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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 2 : Reuniting
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 Chapter 2 – Reuniting


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Sirius grinned racing up the kings cross station pushing past the business like muggles with mobile phones at their ears or brief cases at their sides with ties tightly done up. They all seemed so serious and both James and Sirius went past them, nudging them out of the way in a race towards the 9 ¾ wall.

James smacked the wall with the front of his palm doing a little victory dance, his years of being a chaser on the team marked up well for him.

“Whoop! Look who one, JAMES POTTER WINNER!” James shouted around the station bellowing it out receiving a few well earned looks from passing muggles.

“James be quite” Mrs Potter sent him a stern look finally catching up behind him, pushing a trolley full of trunks “Don’t run off like that again, you never know when there could be a death eater”
“Really Mum?” James raised an eyebrow “They’d be pretty stupid to launch an attack here, in broad day light with ministry workers crowded around the front of this place and an easy contact to Dumbledore, they wouldn’t dare”

Sirius chuckled. His wounds had healed well over the many weeks he had stayed with the Potters, small scars still covered his body but nothing too major had happened to him. Sirius wore them proud like battle wounds, he wasn’t ashamed that he wasn’t predigests like the rest of his family.

Mrs Potter kissed her son and Sirius on the forehead passing them both packed lunches for the train journey a sad smile playing on her face “Please be careful, I don’t want any hospital wing injures this year boys”

“Yes” Both James and Sirius groaned, the two boys eyes caught for a minute and with a little nod of the head Sirius knew that the rule wouldn’t be kept by.

“I’m being serious you too, you have no idea what it’s like for me and your dad getting a letter from the school finding out your baby boys injured” Mrs Potter cried out now passing the boys their heavy trunks packed full with sweets and other pranking devices “I’m not coming through the wall with you, I’ve got to dash straight away”

“Where are you going?” James asked titling his head to the side.

“To give this paperwork to your dad” Mrs Potter took a piece of paper out of her pocket looking around incase anyone was listening in “He told me not to read it, your dad, but I couldn’t help it” Mrs Potter shook her head chuckling a bit at herself.

“What’s it about?”

“It’s a lead on some death eaters, nothing really major. There’s some information on your cousin here though” Mrs Potter said looking towards Sirius whose eyes lit up at the idea of his deranged cousin getting caught.

“What does-”

“I couldn’t tell, I’ve told you enough already. Now go off you two before you miss your train”

With a final nod and a kiss from Mrs Potter, James and Sirius chased through the wall calling back over their shoulders “BYE MUM!” even Sirius joined in feeling the words lay on his tongue for a minute or two with a mixture of shock at his own words.

He was brought back in the world when steam was caught in his face, he choked back pushing his way through the crowed to get away from it. The scarlet steam train sitting along next to him as he went by pulling his trunk along with him.

James nudged him pointing far off down the train at a compartment window where a shabby looking boy had stuck his head out of it and was waving furiously, a smile upon his scarred face.

Sirius ran up and jumped on the train, meeting Remus on it, he pulled him into a brotherly hug. He looked exhausted, lines creased across his pale and breakable face and dark circles reach under his eyes like shadows.

Sirius sent him a concerned look but was received by a warm friendly smile.

“How have you been?” Remus asked fiddling with his shirt cuff, it was only then did Sirius notice that he already was wearing his school robes.

“I’m good. I guess you know I’ve been staying and James’s over the summer” Sirius said peering around in case anyone was listening.

“Yeah? Why was that exactly? James never really explained in the letter”

“I’ll tell you later” Sirius said hurriedly as a group of Slytherine’s pushed themselves passed them in the narrow corridors. The two of them lent hard against the wall as they went passed sending them cold glares.

“How many fights do you think we’ll get into this year?” Sirius grinned to Remus just as James showed up, his hair ruffled and face red “Where’ve you been?”

“Uh… Nothing. Just saw Evans, that’s all” James coughed back shufferling “I’m surprised you didn’t hear the yelling” He laughed it off.

The three of them went of down the corridors in search for a compartment.

Half way down the train when both Sirius’s and James’s legs were tired from walking and the train had begun to move did Sirius finally turned into a compartment full of scared little first years “Oi! Get out, were using this compartment”

The first years looked up for a moment, eyes wide with fear before shufferling to get their trunks and hurrying out of the corridors tripping over themselves. Remus shook his head but said nothing and sent the first years a sad sympathetic smile as they went hurriedly passed him

“Hey! You can’t just do that” A bold third year who happened to pass by folded her arms over staring at them.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at her as though nothing she said would affect him. She put a hand on her hip and studied him, when a awkward silence fell on them all she held her head higher and cried out “There have as much right to be there as you do”

The three boys had nothing to say. Sirius dropped his head in shame, shaking his head but simply said “Whatever” Before moving towards the compartment followed by James and Remus who looked back at the girl with a grin.

“What the hell! I only kicked them out, she didn’t have to have a go at me” Sirius moaned as soon as he’d shut the compartment door with a click.

“Aw is little Siri getting bullied by a third year” James mocked raising an eyebrow.

“Shut up”

“Well, you didn’t have to kick them out. They were sitting here first” Remus cut in, kicking his trunk under the seat bellow them.

“Eugh! You two are annoying” Pouted Sirius folding his arms.

Just as James was about to respond a loud noise occurred outside. The three marauders looked up intently until Remus got up to have a look.

Peter Pettigrew came stomping in, his face red. Behind him was a tiny first year on the floor as though she’d just stumbled “I accidently knocked her over” Peter frowned, his plump face going redder by the second “Sorry” He mumbled to the first year boy who scrambled up crying racing off down the other end of the train. Remus sent him a disapproving look as he went back to sit back down.

Peter looked as though he was on the verge of tears himself as he plumped himself down next to James who smiled and sent him a sympathetic stare.

Sirius said nothing, staring off out of the window as the scenery flashed passed him. Pulling out of his pockets a packet of bertie botts every flavour beans. He smiled down at them popping one in his mouth; Banana. He cringed but carried on chewing his mouth munching away as fast as he could go.

“Can I have one?” Peter said timidly giving Sirius the puppy dog eyes.

“Sure, here Pete’s” Sirius threw a bean over to Peter who only just caught it between his finger tips. He smiled happily and popped it in his mouth, his face suddenly screwing up in disgust before spitting it back out again “Eugh earthworm!”

“Sorry about that” Sirius grinned throwing him another one “I think that one’s toast” He said staring at it for a minute.

“Hmm… Chocolate” Peter laughed just as the compartment door opened again revealing Mary McDonald. Her bright blonde hair pushed back in a high pony tail and heavy amounts of make-up was covered on her face.

“Mary!” Sirius jumped up pulling her in a hug “How you been?”

“I’m looking for Marlene? Have you seen her?” Mary asked ignoring his question and looking around the compartment as though expecting her to pop out suddenly from one of the trunks.

“No sorry” Remus answered opening a book up from where the bookmark had been left and began reading loosing himself in another world.

“Well if you do see her tell her I’m in the second carriage with Lily and Snape and I need her to come save me” She whinged and made a disgusted look with her face as though there was a stinking smell somewhere “I swear one more second with Snape and I might just throw up”

“We have sympathy for you” James said sighing, his mind going to why Lily would be friends with him? He asked himself this very question every time he saw the two together and even though he’d never admit it allowed there were times he was jealous of the way she treated him, like a friend. He’d be surprised if Lily would ever string two nice words together to say to him.

“His hair smells of wet dog” She cringed “It’s disgusting” She said taking a seat next to Peter and pushing him into the corner unintentionally. He shuffled back away from her, his shoulder hitting the compartment door.

She cringed and mimicked throwing up before jumping up again her, flipping her hair back behind her “Its good to see you” She winked at Sirius “And if you do see Marls tell her where I am”

The four nodded before she opened the compartment door again and practically skipped out, her flipping behind her.

“So I was wondering when were actually going to try operation Mooney’s furry little problem” James sat up as soon the compartment door had been clicked such.

“Nice name” Sirius piped up “And I think this term, we’ve researched it for a few years and we know the theory what the point in waiting?”

“Guys, as much as I love that your being so supportive, I just don’t want anyone to get hurt”

“Pfft! Stop worrying Mooney, we practically risk our lives everyday”

“It’s different this time Sirius!” Remus shouted out desperate for them to see reason “If you get caught there’s every chance you could get sent to Azkaban, and you’ll definitely be expelled”

“Well James did predict in his third year when he took up divination that I’d end up going to prison. James your seer!” Dramatically Sirius yelled out turning to James quickly his eyes lighting up sarcastically. Peter whimpered back, keeping quite incase the three of them though him cowardly.

“SIRIUS!” Remus exploded, his face growing steadily hotter “YOU CAN’T DO THIS! IT’S ONLY ONCE A BLOODY MONTH, I CAN DEAL WITH IT ON MY OWN”

The boys faces fell instantly and James and Sirius flashed each other a concerned look before shuffling towards their friend.

“Remus, were your best-friends and we don’t want to see you go through another month of pain” James went on, for once their faces were serious, concerned and honest. Remus sank back into his seat wanting it to gobble him up embarrassed he’d raised his voice so much.

“Sorry” He mumbled under his breath.

“Don’t be… we understand what it must be like for you” Sirius said leaning back once he was content his friend would be ok and popping sweets after sweets into his mouth.

Half an hour later when the navy coloured blacked covered the sky sparkling in all the right places and the half moon shone down onto them. Their light in the compartment flickered every so often, they boys sighed glaring up at it until suddenly it gave up completely engulfing them into darkness.

“Eugh! Are you fucking kidding?” Sirius said wanting to bang his head on something out of frustration. He let out a stressful breath before getting up pulling out his wand and pointing it up towards the light “Lumos” he hissed.

The room became dimly lit revealing Peter’s frightened and panicked face, he looked almost close to tears.
“Don’t worry Pete’s we’ll be fine” Remus said patting his friend on the back comfortingly and looking distantly out of the window, no noise was made, complete silence and the boys stared at each other hardly daring to breathe. Outside nothing could be seen but the darkness that surrounded them.

Sirius got a tingle that spread down his back, he shivered though not with coldness but with suspense. His eyes darted around the compartment looking for any signs of movement “Something’s not right” He whispered as James lent foreword slowly opening the compartment door with shaking hands and pulling out his want with a breath, lighting it immediately.

Many careful heads pocked out their compartment doors panic written clearly on each of their faces. James and Sirius stepped out in the train hallway walking down the hallway a little further and almost walking into Marlene McKinnon who had her back pressed against the wall trying to blend in the darkness.

“M.M.?” Sirius whispered giving her a small smile.

“Sirius” She breathed out a sign of relief pulling him into a tight hug “It just suddenly went dark, and-and I could not find Mary?” Her eyes were glistened with tears and panic.

“Don’t worry, just stay with us and get out your wand” Sirius said.

“I left it in my trunk, I did not think I would need it” the desperation evident in her voice and Sirius seemed to shrink back at it, not knowing what to say or do.

He peered round at everything looking around for any signs of… anything, any light, any person, any sound or noises that could give him some hints that everything was going to be alright.

“Over there” James said pointing towards the end of the carriage, squinting at it, wondering what it was. Marlene gasped when a hooded death eater carrying a lit wand appeared.

Though the three of them could not it but knew he was smirking at them, Sirius drew back a shaken breath and pointed his wand at the death eater who only laughed in his face when five more appeared behind him.

Marlene whimpered back, her eyes not leaving them and not daring to blink “We should get out of here” She hissed into the boys ears.

“M.M. go, Mary’s in the second compartment with Lily” Sirius hurriedly said back.

“Your both Fish-head, as if I am going to leave you boys”

“Why’s that?” Both boys said as the five death eaters took a step towards them completely ignoring the fact that she had just called them a fish-head.

“Because you are the ones with the wands” She flashed them a grin though they couldn’t see it as their backs were turned to her, she sent a glance towards the hooded figures coming towards her and took a deep breath before yelling out into the darkness “DEATH-EATERS! HELP DEATH-EATERS!” begging for anyone to hear and find them.

Students appeared from out of their compartments, taking one look at the death eaters before puling out their wands and joining in the fight. Marlene bit back a smile and pressed her back against the wall trying not to get in the way and feeling defenceless without her wand.

Sparks flew everywhere, Sirius’s wand danced about in his hand as he sent a curse towards one of them but quickly dodging another. He pushed past another student to get to James who had smashed his head on the window, struggerling through the narrow hallway he finally reached him.

“James?” He asked cautiously looking into his eyes.

“Yeah… I’m here” He replied dizzily and faint. Sirius put an arm around him and carefully helped him up, ducking under people’s arms and once again pushing through the tightly and fully packed corridor.

“He found Marlene crouched in the corner cringing “Marlene!” He called out.

Instantly she stood up and stared worriedly at James for a second “Will he be alright?”

“He will be-”

He was cut of by a large bang. Marlene went to cover her ears quickly, her heart jumping as she did so.

It was followed by a loud crack

Sirius looked around and found the death-eaters had vanished, he took a deep breath before setting James down in a empty compartment. The lights suddenly flicked back on and the three of them felt blinded, being in the dark for too long.

“What was that all about?” James moaned, his head spinning.

“Stay still, you must rest. How hard did you hit your head?” Marlene asked taking a look at the large gash on his head.

“Pretty hard”

“Fish-Head” She grinned “You will not be able to scruff your hair up so much now-”

“Students, were urge you not to panic, all the death-eaters that managed to find their way onto the train. Please remain calm you are completely safe now…”

“pfft!” Sirius let out mindlessly

“We will be arriving at Hogsmeade soon and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your journey” The driver finished as Sirius shook his head.

“Bloody train driver”


So I wanted to start the story with a really big plot to follow and even though it might seem so sudden and early to have a death eater attack I just wanted to make it clear just how big the war is straight away because I don’t think there’s been much mention of it so far and its quite a big thing in their lives at the moment so it’s very important.

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