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Chasing April by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 3 : Detentions.
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Chapter 3

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“You did what?” Dom exclaims, immediately attracting people’s attention around us. “Why would you do that? You don’t even know how to fly!” Cameron rubs my back soothingly.


“Actually Dom...” I try to explain how I found a new liking for Quidditch, and that I felt exhilarated when I flew but Dom cut me off. 


“I know what you can do. Dinner is about to start in ten minutes right?” I nod cautiously, glancing at the tables that were slowly filling up. “I’ll quickly go to the library and borrow some Quidditch books.” before I can even utter a word, Dom skips out of the Great Hall. Just as she vanished around the corner, James comes strutting in.


I try to hide behind Albus, who is trying his hardest not to laugh. If James sits beside Albus, he may not notice me.


“Hey guys.” James reaches gently. “Who you hiding there Al?” James questions. Damn! Come on Al, think of something!


“Lily.” Albus covers smoothly. “She’s hiding from Lysander. Apparently he’s been giving her a hard time.” A total lie but nevertheless, believable for James.


“I’ll get that punk and throttle him to a pulp.” This is a warning to every girl out there. It is NOT GOOD to have an older brother. If you do, prepare to die alone with cats.    


 “Ahhh choo” I sneeze quietly. Quietly was an understatement, I’m sure Dumbledore could have heard it from his seat.


“Bless you.” several voices bless.


“Oh, Thanks...” Bummer.  James leans around Albus’ body and takes a good look at me. Immediately, he realizes that I’m not Lily.


Fred, who seems to have appeared out of thin air, snorts. 


“April is that you? Are you hiding from me?” James smirks satisfied from the discomfort he caused. 


“No.” I protest, my voice sounding slightly muffled.


“Awe, you don’t have to deny it.” He literally pushes Fred from his seat so he can sit himself in front to me. “I know how you feel about me.” He waggles his eyebrows, making me gag.  


“I feel so loved.” Fred sarcastically remarks.


“We love you Freddy.” Daniel yells, approaching us suddenly.


Pulling the jumper off me, I look and face Albus, “Does your brother have a split personality disorder?” I am concern for his health.


“No, but I’m pretty sure he was dropped as a child.” Albus replies amusingly.


“That’s simply not true.” James protests. 


I stop to look at the chaos around me. Fred and Albus sit on either side of me while James, Louis, Rose, Cameron and Daniel are in front of us. From the entrance, Dom runs towards us with a pile of Quidditch books.


Our group has obviously expanded today.


“Don’t forget we have detention tonight, April.” James smirks. That prat! Can’t he do anything other than smirking? “You’ll be alone with me, try to control your urges.” 


“Don’t do anything naughty behind my back” Fred warns earning a smack right on the head from my brother. 


“Fred seriously, I will hex you if you keep hitting on my sister.” Daniel threatens dangerously. And James, I know that you’re my best friend but I will kill you too.” James swallows, nodding acceptingly. I love you Dan.


“How did you get detention on the first day back?” Rose questions James. 


“Our potion blew up and our teacher so happened to be standing there” James smugly replies.


“It’s bound to happen again.” Louis comments truthfully. “Did you see them during potions.”


“I blame it on April.” James defends. Predictable.


“She was following the instructions.” Cameron screams back.


“So the game is all about scoring the most points.” Dom begins, holding a book and pushing it in my face. “The team who catches the snitch wins.”


“But she placed the plants in too early.” James yells, running his hands through his tousled hair.  


“I guess you could be the chaser, you’ve always been good at throwing things.” Dom expresses. 


“IT WASN’T MY FAULT!” James bellows. 


“You just need to throw the quaffle into the hoops.” Dom cheers. “You can manage that!”


I shut my eyes and zone every single person out of my mind. This is a mad house. 


I feel a gentle hand touch on my shoulder. I look up and met Albus’ scorching eyes that display concern. “Are you ok?” he whispers with concern.


“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just the effect James has on me.” he nods and grins. 


“We are a loud bunch aren’t we?” we both turn to look at everyone. “You my dear, are going to have to deal with us now.” he pulls me closer and swings an arm around my shoulder. “Welcome to the group.” No, no, no, no. I start hyperventilating.


“You’re cheating on me with Albus!” I looked at Fred who points at Albus who smirks at me who sits there listening at the silence that runs through the Hall.  Everyone in the Great Hall turns to face us. Clearly they heard Freddy’s outburst. 


After a couple of minutes, whispers abruptly broke through the hall. People were looking from Fred to Albus then me. Perfect. I’m going to be on the bloody front page of Witch Weekly.


“What the hell Fred?” I spit venomously.


“Sorry. Don’t worry, I’ll fix it.” Fred gets up and stands on his seat. I’m sure his intentions were to make things better but of course being Fred, it has the opposite effect. “People of Hogwarts, I’m not with April Rose.” he bellows causing instant blood to rush to my cheeks. “Don’t worry, I’m single! Ready to mingl… Oof.” I yank him back down into his seat.



“Thank you Mr. Weasley for that clarification. I’m sure we were all worried about your relationship status,” Professor McGonagall announces. “Now, if you don’t mind, let the feast begin.” Food appears on the tables, causing everyone to dig in. 


“It sounded like a break up.” James whispers to Fred. 


“I was trying to tell them that we were never together.” Fred informs looking from me to James. 


“Don’t worry Fred.” I smile gently reassuring him. “People should learn how to mind their own business.” I grin and start serving myself to dinner. 


Looking up, I actually feel a sense of delight run through my body. Even though these people have a tendency of being annoying, they were still welcoming. No matter what, they were family.


Laughter echo’s through our new group as we talk, tease and argue with each other. Glancing from my food, I lock eyes with James who is staring at me with a small smile playing on the corner of his lips. 


“See something you like Potter?” I smirk, stealing one of his lines. 


He shakes his head and smiles wider, taking a large bite from his chicken. I simply shrug and face Louis who is arguing with Dom. Siblings! 


My eyes widen as I notice the time. I practically have two minutes to get to detention, which is located on the opposite side of the castle. 


Quickly, I shove all the food content down my throat and grab James by his collar after swallowing.


“Oi!” he argues, pulling me to a stop outside the Great Hall. “Calm down April.” 


“Calm down! Calm DOWN!” I yell. “We have less than two minutes to get to detention.” he simply stands there with his arms across his chest, grinning like some loon. “We are going to have to scrub the toilet if we don’t get there on time.” I exclaim then gasp. “I can’t scrub the toilet. Imagine all those germs.” 


“Oh April. You’re adorable.” he claims my hand with his and pulls me towards the potions room. Walking past several frames, he mutters to himself. “I’m sure it’s one of these.” 


I squeal suddenly, when one of the portraits open and reveals a secret passage. James lights his wand, “lumos,” and pulls me inside. 


“I can’t go in there.” I step back, refusing to move any further. “Spiders are everywhere! Especially in dark tunnels!” 


“We are already late April. This is the fastest option we have.” he holds his hand out and waits patiently. “Trust me on this. No spider will dare touch you” I sigh and take his hand hesitantly. 


“If I get bitten..” he doesn’t let me get the opportunity to finish the sentence as I am suddenly yanked through.


Detaching my hand from his grasp at the end of the tunnel, I came face-to-face to the Potions room. “I could have died.” I mutter, stepping away from the portrait that closed. 


“Paranoid Freak.” he whispers, rolling his eyes. 


“What did you say?” I demand placing my hands firmly on my hips.


“I said, let’s go before we become any later.” he lies. 


“Mr Potter and Miss Rose, I was wondering what took you so long.” Professor Driscoll looks up from her table and checks the clock. “Right on time.” she gets up and places a bucket in front of us. “Clean the trophy room for an hour.” 


“An hour!”  I yell.


“Then you too will stay here until you successfully create the Sleeping Draught Potion.” she smugly replies.


“This is absurd!” I have things to do, a life to get too. 


“Ok, let’s get started.” Potter exclaims. Obviously he had no life to get back to. 


As we reach the trophy room, I grab the cloth and begin to work. “Potter, how many times have you been on detention?” I ask curiously. 


“A couple.” he answers, siting down on the floor in a position that looks extremely comfortable. “I regret nothing.” 


“Can you please get your arse off the ground and help me!” I shout, spraying water on him. “If you don’t help then who knows how long we’ll be here for.” I glance to the door that will only open once every trophy is cleaned.  “What if we die in here?” I squeak. “I don’t want to die with you.” 


I didn’t have to see his face to know he that he’s finding my tantrum amusing. “Look, I know we don’t like each other. I don’t like you and you don’t like me.” I explain.


James sighs and reaches for a cloth. He begins wiping the trophies at the opposite end without a word.  


This is how the next thirty minutes of detention pass. The big fat awkward moment arrives and I have to break it fast! “So…” I whisper. Apparently to myself, since Potter continues to clean. “Potter!” I repeat clearer. No response. He is ignoring me!


I walk closer to him and clear my throat. “POTTER!” I scream.


“What do you want April?” he snaps. I blink, taken aback. He’s eyes are bored but his tone is sharp. What’s wrong with him?


“What’s wrong with you Potter?” he simply shrugs. “Don’t be a man.”


He raises an eyebrow.  


“Fine,” I huff. “Don’t be a turd and tell me what’s wrong.” I fold my arms and lean casually against a cupboard. I have a few minutes to spare.


“The question is what’s wrong with you?” he starts. I blink several times. “We’ve known each other for so long…”

“Three days.” I sternly interrupt.


 He glares, “and we’re partners in two subjects. For some unknown reason, you don’t like me.”


“I was right. You are a girl.” I snicker, causing him to sigh with irritation.


“I’m just saying that you don’t know me enough to dislike me. I’m not saying that you have to like me, but…”


“Look Potter, if I’d known you were so sensitive I wouldn’t have said a word.” I roll my eyes and continue, “We share a mutual friendship. Strictly class mates.”


“I’m not sensitive.” He mutters, folding his arms.


“If you say so.” Once again he glowers only making me laugh harder. “Come on, I’m just joking around. Friends do that right?”


When I catch James’ lopsided smile I feel satisfied for doing something right. I can’t stop my lips from breaking out into a grin.


“Yeah.” He agrees.


The door suddenly burst open and Professor Driscoll scans the room. “That’s enough.” She concludes.


Potter and I retrieve our wands from her. “I don’t want anymore issues in class. If you repeat that stunt I will have to send an owl to your parents.” She charms the buckets to disappear, and with one final stern look, she exits.


I feel sick. This year hasn’t gone off to a great start. It’s third day back and I already have one detention. If I get anymore, they’ll send a warning letter. If my father ever gets hold of that letter…


“April!” I pull back suddenly and realize that I’m shaking. “Are you ok?” James questions, his voice filled with concern.


“Just cold and tired.” I lie.


James shrugs off his sweater and hands it to me. I try to protest but he insists, “Take it before you die from pneumonia.”


I mutter “thanks” and weave through the jumper.


“Come on, let’s head back.”


Unfortunately, James walks back in silence. He leaves me with my deleterious thoughts. I need a distraction and I need it fast.


“Quickly.” James and I freeze. “You’re too slow!” someone whispers harshly.


We turn around and come face-to-face with Louis, Fred, Albus and Rose scurrying towards us with their heads turned back.


“Fred?” James questions in a surprising tone.


Before any of us can get a reply, James and I are pulled into a broom closet.


“What the hell!” I exclaim, only to be shushed by Fred. “What is going on?” I quietly demand.


“We ran away,” Louis quickly explains. “From our detention with Filch.” 


Outside, we can hear Filch’s cat meowing.


“Fuck!” Rose cries from the shadows. “Why did I ever listen to these idiots?”


“Forget that Rose! Why did you guys leave in the first place?” I screech. I am not going to get another detention for these moronic fools. I did my part and I was not going to get sucked into their stupid plan.


James shoves his hand over my mouth and shushes me.


“He was making us clean his room.” My eyebrows rise. Filch has a room! Who knew? “There was cat fur and turd everywhere. I think I swallowed a piece of his hair.” Albus shudders, revolted by the thought.


“I just finished detention. I’m not getting dragged to another one with you lot.” I argue, attempting to push my way to the door.


I’m pulled back, my back crashing right into James’ chest. “You will do no such thing.” He murmurs to my ear. “That will only get you caught.”


I push away from him and sit beside Rose on a box. Of course he’s right.


“He was right behind us. He can’t be far.” Louis mutters while peeking through the cracks in the door.


I lean my head back and close my eyes. An image of that night flashes through my eyes. Jerking up, I ignore James’ questioning gaze as I pace between the limited spaces.


“April…” Rose begins worriedly.


“I’m fine.” I cut, ignoring everyone’s concern.


This cupboard is too compact. There is nowhere to escape. I can feel my lungs working harder as I breathe in. I need to get out now!


“You know, the great thing about cats is that they can sense fear from a mile away.” Filch’s voice greeted eerily.


All five of us gasp.



Authors Note: I’ve taken a new direction and I hope you guys like it. Please leave a review. I promise to update chapter 5 J





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