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Done by Silly Potter
Chapter 1 : The Fight
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“You won’t even give me a chance!” he yelled across the common room

“Of course I won’t, it’s not like you deserve one”

The crowd turned to see what he would say back. His face was as red as her hair. He was fuming. He was holding it all in.

She didn’t move. Her eyes held his with such rage, walking away would be the equivalent of giving up and dating him. Ugh.

He walked up to her. The crowd suddenly gained much more interest. He looked at them. They left.

She was confused. This never happened. Yelling from afar was the norm but proximity and possible contact was out of the question.

He faced her, staring into her green eyes. She could see all the colors in his hazel ones. Mesmerized, she forgot what was going on. She could see the love, anger, passion, frustration. Every emotion he was feeling she could see it in his eyes.

“I’m done” he huffed.

She snapped back into reality.

He left.


“Then he said ‘I’m done’ and left. Seriously, that was the single greatest moment of my life.” She said casually.

Alice and Mary exchanged glances as Lily recounted the events of last night.

“Oh goodness, don’t do that.”

“Don’t do what?”Alice and Mary responded simultaneously.

“Don’t give me that look,” Lily said as she poured more coffee in her mug, “the look that says I’m making a mistake. You both do this every time he is involved in anything! I know him, ok? I’ve known him for the past six years. Going out with that egotistical jerk is a terrible idea. Hell I can’t even imagine being friends with him, let alone dating him. He's so full of himself and irritating and just talking about him frustrates me.”

She sighed as she looked up from her breakfast; Mary was shaking her head and Alice was rubbing her temples. They thought she should give him a chance. Alice had said countless times, “If a boy chases you for years, Lily, the least you could do is give him one chance. Just one. James truly is a sweet boy, just get to know him.” But Lily did know him, in her mind.

“I have one more year at Hogwarts when the semester ends this week. One year, okay? One Potter-free promised year. If he’s told me he’s done with me and isn’t going to bother me, please don’t insist on me dating him. Just listen to me, Please?” She slammed her coffee mug on the table in a frustrating manner, spilling the caffeinated beverage everywhere.

“You know what, no—”

“Fine, Lily. If you insist that we don’t talk about him we won’t,” Alice responded, effectively cutting Mary off and earning her a glare.

“Good, now let’s get to class. Don’t want to ruin our perfect attendance and punctuality in the last week of the semester!” She said excitedly as she swung her book bag and ran off to potions, in a much better mood.

The semester ended rather quickly. Students spent the remaining week to pack their things and prepare themselves for the long journey home. The train was to arrive Saturday morning. The ever so punctual Lily was running unexpectedly late, missing breakfast and nearly the train. She stumbled on board and began searching compartments for Mary and Alice. Still in a daze from rushing in the morning, she stumbled into someone's chest as the train began to move.

“Oh I’m so sorry!” She said politely, as she looked up to see James Potter staring at her. He walked on by coldly, giving no response.

“Ugh, rude much?” Lily grumbled under her breath as she continued on with her search.

He really was done, apparently.

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Done: The Fight


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