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What about Ringo? by PUFFLEtwins
Chapter 1 : Step One: Get the good witch to tell a lie
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Ohh! New story! How long has it been since I last posted a chapter? I thinks it's been a year? Agessss. Anyway, I how you enjoy. :')

I don't own Harry Potter. :(

This is Emily! It's made by meee! It's not great though. Oops.


 "I'm going to miss you bubba," my mother whispers, pulling me in for a hug.


"I'll write to you every week," I tell her, digging my head into her shoulder, the smell of her perfume giving me comfort.


I gave her one final squeeze and then pulled away. "Be good," mum said, smirking slightly. She knew she didn't have to say it, I was always good.


I rolled my eyes and bent down to my ten year old brother Ben, opening my arms for a hug. He looked at me with sad eyes, but didn't move from his spot against the wall.


He was going through a stage. You know that 'I'm way too cool to hug my older sister in public so I'm just going to slouch against this wall trying to look like I don't give a crap' stage? Yeah, that one.


"Oh, common Bennie, don't be like that, I'm your awesome older sister. Hug me!" I cried, pinching his cheeks like the old grannie I am.


He took a very small step off the wall, so I took that as an invitation to wrap my arms around him in a giant bear hug.


The little brat didn't hug me back.


"Take care of Mum." I whispered to him. Feeling him nod slightly against my shoulder, I got to my feet, gave Mum one last hug and grabbed my trunk, lugging it towards the train.


"Wait! Emily!" I turned back towards my Mum and brother, only to see Ben walking forwards holding the one thing I wanted to leave behind.


Ringo. My stupid, constipated looking owl who was about a bazillion years old.


"Seriously?" I told Ben, sighing. "You couldn't let me leave him behind just once?"


Ben laughed, shoving the cage in my hands. "Nope. I like him, he's sassy!"


Yeah, filling up my underwear draw with dead mice is 'sassy'.


I rolled my eyes at my little brother, ruffling his gelled hair up and causing him to yell about how long it took him to get it to stay that way. "I have to go," I shrugged, "Love you kiddo!"


"Love you Emmy!" He grinned, before we both turned on our heels and walked in opposite directions.


The train wasn't full yet, but gosh it was crowded. I avoided all eye contact with other students as I moved towards the back of the train, heading for the compartment I had sat in since my very first train trip to Hogwarts seven years ago.


Reaching the compartment I threw the doors open and plonked my arse down, leaving my trunk just inside the door.


I looked across the platform at Mum and Ben to see them chatting happily. I smiled to myself and sunk further into my seat thinking about the great holiday I just had with them. You see, Ben is only my half-brother. My dad left Mum and me when I was about five and three years later my brother was born to some random guy from a one-night stand. We live a happy life though, Mum is a healer at St Mungos and I'm now entering my final year at Hogwarts. Sadly, I leave the year before Ben comes to Hogwarts so I won't be able to embarrass him during the school year. Not that I ever would that would be mean.


Being mean really wasn't my thing, also being rude, sarcastic, disobeying any rules and not putting effort into studies was also high up on my 'Things Emily Lewis must never do' list. I guess I was a goodie two shoes, I never got teased for it though, weirdly enough. I think it was just an advantage of being the beautiful Dominique Weasley's best friend or even because I'm a Gryffindor, because you know, we kick butt.


Yeah, sounds about right.


My thoughts were interrupted by someone opening the door.


"DOMMIE!" I squealed, jumping to my feet and lunging at my best friend, causing us to fall backwards onto my trunk.


"Ugh," Dom groaned, "You do this every year! How hard is it to put your trunk on the rack?"


I climbed off her, shrugging and pulling my trunk off the ground. "I would have thought an 'I missed you Em!' would have been a much better greeting."


She laughed, pushing her long golden blonde hair behind her ear. "I did miss you Emmy! How come only half of your letters arrived? I mean, I would write you a letter and never get a reply half the time."


I sighed, shaking my head. "Ask the owl." I muttered, pointing to where Ringo's cage was placed across from me.


Dom giggled, knowing all about Ringo's evil schemes.


"What'd he do?"


"What didn't he do?" I cried, "He would drop half of my letters into the bush under my window and I had no idea where they were all going! I only found them yesterday, for Merlins sake!"


Dom laughed, "Awe, common Emily, I'm sure he was only kidding around, he's a sweetheart!" Ringo then poked his beak out of the cage and gave Dom affectionate nip on her finger. "See!" She cried, stroking his head.


"Suck up." I muttered, glaring at my ugly owl. "You don't even know half of it Dommie, he kept a collection of dead mice in my underwear draw! I almost peed myself in fright!"


Then, like the supportive best friend she is, Dom started to laugh so hard she fell off the seat.


"OH MY MERLIN!" She cried, panting with laughter, "I love you so much Ringo!"


Great. My best friend loves my owl more than she loves me.


I think that's something I should be worried about.


"Love you too," I said, crossing my arms at my best friend.


"Don't be a drama queen," Dom said, "You know I love you, and I think that very deep down you love Ringo too."


Now it was my turn to laugh. "You're kidding me, right? Ringo spends half his time trying to piss me off and the other half he spends sucking up to anyone, but me!"


"Admit it Emily, you would be lost without him. You so love him!" She cried, just as the compartment door opened again.


"Emily loves who?"


Both Dom and I turned our heads to see the very good looking James Potter standing at our door. Well I think he's good looking, he's Dom cousin and if she was ever attracted to him I would be really worried.


Dom winked at me, "Emily loves Ringo."


James smirked, "Got yourself a boyfriend, have you?"


I blushed, shooting glare at Dom. She knows how intimated I get around James.


If possible, James's smirk got wider. "So you do! No offence or anything, but I always thought you'd be more into girls."


I think my jaw just fell off. How can he even say that? That's such a rude thing to say!


"Excuse me!" I cried, looking desperately at Dom. She was laughing at me.


Some best friend.


James shrugged, "I have to go, but congrats on the boyfriend Emily." He then walked out of the compartment and down the hall, leaving me sitting there in shock.


James Potter thinks I have a boyfriend named Ringo. My owl is Ringo. He thinks I'm dating a guy when that guy is my owl. James Potter thinks I'm dating my owl.




"That went well." Dom grinned.


"No it didn't!" I cried, "Your cousin thinks I'm dating my owl! Your very hot cousin who never speaks to me, and now he will think I'm a freak!"


She shrugged, "You could have just said that Ringo was you owl and not your boyfriend."


"I can barely manage a sentence around him Dominique!" I cried.


"Alright!" She said, "No need to bring out the full name!"


Sighing, I dropped my head into my hands. This is a great start to the school year.


"Hey!" Dom yelled, "The train is moving, how had we not noticed that it was moving?"


I looked up and sure enough, the train was moving though crap loads of boring fields.


"I guess we were preoccupied," I muttered.


Dom grinned at me and pulled out her muggle iPod, putting a headphone in her left ear and moving across to the other seat so I could put the right one in.


"It's going to be a long trip," I told her as she pressed play, our favourite song blasting through our ears.


It was the song we had listened to the very first day we met.


We were both scared and awkward little first years. Actually, I was a scared and awkward first year, Dom was beautiful, confident and famous. She walked into my compartment and asked if she could sit with me, telling me that she 'wants to get away from her damn cousins and have some peace and quiet.' Direct quote exactly. I was too intimated by her to refuse. She even showed me what an iPod was and it the honestly the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life. We then both got placed in Gryffindor and our friendship just bloomed from there.


At school Dom was everything you'd expect a beautiful girl, with a famous family and Veela blood to be. Very popular. Over the past six years I've made two friends during my time at this school, Dom and her younger brother Louis. Who is just about to enter fifth year. Sad, I know. I was never really a people person and I had Louis and Dom, it was good enough for me.


The more I thought about it, the sadder I got. I had one final year left at Hogwarts and I still only ever made two friends.


It was starting to get dark now, we must be arriving soon. Dom had fallen asleep on my shoulder a few hours ago, so I shook her awake.


"We here yet?" She asked me and I nodded, the train starting to slow down.


"Common, let's get a carriage." I told her, grabbing her hand and pulling her off the train and straight into a carriage.


"What's the hurry?" She asked me as the carriage moved towards the castle.


"I want to get known." I told her, waiting for her reaction.


She raised an eyebrow, "Since when? You hate talking to other people, everyone intimidates you."


I shook my head, "Not just that, it's my last year Dom and I've only ever made two friends, I want people to remember me!"


She smiled at me, "I agree, we need to get you out of your comfort zone. How are you going to do it though?"


The carriage stopped and we jumped out, walking up the stairs of the castle. "I have no idea," I told her honestly, "that's where you come in."


She grinned as we walked into the great hall, "I have an idea."


That's when I should have realised that this was a bad idea, a very, very bad idea.


Welcome to the official step-by-step guide on how to turn a good witch bad.


Read with caution.



I really hope you liked it! Please review? I'll love you forever! Next chapter is done so it will be posted soon. :') 

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