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The Next Horcrux by NightWing201
Chapter 1 : Hermione Did It Too Well
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 * * *


A/N: This is my first fic. Please enjoy and review :) Even with all the hate around, just always remember to be a proud Harmony (Harry/Hermione) fan! I accept criticisms


* * *


Everybody deserves some fun, right?


Hermione thought as she dive into the freezing lake.



She heard her skin screamed when it touched the water. There was a big splash, and her clothes got wet and heavy.


"Hermione, are you mad? The water's freezing!" Ron shouted.

Hermione's head appeared above the water. "Oh, come on." she said to him.

"Don't mind her. She barely have the fun. You know, the library is her bedroom"  Ginny complemented "Right, Hermione?"

"That's why her hair's so bushy" Ron said "It's full of  facts from school stuff"

"Oh shut up" Hermione said as she got out from the water.

Her teeth chattered and her skin shivered. She wrapped my arms around herself to stop her from freezing.

"Look Ronald, you made her away from the water. Thank you very much" Ginny said sarcastically.

"You don't need to compliment me to Ronald, Ginny" Hermione told her

Ron snickered "Hey Gin, hear what she said, eh? I absol- wait, Ronald? How dare you call me Ronald, Hermi-"

Ginny laughed "Hermione, got you"

"Warm up. We made a fire, Hermione" Luna said.

"Oh, thanks" Hermione sat near the fire and covered herself with a warm blanket.

"Want some pudding?" Luna asked

"No, thanks" she said.

Hermione looked around everybody and noticed something "Where's Harry?"

"He's been looking for Nargles" Luna simply said

"No, he's looking for woods to keep the fire going" Neville said, adding a smile at Luna, which in return, she ignored.


Everybody's busy talking to each other, oh well. Hermione thought, looking at Ron and Ginny, and Neville and Luna.


She wished Harry was there at that moment. He was the only one who talks to her when she's all alone.


* * *

It was night time. Hermione was on the bed reading a book. All six of them are sharing in a big tent. Everybody was tired, except for Hermione. 

"Goodnight everybody" Ron yawned and stretched his arms.

"Same to you" Ginny said as she pull a blanket over her.

"Sweet dreams" Luna told them.

"Aren't you going to sleep already, Hermione?" Neville asked her.

"No, not yet. I'll be reading before I do" she said

"Well, okay then"

Harry ruffled his hair the way he does whenever he was worried. "Anything wrong, 'mione?"

"Nothing" Hermione said truthfully "Not just tired, you know"

"Alright.." he said.

She sighed. After a long time, everybody was fast asleep.

Hermione's eyes weren't already reading the words on the page. She suddenly felt nervous. Well, this is unusual. I never got disturbed from reading before, she thought.


She stood up and place the book she's reading on the table. There were some rustling of leaves that can be heard from outside. Suspiciously, Hermione kept her wand secure inside her pocket. 

When she finally made up her mind, very slowly, she made her way to the tent entrance.

Heart thumping, she listened to the sounds she was hearing.


Nothing. There was only silence. 


Hermione reached the tent's entrance and carefully opened it. She gulped and breathed.


Tell me this is just a hallucination, I told myself.


She looked outside. 


That's the wrong thing she did. Suddenly, there was a flash of fire blinding her eyes. Luckily she dodged it quickly.

Quickly, Hermione ran to the others and tried to wake them up.

"Wake up!"

"Whoa, what's happening?" Ron groaned

"We're being attacked!" she said

"What?! By whom?" Ginny asked

"No time" she said as she picked up her duffel bag "Apparate"


Neville and Luna apparated together. The next person who apparated was Ginny and Ron, still in their pyjamas. And what was left were Hermione and Harry.

"Harry, hurry up!" she shouted at him while he was searching for his things. "Just take your wand!"


Another spell was casted which brought the beds and the tent in flames.


"Hermione!" Harry lunged at her.

Hermione closed her eyes. She was feeling sick when a swooping sensation filled her as they apparated to nowhere.


* * *


Harry and Hermione fell back on the ground. Their breathing were fast and rugged. 

"Hermione- I think those were the Death Eaters" he breathed out

"Obviously" I gasped "How come they knew where we were staying?"

"I dunno" Harry answered shortly.

"Where are the others?" Hermione looked around. They were outside the Grimmauld place.

"Maybe, they're inside already" Harry whispered "We should go in. AWe could've been followed"

Harry was right. A hand tugged Hermione's arm. She sqeualed and poked the Death Eater with a wand. The wand came straight to the mask's holes and to the Death Eater's eyes.

"Argh!" he screamed, pushing Hermione away.

"Run!" Harry reached Hermione's hand and pulled her. They shot stunning spells to the incoming Death Eaters.

"Stupefy!" A spell made a Death Eater stumbling down.

Why are the Death Eaters hunting us? Hermione thought desperately

They were both stopped whe a cold, high voice echoed through the dark street.

"Seize him!


"Harry- it's You-Know-Who!" Hermione sqeauled, pulling his arm.



  Harry glanced back. The Death Eaters multiplied. The Dark Lord was there- among the Death Eaters.

"Hide, I'll handle him my own" Harry said to Hermione.

"I can't just leave y-"

"Go!" he said

Reluctantly, Hermione ran and hid behind a building. She looked at the fight. Harry was struggling to defeat the Death Eaters, but there was a difference, Voldemort was nowhere to be seen.



Harry was thrown backwards. Then, he started to move wildly while screaming. Hermione couldn't bear watching him in pain. She ran to him.

"Stupefy! Stupefy!" she casted as she went nearer."Harry!" she dragged him back.

Hermione didn't notice that she and Harry had blasted off every Death Eaters. The Death Eaters were all lying on the ground. 


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