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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 5 : Driven insane
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Louis couldn’t focus, he was trying so hard to but all he could think of was Freya and how she was.

He hadn’t heard a word from her since she was removed from the school, to be home schooled a few days ago, and it was beginning to tear him up inside. He had sent her letter after letter, but none of them were being responded to. He couldn’t help but think that she hated him and that was why she wasn’t replying to him.

In all honesty, he hated himself too. But, as Horatio kept reminding him, it was better for Freya, better for their unborn child that people now knew.

“Mr. Weasley, are you paying attention?”

Louis looked up from the blank parchment in front of him, that he had been staring at, and saw that the teacher, Mr Hoffman and the whole of his Transfiguration class were looking at him. He sat up straighter and gave the teacher an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered.

Professor Hoffman looked at him for a moment, taking in the sadness on his face and the dark circles under his eyes. He gave him a small smile before turning back to the board, getting the students' attention again whilst he taught them about the theory behind the Bird Conjuring spell.

Louis began writing on his parchment, mainly for something to do to try to take his mind off everything, but it wasn’t helping him. All he could think of was Freya, was she okay? Was the baby okay?

It had been nearly a week since Freya had gone, and it was driving him insane that she didn’t reply to him at all. He was tired of getting his hopes up every time an owl delivered his mail, before falling into a slump for the rest of the day when he realised it wasn’t from her.

There had been quite a few letters, mainly from his sisters and cousins. He even spied both his grandmother in Frances writing and Nana Molly’s writing, it settled heavily in his heart and he didn’t want to deal with any of what they had to say. The guilt was too much at the moment, especially as he was avoiding answering the ones from his parents. Not to mention his avoidance of the cousins that were currently at Hogwarts, which proved quite difficult.

All he cared about at the moment was hearing from Freya, and he was getting very close to breaking into a teachers office so that he could use their Floo system. There was a very high chance that he would get into serious trouble, and face the angry wrath of Ted Jackson, but it was a risk he was willing to take, just to see if Freya was okay.

“Louis.” Horatio said from next to him, Louis brought his eyes up to look at Horatio before glancing around to see that the other students were standing up and walking out of the room. Louis stood up as he thought about how he had missed almost an entire last lesson of the day without even meaning to, he grabbed for his backpack and began putting his quill and ink into it.

Horatio leant over and took the parchment that Louis had been absent-mindedly doodling over; he looked at it before turning it to show Louis. Louis glanced at it and realised that he had been writing Freya’s name over and over on it. Louis gave a sigh before he took the parchment from his friend and put that in his bag, before zipping it up and throwing it over one shoulder as he walked out of the room.

“I can’t believe that she hasn’t replied to you yet,” Horatio stated, falling into step beside Louis and gently taking hold of his arm. He had taken to guiding Louis around the crowds of students who were trying to get to their common rooms or wait around the school until dinner.

“It’s driving me insane,” Louis stated, as Horatio pulled him closer to avoid a group of fourth year Ravenclaw girls, who each stared openly at Louis as he passed, before turning around and whispering to each other. Louis tried to ignore them, like he was trying to do with everyone else around them.

Everywhere that Louis went now, people would stare at him. In all fairness, they had been doing that since the incident in the Potions classroom with Malcolm Port, but it seemed that more and more people seemed to go out of their way to look at him.

The rumours only seemed to get worse once people realised that Freya had been removed from the school, it was then that people realised that what they were hearing and spreading had actually been truthful.

That’s when the real snide comments and glares had started; it seemed that everyone had an opinion on the matter in hand. They made sure that Louis would be privy to each one of their opinions, something that he hated.

He was entirely thankful that Freya wasn’t around to hear just how nasty her so called ‘friends’ could be, although he missed her terribly and felt nothing but guilt at being the reason that she wasn’t at the school. He was wondering if he should ask if any of her old friends had heard from her, but in all honesty, Louis didn’t want to talk to them if they were being so horrible.

“Would you care to say that to our face?” Horatio asked loudly, bringing Louis out of his thoughts as they walked passed a few more whispering students. They ran off at Horatio’s threatening words, Horatio wasn’t afraid of confrontation and made it known quite often, he cared very little about what others thought of him.

Louis was thankful, as he had taken to keeping his head down whilst he was walking around the school, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone he passed, he didn’t want to have to see the hatred and mocking on their faces. He needed Horatio to actually guide him around the school at times, which made Louis wonder if another rumour would end up going around the school about the both of them?

“Oh, isn’t this brilliant,” Horatio stated loudly. Louis looked up at Horatio’s words and saw that a group of Gryffindor’s were walking over to them, trying to block their way. Horatio and Louis made to walk around them but they seemed to have taken up most of the corridor in their attempt to stop them.

One of the boys looked Louis up and down before giving a cruel and mocking laughing. “So, you’re the idiot who got his girlfriend pregnant?”

“Move out of the way,” Louis said to them, causing them to laugh again.

“Don’t want to admit to it?” The boy asked, his friend chuckling again. “I’m actually surprised anyone would have slept with you or her for that matter. But maybe that’s why you’re made for each other.”

Louis felt himself becoming angrier as his fist clenched. Horatio let go of Louis’ arm to grip the front of the main guy’s robes, pushing him roughly into the stonewall and out of their way. He successfully stunned them into silence, not many people would expect Horatio’s behaviour as he was a Hufflepuff, but he was extremely loyal to Louis. Louis grabbed for Horatio’s arm to pull him off of the Gryffindor, and Horatio reluctantly released him as he grabbed for Louis’ arm to guide him down the corridor instead as he shoved passed the other Gryffindor’s.

“At least he’s slept with someone. Unlike you, with a face not even a mother could love,” Horatio yelled over his shoulder, flipping the boys off as they walked.

“Horatio -” Louis warned, his eyes glinting darkly as he tried to calm himself down, he didn’t need Horatio to intimidate everyone that said something to Louis.

“What? I couldn’t help it, those fucking gits,” Horatio said as they rushed away down the corridor. “I can’t help if it just comes out.”

“Just don’t, yeah?” Louis said as they entered a quieter corridor and Louis finally looked up. “But, thank you anyway. You can let go of my arm now.”

“Why? We might as well start another rumour; they might forget to taunt you about getting Freya pregnant,” Horatio threw him a smile and a wink for good measure and Louis gave a small chuckle. He kept his grip on Louis’ arm though

“Another rumour is something that I definitely don’t need right now.” Louis stated, but not attempting to get Horatio to let go of him.

They made their way to the Hufflepuff common room and Horatio tapped the barrels to reveal the entrance. Almost everyone inside became quiet as they all turned to look at Louis as he entered the warm room.

At least some of them pretended that they weren’t looking at him, which was a small bonus. Louis let out a groan of annoyance as he walked through the common room and towards the dormitory, ignoring them all. He was thankful that Horatio did the same; he knew that Horatio was itching to give them all a piece of his mind, but as much as Horatio probably would, no good was going to come from threatening the entire room.

Louis threw his bag to the floor by his bed, before grabbing some clothes and walking into the bathroom connecting to the room. Horatio threw his bag down and flopped down on his bed, noticing that no one else was around.

Louis came back out a few minutes later, having changed into clothes that are more comfortable. He placed his school clothes and shoes onto the floor in a messy pile before he sat on his bed and leant against the headboard.

“Are you going to send her another letter?” Horatio asked from his own bed, turning to look at Louis, whose bed was next to his.

“Yeah, I will do later. I’m not sure what else I can say that’s not, ‘please reply to me before I go insane’,” Louis admitted, rubbing his hand over his face wearily before letting out a loud huff as he stared at the ceiling, eyes following the trail of webbed plant that crossed it and giving the illusion of roots growing out of it.

“You probably shouldn’t go down the insane route, especially if you want Freya’s parents to see that you’re going to be a mature grown up who can look after a kid,” Horatio stated, Louis could feel his eyes still on him, but he stayed focused on the ceiling
“They’re never going to see me as mature enough to look after my own child,” Louis stated sadly, hating how true his words were. Absolutely no one would think he was ready to raise a kid.

“Her parents are real jerks.” Horatio told him, Louis agreed, they had never been Louis’ greatest fans the few times that he had met them and now they just hated him more.

They talked about random things, sharing a few inside jokes that only made sense to themselves and exchanging a few insults in either Greek or French, before the conversation changed to how Louis would be able to get in touch with Freya.

“Maybe you can just turn up at her house?” Horatio suggested as he came to lie next to Louis on his bed. Louis gave a small scoff as he rubbed his eyes and stifled a yawn.

“If her parents are the ones stopping her from talking to me, then I don’t see that helping. If anything, it’ll make them even angrier at me.”
Horatio rolled over so that he was laying on his front, pulling the pillow down so that he could rest his head on it as he looked at Louis, a frown across his features.

“But, if she doesn’t reply to you then you’ll have to. You need to know how her and your future child is doing. You also probably need to start preparing to be a dad,” Horatio said

“I can’t really do much preparing at school,” Louis told him, shifting his legs and slouching down further from where he was sat against the headboard. “I’ve still got a couple of months until we break up for the summer holidays, not that I’ll have very long to prepare then.”

Horatio hummed in response.

“Well, you could think of names, that’ll be a start of something,” he suggested.

“I suppose -” Louis said, as he thought about what he would like to name his future child. He couldn’t think of anything that felt good enough, it was hard enough when his family were trying to come up with a name for the family owl. Did he want an English name or a French one? Would Freya even want a French name?

“I think that you should name your child, Horatio,” Horatio suggested to Louis, who looked at him in question as to whether or not he was being serious.

“If it’s a boy?” Louis asked him, with an eyebrow raised.

“Or a girl, I’m not picky.” Horatio said with a shrug and a chuckle.

“You can’t name a girl Horatio,” Louis said with a laugh. “I think that there’s some sort of law against that.”

“Nah, Horatio is an awesome name,” Horatio said, turning back around so that he was lying on his back. Louis shifted over so that Horatio had more room.“You want to get in there quick with the name, before Freya gets in there and names your child something normal. Of course, you’ve got to name your son after his amazing Godfather.”

Louis gave a small laugh. “I don’t think that’s how it works.”

“It’s a Greek tradition.” Horatio looked so serious that Louis almost fell for it.
“No, it’s not.” Louis laughed as he shoved Horatio with his shoulder, causing the other boy to chuckle again.

“I think you really should name your future child after me. It might be my only chance to carry on the Horatio name.”

Louis wondered if Horatio knew that the last name was carried on and not the first.

Louis shook his head as he ran a hand over his face, letting out a yawn and feeling tiredness creeping over him.

“Do you think it’s acceptable to go to sleep at six in the afternoon?” Louis asked Horatio. Louis shuffled down on his bed, so he was lying down properly, sharing the pillow with Horatio.

“Not really, especially as we still have yet to go down to dinner,” Horatio stated. Turning his head slightly to look at Louis and seeing that he was practically asleep anyway, he was struggling to keep his eyes open.

“You can go to dinner, I’m not really hungry,” Louis told him softly and Horatio could tell that sleep was definitely catching up with Louis.

It wasn’t long until Horatio could hear Louis’s soft snores next to him. Horatio let out a small laugh as he got off the bed and stretched as he yawned himself. He grabbed the blanket lying at the bottom of the bed and pulled it up and over Louis’s sleeping form.

“You old man,” Horatio whispered with a chuckle, running his fingers gently through Louis blonde curly hair, before walking quietly from the room and closing the door behind him. He really hoped that Freya would get in touch with Louis soon, he hated seeing his friend being so sad at not having her around.

A/N: I would like to apologise for the wait for his chapter. I really hope you all enjoy it though :D Leave me a review to let me know what you think! I know things are going a but quick with the story but there's a lot of things coming up.

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