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Hogwarts behind the mask. by NightSnitch118
Chapter 2 : what a way to start the holiday (2)
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as he watches Ginny go down to breakfast he thinks about the past few years.
all the grils that have asked him out all the girls he said no to just because of that one girl god shes beautiful a brave gryffindoor she allways helped him if he was in trobble and shes on the list.

he heads down to breakfast her still fresh in his mind.

he opens the doors to the great hall only a crack to see who was inside noone at the gryffindoor table. maybe ginny had gone to the library.

then he hears it ginny voice. something wrong.
somethings wrong with luna lovegood.

he pelts a cross the great hall to lunas aid helping ginny get her to the hospital wing as soon as possible.

as he lays the motionless almost life less luna on the bed ginny runs to get madam pomfry.

ginny runs back with a sleppy looking madam pomfry in her dressing goun and slippers.

"whats the matter Ginny why would you possibaly need me at this time of day"
as she looks down at lunas blue body all the sleep disapers from her eyes and she turns to Tobias.

"how did this happen young man i need to know" she questioned

"i honestly dont know i wasnt there ask ginny" as he looks up to the red head face he sees that there are tears down her face and she is shaking madly with fright and shock.

"she is in no fit state to be telling me anything please take her back to your commen room and calm her down"

as he dose this he sees the rest if his dorm go in to breakfast and there normal quite erly risers.

he get through the portrate hole and sees a sea of people who have just woken up unknowing of what had happened.

he disides to take the still sobbing ginny up to his dorm as there will be no one in there.


as he sits her on his bed she starts to calm down. her fluttering breath paseing to normal he always has a way of keeping her calm.

he sits next to her on the bed and puts his hand on hers she looks up to his eye. oh my this is perfect.

as he is a muggle-born and her dad is all-things muggle they talk freely and happily about any thing and every thing there heads slowly getting closer and closer together he raps his arms around her waist and he
pulls her in for a long heartfelt hug.



as they hug Tobias's friend Jonathan Pine walks in to the dorm room. Jonathan had never spoken to Ginny. nor had Tobias as far as he knew but now he sees them hugging in his dorm room. being the biggest blabber mouth in all of hogwarts hes got to tell everyone.



ginny is a lovely girl but not as lovely as the girl he has in mind.

But ginnys head moves ever closer to his.
her lips all most touching his.
his lips embracing hers.
he breaks away.

"sorry Ginny not now. no"


"im sorry" he whispers.

she makes her way out of the dorm what a way to start the holidays.





well this is it for the chapter i know its short but im getting more and more confident. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE revew i will love you forever hope yo enjoy the next chapter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Hogwarts behind the mask.: what a way to start the holiday (2)


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