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The Demon Within by Prongs1981
Chapter 6 : Breakups
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The dream came again, like most nights. Only this time it was different. We were kissing, getting to the part where we fell off the couch, except it stopped. He just abruptly stopped and got up.






“I don’t want anything to do with you,” he said in a whisper. “I know what you did with Will. How could you do that, Mia?”






“No, I didn’t mean it. I love you.






“I don’t believe you. If you loved me, you wouldn’t have done that with him. You would have waited for me. I don’t love you.”






He left the common room. I was screaming for him not to go. Tears flew down my cheeks as I kept yelling. I love him. I need him. He can’t go. It wasn’t my fault. I don’t like Will.






“Mia,” I heard in the distance. I didn’t care. I just kept screaming. My whole body was shaking; the love of my life was leaving me.






“MIA!!!! WAKE UP!”






I felt something wet and cold land on me. I shot up. I was drenched in water. What the hell?






I examined the room. Rose and Riley were looking at me. They looked absolutely horrified.






“Are you okay?” Rose asked. I nodded.






“How did I get so wet?” I questioned. Was I sweating a lot?






“I threw water on you,” Riley said, looking even more scared then before.












“Because we couldn’t get you to wake up. You were screaming at the top of your lungs and we kept shaking you but nothing happened,” Rose explained.






“I was screaming? Did I say anything?”






“It was something along the lines of ‘Don’t leave me! I love you! Please!’ and a whole lot of other nonsense. Who exactly were you dreaming about? Was it Will?” Rose asked.






I didn’t know how to answer that question. It wasn’t Will, obviously. But I didn’t know who it was.






“I didn’t say any names?” Maybe I said who it was.






“Well you did say Will’s name… a lot of Al’s… WAIT! You said Al’s name! Do you…I mean, you’re dating Will…but it’s possible…except I can’t be sure-“



“Just fucking spit it out, Rose!” Riley exclaimed. Rose analyzes things a little too in depth. Just throwing that out there.






“Calm down, Riley…I was just thinking…Do you like Albus, Mia?” That was absurd. Of course not. I hate him again. He is in love with his little bitch girlfriend and up there taking her side even though we are supposed to be friends. But no! He treats me like dirt.






“Don’t be thick, Rose. Why would I like Albus Potter? He doesn’t believe me, remember?” I said defensively.






“But that’s why you could be screaming for him to stay, because you secretly like him and he was just a real prick to you. It would make sense, wouldn’t it?”






“Oh my gosh! YOU LIKE HIM! YOU SO DO! Can you please dump Will now and go for Al? You two would be so cute together.”






I like Will…kinda. According to my dream I hated him, but I fought so hard to keep him last night. I like him now. That dream isn’t real. Will wants me while others don’t. I need him in my life.






“I like Will. I’m dating Will. I don’t want to date Albus. He ditched my friendship apparently because of his little slag. Can we please get over this idea? It isn’t going to happen. It never will.”






They both gave a defeated humph. I took the covers off me and started walking to the bathroom.






“Ahh….Mia? What happened to your shirt?” Riley asked. I looked down. I didn’t change last night. I went to bed in my regular clothes. The clothes I wore last night on my date. The shirt that Will had ripped.






“I, uh, accidently ran into, uh, a stick,” I said quickly. I couldn’t tell my friends what I actually did last night. They wouldn’t understand. They would think I was a slut too and would all together stop talking to me.






“How? And that brings me to my other question. I thought you were going straight to bed last night? You got in after us.” Riley stated. Damn, I don’t know how to avoid that.






“I forgot I had a date with Will. We went down to the lake and looked at the stars. I hit the stick later on the way up and it ripped. I was just too tired to change it last night.”






Someone give me an Oscar, I’m such a good liar.






Riley nodded slowly, taking in what I just said.






“Anyway, I’m going to get ready. Then let’s go get some food.”






“You know there is a match today right? It’s November 1st. Our first game is today at 11,” Rose piped in out of nowhere.






Shit I totally forgot. How could I be so clueless at times?






Oh that’s right, I had the day from hell yesterday.






“Yeah, I remembered. I’ll hurry up… Besides it is only 9.”






I sprinted into the bathroom and washed my face fast, zoomed my toothbrush over my teeth and applied a small amount of mascara to my eye lashes. I was good to go until I noticed my mess of a head hair. I attempted to de-knot it, but it was no use. I launched it into a messy bun and ran out the door.






“Wow, five minutes, record time. Let’s go down to breakfast then,” Rose said. I was pretty happy with that.






The boys were already down at breakfast. Well, minus the poop face boy that doesn’t believe his friends.






“Hello, you lot,” Riley said, taking the spot next to Fred. Oh that is so cute!






“Ow wuz oo igh?”






“Oh, it wasn’t too bad. We just hung out in our dormitory eating candy. How about yours?” Riley said. That is truly impressive. She can speak Fred. He swallowed his food and spoke normally.






“Wasn’t bad. We pulled a prank on good old McG,” he said.






“You did what? Fred! You’re going to lose us house points!” Rose whined.






“Mia lost us points yesterday and nobody is scolding her!” Fred argued.






“HEY! I was bloody attacked! That girl is a right fowl git!” I defended. Me calling someone a name and him pulling a prank on a teacher is definitely not even close to being in the same category.






“On a happier note, are you guys ready to be creamed by Slytherin today?” Scorpius asked smugly.






“Scorpius, don’t you have your own friends at, I dunno, your own table?” Rose asked.






“Rosie, Rosie. I can’t surely bug you as well from over there,” he said pointing over his shoulder to his own table. “Besides, you lot love me. I have to stick around for my fans.”






Rose shoved him off the bench. He landed rather hard on the ground.






“What the hell, Rose?!” he yelled from his nice little spot on the ground.






“I believe it’s called tough love, Scorpius,” Rose said, unconcerned he was angry with her.












“I mean, I just love you soooooo much that I couldn’t resist myself.” Fred, Riley, and I were fighting back our laughter.






“Well, I love you too, Rose, but I don’t go around pushing you off chairs.”






Rose blushed. We were all kind of quiet as Scorp’s words sank in.






“Ahh, Mate, I don’t think that’s the same thing,” Fred said in a serious, low voice.






That was definitely not the same. Rose was being sarcastic when she said it, even though she totally loves him. She was making fun of him because she was supposedly his fan and then he said that.






Scorpius sat on the ground for a few more seconds, contemplating what he had just said.






“Er….Right…. Okay, well I’m going to go now. Alright, bye!” He said sprinting away. His blonde head bobbed around people and then he was gone.






“Well, that was awkward,” came a voice from behind me. I knew that voice rather too well.






“Where you been, Mate?” Fred asked Albus.






“Oh, I just slept in. Had a rather late night,” he explained. He plopped his stupid, git butt down next to me. I got up promptly, not wanting to be anywhere near that arse. I strolled away only to hear Rose call after me, but I ignored her.















“-and Potter has the quaffle. He barely dodged that bludger there. He shoots!!!! Damn, blocked by the snake’s keeper…Oh I forget his name. I think it starts with a G…Or was it a T. Nobody really cares-“












“Sorry, Professor! So, anyway, blondie-“






“NORDAHL! Say their names! Nobody gives a flying hippogriff what your nicknames are for them!”






Bryce Nordahl is the best commentator Hogwarts has ever seen. He is in Gryffindor and whenever other houses play us, he makes fun of them by not knowing their name, talking about what he ate for breakfast, or other weird things.






“Sorry, Professor. Anyway, Malfoy has the quaffle, he passes it to that guy, that guy passes it to the other guy… Oh, look! Weasley just hit him with a bludger. NICE SHOT, FRED. Evert now has the quaffle.”






I hooked my arm around the ball, clenching it to my side. I zoomed across the pitch, dodging people and bludgers. I was getting closer and closer to the goal posts.






Why bother trying. You’re obviously no good. You’re going to miss.






I’m not going to miss. I’ve got this. Shut up voice!






I was so close now. I chucked the quaffle as hard as I could at the right goal post.






“Miss! Come on, Evert, get your head in the game!” I heard Bryce yell. Damn. I thought it was in for sure. “That one guy has the quaffle now, no thanks to Evert. He avoided that bludger. He shoots……another bloody 10 points for Slytherin. Come on Gryffindor!”






Proffesor McGonagall gave a cough.



“Right. Sorry again, Professor. Poor Rose Weasley getting hit with a bludger right away and breaking her broom. She’s been off all game.”






Rose launched the quaffle to James. He sped through the air. He passed it to Riley. She flew to the middle while he took the outside. I dove below her. She dropped it for me to catch it. The Slytherins were becoming confused. I launched it to James. He shot and scored!






“It’s now 150-100. Gryffindor is winning. Blimey! It looks like Potter has seen the snitch! The snake’s don’t have a prayer. It’s all over!”






Albus was speeding as fast as he could towards the snitch. In comparison, Strei didn’t even look like he was moving. Al caught the snitch. Shocker.












Not because of you, sweet cheeks.






Shut it.









We landed and made our way to the locker room.






“Nice game, you lot! Beautiful catch, Al. Absolutely brilliant! Alright, let’s change and head back up to the tower. We will be partying it up hard core tonight,” James said.






Rose was sitting on the bench miserably. She clutched her broom stick in her hands staring at it.






“Rose, you okay?” I asked sincerely.






Her eyes were filled with tears. I sat down next to her, patting her on the shoulder.






“My dad’s going to kill me. This is one of the most expensive brooms on the market and I broke it.”






“Rose, just be thankful it wasn’t your neck. Besides, your family’s loaded. I’m sure your dad won’t be too upset,” I tried.






“Too upset? TOO UPSET?! He is going to have a bogart when he hears about this. I begged him for this broom. It was my birthday and Christmas present combined last year. And now it’s broken. Do you know how scary my dad can get? DO YOU?”






“Rose, you are over reacting. It’ll be okay. I do know who your dad is. Do you not know your mum? She knows how to handle him. She can calm him down if he does get too worked up about it.”






She took a deep breath, closing her eyes to process the situation.






“I suppose you’re right.” She loosened the grip she had on her broom and I slowly removed it from her.






“Babe, I tend to.”












We finally changed and started to head back to the school. Rose and I walked quickly along the path when we noticed two figures standing right against the school. They were snogging the living daylights out of each other. Young love I guess?






We kept walking swiftly by them because I didn’t really want to see any of that. We had almost gotten out of ear shot. Almost.






The girl sighed his name.






It’s a name she should not be sighing.






That name does not belong to her.






She said…..Will.






We stopped dead in our tracks. Rose looked at me.






‘Did she just say Will?’ She telepathically said to me. I mean let’s be honest here, she couldn’t say this out loud, it would blow our cover.






‘She did.’






‘What are you going to do?’






I don’t know what I am going to do. He’s cheating on me. I gave him my everything for him to stay, but it wasn’t good enough.



Nobody wants you.






This is not the time right now voice. You’re, to be frank, are getting on my nerves. You made me feel shitty and the whole Haley thing happened. You made me feel useless and I let last night happen. And you told me I was going to miss my shot and I did. You’re just a big bunch of nasty that needs to go away.






I have friends who want me. I don’t need a stupid boy to be using me like this.






‘I know what I’m going to do.’






I marched over to where the two shit holes were standing. I pulled the little slag off my soon to be ex-boyfriend.






“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing, Will?” I questioned. My face was red with anger.






“Mia, I…We…I thought we were over?” he stumbled.






“After last night? That’s not how it came across. But we are beyond over now. You and your little slag girlfriend can go crazy for all I care.” I looked over to who he was kissing.






Of course.






Who else could it be?






Haley Larson.






“Are you fucking serious? Her? Wow, Will, I thought you had some standards.”






I left them, grabbing Rose’s hand. I had never felt better.












When we finally made it up to the Gryffindor party, it was completely packed. There were red and gold streamers everywhere. People were enjoying butterbeer and I am positive some sort of muggle alcohol. Speaking of people, it wasn’t even all Gryffindor.






“Scorpius, what are you doing here? You were on the other team…and you lost,” Rose said spotting Scorp immediately.






“I could never miss a good party. Besides, can’t leave you ladies unattended. Don’t want some random guys trying to pick you up.”






“What does it matter to you if some random guys try to pick us up?” Rose inquired. He gave a sly smile.






“Because you’re too good for any guy, Rosie.”






I swear my heart just stopped. That is the cutest thing I have ever heard Scorpius Malfoy say. Heck, that is the cutest thing I have heard any guy say. Period.






Also, I like how he completely ignores me here. Thanks, Scorpius!






Totally joking, he loves her and I am totally fine with being ignored.






“Scor…I, er.. Thanks, that’s really sweet,” she replied. Her face was the same color as her hair again. He winked at her which only made her blush harder.






“Oh, hey, before I forget. Mia, Al is looking for you.”












“Dunno. He just asked me if I saw you. I said I didn’t. So he told me that if I saw you that I should tell you that he was looking for you. If that makes sense…because I did say you a bit too many times.”






“No, I think I got it. Thanks, Scorp. I’ll go find him. You guys have fun.”






‘So precious, Rose,’ I said telepathically.






‘Shut up,’ she said back, trying to be serious, but I could tell she was too happy to fight with me.






I scanned the crowds for Potter for what seemed like ages. It wasn’t a big common room, where could he be? I eventually gave up. I enjoyed some food, socialized a bit with some of my classmates and drank a bit.






I didn’t get drunk or anything so don’t look at me like that. I am pretty responsible, ya know!






The party was slowly dying down, which wasn’t saying much because it was unbelievably crowded. I eventually found Fred and Riley.






“Hey, what’s going on?” I asked.






“Oh, you know, just enjoying the party,” Riley said.






“Mia, Al is-“






“Looking for me, yeah, I know. Scorpius already told me. Have you happened to see him by chance?” I said, cutting off Fred.






“Well, last time I saw him he was with Rose.”






I looked over to where Rose was.






“Not Scorpius, Fred. Al!”






“Oh, that makes more sense. I think he went up to our dormitory.”






“If he is looking for me, why would he hide up there?”






“It’s Al, who really knows.”






I ventured up the staircase to the boys 6th year dormitories. I knocked on the door before entering. I found Al sitting on his bed with a bottle. He looked as if he had been crying.












He looked up at me. I could tell he was really upset. I walked over to where he sat and took a seat next to him.






“I was looking for you,” he stated blankly.






“The boy’s dormitories are a strange place to be looking for a girl, you know?”






“I know, I just chickened out a bit.”






“Chickened out? What do you mean?”






“I want to apologize. I don’t know why I was so stupid. Fred and Scorpius explained the whole thing to me. I had no idea she attacked you the time before too. Of course you wouldn’t hurt someone. You’re too sweet and kind and just wonderful to do that. You’re perfect, Mia. To be honest, I don’t know why I even defended her. I actually can’t stand her. I only asked her out to make…make…Never mind about that. I don’t like her is all. I actually broke up with her before the match today. I realized how stupid I was. I just can’t comprehend why I would defend her over you. It’s like I was hypnotized or something.” He said that all in one breathe. It was very impressive.












“Yeah, I don’t even remember talking to you last night, only that I remember hurting your feelings. The guys told me everything this morning. I felt so terrible…so now I drink.”






“No, no. Al, stop. I forgive you. You don’t need to drink your sorrows away.”






I grabbed the bottle from him and put it on the table next to the bed.






I don’t understand what he is saying, however. It just doesn’t add up. He was so angry the night before and was on Haley’s side 100%. But now, he doesn’t even remember it. He doesn’t even like her. Could he have been under a love potion? No that would make him gaga for her and he wouldn’t leave her side.






But what?






What would cause someone to do something that they didn’t want to do and barely remember anything that happened.






And then it hit me.






A curse so dangerous that it is forbidden to use.






A curse that would give you a one way ticket to Azkaban.






A curse that is unforgiveable.






The Imperious Curse.






“Al, could it be possible that you were under the Imperious Curse?” I asked after coming to my realization. I could be the next Sherlock Holmes, I tell you.






“I…I dunno. I mean it’s possible. But who could be capable of such a thing? Nobody at Hogwarts is advanced enough to do that…Well, I mean besides the teachers, but they wouldn’t do that. They all helped my dad. They wouldn’t try to hurt me.”






That’s a good point. But Haley is despicable. She has sent me to the Hospital Wing twice this year already. Who wouldn’t say that she would be able to do such dark magic?






“I think it might be Haley,” I accused.






“I know she is not a nice person, Mia, but I dunno if she is good enough at magic to do that. It’s a really powerful spell.”






“I know but I have a feeling that she did it. I can’t shake that. I know it’s her.”






“I’m not going to doubt you; I just think we need to investigate a bit more before we jump to conclusions.”






I nodded in agreement. We can’t be too cautious. This is too serious to just go accusing anyone, Al was right.






And Al was on my side. He wasn’t her little minion.






“Why did you break up with her?” I asked him. They’ve been together for awhile now. It just seems a bit odd.






“She hurt you, Mia. You’re my friend. You come before her,” he explained. “Besides, I do like someone else.”






“You do? Who? Is it the same girl from the beginning of the year?”












“You know, the one that Riley asked you about on the first day back…that very awkward moment.”






“Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. Her. Yeah, it’s the same girl. I’ve liked her for ages.”






“How long?” I asked.






“Since first year,” he said blushing. His eyes dropped to his shoes and he smiled his famous smile.






“Merlin, Al. You need to tell her. You really are a great guy. This girl would be lucky to have you.”






“I can’t tell her,” he said. His nice smile faded and he looked up at me.






“Why not? You’ve liked her since first year. First year, Al! You’ve got to say something. You deserve to be happy.”






It’s funny how you can go from hating a guy, to becoming friends with that guy, back to hating that guy, and being friends with that guy again and giving love advice.






“Well, see I pissed her off for all these years and now I’m trying to make it right. But I feel like I’m too late. She would never go for me. And the worst part is, she has a boyfriend.”






See, this is always the problem. People are always in a relationship. They ruin everything!






“Break them up!” I exclaimed. Al needs to find some happiness. I am determined for that.






“Mia, she’s happy. I wouldn’t want to come between her and him for my personal gain.”






How on earth could I ever hate this boy? He is giving up his potential happiness so this girl can be happy. He is completely in love with her and he won’t do anything just so she doesn’t feel heartbreak.






Al was so sweet. Anybody would be lucky to date him. Heck, even I would want to date him.






I can’t believe I just said that. A few months ago I literally hated him and now I wouldn’t mind dating him. I have lost my mind!






I’m having weird dreams, the same ones every night. I’m hearing voices that aren’t there. And now I’m starting to like Potter more than a friend.






“Al, you are a great guy, you know that?” I said finally. I looked into his green eyes. They danced brilliantly, looking into my own blue ones.






“I’m glad we are friends again, Mia. I promise I will prove to you that I can be better.”






I didn’t need the proof, I believed it.






I could feel my face getting closer to his. It slowly moved towards his, getting inches away. My eyelids started to droop. His nose touched mine. I could taste his breath. We were mere centimeters.






“Hey, guys, oop! Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll just be in the bathroom,” Fred said. We snapped away as he quickly made his way into the bathroom.






“I should go. The girls are probably wondering where I am.” I got up from his bed and exited the dormitory.






What has gotten into me lately? I almost just kissed Albus Potter. I. Almost. Kissed. Albus. Potter.






I don’t understand why I am not gaging.






He didn’t want you to kiss him. He likes this other girl. You’re making a fool of yourself.






Um, no voice, I do believe he was leaning too.






You’re so sad to be thinking that.






Fall on your head voice. Well, if you had a head you should fall on it. YEAH!






I slowly crept down the stairs so nobody could hear me. There were only a few people left down there. I avoided all of them and made my way up to my room. Only Riley was up there.






“Where’s Rose?” I asked.






“Dunno. Must be down stairs still, wouldn’t she?”






“I’ll go find her quick.”






See, I’m a good friend. Unlike those two who went to bed last night without checking on me. But I digress. I am free of Will now and I am going to find my friend to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid.






When I got downstairs I found her right away.






Doing something stupid.






She was snogging some boy!






Why would she snog some random boy?! She likes Scorpius! And he likes her! This is not going to end well! It will cause so much unnecessary drama between them when they should really be the ones snogging right now, not her and this loser.






They broke away for a moment.






I take that back.






He was not some total loser.






He was Scorpius Malfoy.





















Heheheee! Did anybody see that coming? Any of it for that matter? Anybody all nice and confused?






So what did you guys think?  Chapter 6! Favorite parts, quotes, moments, random things about your day that you feel like sharing? Totally joking about the last one…unless you really do feel like sharing! Review and tell me, I’d love to hear what you guys think.






I hope everyone is staying nice and warm right now. It’s about -15 degrees F here and I’m wrapped up in three blankets as I write this. Or maybe you’re in a nice sunny place where snow and cold weather doesn’t exist… If that is the case, I am jealous of such a wonderful fairytale land. Seriously, I am so cold haha.






Thanks for reading you guys! You’re so awesome!










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The Demon Within: Breakups


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