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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series* by Magnolia
Chapter 17 : chapter 17
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Background:   Font color: the cave...........................

Sirius had gotten up enough courage to go back to Elizabeth's house. He had seen that days paper, and knew she was in St. Mungo's. He would hang out there with Gabby. When he got to the door he howled just like he had the first day. Gabby opened the door, and Sirius started to whine.

"Fritzle! Where have you been! I was afraid you ran away! You've been gone forever you bad pup."

He whined again

"Elizabeth isn't here Fritz, she back at the awful white place."

Gabby sat on the couch and Sirius followed her

"I tried to get her out, but they think she's nuts"

Sirius sat next to her and whined

"Ya know what Fritzle! Sometimes I swear you can understand me!"

Sirius chuckled inside his head

....................Back at hogwarts.................

Hermione was sitting on the couch grieving over the fact that she was "boring". When she saw an owl she hadn't seen for a long time fly in. It was Hedwig, and she was carrying a note. Hermione immediately recognized Harry's handwriting. It was Harry's owl and Harry's handwriting, so it was quiet obvious that this, whatever it was, was from Harry. If the envelope hadn't been white she would have suspected a howler. Even if it wasn't a howler, this could be the most insulting thing she ever read. Hermione had no doubt in her mind that Harry and Ron hated her guts, but what did she have to lose? She picked up the envelope, and began to tear it open. Then she stopped. If something really insulting was in it, could she take it? She wasn't sure. She stuck the letter in her trunk and decided to open it "eventually". She looked at her watch and realized that she was late, for Ancient Ruins. She got her books and ran out the door.

.....................and a few days later by the Arithmancy corridor.................

Harry was and feeling gloomy. Hedwig had returned a few days ago with no response from Hermione. She hadnít made any sign of even reading the note, either. He walked past a tarp, it was quite strange it had a flowery print, yet it was Eygptianish (is that even a word?) Then Harry had yet another flashback

*~Elizabeth was staying in my room with me and James and Sirius were staying in the Gryfinndor Common room.

"Wow I never noticed this tarp!" said Elizabeth

"Yeah I know the feeling, and I took Arithmancy for 5 years!"

"So this is your home away from home?"

"Correction, I don't have a home, remember, when I'm not here I stay at your house." I said

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Not that I don't love having you around in the Summer, but shouldn't you spend
sometime with Petunia?"

"You saw the way Petunia and her fiancť treated me at my mother's funeral. Do you honestly think I want to go visit her? She hates me."

"I guess your right. Plus if you went to visit her I wouldn't have any company in the summer!"

I pulled the magic rest airmatress out from under my bed. Said the spell and it started blowing itself up. Then
I said good night to Elizabeth and fell asleep~*.

So behind this tarp was his mom's old room. He had the urge to go in there and see what it looked like, but decided against it. He had no idea what was in that room now, it could be Flitwick's bedroom or something. While he was debating what was in there he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Hi Harry"

He turned around although he didn't really need to, he already knew who it was.

"Hi Hermione."



There was an awkward silence.

"So have you ever seen this before?"

"Seen what?"


"What????????" Hermione looked confused

"Have you ever seen this tarp?"

"What tarp?"

"This tarp!" Harry was getting frustrated! She was looking straight at it and she still couldn't get it. Hermione blinked several times then shut her eyes and slowly opened them.

"Wow! I've taken Arithmancy since third year! I've never really noticed it."

"It's strange isn't it?"

"yeah, very."

They talked as they walked down the hall. Hermione did most of the talking. Then she asked

"Harry how could you see the tarp and I couldn't?"

"It's a long story"

"Come on! Tell me!"

"O.k. Remember the day we were looking at Hogwarts a History."

"Yes, we were talking about Professor Flictwick and your mom."

"Well when my mom was a teacher here, behind the tarp was her room."

"Harry how do you know that?"

"If I tell you you'll never believe me."

"Harry of course I will enough weird stuff happens to you that I basically have to believe it all!"

"I guess your right, ok I'll tell you. Look on the night we got back............."

"Harry! Fred sent me looking for you! They're all on the quidditch field and........ Oh hi Hermione." said Ron
said Hermione's name like you would say meatloaf, something no one really liked.

"Look Hermione I have to go, they're waiting. I'll tell you later o.k.?"

"Alright Harry. I see ya bye."

And Harry took off running down the corridor after Ron.

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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series*: chapter 17


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