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Knew it All Along by randomwriter
Chapter 3 : Of Love Lives and Sorry Tales
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Hola! So, here's chapter three.
I own nothing but the plot. All due credits to JKR.




 I hate the dungeons. And I can tell you a whole list of reasons why. I’ll even write them down in a numbered list for you.

1) Coldest place in Hogwarts. No, on Earth.
Don’t look at me like that. It could give Antarctica a run for its money.
 I mean, seriously, what do they do down here?!
I bet there’s a charm or something to make sure that this place is always freezing.

2) It smells. I know it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s more like a lucky draw though. However, I refuse to like a place that smells dog poo fifty percent of the time.

3) It’s like a soap opera in here. I mean, there has got to be drama when you’re in this room, or there’s something wrong with this world. (Described in detail)

4) …and I’m not proud to admit this.
But, that Malfoy boy is better than me at potions. And he knows it.
 I mean, sure. I’m not bad. But who wants second place, when you can be first?

Anyway, I am currently sitting in front of my bubbling green potion, staring at it with the most intense look I can give. Maybe if I stare long enough I can will it to turn lilac… the colour it should have been by now.

Malfoy is sitting in front of me, his potion already a rich shade of dark maroon. He looks back casually and says, “You know Weasley, your potion should have turned lilac by now. I suggest you read the instructions a few more times. It might take a while for your brain to process.”

I throw him a dirty look. I’m not going to respond. I will not let him have the satisfaction of knowing that he’s got to me.

“What? Have my amazing potion making skills left you speechless?” he asks, smirking in a most annoying manner.

I frantically start re-reading the instructions.  I never have this much trouble with potions. It’s just that I’m slower than him. And less intuitive, I suppose. I cannot let this happen.

“You know, maybe this isn’t for you. NEWT level potions can be quite challenging, from what I hear.”

He half turns around and casually flips a few dragon’s toe nails into the potion. I watch in horror as the portion turns a faint shade of lilac.

“You’re welcome. Consider that to be charity.” He laughs.

“Malfoy. Do you even know what charity means? I’m surprised such words exist in your dictionary.”

I feign extreme shock.

“Well, if what Mum taught me is right, charity is your duty towards the less fortunate. So yes, this is charity.”

He sniggers and turns around.

I hate him so much. I wish that he would be hit by a random bolt of lightning, coming out of the sky. I picture him, crumbling into a heap of black powder. Burnt to dust. I would laugh manically over his remains. Unfortunately, the universe will never answer my prayers. I sigh as I add the toad spawn and watch my potion slowly turn maroon.

I look up in a couple of minutes to find Malfoy scooping some of his dark brown potion into a flask. It looks like melted chocolate. I could bathe in it…
…Okay, forget I said that.
Anyway, his hand shoots up. Slughorn comes over and sings praises in his name. (Slughorn loves him. Second to Al) He places his flask on the table in the front of the class, empties his cauldron with a single wand movement, conjures up a chair, turns it around and sits facing me, with that infuriating smirk plastered on his face.

“Ah, Would you look at that? Looks like I’ve won. AGAIN. This is becoming a pattern, Weasley.” He says, eyeing my potion, which is moments away from being done.

Unfortunately, it’s true. We’ve had three classes of potions this year. And he’s outdone me every single time. I take my time with the potion. I’ve realized that as soon as Malfoy’s done, every nerve in my body experiences not only the disappointments of defeat, but also, an odd sense of relief. I know that apart from Malfoy, I see no real threat in this room. After knowing that he’s won this, I can’t bring myself to be as competitive as before because I know that there is nobody else in this room who can even come close to me. There’s fifteen minutes left and most people are still quite far behind.

I lazily stir my potion and watch as the colour darkens.

My class is intellectually challenged, if you ask me. Nobody cares about potions. Most people around me are gossiping. Yes, actually gossiping in class. Their portions look to be a good five or six stages behind mine and they have around fifteen minutes left.

I look to my left, at the epitome of stupidity that sits beside me, ogling at Scorpius Malfoy.
Meet Abbey Finch. Hufflepuff. Big boobs and ass, obviously. Stereotypical bimbo, if you ask me.
She’s been in love with Malfoy for ages. But from what I hear, her love isn’t all that exclusive.
Unfortunately, Al thinks she’s ‘cute’.
Another reason for me to hate potions, and also, the dungeons. I always try to sit around Al. Al always tries to sit around Abbey. Abbey always tries to sit around Malfoy.
Since my luck can never be good, I always end up around Malfoy. And because Al always get what he wants, he somehow manages to sit next to Abbey.

While Abbey is staring at Malfoy, Al is desperately trying to make conversation with her, from the other side. I find this quite funny, because Al is one of the most sought after guys in Hogwarts. He hardly ever tries with girls, simply because he doesn’t need to.

Malfoy casts Muffliato.

“I wonder how the likes of her even get into the NEWT programme.” He says, clearly dirgruntled.

I laugh.

“Maybe Al talked Slughorn into accepting students with an ‘A’ in their OWLs.”

An annoyed expression crosses Malfoy’s face.

“He’s mental. My cauldron is smarter than her.”

And this prompts another bout of laughter.

This is perhaps the worst bit- Knowing that had he not been Scorpius ‘Malfoy’ and had I not been Rose ‘Weasley’, we might have gotten along perfectly fine.

She seems to have noticed that Malfoy is not paying much attention to her, and has finally started entertaining Al.

“I heard that you broke up with Charlotte.”

If there was ever a perfect moment for the ground to open up and swallow me, it would be now, for he is looking at me, a triumphant expression across his annoying face.

“I always knew you cared about my love life.”

“Just making conversation.”

“I heard you broke up with that Muggle boy you were seeing.”

I all honesty, Frank and I were never really dating. We just went out a few times. I liked him and everything. But not really enough for a relationship.

“Oh. So you heard?”

“I know news about you doesn’t really travel as fast as news about me. People really couldn’t care less. But yes, I’ve heard a casual remark or two about the whole thing.”

It’s unfortunately true. I doubt many people would care about my relationship status.

The bell rings. Malfoy packs his stuff and leaves, but not before looking around and giving me some sort of a half-smile.

Okay, So that was weird.




The rest of the day progresses pretty satisfactorily. Mostly because I seek out places around Charlotte Winfyr and Malfoy sits as far away as possible so that he can avoid her.  During charms, which is the last lesson of the day, Professor Flitwik lets us off because he has a meeting with all his seventh years students, so I take the opportunity to talk to Dom.

“So, I heard your dad got pretty nasty about Hugo and Hannah Avery?”

“Yes, Dom. He refused to believe that Hugo wasn’t seeing her. I mean, it was just a stupid prank. But dad thinks he’s covering up. Mum’s tried to talk to him. Still as pissed off as ever though. Hugo was glad that we were coming back. He actually packed his bags two days in advance, for once.” I almost feel like laughing.

Hugo, you poor kid.

Unfortunately for him, Maggie Skeeter, niece of the infamous Rita Skeeter called in Witch Weekly and told them that Hugo was seeing Hanna just because he turned her down. I don’t see what she ever saw in Hugo to be honest, but she was downright spiteful about it. Dad (now don’t ask me why he happened to have read that dreadful magazine) saw the article and gave Hugo hell for the last bit of the holidays.

Dom sighs.

“Richard asked me out again.” She tells me, out of the blue.

I nod. I don’t even have to ask her what she said. Richard has been pursuing Dom for over a year now. She has constantly turned him down. I don’t know where that boy gets his motivation from. I mean, it isn’t like Dom has ever shown any interest in him.

“I said yes.”

“What?! But why?”

I find it ridiculous that Dom has said yes to the biggest pervert in the school. I mean, she’s DOM. She could get absolutely any guy on this planet. I think that comes from being one-eighth veela.

Dominique Weasley is easily the most gorgeous person in almost any room she’s in. She’s fair skinned with silvery blonde hair that falls silkily across her shoulder and lower back. She has blue eyes that glitter like icy sapphires. The kind of eyes you would want to stare into forever. She also has a slight French accent. In fact, it’s so slight, that it almost doesn’t exist. She’s near perfect.

“Dom. He’s a creep.”

“Please Rose, I could do without you judging me.” She says, quite hurt.

I’m about to respond, but before I can say a word, she picks up her bag and leaves the room, just as the bell rings.

I find this quite weird. It’s not like Dom to get annoyed about things like these. And when she does get upset, it usually isn’t about a guy. Dom is the kind of girl who’d date a guy for a couple of weeks and then dump him just because she got bored of him. Dom was the kind of girl who’d date a guy just to show off. She is the kind of girl who wants to be judged.

So, what’s the deal?

I walk through the corridors absent mindedly, not really paying any attention to where I’m going.

 After a good while of this aimless wandering, I realize that it’s time for supper.

Where did the time go?



The Gryffindor common room is my favourite room in Hogwarts. I don’t even know why. It just makes me happy, I guess. The entire place is draped in red and gold. In the center, is a huge fireplace, which keeps this room warm. The symbol of Gryffindor is engraved into the wall above the fireplace.
The wall on the side has three giant windows, and because the common room is actually in a tower, the view from these windows are quite amazing. The common room itself has a few tables, along with many plush sofas.

It’s quite late by the time I reach the common room. I decide to stay up and wait for Alice to come back. She’s usually out late because she’s a prefect and she has to do rounds. Alice, being selected as a prefect comes as a giant shock to almost everyone. It actually so happened that Malfoy and I both lost our badges last year after hexing each other right in front of Headmistress McGonagall’s office. I still maintain that it was worth my badge. He just made me sprout horns. I completely erased the memory of the English language from his brain. And I made him forget the way to all our classes. He kept getting lost for an entire week. That was hilarious.

I take out my History of Magic essay and begin to write about why ‘Haristoph Brigg decided to invade the village of Hogbart’. I’ve finished about two paragraphs of my essay when I feel a strong set of arms encircle me from the back.

“I’ve missed you.” I can feel him smiling into my hair.

I lean back into the hug and tell him that I’ve missed him too. He sits next to me on the couch and pushes away my essay, mouthing ‘later’. I take a good look at Lucas Clint for the first time in about two months. I’ve written to him over a billion times, but it just isn’t the same.

“How have you been?” I ask him slowly.

He laughs shakily. “What do you think Rose? When I wrote to you, telling you that I’d come to Hogwarts a week late, I knew you’d flip. So before you ask, I’ll give you the whole story, yeah? Where should I start?”

I shrug and put my things away.
Luke comes first. Yes, even before homework.

“Holidays were pretty shit”, he begins. “Mum was in Mungo’s pretty much the whole of last month. Apparently she has become very clever when it comes to masking her depression. Jeremy doesn’t give a fuck, which doesn’t help her at all. He comes home with a new twenty-something old girl every two weeks, when Mum says that she isn’t in the mood. Sometimes I wondered why she got a divorce. Dad took care of her. The divorce crushed him, and now Mum’s in no better state. Dad still sends her a shitload of money, but I hardly doubt she can take care of herself. I’ve requested a nurse from Mungo’s. Someone to take care of her, you know.”

I can see dark circles under his eyes. He looks so tired.

“And then a couple of weeks back, Dad walked in and gave Jeremy a good lecture. Jeremy said, and I quote, “Fuck off, old man. Like you’d know.” And Dad punched.  Square in the face. Best thing I’ve seen in life.  He packed our stuff, took Mum and me and left. He wouldn’t listen to my Mum’s protests and I’m so happy about that. For the first time in three years, I think peace can be restored at home. We still have a long way to go, of course. But things are looking up. Just had to sort some stuff out. Hence, the extended break.”

He smiles and his whole face lights up, with a hint of melancholy.

“So, what’s been happening here?”

I know I shouldn’t talk about Malfoy so much, but it just sort of slips out.

“Scorpius Malfoy dumped Charlotte Winfyr. And now, everywhere I go, it’s like the world wants to remind me of this incident, which should technically have absolutely no bearing on my life. Everytime I enter the Great Hall, I can hear their names being thrown about. Everyone talks about nothing else. I enter the loo, and I either see Charlotts bawling her eyes out to her uninterested Hufflepuff sluts, or I hear people excitedly gossiping about the now single Malfoy. Hell, I go to class and the devil himself feel the need to remind me of this. Why in the name of Merlin’s beard should I have to hear his name multiple times a day?”

Luke just looks at me for a second and breaks into a weird laugh.

“Oh, Rose. You gave some grave issues.”

I hit him lightly and before I know it, he’s got me laughing too.

That’s why I love him so much, I guess.

“As much as you might hate to hear this, Rose, Scorpius is like….like…like a male Dom.”

I begin to laugh uncontrollably at this thought of Scorpius Malfoy in a cleavage showing dress, which make up all over his pretty face.

“That’s a sight.”

“No, just think about it. If Dominique Weasley broke up with her boyfriend, nobody would ever stop talking about it.”

It’s true. Malfoy is boy-Dom. How have I not realized this?

Luke, for some reason has gone a faint shade of pink, but before I can question him, Alice walks in and she’s in a foul mood. She walks up to me and snaps at me for wearing bright blue in the Gryffindor common room. And then she proceeds to give Lucas detention for coming back a week late. Then she screams at both of us for just being awake. We scamper back to our dormitories quickly. Pissed off Alice Longbottom is one thing nobody should have to deal with.

Well, except for Malfoy maybe.


Author's note:
Okay! So there it is :)
I know I've tried to introduce people into the story here, so it seems a bit dry.
But please do continue reading, I assure you, it gets better.
And please could y'all review this? *puppy do face*

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