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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series* by Magnolia
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16
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...................Back at St. Mungo's.......................
Elizabeth was arguing with her doctor. (which was very common)

"Dr. Bigbott I am perfectly sane!"

"Ms. Windell please! You had a nervous break do........"

"I did not have a nervous break down! Sirius Black was on my front lawn!"

"Ms. Windell please just let us run a few more test."

"I'm fine, even Dumbledore thinks so!"

"Well Dumbledore does things his own way. Ms. Windell we'll let you out as soon as we can!"

"Please! Come on! I have a 12 year old daughter who......"

"Is safely in the hands of Hogwarts, and if you're not out by summer there's always your sis........"

"You mean you're going to keep me here till summer! But Doctor I swear I am......"

"Yes I know Mrs. Windell, you swear you are perfectly sane. You think you are, but how can you prove that! If
you are insane then you would say you weren't. I'm starting to agree with Ms. Tucci maybe you never got over
your first tempor....."

"What has Joann got to do with this? Oh my God! She didn't! Let me see today’s paper!"

"Ms. Windell, you know perfectly well you aren't allowed to see the papers!"

Elizabeth figured it was better not to argue with the doctor. He might dub her permanently insane then she'd
be stuck here forever!

"O.k. doctor, what can I do to get out of here quickly?"

"Nothing Ms. Windell we will let you out as soon as we are sure you are not a harm to society or yourself."


With that said she left the doctors office and went to the cafeteria. She looked around, she didn't belong here! This was the place for the loonies! She glanced toward the corner where she saw Lockhart admiring himself in a mirror.

"I don't know who I am but I'm amazingly handsome, Yizzie Bell! Come here! Sit by me!"

She walked over and sat down

"Yizzie Bell how are you today?"

"If I've told you once I've told you 1000 times! My name isn't Yizzie Bell, it's Elizabeth!"

"But Yizzie Bell fits your personality better!"

"Lockhart my name is Elizabeth!"

"Whatever, Yizzie Bell. Who's Lockhart?"

“You are!”

“Are you sure?”


"Are you sure you're sure!"

"Yes I'm sure you nincompoop!"

"What's a nincompoop?"

"It's you!"

"I thought I was a Lockhart"

"You are"

"How can I be 2 things?"

"Because you are, you idiot!"

"What’s an idiot?"


She jumped up and marched off! She wasn't insane! Dumbledore and Harry had confirmed that. Lockhart was
insane, the Longbottems were insane! Not her! She was not one of them!

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