbatons.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk to Cary alone,” Royce said to Iva and Jacqueline.

“Oh! Sure, see you round Cary,” Jacqueline giggled and walked off with Iva.

“Thanks Izzy and Janet,” Royce smiled.

“It’s Iva and Jacqueline,” I laughed as he led me off through the crowds of people.

“Is it? Oops,” Royce grinned.

I giggled and scooped a shot of Firewhiskey from a waiter passing by, “So, how are you Royce? What’s it like finally being out of school?”

“It’s pretty good, I can do anything I want, whenever I want. But I will miss school,” Royce smirked, “Not the work but the social aspect.”

“Well we’re all going to miss you at Beauxbatons, it will never be the same without you!” I smiled back, downing my drink.  I grabbed a cranberry vodka from another waiter and greeted Royce’s group of friends that he had led us too. They just smirked at his arm round my waist and hand splayed on my hip.

As they started to talk about work and job interview, I began to become a little bored. Work conversations were not meant for me for another year and I would like to keep it that way.

“I’m going to go find the girls,” I smiled to Royce, cutting his friend June off in the middle of her speech on Magical Creature rights.

“Ok, come find me later? I’d really like to spend some one-on-one time with you,” Royce winked again.

“Sure, see you later then,” I wriggled myself out of his grip.

“Bye ma belle,” Royce said, giving me a quick, but sweet, kiss on my cheek.

I grinned and walked off through the crowds again, pushing and shoving couples apart so I could make my way to the edge of the dance floor to where I knew my friends would be.

“Cary!” Adeline, one of my closest friends, yelled as I spurted out of in between a group of fifth years dirty dancing.

I quickly walked over to Adeline who was standing with one other girl. Two of my best girlfriends.

Adeline was the tallest out of all of us, she had bright red hair that tonight was done in a half up half done style and was in a dark blue strapless dress that flared out. Makeup was out there like usual, lots of smokey grey eye shadow, no lipstick just gloss, fake lashes and blush. She had accessorised with a chunky gold necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings plus black heels.

Jocelyn was a couple of inches under Adeline except with black hair and brown eyes. She was the more tomboy out of my group, but still very pretty. She played beater on the school’s Quidditch team. Her mother had been a model back in the day, but now she was just a very hot house wife to a rich banker. Jocelyn hated her name and anyone that called her, her full name had the biggest chance of being hexed to pulp. This is why everyone knows to call her Josie. Josie was dressed in a red skater skirt, a white see though skirt with a bandeau covering her boobs and black sandals. Josie strongly believed that heels were a torture device and had pledged to never, ever wear them. Even at her wedding. Her brown hair was just out a natural and her makeup was minimal.  

“Hey girls!” I squealed, hugging them and giving them kisses on the cheek, “You both look amazing!”

“Josie's too casual!” Addie accused, pointing to Josie who was leaning against a wall casual.

“Am not,” Josie yawned. This was a daily occurrence, Addie attacking Josie about her appearance.

“This is the party of the year and you’re not even wearing makeup! And it’s at Royce Beaumier’s house, the most popular guy in seventh grade, and you’re not wearing a dress and heels!” Addie poked her.

“Who cares!” Josie rolled her eyes.

“Let’s leave it for now and just enjoy the night!” I smiled.

“Yeah ok – wow. Holy fuck Cary, you look incredible!” Josie squealed, looking me up and down.

“How did Zach let you leave?” Addie raised a curious eyebrow.

“Nat threatened him again,” I explained, “You don’t think I’m showing too much?”

“No!” they both grinned.

“Thanks, but where’s D-“

“CARY!” a voice boomed from behind me.

Turning around, I saw my amazing best friend. Dominique Weasley.

When I first met Dom, I was very cautious around her as she was Louis Weasley’s twin sister, I was worried she would recognise me from something he’s told her and bully me too. I was wrong though. Dom was possibly the nicest person I had ever met. Tonight she was in a tight, yellow skirt that fell to her knees and matching yellow top with sheer panels. Her high heels were white and her golden hair was down in loose waves like mine. She had two bangles on her wrist and normal makeup including long eyelashes.

“DOMMY!” I yelled back, embracing her in a hug.



We erupted into giggles and pulled away, Dom giving Josie and Addie their drinks. Dom and I like to complement each other by insulting each other. We call it ‘originality’.

“Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for ages! You said you were going to get here at eight thirty?” Dom questioned.

I sipped my drink, this thing was bloody strong.

“I did, but I was talking to Iva and Jacqueline when I came in, they stopped me,” I explained.

“But I saw them walk by ten minutes ago,” Addie said.

“I know, Royce came and said hi and walked with me,” I replied calmly.

“Royce?!” Dom, Addie and Josie squealed.

I giggled, “Yeah, he put his hand around my waist and was squeezing my hip the whole time he flirted with me. He also gave me a kiss on the cheek when I left and said he wanted to spend some one-on-one time with me.”

“Cary that’s incredible!” Dom clapped her hands together excitedly, “Royce Beaumier, the most popular boy in our school wants to spend some one-on-one time with you! He practically said that he wants to get with you!”

“I know,” I grinned and finished the rest of my drink.

“Well come on! Let’s go dance near him to make him come and get you!” Dom giggled, grabbing my hand and Josie’s, while I clutched Addie’s and we ran off to the other side of the dance floor.


* * * * *


An hour and a half later, I couldn’t believe my luck.

The girls and I had skipped over to a spot on the dance floor that could just be seen by Royce’s group and begun to dance. I had thrown my hands in the air and sipped another drink, twirling around and having a great time as usual at these parties before a guy in my year named Stephen had decided to join us and pulled me close, grinding against me and so I could feel everything through his jeans. My eyes had widened as he gazed drunkenly at me and reached out and touched my cheek.

“Hey beautiful,” Stephen had slurred.

“Hi Stephen,” I smiled, “Could you please get off me? I’m not exactly comfortable with this.”

“Nahh, you liiiiike it!”

“I don’t get off!”

“No, I actually kind of like this…”

“Get off now!”

As I screamed, someone had come and pushed us apart, freeing me from Stephen. He had fallen to the floor, separating the crowd and as he fell, he threw up.


I turned to look at my saviour, his caramel hair standing out enough to make me realise who it was.

“Royce,” I smiled, “Thank you.”

“It’s ok,” he grinned back, “You didn’t look very comfortable with it.”

“No, he kind of just forced himself on me,” I sighed, watching as people moved Stephen out of the way of the dance floor and cleaning up his vomit, “How did you know he was on me like that? I wasn’t yelling or anything…”

“I was watching you,” Royce smirked, “You can really dance.”

“Why thank you,” I winked.

“So Cary, how about that one-on-one time I was talking about before?” Royce grinned, holding out his hand.

I smiled back and took his hand.

And that is how I ended up straddling Royce Beaumier, on a couch in a corner of the party, snogging him.

Dom had come looking for me around fifteen minutes after I had disappeared with Royce and had squealed like a banshee when she had found me. She skipped off excitedly and came back with Addie and Josie who cheered and snapped some pictures of us on their WizPhone’s. The party’s photographer had also come past twice and snapped pictures of us. The next time he came passed, I planned to hex him if he took another photo.

We had been here for a while now and my hands were in Royce’s soft hair while one of his was on my hip and the other grazing my thigh. He pulled away and began to kiss my neck, this was amazing. I can’t believe this was happening. Royce’s fingers that were on my thigh had now slipping inside my dress just grazing my underwear.

“Royce,” I warned him.

He just pulled his fingers out of my dress and placed them over my arse giving it a squeeze.

I brought his lips up to mine again and he responded hungrily, automatically sending his tongue into my mouth.

“You know,” Royce started, whispering the words against my lips, “I’ve always thought you were really pretty.”

“Thanks Royce,” I smiled, pressing my lips lightly against his.

“And I’ve also always really liked you,” Royce grinned.

Wait, was he saying what I think he was?

“Which is why I would like to ask you this,” Royce began, “Cary Keggs, will you be my girlfriend?”

Oh my merlin, Royce Beaumier, Beauxbatons biggest player had just asked me to be his girlfriend. Not snog-buddy or shag-buddy but his girlfriend. Royce had never had a girlfriend and he wanted his first to be me?

Holy fuck.

Only one way to answer that question.

“FUCK YES BABY!” I yelled as he grinned in triumphant and snogged me again.

We continued like that for a while until Royce broke off and checked his watch, “Shit, I was meant to meet the others ten minutes ago! I have to announce who’s throwing this baby next year!”

“Oh!” I exclaimed, climbing off his lap, “Come on! Quick!”

Royce jumped up and grabbed my hand, quickly leading me out into another room.

“ROYCE! WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN MAN?” Royce’s best friend, Charles yelled at us as we entered the room, “Oh, right. I now know.”

I grinned, “I’ll meet you after the speech.”

”See you love,” Royce quickly covered my lips in another kiss.

I broke away and rested my forehead on his, “Bye.”

Ignoring the questioning glances of his friends, I reapplied my lipstick and walked into the party room where everyone was still dancing. As I grabbed a shot of Firewhiskey and downed it in one go, Royce took the stage with his wand at his throat, projecting his voice to the whole house.

“Hello students of Beauxbatons!” everyone cheered, “How’s everyone doing?” he scanned the excited crowd who were jumping up and down at his words. He sought me out and found my eyes, sending me a subtle wink. I giggled.

“Tonight, we award the prestigious award of the Beauxbatons start of summer host to a sixth year! The sevenths years choose this person from how they think this person will use this award! This year, use seventh years had a hard time deciding and we ended up stuck between two people. These two people are practically inseparable so that is why this year, we are giving the honour to both Cary Keggs and Dom Weasley!”

Cheers erupted and people turned around, making a path for me to walk to the stage. I could see Dom walking to the stage at the other side of the crowd. I skipped forward, smiling at everyone who congratulated me. When I reached the stage, Dom had just got up and reached Royce who gave her a kiss on each cheek and a hug, I wondered what he was going to do with me. Does he want to go public?

My questions were soon answered as he held open his arms and brought me close, capturing my lips in his and snogging me hungrily. His arms laced around my waist as mine when around his neck and into his hair.

He broke off and grinned at me before turning to the crowd and saying,

“We are dating if you were wondering.”

I smiled and let Royce place his lips softly against mine before pushing me to the centre of stage where Dom was waiting.

“Hey! So I’m Dom and that’s Cary if you didn’t know, and we are completely honoured to be blessed with this honour!” Dom began. We had both helped each other write a speech for each other if we did win as we didn’t want to come up here and be unprepared for winning Beauxbatons highest honour.

“You can feel trusted with this in our hands and we promise you that we won’t let you down!” I smiled, “Does everyone remember the party we held this year?”

The party Dom and I had held had been the night we came back from Christmas holidays, it was Beauxbatons Christmas. We had worked on it forever and when everything finally went to plan, we were over the moon with excitement.

“Well it’s going to be better than that so get excited!” Dom grinned.

“Enjoy your night!” I smiled to the crowd.

The photographer quickly rushed forward and snapped a picture of this year’s winners with last year’s winner, Dom, Royce and I.  After they were done, I skipped down the steps with my hand in Royce’s, grabbed another shot and downed it then screaming,


What can I say? I’m a classy woman.


* * * * *


“WAKE UP!” a voice yelled as a pillow hit me in the face.

I grumbled, slowly peeling my eyes open to take in my scenery. I was in my room and on my bed, but I had not actually made it into the covers and I had not managed to take my clothes off. Someone had drawn my blinds open that made my stomping headache a lot worse. Suddenly, a vial of orangey-brown potion appeared in front of my face, a hangover potion. I swallowed it quickly and smiled into space as the world became clear, my head stopped pounding, my nausea passed and I could actually see that an extremely angry Zach and excited Nat stood at the base of my bed.

“Hey guys,” I yawned.

“How was it?!” Nat demanded.

“Great,” I smiled, “What’s got your knickers in a twist Zach?”

“Do you remember getting home last night?” Zach asked, eyebrow quirked.


“Well let me explain it to you,” Zach said, voice already starting to rise, “It was four am and I had woken up from sounds down stairs so I quickly grabbed my wand and raced down to find that you and another person had only just arrived home.”

“Oh,” I whispered.

“Not only had you just got home, but you were drunk out of your mind and had pretty much no idea that I was in the room with you and your friend! In fact, you proceeded to eat each other’s faces while I stood there completely dumbfounded!” Zach was pretty much yelling now, “AND NOT ONLY WAS YOUR FRIEND EATING YOUR FACE BUT HE WAS ALSO SQUEEZING YOUR FUCKING ARSE!”

The room suddenly went quiet.

“Who was it?” I asked curiously, ignoring Zach’s frustration.

“I have no idea! It wasn’t a boy I had seen before!”

“Describe him.”

“Jeez, I don’t know! Tall, caramel coloured hair?”

“Oh!” I sighed, “That’s only Royce.”

Royce Beaumier?!” Nat squealed, “You got with Royce Beaumier?!?”

“Yeah,” I grinned.

“Wait,” Zach held his hand out to interrupt us, “Wasn’t this Royce kid the guy that held the party? A senior?”

“Yeah he is,” Nat answered.


“Zach, he wouldn’t of!”





Zach opened his mouth but no sound came out, he just kept opening and closing it like a fish.

“You’re dating Royce?” Nat asked.

“Yeah, he asked me last night before the awarding,” I answered.

“Who won?”

“Oh yeah! Me and Dom won!”

“That’s fantastic! Holy crap my sister won the Beauxbatons highest honour! Cary, you’re the most popular girl in school now!” Nat danced around the room, “Can I see the photos?”

“Will they even be up by now?” I asked her.

“Yeah! It’s four o’clock of course they will!” Nat replied, shoving  my Muggle laptop into my chest, “Quick! Log into WizBook now!”

I sighed and quickly typed my username and password into the WizBook page which Nat had already opened and clicked on enter. As soon as I was in, an album called ‘Beauxbatons Annual Start of Summer Party’ popped up, filled with two hundred pictures. I quickly clicked on the first on and started to look through them all with Nat next to me and Zach behind.

The pictures ranged from people dancing, to talking, to drinking. I found one of me Dom, Addie and Jose all talking then the next one we were smiling at the camera. There were also some of us dancing here and there amongst the crowds of drunken people enjoying a night off.

Three photos caught my eye a lot more than the others, me straddling Royce snogging his face off with his hand on my thigh or arse.

“CARY!” Zach roared.

“Calm down! He’s my boyfriend you nitwit he’s allowed to do those things!” I sighed before moving on.

The next photos were of the award ceremony, some of Dom, Royce and I smiling for the camera absolutely gleeful that we were there. The next was Royce and I walking down the stairs smiling and then the next me holding a shot in the air.  

From there all the photos that I saw were extremely fuzzy memories.

I flicked through the photos quickly, not really caring about the ones of my random class mates dancing and drinking, I just wanted to see what I had done. I froze shortly on a photo of Dom with Guy Pagel, he was Dom’s crush for three years now and I was giddy to find that she had finally kissed him.

The next photo was of Addie, Jose and Jose’s boyfriend of a year and a half, Jordan Nicolai. They were so fucking cute together I just wanted to go and pick them up like a baby and give them cuddles.

But I wouldn’t do that because that would be classified as weird.

And strange.

A flicked through more photos. I could see that my long time enemy Naomi Rossel had gotten extremely drunk last night and there was a picture of her flashing the camera.

How classy was she?!

The album was almost done when I came across a series of photos of me. They started with my holding my wand to my throat giving a speech, then Royce joining me on stage with his hand round my waist, to the next one of me and him snogging, then me jumping up and straddling his waist. The grand finale was Royce climbing down the stairs with me still wrapped around him, walking towards the front door.


I did not expect that.

The whole album finished on Dom on the floor, smiling at the camera.

I pissed myself laughing to find that Dom had made this her profile picture with the description as ‘One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor.’ I quickly typed a comment (DOMMMMMY YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING SLUT YA WHORE!), liked it and went back to the album searching for a new profile picture for myself, my recent one was from about three months ago.

I had almost forgotten that Nat and Zach were behind me as I hummed and clicked through pictures, trying to find a decent one of myself – most of the ones of me involved snogging or drinking and I didn’t think my uncles and aunties would be most pleased if they saw this.

”You looking for a new dp?” Nat asked in typical fourth year fashion.

“Mhmm,” I nodded still clicking the next button.

I was about to just pass off this one of me when I stopped and had a real look at it. I was up close to the camera, too close, and was about to lick the lens with a grin on my face. There was a cup of alcohol in one of my hands. Before I knew what I was doing I had clicked the button to make it my profile picture.

“You’re making that your dp?” Nat raised her eyebrow as I hummed and continued to crop the picture.

“I like it,” Zach grinned, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“Good,” I smiled, “Ta da! It’s done!”

Zach scoffed, “‘Drunk words are sober thoughts’? Really?”

I turned around and grinned up at him, “Yes, do you like it?”

“It’s good,” Nat smiled back, “You’re going to get so many –“

The sound of the door unlocking downstairs cut Nat off as we all froze.

“Mum and Dad are back!” Nat squealed.

 “Quick! Get changed, you know they’ll never let you out again if they see you’re still dressed, hung over and just awoken!” Zach pulled me up with my laptop and pushed me into my ensuite, “Get in the shower now!”

I nodded and locked the door, just seeing Zach and Nat run out of my room to where mum and dad we arriving home from a work function last night.

My WizBook was still logged on so I quickly logged off but not before I saw a request sent from Royce Beaumier, a relationship request. My smile as I realised that Royce was actually serious about us and not thinking I was just another person for him to shag when he was bored. I clicked ‘yes’ and then viewed his profile picture that he had changed in the very early hours of this morning. The picture of us, our arms wrapped around each other as he placed a kiss on my cheek. ‘My girl; Cary Keggs <3’ the caption even read.

Wow, he really was serious, a lot more than I thought he was.

I typed a quick answer before logging off (Royce <3) and shutting my laptop down, opening my ensuite door quietly and placing it back on my desk before running back into my bathroom and turning on the shower.

As I pulled my dress off, I felt something rough against my upper leg. A small piece of parchment had been pushed in between my panties and skin and I had absolutely no idea how it got there. It read a mobile phone number and ‘call me soon baby, Royce xx.’

A sly smile came across my face as I placed the note on the bench before stripping off and hoping into the shower.


* * * * *


“Cary! How was last night?” my mother asked as I came into the kitchen in some blue skinny jeans, black sweater and brown ugg boats.

“Good thanks, had a lot of fun,” I smiled, grabbing an apple from the platter on the bench and taking a bite.

“No hangover this time?” dad asked, “Thank merlin. Last time was hard enough.”

I grinned.

“And no boys hiding in the upstairs bedroom like last time?” Dad raised his eyebrow, his eyes travelling to the windows to make sure there was no one running out on the lawn.

I blushed, “No dad.”

For the New Years party this year a boy called Bruce Woodlock and I had left the party and ended up in my bed. I had been about to lose my virginity to him when I stopped him and as it has been too late for him to leave, I had just let him fall asleep here. It was fine until he got caught jumping out my window and running home. My dad had cracked the shits.

“Probably would of if I hadn’t bloody intervened,” Zach muttered.

“WHAT?” Dad roared, glaring at me, “WHAT HAPPENED YOUNG LADY!”

“Thanks Zach,” I muttered before turning to dad, “I didn’t come home alone, but Zach found us before we got anywhere near what you thought happened.”

“And who was this boy?” Dad demanded.

“Royce Beaumier,” I answered watching my parents faces react when they got the name to the face, “My boyfriend.”

“When will we get to meet this boyfriend of yours then?” Mum asked curiously.

“I dunno, I was just going to call him now though,” I smiled, throwing the finished apple core in the bin, “He might come over later, I’m not sure yet.”

“Good, I want to meet this boy to make sure that he’s suitable,” Dad grumbled, “invite him round in the next week.”

“Fine, well, bye then! I’m going to ring him,” I skipped from the kitchen, pulling my mobile phone and Royce’s note from my pocket.

I dialled his number as I locked my door and as I lay down on my bed, the ringing stopped.

“Hello?” a groggy voice answered.

“Sorry, did I wake you? It’s me, Cary,” I replied.

“Hi baby,” Royce said, “It’s fine, you can wake me up anytime.”

I giggled, “I’ll make sure I remember that.”

“Did your brother give you shit after I left last night? I’m sorry if he did.”

“I honestly don’t remember but he gave me shit this morning and my Dad did a couple of minutes ago. By the way, he wants to meet you asap so he can ‘inspect’ you.”

Royce laughed, “When does he want me to come?”

“This week sometime, but don’t worry it’s not urgent!”

“How about I come over tomorrow?”

“That sounds great, I’ll make sure I tell them.”

“And you come over to mine today? I really need some help cleaning up today and then we could do something.”

“Sure! When should I come?”

“As soon as you can, I miss you.”

I giggled, “I miss you too. Are your parents going to be there?”

“Maybe, depends when you leave.”

“I’m going to take that as a ‘yes’ so I’ll be there in about forty five.”

“Ok, just let yourself in. Just yell when your there and I’ll come find you.”

“See you soon then!” I blew a kiss into the phone.

“See you soon baby,” Royce said before I hung up.


* * * * *


I turned up at Royce’s around thirty minutes later having changed into a frayed denim skirt, sleeveless orange turtleneck and matching suede boots. I didn’t want to go over the top with make up when meeting his parents, I wanted to make a good impression.

I tiptoed up the first set of stairs, expecting him to be in his bedroom that I suspected was on the second floor. Thank merlin there was carpet, if it was stone or floorboards my heels would have echoed giving me away.

After walking for a while, I came across a closed door. Sneakily, I turned the handle and pushed the heavy oak door open.  

Inside was a very modern bedroom. The colour palette range was smoky greys and whites, with the walls white and the outlines of his selves grey. There was a giant king sized bed in the middle of the room which I walked over a sat on when the door across the room banged open revealing Royce.

Royce was in a pair of jeans with no shoes or socks or shirt. I felt myself stare at his muscular body as he smirked and turned around to look at me. His eyes travelled up me, taking in everything but taking a long time to travel up my legs which looked a lot longer in these short shorts.

“Like what you see?” I laughed, standing up and placing my hand on my hip.

“Very much,” Royce grinned walking over to me and wrapping his arms around my waist, “Hello darling.”

“Hi,” I smiled back.

Royce leaned his head in, pressing his lips to mine. I responded greedily with my own lips but I also wrapped my arms around his neck, playing with his hair at the nape of his neck.

As soon as I felt Royce try to take it too far with his hands, I pulled away resting my forehead on his.

“More time for that later,” I whispered.

“Aww, why not now baby?” Royce whined.

I knew this whole experience was different for him. Royce was used to having girls fall over to get with him and after ten seconds they were shagging. I was not going to let him do that, if he wanted to be my boyfriend we were doing it the proper way.

“We have cleaning to do first,” I pressed a quick peck to his lips and wriggled from his grip. I wandered over to his clothing draw and went through his t-shirts.

“Here,” I threw him a V-neck black t-shirt, “Wear this and this,” I grabbed his black leather jacket to him.

“How do I look?” Royce asked, pulling his collar up.

“Very sexy,” I winked and turning around, “Let’s get to work and then we can have some serious fun.”

I laughed as I heard Royce’s footsteps race quickly after mine, obviously very excited to get to fun part of the day. 


A/N: Like? Dislike? Favourite Quotes? Favourite Part? 

Just to let you all know, I go back to school next week so my updates are going to slow down. I'm going to try to keep up with this (at least one update per week) so don't loose hope on this story! 

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