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Harry Potter and The Inevitable by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two: Unwelcome Guest
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Harry looked up as he saw someone in the doorway, and was surprised to see Snape standing there, and at the same moment his scar gave a twinge of pain. Snape stared at Harry, saying nothing. Harry rolled his eyes and ignored him,  pressing his hand over his scar trying to soothe the pain. He heard a sudden thump, and looked up wildly. Snape was lying on the ground, and Voldemort was approaching him. How the hell did he get here?!? Harry thought frantically as he gave a yelp of surprise and jumped off the couch, looking for a way to escape as he started to back up against the wall. 

Voldemort hurried towards him with a sadistic smile and before Harry could yell for help, Voldemort clamped a hand over his mouth. Harry's scar seared with pain, and he gave a loud, muffled cry. Voldemort pull Harry closer to him, keeping a grip on his back as Harry struggled against him. He lowered his head and closed his eyes, his scar growing painful as Voldemort touched him. 

Harry heard footsteps, and lifted his head. Remus and Sirius were first to appear, and looked fearful at Voldemort and Harry. Harry then saw a wave of people rush in behind them, and their shocked faces as they took in the scene. Harry clawed at the hand on his mouth, and the one retraining him, by Voldemort tightened his grip and chuckled.

"Lower your wands, Lupin and Black." Voldemort commanded, sending a chill down everyone's spine.

Harry looked up and saw both Remus and Sirius had taken out their wands, pointing them straight at Voldemort. They seemed hesitant, and only lowered there wands slightly. Harry felt Voldemort release his mouth and back, and sucked in a deep breath before Voldemort tightened an arm around his neck, and grabbed his wand out of his robes quickly. Harry now clawed at the arm that was cutting off some of his air supply, and felt Voldemort's wand poke him at his throat.

"Lower your wands now, or I will kill Potter!" Voldemort yelled, anger in his voice as he started to loose his patience.

"H-he won't do it!" Harry choked out, seeing the looks of fear in their eyes.

"Silence!" Voldemort hissed at Harry, jabbing the wand harder into his throat.

Remus and Sirius finally dropped their hands to their sides, noticing that Harry could hardly breathe and didn't want to take the chance of Voldemort acting of his threat. Harry looked at the faces staring at him, and was surprised to see Hermione, Ginny, and Molly crying silently, while Tonks, Mad Eye, and Arthur tried to mask their fear, unlike Ron, Fred, George, Remus, and Sirius, who all looked fearful.

"You didn't think that you could escape me so easily, did you, Potter?" Voldemort asked Harry, his voice now calm and silky.

"Let g-go of me!" Harry choked out, ignoring his question.

"That would be counter-productive, Potter. Now answer me."

Harry didn't answer, the pain in his scar was reaching it's breaking point. He could feel blood soaking through the bandage that Remus had put over his scar, and felt it start to drip down his face slowly. 

"Why do you need Harry?" Remus asked, wanting to stall Voldemort as much as he could. 

"You see, Lupin, I wasn't done talking to Harry when he left so rudely in May. I want information, and I plan to get it." Voldemort answered coldly.

"I won't tell you anything!" Harry spat.

"Crucio!" Voldemort yelled, jabbing his wand harder into Harry's throat.

Harry yelled out as pain coursed through him, doubling over as his body started twitching uncontrollably. He tried to bow his head so that his face hidden, but Voldemort had caught him by his hair and pulled Harry up straight, allowing everyone to see the pain etched upon Harry's face as smirked.

"Stop it!" Sirius yelled desperately.

Voldemort laughed, and released Harry of the curse. Harry breathed deeply, his body trembling with the after shock. If Voldemort hadn't had a grip on him, Harry legs would of failed to keep him up straight.

"What do you want? Just name it and we'll give it to you, just give us Harry back." Sirius pleaded.

"Doesn't that feel familiar, Harry?" Voldemort asked loudly for everyone to hear, ignoring Sirius, "Someone begging for your life?"


Harry felt his face pale as his stomach churned, the last words he heard his mother speak ringing in his ears, unaware of the outraged looks thrown in Voldemort's direction.

"And Black, the only thing I want is to kill Harry Potter. And I plan to do just that after he gives me the information I want." Voldemort finally replied.

There was nothing anyone could do. No one could throw a curse at Voldemort without hitting Harry, and Harry was too weak to fight back anymore because of the pain he was in. Voldemort knew that, and had a look of triumph on his face. Harry knew right away this wasn't going to be good. He hardly knew anything about the Order so far, let alone the things Voldemort would want him to tell.

"I'm finished here. Say goodbye, Potter. I doubt you'll be seeing them anytime soon." Voldemort spoke with a smirk.

Harry's eyes widened as he looked at the faces in the room, fear creeping inside him. Sirius had raised his wand and pointed it at Voldemort, but before he could do anything, Voldemort Apparated himself and Harry out of Grimmauld Place. 

Harry landed with a thud on the ground, and tried not to vomit. His stomach was flipping from Apparating for the first time. Voldemort gripped Harry harder and forced him to walk with him, jabbing his wand hard into Harry's back. 

Harry looked around his surroundings, but there was hardly anything there. The hallway he was walking down was made of gray stone, and had no windows. Candles on the wall lit the way, there were cracks on the cement floor. They finally reached a door at the end of the hallway, a wooden door with a small window with bars. Voldemort stopped and opened the door with his wand, and took the wand out of Harry's jeans that he had not been able to reach. Harry gulped and watched as Voldemort pocketed it into his own robes.

"Try not to get too comfortable." Voldemort sneered as Harry peered into the room.

It was the same as the outside; grey walls, windowless, but only a single candle could be found, and it was freezing. Before he could do anything, Voldemort pushed Harry so harshly into the room that he lost his balance, and hit his head on the wall. Harry felt blood start to soak at his scalp, and knew no more.






A/N: Thank you to everyone who has started to read this story! I just wanted to make it clear that this is no way connected to my other story, 'Happy Potter and the Unknown Future'. Speaking of my other story, I do not know if I will continue with it, because I am stumped on where to go with it. If you have any ideas you go go over to the story and leave a comment on what you might want to see. Happy Reading, and please R&R, you reviews mean so much to me!

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Harry Potter and The Inevitable: Chapter Two: Unwelcome Guest


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