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That Escalated Quickly by MadiMalfoy
Chapter 1 : Before the Party
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Ron was being a complete arse! Constantly snogging Lavender, and still expecting me to help him with his homework. Although, I suppose I should be glad he introduced me to Cormac McLaggen, the Gryffindor reserve Keeper. Since Ron was a complete arse at the breakfast table last week, I had to make other arrangements for Slughorn’s Christmas party. I was going to ask him, but, as it so goes, he irritated me, so his invite went down the drain. 

Fortunately, Cormac was already in the Slug Club, so it shouldn’t be all that awkward…I hope. I kept remembering Slughorn’s first dinner party when he kept ogling me over dessert. It was actually rather cute, although I hate to admit that. Cormac was a rather attractive bloke though, with his curly golden hair and chiseled jawline, right? Oh, who was kidding, he's a complete and utter jerk!

Harry had given me the idea to go with him as friends while we were in the library; unfortunately, it was too late for me to change my plans. I do hope he brings someone good along, though. Oh, bugger, here comes Cormac.


I rearranged my features into what I hoped wasn’t a grimace as he walked up to me, a wide grin on his face.


“Hey, Granger!” he exclaimed, casually slinging an arm around my shoulders, pulling me along the corridor with him towards the moving staircases.


“So I was thinking about Slughorn’s Christmas party, and I realized I don’t know what your dress looks like. Since we are going together, it’d look better if we didn’t clash, am I right or am I right, eh Granger?” Cormac laughed.


I nodded yes and tuned him out, trying to shrug out from under his arm, but only causing him to slide his arm down to my waist and pull me into his side. With his 6’2”, my head barely reached his shoulder, making it difficult for me to escape his embrace.


“So what do you say, Hermione? Are you going to keep me in the dark forever, or will you tell me about your dress?”


He had continued talking without me even noticing. “Oh, um, right, my dress is pink so I’m sure we’ll match just fine,” I replied, nonchalantly slipping away to stand in front of him as we stopped walking before the Fat Lady’s portrait.


“Right you are, Granger; right you are,” he said, stepping forward and leaning in slowly.


Thankfully, the portrait hole opened, allowing Ron and Harry to step out and interrupt what I’m sure would have been a bit of a problem.


“Er, sorry, did we just interrupt something?” Harry asked awkwardly.


Cormac cleared his throat and said, “No, no, I was just…leaving. Bye, Granger. See you at dinner.” He instead went in for a kiss on the cheek that I graciously accepted, my face turning scarlet as I ran through the still open portrait hole up to the girls’ dormitory.


Tossing my bag on the floor, I sprawled on my bed, hands covering my face, attempting to make sense of everything. Ron and Lavender are together, so Ron shouldn’t be a problem. Harry and Ginny are, well, getting there, so I’m free to do as I please. Wonderful. I just hope Cormac doesn’t try to pull anything at dinner. I can’t decide how I feel about him yet. Oh well, I guess we’ll find out at Slughorn’s party.

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That Escalated Quickly: Before the Party


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