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Hermione Granger, the autobiography by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 4 : The fourth chapter
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I borrowed one sentence from 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone', You can recognise it because it is cursive. It is of course the brilliant work of JK Rowling, not in any way my own. Enjoy!



Welcome to the magical world and enjoy your company

I arrived at the crowded station on the 1st of September. My dad put my trunk on a trolley and pushed in into the station while my mom looked for directions on where to find platform 9 ¾ .
“It’s between platform 9 and 10, mom.” I told her, pointing at the metal barrier. Professor McGonagall had told us how to get there, though I must agree I was a little worried.
I had to literally walk through a metal barrier. Would it let my parents through? I marched over to the stone barrier and put my hand against it. It was not solid at all. I pulled my hand back and asked my mom to try and push it. She reached out and her hand disappeared into the barrier. I looked happily at them, then turned around and walked through.

On the other side there was a loaded platform next to which stood a huge, scarlet steam engine. I looked back to find my parents had entered the platform too. They had an amazed look on their faces. We put my trunk in one of the carriages.

“Have a lot of fun at your new school, ‘Mione” My dad said, pulling me into a hug. My mom kissed my head and pulled me close.
“You be good, dear. And show them what you’re worth.” She pulled back and stroked my hair. A whistle sounded and I jumped on the train. The doors closed themselves and the train started to move. The scared feeling worked its way up again, prickling in my eyes. I waved feverishly at my mom and dad until I could not see them anymore. With a lump in my throat I sat down.

There were two boys and two girls in the compartment with me. One boy held a toad in the hands, his face was tear stricken. He gave me a watery smile and placed the toad on his lap. The girls sat down next to each other. They looked a lot alike, I supposed the were twins. The other boy in the compartment sat down next to me, looking nervous. The silence that followed was very awkward. I decided to be the brave one.
 “My name is Hermione Granger.” Four heads turned in my direction. The twins declared they were called Parvati and Padma Patil.  The boy with the toad said his name was Neville Longbottom, which made the boy next to me laugh.

“What’s your name? If you are so brave to laugh at someone else’s.” I asked. It was not nice of him to laugh at Neville’s sure name. It’s not like he can do anything about it.

“Kevin.” He said, going red in the face. Not even daring to say his sure name. I turned to Neville to ask him about his parents, telling him mine were not magical. His round face went red and he told me he had been raised by his grandma, who was a witch alright.  I was excided to learn about wizard families and traditions from someone who had lived it.

While we were talking the landscape outside changed. Neville was halfway through his story about how he had gotten his toad, it was called Trevor, when he realized it had escaped his watchful hands.

“Oh no!” He moaned, looking all around the compartment. “Trevor where are you?” He saw that the compartment door was not entirely closed and opened it to go out. We heard him stumble through the corridors for a while opening other compartments and asking people if they had seen a toad.

“I’m going to help him, he won’t stand a change on his own.” I told the others. They nodded, slightly uninterested, as I got up. I hurried through the corridors and saw Neville leave yet another compartment, his round face wet with tears.

“Nobody has seen him, what if he jumped out of a window or something?”

“Oh, he won’t have done that. Come on we have to do this more organized. We’ll go together, from the back of the train all the way to the front. Don’t you worry, we’ll find that toad. He can’t be to far.” I took his arm and off we were.

We had had only three compartments when we entered one with only two boys in it. They were both still dressed in normal cloths. Didn’t they know we would be there in only a few hours? I mean it was already getting darker outside. I started my Neville’s lost his toad speech in my bossiest of tones to let them know I meant business. Only then I realized one of the boys, who’s hair was very red, had his wand in his hand. He was about to do magic! I was very curious and asked him to show me. Sitting down to have a better look.

It wasn’t even a real spell I guess. Because it did not do anything. I remembered the few small spells I had tried, to see how it worked. I had to tell him about it. It was a cool story. Maybe if they knew I was already good at this they would like me. But my nerves made the word come out wrong. I sounded very bragging and boastful, even to myself. On top of that all the words came out in such a speed I hardly thought they could understand a word of it. They both looked stunned and a little worried before answering my question, who they were. The red haired boy muttered he was called Ron Weasley, he had nice blue eyes, and the other said he was Harry Potter.

Well that was something I did not see coming. To run into the boy I had read so much about this summer. I told him about the books he was in and he looked surprised. How could he not know how famous he was, I mean he had been famous since he was one year old. But I found I liked them both so I wanted to know more about them.

Do either of you know what house you’ll be in?” I asked, telling them all I’d heard about the houses. It was so very exciting. Then I saw Neville still standing in the doorway. He looked a bit impatient so I told the boys I had to help Neville and left them. I was still a bit curious about them. But I had to help Neville first.

We searched the train all the way to the front, where the driver told us nothing would be able to leave the train while it was driving, which meant we would find that toad somewhere. Neville seemed relieved and went back to sitting with the Patil twins. I made my way down the train again. I wanted to talk to the boys again. When I approached their compartment I heard a scream and three boys ran from it.

I entered their compartment, worried, and asked them what had been going on in here. There were sweets all over the floor and everything. They totally ignored me talking about a boy, probably one of the boy that I had seen running away.

Suddenly Ron turned to me asking me what I was doing there in a very unpleasant way. It sounded like he had hoped I had gone when he ignored me, and since I had not he felt obligated to talk to me. This rubbed me the wrong way and I went all bossy on them again. Normally I am not that much of a bossy person but he somehow got it out of me. His blue eye made me nervous. He was acting very unpleasant and I did not want him to think I would let anyone do that to me anymore. I’d had quite enough of unpleasant, thank you very much! And he had dirt on his nose too. A black smutch, maybe ink or something. After I told him this, I left. He had no right to be like that.

It was getting dark now and the train seemed to be slowing. Not long after, we arrived on a small train station. The boat trip to the castle was spectacular. Nobody would have disagreed on that. When I first saw the enchanted ceiling I was very impressed. I had read about it of course, but for real it was lots better. The sorting hat sang a song about the houses and after such a long wait I was very eager to try it on. When I heard my name I ran to the stool, not thinking of how stupid I must have been looking. The hat sank over my eyes, I heard a voice in my ear.

“Oh, you have a brilliant mind my dear and a good heart too.”  It whispered  “ Very eager on knowledge and books. You have a lot of Ravenclaw potentials. But I see a very brave and proud heart as well.” I did not see why it took the hat so long to decide. “Well, dear it’s not easy for me to pick a house since you seem fit for both Gryffindor and  Ravenclaw. With a mind like yours Ravenclaw could make you a great witch, but Gryffindor suits your personality more. You’re a tough one. Let me think.” It went silent for a while. A minute ticked by and when the hat suddenly shouted “GRYFFINDOR!”
I almost fell off the stool.

Hogwarts was definitely  agreeing with me. It was already like a second home.

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Hermione Granger, the autobiography: The fourth chapter


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