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Kidnapped by Voldemort by Hermione and George
Chapter 1 : Kidnapped by Voldemort
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“Wake up Fawnie, time to go,” my youngest step-sister, Echo, shouted. She isn’t old enough to go to Hogwarts but loves going to Platform 9 ¾ to drop Astrid, Pedro and me off. I hopped up and changed into my robes, checking I had everything packed in my trunk properly, and skipped down the stairs to the kitchen.












Once I got down there, Mum shoved a bowl of cereal into my chest and told me to eat. Halfway through breakfast, Alfie trotted down the stairs, careful not to slip. He was closely followed by Pedro, who is the Gryffindor Quidditch captain. Once they sat down, Pedro said, “So Fawn, are you trying out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team?”










“Yeah!” I replied excitedly, “Can’t wait actually.”






“Cool, I’ll make sure you get on the team,” Pedro stated. “Maybe you’ll be a keeper like me,” Astrid said. Sadly, Astrid got sorted into Ravenclaw, not Gryffindor.












Once breakfast was finished, Astrid, Pedro and I said our goodbyes to Kai and Andre. Then we headed towards the car and drove off. Once we got to Kingscross station we went one by one onto Platform 9 3/4. Once we got onto the platform, Astrid, Pedro and I said our final goodbyes to Mum, Alfie and Echo before boarding the train. I found the carriage which my best friends, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger were all sitting in and waved goodbye to my family.












Once my family were out of sight, I sat back down and enjoyed the ride to Hogwarts. When we got to Hogsmeade, the first years went with Hagrid and the rest of us got in the carriages. When we finally arrived at Hogwarts, we filed straight into the Great Hall. I sat next to Harry and Ron, Hermione sitting across from us. Because Draco is in Slytherin, we left him at the gates of Hogwarts.  












Once all of the first years were sorted and we all ate, we got directed to the common room. Once in there, Harry, Ron, Hermione and I went straight to the seats by the fireplace. After we talked about the new first years, Hermione and I decided to go to bed. We headed up to the 2nd year’s Dormitories. We got changed into our P.J’s and went to sleep.
























The next morning, I woke up to find my owl, Lazarus, rapping on the window. I opened my letter. It was from Mum. It read:






Dear Fawn,






Alfie has been kidnapped by Voldemort. We need you, Astrid, Pedro and your Dad home ASAP. Dumbledore has allowed us to get you home through the floo network.






See you tonight-












“Oh no!” I exclaimed. I rushed to the 6th year dormitories to shake Pedro awake. “Wake up, Alfie’s been kidnapped by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. We’re going home through the floo network. Oh for goodness sake Pedro WAKE UP! Go get my Dad and meet us outside Dumbledore’s office.” I yelled in his face.











“Comin’” he mumbled through his pillow. My Dad teaches Astronomy so Pedro only needed to go to his office.I raced from the Gryffindor common room. Luckily Astrid was outside so I could get the message to her quicker. Once Astrid, Pedro and Dad were ready, we headed up to Dumbledore’s office.












Once we were home we rushed into the kitchen to find Mum and Kai deep in conversation. Dad made himself a cuppa while Mum and Kai greeted us home. Once we finished eating some breakfast, we met with the Minister of Magic and his helpers, the Aurors. Echo had to stay with the Weasleys (or at least the ones that weren’t at school) while the rest of us went looking for Alfie. We headed straight to a very mysterious graveyard. Once there, we went to a gravestone that read ‘Tom Riddle’. The Minister poked two letters of the name with his wand and almost immediately the gravestone revealed a secret passage identified by Dad as ‘Voldemort’s hideout’.












We all entered the gloomy passageway, soon discovering that there were several tunnels leading off to separate rooms. Since none of us knew which room Alfie and Voldemort would be in, we had to split up. We split up and went into different tunnels. I was put in a group with the Minister, 5 Aurors and Dad because the tunnel that we were going into was the most likely tunnel Voldemort would have gone down. We reached the end of the tunnel when one of the Aurors named Elaine said that the door was locked. Being educated by Hogwarts, I learnt that to unlock doors you only had to cast the spell ‘Alohomora’.












I told this to Elaine because she would have to cast the spell (I’m underage) and she unlocked the door. We all crept inside, quickly drawing our wands and shutting the door behind us. I hastily turned the light on, spotting Alfie with Voldemort knocked out cold at his feet.






(1 week later)






“I punched him and knocked ‘im out cold,” Alfie bragged for the 100th time. It’s good to have him home and safe, but sometimes I regret saving him. We have to go back to school today by the floo network. “Time to go to school, kids,” Mum yelled. Back I go to school.








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