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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 32 : Bitter Sweet Talks
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Chapter 32

Rose was right about Albus having the map. Of course it took a few bribes from Lily before she would actually able to find out  where it was hidden. She had to admit, when digging through his trunk it took everything she had to not stop and organize it. She swore that Albus purposely unfolded and wrinkled his robes before he threw them in the trunk, because she knew for fact that they were delivered to him pressed and folded.

When she reached the bottom of the trunk, which sounded easy in theory, she let her pointer finger and middle finger slightly rub across the engraving of a griffin, moving it back and forth twice. She was slightly shocked by Albus’ clever idea for a secret hiding spot, she watched the griffin’s head move back and forth, purring like a cat being pet. It took a few attempts but eventually the inside lining of the trunk began to slowly peel away leaving the remains of the marauders map neatly pressed to the wall.

Opening the map, she whispered “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

“You know maybe you should give her, her space.” She heard a voice say as it was coming up the stairwell.

Rose felt her heart begin to rush, as she panicked for a hiding spot.

“I am giving her space,” Albus said harshly as the door barged open and he threw his books onto the bed.

“I would hardly call stocking her on that bloody map of yours, giving her space.” Ben argued walking over to his own bed and taking a seat. Rose felt as the mattress of the bed lowered. There wasn’t much room between the bed frame and the floor and she was sure that Ben would notice her, but he didn’t he only continued to talk, “Have you ever considered that maybe this time you just went too far.”

“Bull shit,” Albus said quickly “I’m not the one that forced Rose into breaking up with the bloke,”

“No but you sure as hell didn’t back her up or support her, you ever think that maybe she feels betrayed by you. I mean you and Mr. Weasley did kind of gang up on her,” Rose listened in on the conversation surprised that Ben could actually explain the reason to why she was so mad at Albus when she couldn’t. Apparently sometimes it does take neutral third party member.

“Well what was I supposed to do?” Albus said quickly “He’s bad for her.” He stated.

“And how did you gain the physic abilities that told you that?” Ben half-heartedly joked.

“So you like Malfoy now?” Albus half yelled.

Ben paused a moment before he said “I think he’s good at Quidditch.” Rose had to clinch her teeth together to not laugh.

Albus looked at Ben in shock “You think he’s good at Quidditch?” Albus repeated confused. “The guy tried to kill my bloody favorite cousin and you think that he is good for her?” Albus was yelling now.

“No.” Ben stated calmly “I think that like every Quidditch game there is two sides and I think that there is more to the story about what happened that day in the room of requirements than we know. For crying out loud they had to pull her off of him during that fight, that doesn’t sound like she was almost dead, that just sounds like Rose.” Ben stood up so that he was towering over Albus, who was now sitting on his own bed. “Rose fights for what she wants and I am beyond shocked that she decided to fight for you and her father instead of for Malfoy.”

“That’s because she is loyal to a fault.” Albus almost whispered turning his head away from the direction that Ben was in.

“And because she loves her family more than anything else.” Ben added.

“I just don’t get it, if she cares about us so much then why would she put us through this mess to begin with?” He paused before adding the more conflicting question “Why even start a relationship with him?”

Ben waited a moment before he said, “That’s a good question that you should ask her herself, because let’s face it you never gave her the chance to explain the answer.”

“Well it looks like that she still isn’t going to get the chance to explain anything if she doesn’t start talking to me soon.”

“Well maybe she is waiting for an apology.” Ben suggested.

Stunned Albus said “An apology for what, I’m not sorry for my opinion on the situation.”

Ben only starred at Albus “Do you even know Rose?” Ben seriously asked with the slightest hint of humor in his voice. “I dated her for two years, and I’ll admit she kept a ton of her true feelings hidden from me, but I did learn of couple things, the first being that Rose doesn’t take insults well, and that was all you did during that last conversation.”

Rose couldn’t help but cover her mouth to stifle an actual laugh. Apparently Ben wasn’t as dumb as he looked.

Albus was silent he knew that his opinion was a bit harsh, “I never meant to hurt her, I just care is all.”

“Good to know that you’re not a complete arse.” Ben joked “If you want my advice, give her a few more days, prepare what you’re going to say, and maybe wait until after N.E.W.T.S before you try to talk to her, Rose before a big test can be a little…”

“Scary.” Albus provided, standing up, and raising his arms above his head to stretch.

Ben only nodded his head in agreement as he watched Albus reach up and hang from the curtain bar above his bed. “You really think that that will work?” Albus asked

“I think that it’s going to get you farther than you are now.” Ben commented.

Albus thought about that for a moment before he suggested “Mate I’m hungry lets go eat dinner.”

“Sure thing,” Ben said scratching his blond head. Albus was already halfway down the stairs when Ben yelled “Hey you go ahead and go without me I’ve got to find my charms book real quick.”

Albus shrugged his shoulders and continued to walk.

Rose remained very still that was until she heard a loud thump beside her and she saw Ben laying on the floor looking at her.

“Damn it you scared me.” She said her heart racing.

“Talk to him…Please.” Ben said seriously with a pleading look in his eyes.

“I will,” Rose whispered with a half-smile on her face. “Thank you,” she added grateful that he didn’t give her away.

“Anytime,” he said about to get up before he added “Oh and next time hide behind the bloody curtains you nearly gave me heart attack when I sat down.” Winking he stood up and walked to the door shutting it behind him.

Rose released a sigh of relief as she crawled out from under the bed and began to open the map. She had to take care of something else first.



Scorpius sat deeply immersed in his text that he was reading on the table. She had finally located him in the old divination class room which was an odd place for him but the perfect place to hide. The classroom had long ago been abandoned moving the new divination room to a higher level and it looked as if what little things that were in it hadn’t been touched for years. There wasn’t much a couple of tables and a few overly large tattered cushions in the corner, but Rose could see how it would be an ideal place to study. Sighing she watched Scorpius from behind, he looked just as composed as ever and just looking at him was making her shake.

She had avoided his general direction for six weeks and yet she knew what the exact outline of what his face would look like when he turned.

Taking a shaky breath she walked towards him slowly, not entirely sure of what she was going to say.

“Do you really think that I don’t care about you?” she asked softly, forcing him to jump and turnaround from the shock of being interrupted.

Scorpius could only stare at her, his face emotionless, his eyes following her as she walked closer to him, standing only about a foot away, the silence between them was so loud that it was overwhelming.

“I’m not sure what to think anymore.” He said turning around to look back down to his book.

Rose looked down to the ground, knowing that he wasn’t going to make this easy for her. She took another step closer to him “Is that seriously all that you can say, after everything we have been through?” she didn’t take her eyes off of his back as he refused to turn around. “Scorpius,” she whispered, reaching her hand out to lay on his shoulder.

Shocked Scorpius slapped the hand away and jerked up, out of the chair so that he was lingering over her, with a look of hate in his eyes. “What’s there to say?” he yelled through gritted teeth. “You’ve had six weeks to talk, six weeks to see how I am, and for six weeks I’ve waited for you to even acknowledge that I’m on the same planet as you and you never did. The time for talking is over Weasley, let’s just chop it up to what it was… Nothing.” He spat. The look in his eyes was one that Rose hadn’t seen in years, and yet it was painfully familiar.

If he was trying to break her heart, he was succeeding, because she could feel her insides crumble as he stared at her with that look of disgust. “How can you say that, how can you even think that?” she questioned, looking anywhere in his eyes for her Scorpius “I gave you everything, that wasn’t nothing to me.” She tried to make him understand.

“Then that was a mistake on your part. Turns out it’s not so hard to get into your enemies bed, literally, oh except it wasn’t a bed it was a rock, I reserved the bed for Vivian’s first time.” He snarled at her, watching as she tried to cover up the fact that he had hurt her. “Although some good came out of it, How I Scorpius Malfoy Slept with Rose Weasley, good title for the story I’ll tell people.”

“Why are you doing this?” Rose asked,

“BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO HURT THE WAY THAT YOU HURT ME!” He yelled loudly in her face, as he backed her into the stone wall. “Because I want you to know what it feels like to have the love of your life treat you like your nothing.” His rage was still plastered on his face, but the hate had left his eyes. “That pain, that small amount of pain that you just experienced is what I have been feeling all damn day for the past six weeks.”

“YOU THINK THAT I DON’T HURT!” Rose screamed back in his face her own rage taking over. “OR THAT MY HEART ISN’T BROKEN?” she watched as Scorpius’ nostrils flared with every heaving breath he took.

She breathed taking a calmer tone “Do you think that I haven’t cried myself to sleep every night for six weeks thinking about you?” Scorpius only looked to her, she could feel his staggered breathing on her face. “Damn it did you even consider that I don’t acknowledge you because I can’t bear to even be near you?” she averted her gaze unable to look him in the eye “It kills me every second of every day.”

Scorpius closed his eyes “Why are you here Rose?” he whispered.

“Because I wanted you to know that you are the biggest mistake I ever made.” She watched as Scorpius’ face scrunched up in offense. Reaching a hand up to his cheek she pulled his eyes on her “And I don’t regret a single second of it.”

Having her so close to him was almost unbearable, but he didn’t move her hand. Instead he placed his own hand around the base of her neck, pressing his forehead to hers, just taking her in. “Do you know how much I wish I could hate you, rather than feel this pain.” His voice was barley a whisper, but he still gripped her tightly so that she couldn’t move away from him.

Rose remained still grateful that the wall was there to hold her up, she breathed slowly making sure to capture every of second of this moment, her heart pounding heavily in her chest. “I rather feel this pain, than to take back what we had.” Wrapping her other arm around his neck she said “I love you,”

Scorpius opened his eyes raising his lips to her forehead “You say the word love as if you still mean it.”

Rose pulled her head away from his lips so that she could steal his gaze “Don’t you get it?” she asked pausing to see if he understood her, realizing that he didn’t she said sternly “Scorpius I am always going to be in love with you.”

Scorpius didn’t even try to resist the temptation to kiss her. He felt as the numbness of his insides burst with energy as his lips came crashing onto hers. Rose didn’t fight against the kiss, instead she let herself fall into the familiar scene, the rhythm of their lips pressed hard against one another’s, as the warmness of his body leaned tightly against hers. Her tear streaked face was moist against his skin but he refused to part their lips to see if she was alright. Instead he flung his fingers into her hair letting them follow the vibrant red waves of her curls to just below her breast, only to continue to follow her uniform shirt to where it was tucked in at the waist hem of her pants.

He hesitated momentarily before he pushed up on the shirt to reveal the slightest inch of her bare skin. Moaning slightly as Rose felt the warm tips of Scorpius’ fingers briskly glide across her stomach. Energetically she pulled him closer to her, her lips immersed with his, letting Scorpius push up against her vigorously lifting her up so that she could intertwine her legs around his body.

Her body was pinned to the wall the only thing holding her up was him as he timidly unclasped the buttons on her shirt, slipping the white fabric aside to reveal her chest. He was about to lean in and kiss her again when something bright caught his eye. Reaching up he delicately touched the single glass bead on her necklace as the flame burned brighter than it ever had before. Smiling he looked up to meet Rose’s stare, her face was slightly pink and she was the epitome of beauty. His heart was pounding as he raised one of his hands to her face cupping the soft skin of her cheek, the rise and fall of her chest moving at an unsteady beat. How could he hurt her, how could he even think to hurt her “I’m sorry about what I said earlier.” His voice shaky and uneven.

“I know,” she said grabbing ahold of the hand that was lying on her face, turning her head in to kiss is palm.

“You were so far from nothing to me, you’re everything and more and I love you.” He whispered his eyes pinned on hers, Rose could only smile, unnerved by his intense stare. Leaning forward she kissed him soft and tenderly. Wrapping his free arm around her waist, he pulled away from the wall, securely holding Rose up as she let the remains of her shirt slip off of her shoulders, looping her arms around his neck, still kissing him.

Taking her to the pile of old large cushions in the corner he gently laid her body down, the light no longer present outside as the room was now dark but the beams from the moon casted enough of a white glow on them to see each other’s faces. Pulling his lips away from her mouth he looked down to Rose waiting for her objection, only she didn’t. The look in her eyes, so full of passion and desire told Scorpius that she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. Letting his fingers dance across her stomach he bent his head forward tracing the outline of her collar bone with his kiss.

Rose closed her eyes as she felt the path that Scorpius’ was leaving with his lips, memorizing it. Every kiss was like a new begging, each one shocking her body with a sudden but thrilling sensation of chills that shot through her. He kissed every rib that he had ever cracked, every finger that he had disjointed, both wrist that he had broken, every bone in her body, every bruise that he had left, he let his mouth cover them, healing them with the same passion and fire that had been embedded in both of them from the day they were born. Lifting himself up he ran his fingers through her hair finding the location of the scare, the scare that represented the begging of the end.

Opening her eyes she looked at him the guilt of his past twisted with an alive desire for her. Rose tugged on his Slytherin tie, pulling it loose off his neck. He watched as she tentatively pushed the buttons of his shirt through their holes, sitting up Scorpius pulled the shirt off of his back revealing the smooth exterior of his physique. Rose let her fingers examined every spare inch of skin. Scorpius straddled one of her legs, fiddling with the clasp of her trousers, tugging her skin, along with his, free of all clothing. His body tense as he felt his heart speed up at the sight of her, he ached to be with her, to hold her against him and have her be his again.

Rose had always fought so hard to be perfect, but what she never realized was that to him she was already perfect, every flaw, every freckle, every movement that she ever made was perfect. Rose reached up to run her fingers through his blond hair, tracing a line all the way down to his chest leaving her hand to rest there. Clasping the hand Scorpius leaned forward covering Rose with his body, gripping her hand tightly as he mingled his fingers with hers. Crushing his lips on top of hers.

It was just as magical as the first time, only this time the rushed awkwardness was eliminated and the familiarity of the act was there. The passion and desire for one another taking over as the moved in perfectly in sync.

Rose feverishly kissed Scorpius, letting her free hand, trace the outline of his back, while he held onto her other one occasionally feeling her squeeze her fingers in the spaces between his. Only did their lips part when air was absolutely necessary. Rose gripped his hand tightly as she gasped slightly, her body quivering. Scorpius, out of breath, pulled his lips from hers feeling her body go weak under him. Letting his head rest against hers he let go of the tight grip on her hand, but let his fingers remain with hers.

Sharing slow deep rugged breathes between them. They remained silent, taking in what had just happened, still in each other’s arms. Rose bit her lip as she waited for Scorpius to open his eyes. Opening them he smiled at Rose giving her an odd look.

“Whats that look for?” she asked softly.

“Nothing,” he said brushing some free strands of hair out of her face. There breathes becoming more steady, Scorpius sat up reaching over for his shirt which he handed to Rose.

“Thanks,” she whispered gratefully taking the shirt, wrapping it around her body. She leaned back and watched as Scorpius pulled on his boxer shorts and then went back to his place beside her on the cushions. Leaning backwards he snaked his arm over her shoulders, pulling her body closer to him. Rose could only breath as she laid her head on his chest, draping an arm across his stomach.

They were both silent, still processing the event that had just occurred and realizing that they really had no clue where they stood with each other, it was so easy for them to fall back into place with one another, but what did that mean.

“So that was un expected.” Scorpius commented looking down to Rose.

Rose lifted her gaze to his “You think.” she said her voice toneless.

Shaking his head he looked back up to the ceiling, his silence returning as the reality of the situation set in. Her breathing becoming a constant reminder that she was still his ex-girlfriend.

Slowly he sighed asking the one question that they were avoiding, knowing full and well that she held all the power in her hands “So what is this?”

“Well what do you want it to be?”

“You know what I want it to be.” Scorpius said dryly, “The question is what do you want it to be?”

Rose pulled away from Scorpius, sitting up she pulled her knees up and just stared. The silence lingered as Rose felt Scorpius shift beside her, sitting in a similar position but not touching her. Scorpius waited patiently “I want the same thing that you do.” She said slowly turning her face so that she was looking him dead in the eye. “I think that you have somehow been misguided in the reasons why I broke up with. Do you honestly think that I wanted to do that, to break my own heart along with yours?” She asked watching as Scorpius didn’t move, his face blank “I broke up with because I had too, there is a big difference between the two.”

Scorpius looked to the ground as he whispered “You didn’t have to choose your family.” Although when the words came out of his mouth he had to admit that they sounded better in his head.

“Scorpius answer this, what would you have done if you were in my shoes?”

Scorpius was silent, thinking back to the day when his father demanded that he break up with her and to now, where him and his father were actually talking and working on having a decent relationship between each other. A relationship that he would have regretted if he never had it. Bringing his gaze to her he sighed “We are royally screwed,” 

“Nice to know you’re on the same page.” Rose stated firmly “There is no winning solution,”

Scorpius looked to the ground “So what now?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” Rose said turning to face Scorpius.

Breathing lightly Scorpius said “Well we have proven that we can’t be remotely near each other and not be together, because it kills us, and yet we can’t actually be together now. So I am asking you what are our options? Because I for one don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone and miserable sitting in an office with you down the hall.”

“Neither do I,” Rose said leaning into Scorpius as he laid his arm across her shoulders.

“Good to know,” he said meeting her eyes “So what now?” he asked with smile on his face as he watched her bite her lip.

Rose shrugged raising her hand to sweep a piece of his pale blond hair out of his eyes, lowering her hand so that it was on his cheek, even now his eyes said that he loved her and that he wanted her, such a positive look for such a depressing topic “I think right now I am going to kiss you, later we can talk about what were going to do.”

Scorpius got a playful look on his face “And what makes you think that I would agree to that?”

“Because you love me.” She whispered not hiding the smirk that was on her face.

“That I do.” He said leaning in, finding her lips with his own.


Rose sat in the library not hidden away like she usual was but out in the common area where most students preferred to do their studying, although she had to admit that the room was rather deserted seeing as how most end of term exams were coming to an end. There was a bittersweet feeling in the library that day, the overwhelming sense that this might be one of the last times she ever came here as a student, seeing as how the graduation ceremony was tomorrow.

Slowly flipping the page to her book she heard a rumble not so far away from her. “You know that N.E.W.T.S. are over right?”

Rose smiled to herself. “Just because we take a test doesn’t mean that there is nothing else to learn.” She replied looking up into her cousin’s eyes.

Albus grinned, Rose wasn’t sure if it was because he was happy that she had spoken to him or if it was because of her comment. Albus tentatively walked over to the table that she was sitting at, taking the seat beside her.

The silence between them was awkward to say the least. Albus fiddled with his fingers as Rose waited for him to find the words that he was looking for.

Sighing Albus stared at the table as he said “I’m sorry about what I said to you, and that I made you feel like I wasn’t there for you when you needed me.” He looked up to meet Rose’s eyes “Families don’t do that to each other and I love you.”

Rose nodded her head, closing the book that lay in front of her. Pushing a strand of red hair out of her face she sighed. “Thank you,” she said noting on the fact that an apology was rare from Albus. “But I also know that you were only trying to protect me.” She said giving him the benefit of the doubt. Albus smiled.

They went back to silence the awkward tension still lingering in the air. Clearing his throat Albus intertwined his fingers “I am sorry for how you found out about it? I know it hurt you to see me defend him.” She paused before she added “But you have to know that he had changed, I wouldn’t have been with him if he hadn’t.”

“Rose you have to understand to your family no one is going to be good enough for you, not even Ben was good enough for you. So when we find out that you are dating the one guy who single handedly broke just about every bone in your body…on purpose, were not going to react well.” He said not to defend his stance but just so that Rose would understand that his concern came from somewhere.

“I know, and I’m lucky to have a family who cares so much about me, however no one even considered giving him a chance, it was like sides were drawn and I had to pick one, and that didn’t make me feel like you loved or cared for me, it only tortured me.”

“Everything could have been handled better, my part, your part, your father’s part, even Scorpius’ part, but it wasn’t, and we can’t change it. We can only learn from the mistakes and move on.” Albus said.

“And what exactly have you learned?” Rose asked raising an eyebrow.

“That I should let you explain before I blow up,”

Rose smiled. “Well at least something productive came out of my pain.”

Albus gave a goofy grin as he looked back down to the table. “Can I ask you a question?”

“It depends if you want to hear the honest answer.” Rose said firmly.

“Did you really love him that much?”

Rose was shocked by the statement, she had had time to prepare for this conversation but she wasn’t expecting this. “I loved him enough to know that if I can’t have him, I don’t want to be with anyone else.” Rose looked her cousin in the eye “I’m not cut out for love, it only hurts you in the end.”

Albus didn’t know what to say so he looked down at the book and saw the word Brazil mentioned across the cover. “Brazil?” he asked.

“Yeah,” She said pulling her mind back into focus “I’m thinking about joining the Auror training program there.” She pulled out a pamphlet that she had inside the book.

“You know your father is going to kill you right? He has his heart set on you being in the London program.” Albus said flipping through the pamphlet.

“I know and I love my father, but your right if I’m ever going to figure out who I am I have to get away and start doing things for myself, because I want to not because it pleases my father.”

“You know I think I could learn to like Brazil.” Albus said sweetly.

“And what might you be distancing yourself from?” She asked.

“Well I am Harry Potter’s son. That’s a lot of pressure for a bloke.” Rose couldn’t help but laugh.

“You would seriously consider moving to Brazil with me?”

Albus pretended to debate it before he said “Well you’re not giving me much of a choice. You see if you move to Brazil by yourself you’re just going to miss me too much and I can’t let that happen.” He joked. “Assuming that you don’t mind if I tag along?”

“You and Brazil,” Rose stated loudly thinking the idea over she said “Well it doesn’t sound entirely awful and besides if you come then I won’t have to find a roommate.”

Albus laughed, “So do you want to come play Quidditch with me?”

Rose’s eyes went wide “Do I want to go play Quidditch? that sounds like real fun.” She said sarcastically.

“Come on, it was Hugo’s idea, Weasley/Potter Quidditch game, what could go wrong?”

Rose bit her lip “That worries me even more.” She joked.

“It’s the last time were all going to be here like this.” Albus commented.

Standing up, Rose gathered her books and put them into her bag, “You’re going to have to charm me first,” She said

“I know, also we need to stop by the Owlry, I have a letter to my father that I want to get to him tonight and I need to barrow your owl.”

“You do realize that eventually you’re going to have to buy your own owl,” Albus commenting on the fact that she still didn’t trust her family with her mail.

“When all of you learn to mind your own business and stop reading my mail, I will gladly buy my own Owl, until then I’m going to continue to barrow yours.” Rose said seriously.

Albus laughed “Merlin I’ve got to love my family.”

“Yes you do,” Rose shot back.

A/N: Alright so 1 chapter left to go. I’m bouncing around with excitement. Anyways I know it wasn’t probably what you were expecting or hoping for but still. Speaking of which, wow for all the reviews hating on Rose in the last chapter, I hope that redeemed her and gave some clarification into her reasoning. So please let me know if I did.

So what did you think of the scene between Rose and Scorpius, also what about Albus did I redeem him at all? What about Brazil? Please review and tell me what you think?Also in the author’s note of the next chapter I will give you all the information about the sequel, like the name and when I hope to have the first chapter up. 
Thank you so much for reading were almost done!

And once again PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Review.

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