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Summer's Where It Began by Ms_D_Longbottom
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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(James Point of View)

“Padfoot please... I know you love this muggle band but please I beg you stop singing!”

“It’s Fleetwood Mac Prongs! They’re top of the charts.”

“I swear Padfoot you repeat another line of lyrics before we get to that party and I will take great pleasure in stunning you”

“Fine, we should have named you moody.” He scoffed.

“You’ve sung ‘Don’t stop’ at least 4 times now!”

“Okay okay I get it...”

We locked our room and headed to the out skirts of town. We found Scannel Street in no time. Now it was a matter of finding which factory would be hosting tonight’s festivities. It didn’t take long, before long we found a trail of people slipping into a factory towards the southern end of the street.

“Name...” A big guy on the door asked. He could have been part troll if you ask me, especially with that ugly mug.

“Oh hi, we’re new in town. I’m James and this is my friend Sirius.” I said stretching out my hand.

“What kinda fucked up name is that?” Sirius let out a small growl from the bottom of his throat.

“His parents were hippies, can’t blame the fella now can we? So are we in or...” I said trying to push Padfoot inside.

“You’re not on the list. No name no entry. No outsiders.” The big guy grumbled.

“Come on mate, we’re just looking for a bit of fun. What’s the harm in it? We were recommended this by a friend. Said your parties are to die for” Okay I was exaggerating a little but hey we wanted in, there was nothing better to do. He raised an eye brow.

“How do I know you ain’t no pig’s snitch? We don’t like cops.”

“Dude you’re talking to the guys who earned themselves a month worth of detentions for sticking a firecracker in a boys bathroom. We aren’t angles” Sirius butted in. The troll seemed impressed, he waved us in.

“We’re in Prongs!” Sirius yelled gleefully.

(Lily’s point of view)

I couldn’t believe I was doing this again, only this time I was doing it with my mother’s permission. I gazed at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a short tie dyed dress and strapped golden sandals. Not too bad I thought.

“You look smashing baby girl”

“Merlin Dad! You scared me!” I squealed, jumping out of my skin.

“Sorry sweetheart. Anyway, you’re going to knock ‘em all dead... Just don’t bring any of them home alright?” He smiled. My dad is such a goof ball.

“No worries on that front dad.”

“Got your eyes on a Hogwartian hmm?”

“No dad, there is not Hogwarts boy, thank you very much.”

“What about...” I knew how he was going to finish that sentence, ever since I let slip about the annoying James bloody Potter he’d used it against me.

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence” He laughed.

“Alright sweetheart. Be home at a decent hour, you still have work tomorrow.”

“I will Daddy.” I kissed his cheek and left my house, into the cool summer’s air.

(James Point of view)

The party was in full swing. Unfortunately I did have to endure another round of ‘Don’t Stop’ by Fleetwood Mac but hey it was a muggle party, thus muggle music. I lost Sirius to a crowd of girls within the first half an hour. 

Not that I was bothered. I was quite happy to wander around by myself. I danced with a couple of girls but none of them really tickled my fancy. They were no certain muggleborn, fiery, red head.

I was enjoying myself, I wasn’t even drunk yet. I’d only had a couple of drinks. I was enjoying myself... that is until Sirius came running over with a panicked look in his eyes.

“Oh Padfoot what have you done now?!” I said exasperatedly.

“Remember the red hair from the motel?”

“The one with the nice arse that I never actually saw? Yes”

“I found her”

“Good for you Padfoot.”

“No... It’s not good Prongs” He said shaking his head.

“Why she not as pretty as you thought? Too old for you?”

“No it’s not that. She’s fucking gorgeous. You’ll probably kill me later for saying that.”


“Because the girl... the girl is Evans”


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Summer's Where It Began: Chapter 4


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