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The Hoax by ihootanniex3
Chapter 32 : Chapter 32
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. . . . . .


Hermione peered over at Draco as she clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, watching the snow fall endlessly. She pressed her lips into a thin line awkwardly before letting out a deep breath, her breath visible up in the cold tower due to the freezing weather. “I, are you going to say anything?” She finally asked, turned her head as she stared at Draco.


A cruel smile stitched itself onto his lips as he turned to face the petite brunette with his hands shoved into his pockets. “I’m actually surprised I had you fooled,” He finally said with a sneer, laughing as he looked out the window at the beautiful scenery. “And I thought you were the smartest witch of our generation; I suppose you don’t live up to the title anymore.” He scowled as he turned back at her, his eyes lost of color and love and only to be replaced by a blank, cold stare. This wasn’t right.


Hermione felt the breezy air brush through her hair and body, making her shiver. She ignored it as she stared at Draco incredulously. “Stop beating around the bush and tell me what’s really going o—“


“I love you, Hermione Granger, I really do . . .” Draco suddenly said, the warmth and care in his voice immediately brought back as he gazed at her lovingly. He took his hand out of his pocket and reached out, caressing her cheek with his hand. “Do you trust me?” He asked as he looked at her with hopeful eyes.


For a moment, Hermione fell for his soft touch and gentle gaze . . . but his loving, gentle words didn’t quite reach her heart. She flinched away from his touch, pushing his hand away. “I’m not that stupid if that’s what you were thinking,”


Draco looked at his hand as he kept it in midair, shocked by her behavior. He composed himself and sighed, stuffing his hand back into his pocket. “I suppose you aren’t as stupid as I thought you were . . . it’s quite a shame, really. This would be so much easier if you were just a little bit smarter—don’t show any tears when I’m done with you, it’ll only make me hate you even more. I hate girls who cry.” He said monotonously, avoiding her stare and looking out the window instead. “If you have a brain, I’m positive you know what happened.”


“No, I want to hear it from you.” Hermione pressed as she stared at him with determination. “Look me in the eye—straight in the eye and tell me that everything you said was false, that you were only lying to me. I’d rather you tell me face to face—don’t be a coward and assume I already know. I know, I just want to hear it from you.”


He inwardly groaned as he rolled his sharp cold eyes. He looked her up and down with a frown, but finally his eyes landed right on hers. “I don’t love you, I never did and I never will.” He said slowly, making sure to emphasize each word as if doing so would help Hermione understand more clearly. “It was all a lie, our love was a lie. I did use you and you used me. However, I used you not to make Parkinson jealous or to get her away from me—but to toy with your feelings. Parkinson and I thought it would be entertaining to see what made the mighty lioness crumble and fall . . . and we did.” He said harshly as he let out a bitter laugh. “Although, I didn’t expect you to tell me your deepest, darkest secrets to me . . . I didn’t expect you to let down your guard and look vulnerable to me. That’s your biggest mistake—you trusted me too fast.”


Hermione listened to him as she blinked a few times, trying to take in everything he said. Her heart cracked with each word he spat. “Everything wasn’t real,” She muttered under her breath as she took a deep breath, her heart hurting with each second. “Was it fun?”


Draco was caught off guard by her question. He had expected a slap, a punch, her wand, anything but a calm question. “Wha—“


“Was it fun for you and Parkinson to play with my feelings?”


“Yes,” He replied briskly, scoffing as he looked away.


“I don’t believe you,” She said sharply, narrowing her gaze on him. “You make a pretty damn great actor, Malfoy. You really had me fooled. Is that what you want to hear?” She asked calmly, trying to keep her emotion down. “You’re right . . . I did trust you too easily, but so did you. You saw me at my weakest point and I saw you at yours.” Hermione told him sternly.


“It’s called acting—“


“So your mother is actually dead? It was a lie? She’s not at the hospital, right?” She pressed as she shrugged her shoulders. “So it would be alright if I told everyone since it’s not real.”


Draco clenched his jaw as he rolled his fingers up into a ball. “My mother is dead.” He forced those foul words out of his teeth as he glared at Hermione with angry eyes.


“I’m sure she’d want to be if she heard you say that,” Hermione whispered to him and scoffed, exhaling sharply. “Well, you really had me fooled, Malfoy. Congratulations, you toyed with me this whole winter break and I didn’t have the slightest clue. I thought everything was real, okay? I believed every word you said and all you did was abuse my trust. Are you and Parkinson satisfied now? Is a broken heart not enough to make you two happy?” She raised her voice with each question she threw at him. “Do I need to shed blood for you two to finally be happy?”


“No, internal pain is better than external pain . . . external pain heals quickly but a broken heart takes time to heal. We’re satisfied, although I expected you to throw a hex at me. I see you’ve softened up a bit, you’re controlling that crazy temper of yours.”


“You’re a bastard and I’m the idiot who fell for you,” She mumbled as she looked down in dismay, gluing her lips together, completely speechless. She knitted her eyebrows together as tears threatened to abandon her eyes. She refused to cry in front of him. She refused to cry over him. She refused to cry. “Let me guess, we pretend like nothing happened between us? No, ‘pretend’ isn’t even the correct word for this. After this, we don’t know each other and all we exchange are scowls and insults at each other.” She stated and before Draco could answer she shook her head. “No, let’s not even do that. Let’s just stop knowing each other—we’re strangers and we’re not even on the level to exchange scowls and insults. We’re strangers after this and if you or Parkinson try to do anything to me or my friends, I don’t know what I’ll do when that happens. Maybe I won’t control my temper.” She warned him with betrayal running across her face as she stared at him. “Hermione Granger loses to Draco Malfoy. You must be happy to have succeeded in hurting me in your own twisted, sadistic way.  You and Parkinson deserve each other. As for me, I’m an idiot for even coming near you this whole school year and I’m the one to blame for my own broken heart.”


“Well . . . I’m glad you understand, then, Granger. Make sure to tell your friends to keep their mouth shut.”


“It’d be embarrassing on my part if people were to find out that I fell in love with a former deatheater.” Hermione spat at him with venom dripping from her voice, looking down at the ground. The air grew colder as if it was possible and she felt the cruel sharp, cold wind pierce through her thin clothes and stabbing her skin like a thousand knives. Not even that amount of pain measured up to how she felt in her heart. “Leave,” She ordered softly, refusing to look at him as she stared at the window instead.




“I said leave,” She demanded in a cold, dangerous whisper. She heard his footsteps disappear and breathed heavily as the tears that were trying to get out finally escaped and fled down her rosy cheeks. She quickly sniffled as she wiped her tears away roughly with the pad of her thumb. She clenched her jaw and fists as she furrowed her eyebrows. “I’m not going to cry.  I’m not going to cry. It’s over. I’m not . . . going to . . . I’m not going to. . .” The wind hit her face relentlessly with each phrase. “I . . . I,” Her voice was filled with sorrow as it cracked. She finally felt the tears abandon her eyes and soon, the rest followed suit without hesitation. Her tears started to sail down her cold cheeks like an endless waterfall. She quickly covered her hands over her mouth, trying to drown out her cries. She couldn’t hold it back. She cried. Hard. She felt her knees give in and immediately collapsed on the floor, crying as hard as she could. Another heartbreak. But this was far more painful than what Ron had caused her . . . because Ron didn’t have to say anything to her; she knew they weren’t going to be together. She removed one hand from her mouth and placed it over her chest where her heart was. She was grasping it painfully as if she was trying to hold her heart together in one piece. But it was already too late . . . her heart was shattered.


From down below, Draco hesitated down on his last step when he heard her soft cries. His blood went cold and he paled, slowly looking up the staircase, tempted to run back and apologize, but it was too late. He had hurt her and there was nothing he could do. He clenched his jaw as he walked away from the Astronomy tower—their tower.


“Well, that’s embarrassing,”


Draco stopped as he clenched his fists together and turned around furiously. “Shut up, Parkinson.”


Pansy raised an eyebrow as she stared at him with her hands on her hips. “Excuse me?” She asked with a glare but brushed it off. “You better start doing your part or she’ll really get hurt.” She warned him and walked over to him, linking her arms with his. “Now, be the good boyfriend you are and walk us back to the Great Hall.” She ordered and a malevolent smirk crawled onto her face when Draco started walking them back.


. . . . . .


Hermione walked into class with swollen red eyes as she sat next to Ginny nonchalantly. Class began after a few minutes as more students scurried in at the last minute. She remained quiet as she took her things out, an eerie aura emitting from her.


“Hermione . . .?” Ginny asked and silence was all she got in response. She knew. She knew not to bother Hermione. She nodded and turned back to face the professor. The professor started class with a grin, asking how everyone’s winter break was and slightly peered over at Hermione who was simply frozen, emotionless. The red head sighed and licked her lips when she suddenly felt the whole class stare at her—at them. She looked at everyone until her eyes froze on Professor Slughorn who was looking at Hermione.


“Miss Granger?” Professor Slughorn asked with surprise as he stared at his favorite student. Why hadn’t she raised her hand when he asked his question to the class?


Ginny nudged Hermione and finally, she was out of her trance. “Professor Slughorn asked a question,” Ginny informed Hermione with a tight grin.


The brunette looked at her professor and shook her head, “I, I don’t know.” She finally said, hearing gasps and whispers from the whole class. “Last time I checked, I’m not the only one who has a brain, I’m sure other people in here will be willing to answer your question.” She said, unintentionally coming off a bit rude. “I, I’m sorry, professor . . .” She quietly apologized as she chewed on her bottom lip nervously. “I just have a headache, that’s all . . .” Hermione told him quietly with a thin smile.


“No need for apologies, Ms. Granger, and you’re right, there are plenty of other students here who can answer my question—Mr. Potter.” He said with a small chuckle as he stared at Harry.


Harry ripped his eyes away from Hermione as he stared at Professor Slughorn with a perplexed mask. “I, uh . . . what was the question?” He whispered over to Ron who simply looked away, clearing his throat as he placed his hand over his mouth, faking a cough. Harry glared at his friend and stomped on his shoes before turning back to Professor Slughorn with a grin. “Would it be possible if you repeated the question again?” He asked, gaining small laughs and snickers from the class.


“We have a lot of work to do, I see.” Professor Slughorn commented as he widened his eyes at his hopeless class. “Do we all remember our partners in this class before break?” He asked, clapping his hands as he walked to the front of the class with a cheerful laugh.


Ginny locked eyes with Blaise who widened his eyes at Hermione. Ginny nodded at Blaise and then stared at her friend. “Do you remember your partner? I don’t remember anyone’s partner at all.” She quickly said with a nervous chuckle. “Let’s be partner—“


“Ah, here we go! This seems to have been the groups before break, well then, hurry on and sit with your partners once again. Please get in your seats in two minutes,” He announced, getting organized for the new potion they were about to brew. “It’s nice to brew potions first day back, huh?” He asked and received several groans and sighs from the class. “Always the optimistic ones, aren’t you all?” He muttered with a frown as he looked at his ingredients.


“Hermione, you should just do it with me,” Ginny stated as she slowly got up, wanting her friend to stop her.




Hermione heard the familiar voice and rolled her dry, cold caramel brown eyes that had lost its color. “Ginny, I’ll be fine.” She told her friend with a ghost of a smile that was immediately replaced by a frown when Ginny got pushed away by Malfoy as he took his seat next to her.


Ginny caught herself and shot daggers at Malfoy as she fixed her hair. Her fingers itched for her wand while her lips itched for a hex but she caught herself before she made a scene. She let out a sigh as she looked at her friend. Hermione seemed lost and gone—her body was just a shell and Ginny wondered where her soul must’ve gone.


“Ginny,” Blaise called out as he grabbed Ginny’s elbow gently, pulling her away from the couple. “Let’s just see how things go from here,” He said and sat down, sitting behind Harry and Ron who turned around to talk to them.


“What are we supposed to do now? What if they kill each other—“


“Ron! They’re barely acknowledging each other’s presence. This is worse than when they hated each other.” Ginny whispered ferociously at her brother, hitting him upside the head. “Hermione isn’t even mad—she doesn’t seem mad. She just looks calm and that’s eerie.”


“I know, I’d rather want her to flip the table and hex that arse to oblivion then sitting there like a ghost,” Blaise commented as he shuddered when he looked over at the couple, feeling a cold atmosphere crowding around them. “She’s even scarier when she’s quiet . . .”


“The Hermione we all know wouldn’t be like that . . . she would pull out her wand and hex Malfoy.” Harry said as he shook his head. “I can’t believe he’s together with Parkinson,”


“There’s definitely something going on because I know Draco and Draco absolutely hated Parkinson and I’m positive he still does. Parkinson has something against Draco . . . that’s why he’s like that.” Blaise told them and quickly closed his mouth when Professor Slughorn shot them a glare. “We were just discussing about the new potion we’ll be brewing, we’re so excited!” He exclaimed as he stretched, trying to act casual.


Ginny stared at Blaise and raised an eyebrow. “Really? You should’ve just stayed quiet.” She snapped at him with a small grin as she turned to look at her professor.


“We will be brewing the ‘Elixir to Induce Euphoria’, can someone tell me what that potion does? It’s very easy, anyone?” He asked and saw no one raise their hands. “No one?”


Harry raised his hand and grinned when Professor Slughorn let out a relieved sigh, calling on him. “The potion induces a sense of inexplicable, irrational happiness to the drinker.” He replied and winked at Ginny as he nodded. “Memorized it straight from the book and I brewed this before,” He whispered over to her making Ginny laugh a little.


“Excellent! This is quite an easy potion to brew, especially for this lot, so let’s start the first day back to classes with an easy potion! Now, if you’ll look at the board . . .” He took his wand out, flicking his wrist once and directions to the potion appeared on the board including the ingredients. “One person from each table must collect the following: peppermint sprigs, wormwood, shrievelfig, porcupine quills, and castor beans. This time, your cauldrons are already set up on the desks, so hurry on then, get to the ingredients.” He ordered and the whole class got up to collect the ingredients except for Hermione and Draco.


Hermione quickly jotted down the directions on her parchment and looked over at the huge group of students fighting over the ingredients. She was going to wait until there were only a few people left up there. She took a deep breath and completely disregarded Draco’s presence and continued to eye the group of students and saw that most of them were now seated.


“Granger, don’t think of bothering m—“


Hermione briskly got up as she walked over to the ingredients, calmly reaching for the things she needed. She looked over and saw Ron staring at her and then stared past his head to see Harry, Ginny, and Blaise all staring. “I’m not going to die over a small little heartbreak,” She reassured Ron as she placed her hand on his shoulder. “I’m okay, so stop gawking over at me, I know I’m beautiful.” She teased him and grinned as she walked off.


“We were not gawking!” Ron shouted back with a goofy grin and sat back down next to Harry. “She’s not fine, but she says she is . . . I think we just need to leave her alone for now.” He grimaced, stealing one last look at Hermione before starting his project. “Harry, you said you did this before, so just show the way, mate.” He slid the ingredients over to Harry’s side with a sly grin.


“You’re not seriously telling me to do the whole thing by myself . . .” Harry muttered as he stared at his friend.


“You’ve done it before and come on, you defeated Voldermort!  I think you can handle a little bit of brewing.”


“No, mate, you do it.” Harry fought back as he pushed all the ingredients back over to Ron’s side.


“Will both of you two shut up and brew the potion, some people are trying to work here,” Blaise whispered at them, kicking their chairs.


Ginny shot him a glare as she kicked his chair. “I’m doing all the work right now so you need to shut up, too.” She told him as she angrily followed the directions, adding peppermint into the cauldron. “Come on, be useful, Zabini. When can I stop putting in the peppermint sprigs?”


“Until the potion turns red,”


“Okay, just keep telling me the directions.” Ginny ordered as she added the peppermint sprigs. “How are Hermione and that bastard doing?”


“Well . . .” Blaise glanced over and saw Hermione doing all the work and shook his head. “She’s doing all the work, they aren’t talking, and he’s simply just staring at her . . . good teamwork over there.”


Ginny stayed silent as she simply put the peppermint sprigs in. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do with Hermione acting like that. All she could do was watch from the sidelines . . . for now.


Hermione felt four pair of eyes boring into her left cheek and shook her head as she looked over, her friends immediately looking away. “I’m fine . . .” She muttered silently to herself as she looked down at her parchment, already onto the third step. She calmly began stirring the potion, waiting for it to turn blue.


Draco continued to peak glances at Hermione and felt horrible each time. Was he doing the right thing? Was he really protecting Hermione by ignoring her and hurting her? No. He didn’t have to hurt her in order to save her, which was morally incorrect. He screwed up and now he wasn’t even worth her time to sneer or scoff at. He was nothing to her. He deserved it.


The petite brunette glanced over at him with blank eyes and their eyes locked, she was the first to pull away. She quickly snapped out of it and looked down at the potion to see that she hadn’t over stirred it. She continued to make the potion—it was very easy for her level. Hermione sat down, waiting for the potion to simmer to purple. She was almost done with the potion. She could leave once she was finished with the potion. She could leave this place. She could leave him. She wanted to be away from him. She wanted many things . . . but the thing she wanted most was to be alone. But with her friends breathing down her back, she realized she wasn’t going to get the extra time alone like she wanted.


. . . . . .



“Excellent work today, Ms. Granger. You two may be excused to leave early! And the potion turned out perfectly, so each of you should take some of it.” He handed both of them a vile of the potion and sent them off happily.


Hermione looked down at the yellow liquid in the vile, considering drinking it but quickly put it away in her robes. Maybe, later. Her eyes locked with Draco’s and she immediately looked away, walking off without another word. She breathed heavily as she tried to walk faster when she suddenly heard his familiar footsteps rapidly coming closer. Her walking speed decreased until she came to a full stop while Draco walked right past her, going off without looking back. She blinked a few times as she saw him leave and took a deep breath. It hadn’t even been more than three hours and she was having a hard time with coping. She thought avoiding and ignoring him would be easy but . . . turns out it’s a lot harder than she imagined.


. . . . . .


“Hermione, where are you going? You haven’t even finished dinner yet—“


“I have a lot of studying to do and besides . . .” She cut Harry off and took another glance over at Parkinson feeding Malfoy and clenched her jaw, feeling sick to the stomach. “I’m not hungry anymore.” She got up and grabbed her books, walking out of the Great Hall.


“She’s going to study?” Harry asked Ginny and Ron. “Today is the first day back, what is there to study and besides! She knows everything already.”


“She’s using studying as tool to help cope with her heartbreak. She never does that unless she’s really upset or sad. She didn’t even do that when you left her for Brown.” Ginny said with panic as she frowned deeply. “She’s going to drown herself in her studies to get over him. That is not unhealthy.”


“Well, we can’t do anything starting tomorrow. We’re starting Quidditch practice tomorrow, remember?” Ron asked as he sighed. “Well, of course not outside but we’re going to start going over a few plans and positions.”


“It’s already time for that? Then, we’ll just have to drag Hermione out to practice. We have to do everything to get her away from her damn books.”


“Okay, we’ll try, too.” Harry said as he nodded and furrowed his eyebrows, looking over at Zabini who looked angry. “What is Zabini doing over there anyways?” He asked Ginny with curiosity.


“I told him to go back and find out what’s going on—“


“He looks livid.” Ron stated as he took a bite out of his chicken leg. “Wouldn’t blame that bloke though . . . just look at the couple.”


“I’m afraid my dinner will come back up if I did,” Ginny stated as she rolled her sharp, annoyed eyes. “Look, I’ll keep in touch with Blaise while you two try to cheer her up, okay?” She suggested and turned back around to catch Blaise’s eyes. “I have to get going so you two should better go check on Hermione, hopefully she’s just in the common room since you two can’t go into the girls’ side. I’m going to the library.” She announced and quickly stalked off and soon, Zabini got up and followed.


Harry and Ron looked at the two leaving the place and turned to face each other. “We need good teamwork like that . . .” Ron stated and quickly washed down his food with the remainder of his pumpkin juice. “Let’s go save Hermione,” He said and they quickly left the table.


. . . . . .


Hermione had read the same sentence for the thousandth time and sighed, closing the book and tossing it down on her bed. She looked around the empty room and shivered slightly from the cold bedroom and got up from her bed, going down to the common room where the fire was warm and welcoming. She walked down the stairs and saw that it was empty. Perfect. She sat down right in front of the fireplace and hugged her knees as she stared at the mesmerizing fire. The thoughts of her and Draco sitting by the fireplace flooded into her brain and so did all the other memories she had of them together, tearing up. How could he? It hadn’t even been a full day since he cut her off and here she was, wallowing alone in front of the fireplace. When had she become so weak and vulnerable? She was stronger than this even after the war. She truly had softened. She was weak and all she wanted was to be strong. More memories of her and Draco invaded her brain until it was all she could think about—each and every single second they spent together, gone—fake. Hermione felt tears swell up and buried her head into her knees, softly crying as she sat alone by the fire.


She heard the portrait door open but she didn’t dare look up. She remained frozen, trying to cry softly and felt a warm hand pat her back, rubbing her back in circles to comfort her.


“Hermione,” Ron said as he sat down next to her, rubbing her back softly in attempts to comfort her. “I, I’m not quite good at these things . . .” He stuttered awkwardly as he stared at his friend. “Malfoy is a pompous, arrogant, ignorant, oblivious, bastard that doesn’t even deserve to walk on the same planet as you. I’m sorry that you have to go through this . . . again. H, he doesn’t know what he lost. Parkinson isn’t even a quarter of what you are. He lost something so amazing and . . . and rare that he’s going to regret his whole life letting you go.” He continued softly, staring at the fire. “I know I do, but I know my mistake. I know I can’t turn things around with you. All I want is to be your friend again and that’s it. But . . . Malfoy, as much as I hate to say it, Malfoy made you really happy. He made you happier than Harry and I both ever had. It breaks all of us, Hermione; it breaks all of us to see you so broken and vulnerable like this—so unlike yourself. I-I, we, Ginny, Harry, and even Zabini, we all care for you and we’re all on your side. Malfoy is an idiot.”


Hermione remained silent as she kept her head down, the tears slowly streaming down her face as she waited to hear more.


“I hate having to admit this, too . . . but he really loved you. Y-you could see it in that bloke’s eyes, the way he looked at you and the way he talked to you . . . it was full of pure love and care. It couldn’t have been an act because it was real and genuine. The look he always gave you was only full of love. He truly loved you. You two had something beautiful and so, so unattainable for people like Harry and me. You two had something special and Parkinson ruined it.” He cleared his throat as he licked his lips. “The way he looked at you today at Potions . . . something in his eyes still told me that he loved you. Parkinson is the one who interfered; she had to have said something to him to make him act this way to you. Trust me, Hermione Jean Granger, Draco Malfoy still loves you and—“


Hermione lifted her head up abruptly as she turned over to Ron with tears rolling down her face, her eyes already puffy and red from crying as she sniffled. “I, I know he lied to me up in that tower today. I know he lied. But, what hurts me most is that he didn’t even try to stand up for us. He gave in to Parkinson so easily. He could’ve told me what was going on instead of trying to do things his way. What’s so scary about Parkinson to make him—to make him scared to tell me the truth? He could’ve just told me and we could’ve gone through it together but he chose to be stupid and did it on his own. H, he’s nothing but a coward; he always has been and he always will be. The fact that he actually lied to my face—to say such harsh words to me and the look he gave me . . . he ruined everything for us. Ron . . . he may love me, but he’s too scared to stand up for me-for us. My heart didn’t simply break because he lied to me . . . it’s because he looked so stupid and pitiful going over to Parkinson—surrendering himself to her. I didn’t want any of this happen. H, he, he is just so damn . . . he should’ve came to me for help. Isn’t that what you do when you love someone? Aren’t you supposed to do things together instead of doing it alone and hurting the other person in the process?” She asked and sniffled, placing her hand on her forehead as she tried to calm down. “I miss him, Ron . . . I miss him so much. It hurts to see him with her when he’s not even happy. He looks miserable and he’s just so . . .” Her voice trailed off as she let out a helpless sigh. “He’s so stupid for trying to do this alone when we could’ve done it together.” She whispered softly as she blinked away a few more tears.


Ron’s heart broke as he listened to Hermione’s words and felt hollow inside when she finished. “Hermione, I’m so sorry . . .” He whispered to her and pulled her into a hug and immediately, Hermione hugged back as she cried in his shoulder. He held her tightly, caressing her hair as he sniffled slightly. He had no idea Hermione was hurting because of that. “I, it’s okay . . . it’s okay, Hermione.” He comforted her as he softly whispered to her. Ron looked at the fireplace; the flames of the fire reflecting off his eyes and felt anger build up in his body.


Draco Malfoy was an idiot. And he promised to make sure Draco Malfoy knew just how much of an idiot he was.


. . . Just soak it in. Yep, soak it aalll in~ haha Helloo there lovelies :D Did you enjoy it? The next chapter will focus on Draco and his feelings, so be ready for the feelss~ Please drop a review below and tell me how it was for you guys! I’d say if I were to continue writing this long and even longer, I will finish this in three-four chapters? Who knows? I don’t even know but just know that this will end soon but fear not, a new story will follow shortly after this one. :) I hope everyone is having a great winter with lots of snow, yes? I have none. -_- So, hopefully you guys are a lot luckier than me and have lots of snow there! :)


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