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Chasing April by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 3 : Detentions.
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Here I was, stuck in detention, cleaning trophies with James Potter. Somehow, something I said offended him, which then led our conversations to an end. Unfortunately, that didn't stop him from staring at me. 

 I was getting sick of the endless smirks that Here I was in detention, cleaning trophies with James Potter, in silence. I was getting sick of the endless smirks that erupted from him every time I dropped or tripped over a trophy. I was on the verge of doing something stupid and childish. 
Get ready here it come. Feeling anger collide with my actions, I lifted the bucket and poured the water over James’s head. 

Hair clinging to his skin and clothes drenched like a mop, he gasped in shock and in disbelief. “Bloody Hell.” he screeched. Dang! I should have brought a camera. “What the bloody hell was that for?” he demanded

I simply shrugged and turned back to the trophies. “Your hair looked like it needed a wash.” I informed. Obviously I was lying. He could probably go through weeks without washing his hair and still look like a greek goddess. Don’t tell him that I said that! 

A horrified expression appeared on James’s face. “My hair is perfectly groomed!” Reaching into his sleeves, James pulled out his wand and charmed his hair dry. 

“I thought she took your wand?” I asked confused. I wasn’t mistaken. I had watched the teacher curl her skinny, slimy fingers around our precious babies. It was heart aching! *sniff. 

“I’m a talented wizard, I own many useful duplicates.” he remarked proudly, twirling his wand skillfully between his fingers. 

“Why can’t you use it to clean the trophies!”  I growled. He’s been wasting all this time! 

His eyebrows knitted together and his fingers ran smoothly through his beastly mess of a hair. He was clearly in concentration mode. 

I waited for him to process the information. As i waited, he suddenly shrugged and quickly pocketed his wand. “Why should I?” he questioned.

“The question is why shouldn’t you?” I corrected. 

“No, I’m pretty sure I said why should I?” Doubt replaced his grin. Idiot! 

“So we could get out of here, duh.”  I explained. James hopped towards me. Ok, maybe he didn’t hop. Replace it with strutted. 

Circling me with his wand, he spoke. “Listen sweetheart.” 

“Don’t call me sweetheart.” I sneered, flicking his wand away from his grip. 

Ignoring me completely he continued. “If I used my wand to clean this mess up, Professor Driscoll is bound to be suspicious. Besides, I honestly don’t mind being here. Unlike you who constantly has mood changes and enjoys yelling, screaming, shouting...” 

“They all mean the same thing Potter.” I spat out dangerously. “And you shouldn’t be talking. You have fifty personalities under that thick skull of yours. One second your nice the next your childish.” I complained. 

“My dear, you are going to have wrinkles at such a young age.” he tapped my forehead and smirked. “Always frowning.” 

Before I could introduce my fist to James’s face, I was interrupted by the footsteps that echoed outside the room. 

“Shit.” I swore. “How long have we been here for?”  I faced James who shrugged absently again and  quickly charmed the trophies to be spotless. “Finally, he’s made good use of himself.” I muttered.  

“Hey, I heard that!” he argued.

I smiled sweetly at him. “You were supposed to.” 

“Rude.” he insulted. 

“Prick head” I shot back.  


“I resent that pig head.” I was furious. If anyone did any work here, it was me. “Using you wand is cheating.” 

“This isn’t a game.” he pointed out. “Gosh Rose. Why is everything a competition to you.” he huffed. 

“Ok, now I know you’re just trying to annoy me.” I walked towards the exit, leaving him behind.

“I’m honestly hurt. I would never annoy you.” he chuckled and followed me. 

As I opened the door, Professor Driscoll barged in. “You two have to be the worst students I’ve ever had. I’ve been knocking for ages.” she yelled furiously while glaring at us. 

“The door must have been stuck or something.” James guessed, hiding his wand from her sight. 

Professor Driscoll walked in and glanced at the trophies, then suspiciously stared at us. “It took you two hours to clean this room!” she yelled again. 

“TWO HOURS!” I also screamed. I’ve been in here for TWO hours with James.  

“Silence, Miss Rose.” I immediately zipped my lips. Her voice wasn’t delightful at all. It was filled with rage and menace.  “You two have already wasted plenty of my time.” She walked us out of the Trophy room and spun on her heels to face us again. “You two will meet me at my office tomorrow at six to finish the Sleeping draught.” she drew our wands out and returned it back to us hesitantly. “Now get back to your dorms and try not to blow up anything on the way.” she snapped. 

James and I sped out of the Great Hall without a second glance back. “Now I’m going to be taught by a teacher who hates my guts.” I snapped. 

“You’ll eventually get use to it” James assured.  

‘Thanks, but I prefer it when people like me.” I replied. 

“Why care.” James asked perplexed. 

“Ask yourself that.” I muttered. “Why care that I don’t like you?” I questioned, seriously interested in the answer.

“You’re different. You have no reason to dislike me.” he argues, slowing his speed. 

“Ha. I’ve mentioned so many to you.” I quickened my pace and ignored the intense stare the pierced through my back. 

 As we passed the Fountain Courtyard, James grabbed my wrist and stopped me hastily. 

“What’s wrong?” I demanded.

“Well love, this is where we depart.” he breathed dramatically while holding my hand between his firm grip.  

“Pity.” I remarked, earning a smile from James as I managed to slip my hand out of his hold. 

“Pity, indeed.” his eyes watched me again, enjoying the discomfort I was going through.

“Aren’t you going to the Gryffindor Common room?” I  queried. 

“Why, want me to walk you there?” he slyly grinned reaching out for my hand again. 

“I’ll pass thanks.” I crossed my hands across my chest, away from his reach. “It’s past curfew. Where are you going this late at night?” I questioned. 

“I was going to meet up with...” he stopped, wide eyed. 

“With...” I pressed.

“A girl.” he added quickly. 

“After curfew?” I checked. “Must be a Huffelpuff.” I guessed. 

“It can become a Gryffindor.” he whispered huskily taking towards me.  Quick, get me a bucket! Before I puke all over him! 

“Not much options there. Aren’t majority of them related to you?” I snapped back.  

A smirk tugged on his lips as he spoke. “I can tell you one that isn’t. She’s a friend of mine.” Another step closer. 

“Phew. Can’t be me then.” I watched in confusion as his smirk grew wider. Was that even possible.

“She, on the other hand claims she isn’t a friend.” he added.

Feeling sick, I stepped away from him and decided to end this conversation right now. “Ok. Have fun. Ta Ta. Adios. Au revior. Goodnight!” I ran away from James who erupted into a fit of laughter. Screw him! 

As I headed towards the Gryffindor common room tired as ever, I ran into Dom. “April! There you are.” I gave her a soft smile and kept walking to my dorm. “No, this way silly. Follow me.” she insisted. I groaned.

“Dom, I’m really exhausted. It’s only first day back and look at my state.” I hold my arms at my side and let her inspect me. 

“Your right.” she sighed. “Your depressed because of the detention.” she looped her arm with mine and dragged me off through the corridors. “Look Ape, I know it’s your first detention and you’re upset.” 

“Dom.” I tried explaining. 

“It’s really ok. Look at me. I’m a Ravenclaw and I’ve had two.” she exclaimed. 


“Maybe Cam should talk to you.” she stopped in front of the painting of fruits. “He’s better at talking.” I can vouch for that.

“Ice-cream after curfew Dom, seriously?” I questioned. Dom always has a craving for ice-cream at the most weirdest times but this was ridiculous.  “You’re a prefect.” 

“Pretty please with a cherry on top. I’ll be quick. I’ll just say i was doing rounds.” she pouted adorably.  

“What are you twelve? Ok, fine.” We walked in and ordered our delicious Ice-Sweetie from the lovely house elves. 

The Ice-Sweetie consists of three different ice-cream scoops. Fudge Ripple, Rocky Road and Peanut Butter Cluster. On top of that, there is a massive, thick layer of melted chocolate, with sprinkles and a large cherry on top. Yeah, we never finish it but it tastes like heaven. 

“So...” Dom started while taking a bite from her ice-cream. 

“So.” I repeated as I delicately bit into the rosy cherry. 

“Have you talked to Cam?” she implored suddenly. 

“Yeah why?” I slowly said. Speaking of whom, seemed slightly down when i left dinner. Must check into that. 

“Did he say anything about me?” I sighed knowing exactly what this was about. See, Dom has had a crush on Cam since first year. I’ve tried so many ways to hook them up or set them on a date but Cam always took it as a friends thing! When they went to Hogsmead together he told Dom “This was nice Dom, two friends hanging out.”  Cam can sometimes be oblivious. 

“No he hasn’t Dom.” I sadly informed. 

“Really!” she was surprised. “I would have thought he would have told you.” she murmured. 

“Tell me what.” I replied cautiously. 

“That I asked him out.” I choked on the cherry that was in my mouth. Coughing constantly and feeling death come my way, a house elf passed me water. 

“Thank you.” I breathed. I placed the cup down and regained my breath. “You did what?” I exclaimed, worried more about Cam’s reaction. 

“It was a week ago. I couldn’t take it anymore. I just asked him out to Hogsmead but he said no.” her eyes lowered. “I’ve never been rejected before.” she frowned disappointedly. 

“I’ll try kicking some sense into his head.” I promised, hugging her tightly. “Did he say why?” Cam wouldn’t just turn down someone without an explanation. 

“He thinks of me as his bloody sister.” she muttered darkly. She gently rubbed her forehead and rose from her seat. “I’m calling it a night. I’m kind of tired.” she yawned. 

“Ok Babe. Don’t stress ok.” I called out as she she turned around the corner of the hallway. 

Feeling slightly mad at Cam, I slowly walked back to the Gryffindor common room. Why didn’t Cam tell me? It’s been a week! He and I are going to have a serious discussion tomorrow. 

“What’s it Hon. Is someone over there?” someone whispered further down the corridor, shining a lamp aimlessly around. 

I chuckled. Was Filtch talking to his cat? As recognition hit me, I soon processed the information. Filtch was just a few feet away from me, looking for his new victim to catch and torture.

“Shit!” I scurried into the nearest broom closet right behind me. As i dodged the scatter on the floor, I pressed myself away from the door. 

Hearing the footsteps fade away, I took note of the breathing that blew against my neck and sent shivers crawling up my spine. 

 I was in a body bind spell. I couldn’t move and I was about to go in shock. Actually i was already in shock. There was  a serial killer on the loose in this very broom closet.

Finding my voice,  I screamed as loud as possible. Unfortunately, my full proof plan fell to the dumps as the bloody genius saw this coming and covered my mouth with his hand, before a single sound echoed out. 

“Shh.” the intruder whispered harshly.  “April.” the voice became clearer and depressingly familiar.  Merlin beard’s it’s James Freaking Potter. No doubt his fling was in here too. I’m stuck in this closet with two love birds. My first day back could not get worse.

“dhbjfb” I muffled through his hand. 

“What language is that?” he muttered. “Oh, sorry.” I pushed him away from me and successfully managed to trip over something. “Careful. You’re going to get us caught.” Thanks mate.  I could have died from falling and you care about getting caught. 

But I saved you from falling.” he argued back. Wow, did i say that out loud? I pushed away from his arms and kept our distance as wide as possible.  “What are you doing here?” he questioned. 

I didn’t feel the need to waste my energy on an explanation. So, I kept quiet and watched the dark. Everything is so black! Wow, i just had a Potter moment. 

“I knew you’d accept my offer.” I could feel his smirk radiate from his stupid face even in the dark. “You couldn’t resist my charm.” 

“No, you blithering idiot.”  I quickly lowered my voice. “I was at the kitchens with Dom and I was just heading back to the common room when Filtch showed up. It was unfortunate that you were here too.” I took his silence as an opportunity to ask him the same question. “What about you?” 

“What about me?” he asked cockily. 

“Who’s the girl next to you?” I faced towards his voice and smiled. “Hiya! I’m April! Who are you?” I asked politely. “Can’t imagine what it must be like to be in here with Potter. You are going to be in trauma for the rest of your life. Take this as an opportunity to leave.” I warned. “If you wish to stay the outcomes are, being blind, catching a disease and becoming deaf.” I concluded. 

“Hilarious April, really.” James applauded. “I’m sorry to disappoint you though, but there is no one in here with me.” James admitted. 

“You have to admit it though, it was a good speech!” I pouted. 

He laughed quietly. As his laughter came to a stop, there was a brief pause of silence, until....

“That’s it, I’m sick of not talking. Hello beautiful?” A new voice interrupted.

“Fred!” I exclaimed. I was shocked. “What are you two doing in here?” 

“The one and only gorgeous, stunning Fred. ” he replied. James simply snorted.

“James, I didn’t know you were gay.” I spoke excitedly. “You didn’t have to hide it from me. I can keep a secret.” I heard a gasp, most likely Freddy’s. “Explains why you two are in here.” I need to get out of this closet. Who knows how many people have been in here to snog.  

“I’m not gay!” Fred shouted, interrupting my thoughts. 

“Filtch is going to come idiot.” James scolded. “April honey, you simply should follow the career path of being a clown.” James added. “You are simply too good.” he sighed and corrected me. “We aren’t gay, love.” 

“And here I thought there was a possibility of us being friends.” I sighed. “Anyways.... what are you two doing here then?” 

“Hiding from Filtch.” Fred stated. “Check if he’s gone James.” 

James fiddled around and constantly knocked me with his elbow. “Potter I’m going to poke your eyes out.” I cursed. “Stuff this.” I fetched for my wand in my waist band and whispered. “Lumos.” The two idiots faces showed up and James was cornered next to me. 

I kept the distance between us and shone the light on James. “What is that?” I pointed at the blank parchment he held in his hands. 

“A map.” he stated simply. 

“Potter, it’s Blank.” I informed.  Now I was worried about him. 

“I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.” as he whispered these words, slowly ink erupted from the paper, creating the map of Hogwarts. “See.” he whispered proudly. 

“That’s amazing.” I muttered. You could see everyone on the map. 

“Filtch is in the next corridor heading this way.” Fred informed. “Where is....” as Fred scanned the map, I also noticed several familiar names crowded together around the corner.

“What the hell where you doing tonight Potter?” I snarled. 

“Um, setting up a prank.” he answered honestly. 

“And you needed, Scorpios, Daniel, Rose, Roxy, Hugo and Teddy to set up this prank too?” 

“Very much indeed.” he nodded. “You see April, everyone has an important role when executing a prank.” I watched his face as he filled me in on the prank. He looked excited and calm while I hyperventilated and worried sick about our lives.

“Potter, I really don’t care.” I breathed out and watched as their names came closer to our location. “We need to get out of here alive and clearly you don’t care about receiving a year supply of detentions, but I do.” I smiled and pointed my wand at his chest. “You should consider a career path of becoming a cleaner. You clearly enjoy cleaning trophies and bathrooms everyday.”  When I talked to James, I felt like a television, always entertaining him. His pathetic grin would always appear at the end of my speeches. 

I was suddenly pushed backwards into Fred as six more people decided to squish their way into the tiny broom closet. This was getting ridiculous. 

“Move in closer Daniel!” Roxy demanded. “We all need to fit.”

“Damn Filtch.” Scorpios murmured. 

 I was pancaked between Fred, James and Rose at the very back of the closet. James scrunched the map into his pocket and Rose explained the situation. “Everything is prepared guys. We just need to get out of here. Any ideas?” she requested anxiously. 

“Good Luck getting out without Filtch catching us.” I muttered.

“April?” they all questioned in unison in the same tune. Creepy!

“Fred!” Fred called out. It was funny how every glance at his direction and stared at him. “What? I felt left out.” 

“This is the worst situation I’ve got myself into.” I groaned, blinking my eyes hastily. They were sore, tired and heavy. 

“Couldn’t agree more.” Hugo replied stonily. “Why couldn’t I stay like Albus and Lily?” 

“The more, the merrier.” James lectured. “It’s only ten o’clock.” 

“Only.” Rose grumbled. “We helped you enough, now please let us go.” 

“Daniel.” I cried. 

“Yes.” he instantly hollered. 

“Omg, Dan lower your bloody voice down.” Roxy hissed.

“Talk about yourself.” 

“Guys...” Rose warned. 

“How’d you end up here April?” Scorpios questioned. 

“This is insane.” Hugo repeated. 

“I’m tired.” I complained. 

“Keep quiet.” Roxy yelled. Omg! Not this again. These people seemed to enjoy talking at the same time. 

“Why?” Dan argued

“Because I said so.” Roxy fired back. 

“I don’t want to listen to you.” 

“Listen to me, prick.” I felt everyone shift. People we getting restless and impatient and we were all getting squished. 

“Ha, no way princess.” 

“SHIUT UP!” Hugo bellowed. “Both of you zip it.” Everyone immediately kept their lips shut. We waited patiently for who knows what and were scared to death when an eye appeared through the crack of the door. 

“Well well. Look what we have here.” We all stared at the door through the cracks, where Mr Filtch currently stood. “Fresh meat.” 

“I actually saw this coming.” James remarked. Someone, kill that boy. 

Authors Note: I hope you like it :D Please tell me what you think and if there is anything wrong. I’ve been busy editing the first two chapters. Please feel free to leave a review. 


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Chasing April : Detentions.


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