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Drowning Down Under by AussieLottie
Chapter 27 : Chapter 27: Preparations and Dinner
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A/N: Okay, alright. I'm back... with the chapter I KNOW you have all been waiting for :) Sorry again for the wait, I just have had a heap of personal stuff to work through :S I will try to get back in the groove of writing but I don't know if I can promise anything consistent until at the earliest my Summer Vacation... Enough of that, I only own the plot and my own OCs. All other rights go to J.K. Rowling. Thanks for reading!!




The days seemed to blur one into the next… Every day was perfect.. Draco and I were utterly doe eyed.. We would have to get inanimate objects thrown at us by Ginny for us to pay any attention to the outside world at all.. It turned out that Draco and my going public had set off a series of public announcements.. There turned out to be plenty of inter-house relationships. I had written to my parents to tell them about Draco and they were pleased I had found someone.. and anxious to meet him. I couldn’t help smiling to myself.. all the times I had complained to them about Malfoy.. They didn’t seem to realize that this was the same boy.. but not really.. he was different.. and now he was a man…


I lay on my bed gazing up at the ceiling of my dorm. “I have NOTHING to wear.” I sighed and turned my head to look at Ginny.

“Sure you do..” she winked. “Didn’t you get ANY clothes for Christmas?” she blinked innocently.

“No” I grimaced.

“Nothing… Red?”

“No” I sniffed, not rising to her bait..

“Fine” she scowled, pulling out her wand. “If you are going to play it that way… Accio Dress!” I heard a thump from my trunk as the dress broke free. She shook it out and pressed out the creases. “Really Hermione..” She tutted. “I gave you this dress for a reason!” She rolled her eyes. “And I find out you had it stuffed in the far reaches of your trunk…” She held it up in front of her to inspect it. “It will look absolutely perfect-divine on you.. so.. COME ON! Try it on!!”

“I’m not wearing that!” I whinged. “It shows WAY too much skin…”

Again she rolled her eyes. “You’re going to be showing a LOT more skin at the end of the night, if tonight is the night I think it is..” she smirked.

I looked surprised. “Wait.. You think he..? I mean.. We..?”

She nodded and grinned impishly. “Yes. You.. Hermione Granger, shall not be a virgin after tonight.”

I blinked, a little surprised.

“Wait.. You do WANT to.. right?” She asked.

“Yeah..? I THINK I do..” I murmured, blushing.

“Then THIS is the dress.” She repeated, coming back to herself. “ON WITH IT!”

I sighed and stood up from my bed, pulling the dress along with me, I slipped into the bathroom and put it on, I looked in the mirror and gaped. It was something I would NEVER wear…” I turned around and went straight out the door. “I CAN NOT WEAR THIS! It is..-“

“-ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!” She squealed. “OOOH! He is going to LOVE it!!” she exclaimed, making me spin around so she could see the dress from all angles. “It’s perfect..” she smiled. “I have TOTALLY outdone myself.. once again.” She smiled happily. I shifted awkwardly from foot to foot, feeling uncomfortable. “Well SIT!” She grumbled. “I need to do your hair and make-up!” I sighed and seated myself obediently. I sat still as Ginny’s nimble fingers raked my hair, cleverly piling it into an elegant up-do. After what seemed no time at all, she came in front of me and looked me over. “Right.. close your eyes.” I did so obediently and she began with a light layer of foundation, followed by eye shadow, mascara, rouge and red lipstick to match the dress. Finally, she stepped back to view her work. “Not bad” she said nodding. “You look great.. and you are ready! With half an hour to spare!” She grinned and sat down beside me. “Now.. tomorrow.. I WANT DETAILS!” she said, causing us to both dissolve into giggles.



I stood at the end of my bed, comparing shirts… should I go with the plain white button up.. the light blue button up.. or the white T-shirt…? My eyes settled on a black v neck.. I nodded to myself. That was it. I pulled it on and sprayed on some cologne.. I looked in the mirror and nodded. I was never nervous on dates normally.. but then again, anything to do with Hermione wasn’t normal. I breathed out. I wanted tonight to go perfectly, we had been dating for a while now, and it felt like tonight was the right time for both of us, it was a mutual feeling, I was sure. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, I was getting too worked up about tonight, I still had too much time to fill in before it…


I left the dorm and headed to the Room of Requirements. I looked at everything, making sure it all looked perfect, from the table-cloth to the last red rose petal. I ended up lying on the rug staring up at the ceiling with 45 minutes to spare. I closed my eyes and begged for time to speed up.



I stood outside of the Room of Requirements chewing on my lip. This was it, I breathed, after tonight, I would no longer be a Virgin.. I shivered a little at the thought. I wasn’t scared, more nervous? Would I feel any different afterwards? I smiled and raised my fist to knock on the doors, they opened immediately and I was met by a smiling Draco.

“You look… divine” he said, looking me up and down, I blushed.

“Ginny helped..” I murmured.

“Well you look amazing” he smiled. A slow burn began to work its way even further up my face.

“Come on in then” he said, offering his arm to me. I took it and he led me in, the room had been transformed into a gorgeous pentagonal room, a table for two was set in the center, with two of the walls containing doors. He pulled the chair out for me, pushing it in before seating himself. I felt a smile playing on my face.

“This is nice” I grinned.

“I’m glad” he said as a House Elf appeared carrying a tray, the elf set two bowls of soup in front of us. It smiled at me before vanishing just as quickly as it had appeared. I lifted a spoonful to my lips and Mmm’ed in appreciation.

“Good?” Draco asked.

“Yes” I nodded.

“I’ll trust you on that” he winked, tasting his own spoonful. “You’re right! It is superb” he grinned. And for the next five minutes, the only sounds were of us consuming the tantalizingly delicious tomato soup.


The second and third courses passed in a sensual happy daze of easy going conversation mixed with delicious food. Our eyes remained locked on each others… finally the Crème Brule was served and eaten and the elf had cleared away the dishes, I thanked him and Draco complimented the food, earning a delighted smile in response from the elf.


Finally.. Draco and I were alone, with no interruptions to come.


He looked at me and smiled, he stepped towards me and stroked my cheek gently, giving me a light kiss. I returned the kiss tenderly, my heart began to flutter and I felt myself melt into him. He held onto me tightly, practically supporting me. The kiss didn’t stay gentle for long as both of us felt a deep lustful passion fill us. The kiss had me flushing with want and desire, I felt us move and suddenly I was against a wall. Draco hoisted me up around his waist, all without breaking the kiss. I smiled into the kiss, pulling away just long enough to say “Bed?” he snorted a little at my unsubtle hint. But nodded and carried me to one of the doors. Holding me with one hand he turned the doorknob and we entered into a dimly lit bedchamber. I barely registered it; my attention focused on the giant king sized bed in the center. I felt myself blush and he smirked, lowering me onto the bed with him…still not breaking the kiss…


Draco treated me like a Queen, I knew at that moment completely that this was the right thing at the right time. For both of us, I blushed slightly as one of his palms skimmed my upper thigh. He smiled at me gently, gentleness I hadn’t ever really experienced with him before, and he whispered.

“If you’re not ready, or things are happening too fast.. Just tell me”.

I nodded and smiled “I’m ready” I said emphatically earning an amused grin from Draco. His lips met mine once again and we connected once more, thoughts and bodies moving together. I felt my hands begin to nimbly unbutton Draco’s shirt as he unzipped the back of my dress. My hands dropped to his trousers and fumbling I undid the button and zip. As my hands brushed this area I noticed he was aroused and I blushed again, so it wasn’t just me. A giggle escaped my lips and he pulled away and raised an eyebrow.

“Something amusing you Miss Granger” he asked? I shook my head coquettishly and smiled angelically as he scoffed and stood up from the bed to quickly remove his shoes and slip off his trousers. I followed his lead and stumbled to my feet, slipping off my frightfully high heels (another previous gift from Ginny). I let the dress slide down over my body and sat back down onto the bed feeling slightly self conscious in my matching red bra and knickers. Draco looked long at me and then moved to sit beside me in his boxers and gazed appreciatively at me. I hung my head and blushed while he appraised me with a crooked amused grin.

“I don’t know why you’re embarrassed” he grinned? “You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed’re utterly beautiful Hermione Granger.” I looked up with my cheeks flaming.

“You’re …incredibly beautiful too” I smiled shyly and he chuckled yet again amused at my coyness.

“Why thank you” he grinned. I wasn’t sure who initiated the next step, it could have been me but perhaps it was him, maybe we met in the middle… all I know is that the next part of the night was a lingering journey of discovery. What followed was perhaps the most perfect first time any girl could ever wish for, Draco was gentle and aware, guiding me tenderly through the process checking constantly that I was ok.. By the end, I was blissfully happy, lying beside him, our naked chests rising and falling together as we gazed at each other. No words existed to describe the perfectness of the feeling between us.


In my happy place, I fell into the most glorious sleep I had ever had.



A/N: Okay, I'm nervous now... What did you think?! PLEASE R/R and make my day!!! :D I'd also love to hear what you think will be happening in the next chapters! :) Ideas are welcome!!!

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