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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 36 : Breaking Up Is Never Easy To Do
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 Chapter Thirty Six

My life had felt like a rollercoaster since I realised that I was still in love with Lily Potter. I’d tried to repress those feelings, ignore them and hope that they would go along but I couldn’t do it anymore. Everytime I saw Lily I nearly lost my breath, I felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest and whenever I was away from her I found myself constantly thinking about her and when I could see her next. It wasn’t making things awkward though, because for the first time I was aware that Lily felt the same way about me as I felt about her. She felt like her heart was going to explode, she felt like there was something missing whenever I wasn’t there and she, as far as I know, was always thinking about me. I didn’t really care if anyone found out now; to be honest I didn’t know why I’d always been so worried about the matter of Lily’s family. They seemed to see Jack and I pretty much as members of the family. Then there was Abi. I felt awful about how I’d betrayed her, I didn’t want to be known as that kind of guy but I guess I was maybe all guys are the same after all. I’d decided that it was the end of the road for us, there was no point going on when I was in love with somebody else. It wasn’t fair on her and it wasn’t fair on me. That’s not to say I’d planned to move on to Lily the second that I finished with Abi, that would be really crass and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be in that place with Lily yet but I didn’t want the guilt of stringing somebody along so I had to end things between Abi and I it was the best thing all round

It was New Year’s Eve and the day of the Potters big New Year’s party at their house and Jack, Rose, Hugo and I had been roped into helping them set up all day. I had decided that I would escape and visit Abi sometime during the day; her flight home had been cancelled so she’d been stuck for three days, and tell her that I was breaking up with her. I was nervous, I’d never broken up with anybody before and all I could keep thinking about was how I was going to break her heart. Knowing that I was going to be the cause of so much pain made me feel sick, but it had done and I was sure Abi would have no problem finding another boyfriend as she was pretty amazing.

I looked at Lily, it was midday and I was about to leave to meet up with Abi at a park near her house to break up with her, she looked incredibly happy as I smiled back at her. Rose shot us both disapproving glances, she’d made her feelings on the subject perfectly clear and it was clear she thought what we’d done was cruel. It was although Lily argued that it would have been a lot more cruel to string Abi along anymore and it was better I got it out of the way before anything happen that put me in the wrong. I wasn’t really sure why I was putting in effort into my appearance considering what I was going to do when I met up with Abi but never the less I put on a nice buttoned up black shirt and my best pair of jeans

“You’re looking dapper” said Hugo “Going to see Abi are you?”

“He’s going to break up with Abi” shot Rose. Lily gave her cousin an evil glare but I just went slightly red and looked at the ground

“What? How come?” asked Hugo looking very confused “I thought things were going really well between you two”

“They were” I said looking at Lily and Rose, Rose sighed and walked off “I just don’t think it’s working”

“She did cramp your style a bit mate” said Hugo patting me on the back “I mean, don’t get me wrong I like the girl but she was batting out of her league a bit with you”

“There’s no need to be cruel Hugo” snapped Lily “Oliver just feels the relationship isn’t going anywhere so has decided to end it, isn’t the right Oliver?”

“Yeah” I mumbled checking the time on my watch. Half an hour until I had to meet Abi, James was late as usual. He had a hot date near where I was meeting Abi, and he wanted to give me some advice on how to successfully break up with somebody. James turned up with five minutes to spare, Hugo seemed shocked that he was helping me but James said his New Year resolution was to help at least one person per week. No one really believed that he would keep up to it and Hugo did point out the irony of the fact the first person he helps will cause pain to another.

“So then” said James as he and I walked into the forest near the house towards the portkey “Why are you breaking up with your girlfriend Benson? Too clingy? Not clingy enough? Have you since found out she’s a man”

“No, no and No” I replied putting extra emphasis on the last no “I just feel like the relationship isn’t going anywhere and wants the point if that’s the case?”

“Seriously that’s it?” exclaimed James “Oliver, I’m all for being single in fact I love it but come on she’s gonna want more than that. She’s going to want to know why you’re breaking up with her, what she did wrong, if there’s someone else…”

I looked down at the floor and James looked at me with a look of mild amusement plastered across his face “Oh my god there is someone else isn’t there” said James “Oliver Benson I had no idea you had it in you, you old dog. Wow”

“I don’t feel good about it” I replied praying inside he wasn’t going to ask who the new girl was

“So who is this new girl then?”


“Oh she’s… just another girl from school” I replied probably too quickly and panicky “You wouldn’t know her”

“I might” said James “I only left two years ago remember, chances are I’ll have known her if she was hanging around with you and Lily”

“No she wasn’t” I replied, again far too panicky “She’s French… a foreign exchange student from France… called Margaret”

“Dude, are you dumping Abi for a 65-year old” said James laughing out loud “How many young people do you know called Margaret”

I felt so stupid. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone called Margaret who wasn’t at least fifty, not that I’d met many Margaret’s in my time to begin with. I had to make thing after thing up about Margaret as James began questioning me. Margaret was 17, French, blonde part veela (James found it hard to believe I’d pulled one), her father was a millionaire, her mother had been a model in the 1990’s and she had two little brothers called Jacques and Christian. Luckily James had never been the brightest so seemed to take it in, though I probably shouldn’t have said that I’d asked her along to the party

James left me to go and meet his date in some pub; I walked around the park for a bit throwing stones into a lake when someone launched a massive snow ball that went right down the back of my shirt. I turned around to see Abi running towards me and she embraced me in a massive hug smothering my face with kisses

“I have missed you so much” she said as we sat down on a park bench. She would choose today of all days to look as pretty as I’d ever seen you “I had such a good Christmas with my family, it’s nice when it’s just us. My sister’s boyfriend turned out to be a bit of a sleaze, we found him in the broom cupboard with a ski instructor on Boxing Day. Sis wasn’t bothered though, said she was only with him because he had money”

I listened to her talk on and on about her holiday, I took some of it in but I was more concentrating on how I was going to tell her that I was breaking up with her. James told me to just come out and say it, don’t skate around the subject for a bit just get it over with.

“So, Oliver, how was your Christmas” asked Abi once she had finished her tale “Hope Lily didn’t drive you up the wall too much; are you ok you look like you’re going to explode”

“I’m fine” I lied; I was getting good at that “Look Abs there’s something that you really need to know. I feel horrible and I honestly wish I didn’t feel this way but I can’t be your boyfriend anymore”

“What?” said Abi smirking slightly “Oliver you’re not serious are you? You can’t be serious why are you doing this?”

“I just feel that we’re not really going anywhere” I said “I’m sorry but it’s just the way I feel, I hope we can still be friends”

“No I am not letting you do this” said Abi taking my hands “I love you Oliver, I fancied you for six years for merlin sake! I’m not just going to give up on us just because you’ve got cold feet all of a sudden. Where has this even come from anyway? You were fine with me a few days ago”

“I was mad with you a few days ago” I shouted back “You were acting all crazy possessive and I told you that wasn’t what I wanted”

“I thought we sorted all of that out” said Abi angrily “I thought you agreed to stay away from Lily… oh my god she’s behind this isn’t she?! I should have bloody known it! Little tramp, she’s always wanted to get her nasty false nails into you and I bet you were so willing weren’t you? Always looking at her like a love sick puppy dog”

“I have not cheated on you with Lily!” I exclaimed then sighed “OK, I kissed her. At my birthday party in November and then again in December but she came onto me both times. I’m sorry”

“You’re sorry?!” shouted Abi scaring some seagulls who flew away. Lucky bastards “You’re sorry?! You cheated on me with that cheap little tramp. The same little tramp that was sleeping with the boy who made your life hell for years. Still, I suppose I shouldn’t blame you. You’re a male, you’re weak and Lily Potter is a very, very pretty girl who must’ve been begging you for it!”

“She was not begging for it” I shouted. Great, now old ladies were staring at us “Lily came on to me twice and I knocked her back twice because I didn’t want to hurt you”

“Well you really failed there didn’t you!” exclaimed Abi “I can’t believe this… I can’t believe I wasted six years of my life wanting you, if I’d known you were a dirty cheat from the start I certainly wouldn’t have wasted all of this time on you”. She walked off. I stayed stood still on the spot for a few seconds until I decided to run after her

“Abi, please, look I don’t want you to hate me” I said grabbing her arm and turning her back to me, she shot me an angry look “I’m not a bad person, and I really am sorry for hurting you the way that I have. I know it makes me a massive bastard and I’m just going to have to live with that”

“Good” she said simply “Do you know what Oliver? You’re not breaking up with me; I’m breaking up with you. I don’t need you in my life, besides I’ve got a little confession of my own”

“Oh what’s that?” I asked. I really hoped she wasn’t pregnant. Abi smirked

“I’m the one that got Lily and Scorpious together” said Abi “Well, I’m the one who encouraged Scorpious to go for Lily. I knew a girl like that wouldn’t be able to resist him; good-looking, fit, athletic, rich, charming, popular… I knew he liked her, and I knew the little tart wouldn’t be able to say no to him”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing

Abi. Abi was the reason Scorpious and Lily got together, she set them up

“Why?” I asked

“Simple” Abi shrugged “I knew that Lily wouldn’t be able to say no, I knew that meant you’d be hurt and you’d fall out and that’s when I planned to make my move”

“You’re insane” I said slowly

“Yeah well it backfired on me in the end didn’t it” said Abi bitterly “He dumped her to get back with Astoria and you went with her in the middle of our relationship anyway. Guess I did it all for nothing”

“But… you were shy and sweet and cute” I said slowly “You never talked to boys except for me, no one even knew who you were. How the hell did you persuade Malfoy to go after Lily”

“I didn’t talk to him directly” said Abi “I couldn’t risk it getting back to you, so I wrote him letters telling him that I thought it’d be a good idea. He didn’t know who was writing them, he told me to leave him alone but the letters clearly had some kind of effect on him as not long afterwards he and Lily were datin”

“Abi, this really doesn’t seem like you” I said

“Well you know what they say” said Abi “It’s always the quiet ones that you’ve got to watch, I probably should’ve realized the same about you”

“So you did all of that just to get with me” I said “Why didn’t you just ask me out straight away? You didn’t have to drive a wedge between Lily and me, I would have said yes regardless”

“No you wouldn’t” shouted Abi “I asked you to Hogsmeade when Lily and you weren’t talking, you would not have said yes if you were talking to her. When you and she are friends there’s no talking to you, it’s like she has some weird spell over you. I had to stop you being friends so I could be in with a shot. It’s not too late Oliver” she finished coming up close to me “I can forgive you for what you’ve done, I really love you”

“Yeah well I don’t love you” I shot back “You’re pathetic and desperate”

She slapped me “Rot in hell” she spat before running off


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