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My Name Is Juliet Black by Juliet Black
Chapter 4 : The Vanishing Girl
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A/n- This chapter takes place during the chapter “The Vanishing Glass” with an original character added in, it will probably be a little confusing, but in the future you will discover more about this original character. And as I’ve said before, I’m not British, so I’m not exactly sure if you guys across the pond use feet as a form of measurement, so I'm sorry if I'm wrong about this, excuse me for my lack of knowledge about your metric system.



10 year old Harry Potter was in the reptile house at the zoo for his Cousin Dudley’s 11th birthday. The Dursley’s and Dudley’s friend Piers had just walked from the glass that separated the room from the giant boa constrictor who had moments ago appeared to be sleeping, but had just woken up and winked at young Harry.

*”I get that all the time.” The snake seemed to say after raising its eyes to the ceiling.

”I know.” Harry replied, but before Harry could say anything more a voice come from his left.

“Fascinating, aren’t they? Snakes that is.” He looked to his left to find the owner of the voice, which he soon discovered was a young women, who couldn’t have been older than 20.

“What? Oh, um… yes, q-quite fascinating.” Was his stuttered reply, strangers never usually talked to him, except for the few tourists who occasionally asked him for directions, but this woman had a British accent, so she must not be far from home. He now started noticing things about the woman; she had curly, chocolate brown hair and wore a pair of thin black bifocals that she wore over her ash hazel eyes. She was also quite tall, six feet tall at the least.

“They’re quite interesting, one of my favorite animals actually.” She replied back with a hint of a smile.

“Yes, they are.” He agreed. He didn’t understand why this woman was talking to him, although he it was actually quite nice that someone was talking to him, he usually did not have someone to talk to, and this woman seemed strangely familiar, but as far as he knew he had never met seen this woman before in his life, let alone spoken to her.

She simply nodded and kept studying the snake, and occasionally snuck a glance at Harry, which he noticed because every time she looked at him he seemed to have been glancing at her at the same time and then his green eyes would meet her gray. And then he would look away. But then he quickly looked back. Weren’t her eyes hazel a second ago? He thought to himself. But when he looked they were gray again. No, they are still hazel, it must have been a trick of the light or something. He thought as he looked away, slowly massaging his neck from the soreness that the sudden whiplash caused.

 “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what is your name?” He questioned once the pain went away.

“Names aren’t important now, Harry.” She replied.

“How do you know my name?” He whispered, not looking at her. But when he received no reply he turned to his left wondering what color her eyes would be this time, only to discover… Nothing. Absolutely nothing, she was gone. He quickly looked around but could not see her anywhere. The woman had gone and disappeared, and he had no idea who she was. He soon came to the conclusion that she was just a day dream, for she couldn’t have possibly disappeared that fast, or have known his name for that matter. He then continued his conversation with the snake, but soon Dudley noticed, and that day ended with Dudley Dursley getting trapped in a giant glass tank, and Harry somehow getting blamed for it, even though there was no way he could have made that glass disappear and reappear just like that. That got Harry thinking. If that glass could disappear in a blink of an eye, maybe that woman could have to. That was the story of Harry Potter’s first encounter with the vanishing girl, and it most certainly won’t be his last.


A/n- I think this is probably the best chapter so far, hope you liked it as much as I do, please review!

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