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Fearless by AccioTeddyLupin
Chapter 2 : Just My Luck
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How is it exactly possible that James’ eyes are even more dreamy. His brown eyes look as though they are melted chocolate with those emerald green specks!

Charlotte, concentrate!

After my thought process, I came back to reality and realized James was still staring at me and I began to squirm under his gaze. I knew I needed help and Chase was the first to react.

"What do you want." said Chase coolly.

But James didn't move his eyes "How did you do that?" still watching me.

"Do what?" I replied innocently.

"Make those papers disappear? James remarked, temper rising.

"What papers?"

"You know what papers, the ones that disappeared when you snapped your fingers. I didn't know you practiced wandless magic." James blurted out.

"Well you would if you were actually in the same room as her for more than 5 seconds." muttered Al.

James shifted his gaze from me to Al and remarked "What is that supposed to mean?"

Albus stood up and got in James' face "You know exactly what it means."

Still dangerously close to Al's face James said "Whatever. You two." looking pointedly at Scorpius and I "are supposed to be in the prefect cabin. Everyone has been waiting for you guys." It was then when I looked down did I realize that he not only had a quidditch captain badge on his chest, but also the head boy badge too.

James was Head Boy. James was Head Boy and I was a perfect. Before I could finish my thought I was interupted. "Charlotte, remember this is the boy who has barely spoken to you in 5 years." wait who said that?

I looked around and realized it was Val, but she wasn't speaking.

oh wait, Legilimency.

"Scorp and I have to go, you guys converse on the other papers Kingsley gave us." I thought back.

Val winked and replied "Gotcha."

"Come on Scorp, we have a meeting to attend." I walked over to Scorpius, I linked arms with him and we walked out of the compartment, leaving a gobsmacked James behind.

A few moments later James emerged from the background and caught up with Scorp and I. The walk was silent but I decided I should read James' mind to see if he had a trail of what he thought of my magic.

'Since when did she practice wandless magic? I mean she is only 15? Aunt Hermione couldn't master it till she was in her mid-20's! How the hell can she do it! And it seems as though Char has grown into a woman. She seems to have' he paused. 'matured.'

I wanted to laugh right then, but I held it in. I didn't know James could get any more shallow!

It was at this point when we had reached the perfect compartment. I dropped Scorp's arm and I slid the door open. Scorp and I walked over to the 5 years while James walked up to the front with the Head
Girl which just happened to be my sister, Alice Longbottom.

"Of course she was made Head Girl, Ms. Fuckin Perfect Prefect." I hissed.

Instead of listening to what my sister and James droned on about, I looked around and noticed just how many family members were prefects.

There was the 5th year Gryffindor's, Rose and Spencer Wood.

The 6th year prefects, obviously from Gryffindor, Liam Finnegan and Estelle Thomas.

And finally the 7th year prefects, Molly Weasley and Frank, my brother.

'Oh joy.' I thought.

Before departing after the meeting I noticed James had gathered the clan, so I decided to listen in on the conversation. With the spin of my hand, the conversation volume increased so that Scorp and I could hear.

"She can do wandless magic." confessed James. Everyone glanced at me, but by that time I was in a 'heated' discussion with Scorp. When their eyes averted, I was listening in again.

Rose had a pained expression on her face.

Rose always hated the fact that I had, let's say a different skill set than her. Just like James, she felt she had the right to be better at certain things since she was Ron and Hermione Weasleys daughter.

"Are you sure? I mean not even my mom could do it till she was 25!" blurted Rose

"I am completely sure. I walked into the compartment, Char snapped her fingers and the papers on the table were gone. There is something fishy going on with them. Those kids, Malfoy and Al were in the compartment with her. I think we should follow them and find out what's going on."

"James they're not criminals! They haven’t done anything wrong expect learn some new magic." hissed Liam.

"At least someone is on our side" I muttered. Scorp just laughed.

"It doesn't matter Liam. They've been acting strange for how many years. I think it's time we find out what has made them change." said Molly

"We've changed!" I was furious! "They basically abandoned us! They wouldn’t allow us to join them in anything!”

"Let's go and keep it down! I think they might come over here and try and talk to us." said Scorpius

"Assholes." I growled and Scorp laughed.

"We have to warn the group." I lifted up my watch and pressed the little button on the side, that could barely be seen by the human eye. I muttered a few words and pressed the button again.

"They know." I whispered as we made our way to the door. Scorpius simply nodded.

As soon as we were out of the door, we bolted.

"We have a problem." stated Lea as we entered the compartment.

Scorp chuckled and sat down next to Al "Nothing could be worse than having the Wotter and Co clan following us everywhere."

"The ministry is reinstating the Triwizard Tournament." my jaw dropped.

"And we all must enter, and one of us must be chosen as the champion of Hogwarts.”

"Just when I was made Quidditch captain! Just my freakin luck." muttered Al.

"Just relax Al. This is good, this means that we don't play Gryffindor which means less rivalry and there won't be any fights between you and your family about who is going to win." said Scorp weakly, being a chaser on the team.

"I don't understand why one of us," I said motioning at everyone "Has to be champion?"

"Kingsley said that in order to boost morale in England, Hogwarts have to win. And he knows Hogwarts will win definitely if any of us are chosen as a champion." explained Val.

"When is it be being announced it?" asked Scorpius

"At the feast. Minnie wants an audience with us before it in her office. Kingsley will be with there as well."

"His ass better be there, he has some explaining to do." Al snarled.


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Fearless: Just My Luck


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