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Disaster Waiting To Happen by GabiiWeasley
Chapter 4 : Introducing Darcy
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I do not own Harry Potter or The Ten Thing I Hate About You in any way, shape or form! :) The Ten Things I Hate About You is a movie Written by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith! Not mine at all.


"So Rose, you will need to organize the bachelorette party, have a a speech, be present at all the dress fittings and you will also need to help plan the reception but I will be helping you with that." Roxy rapidly ran through the list smiling while flipping through bridal magazines.

What, I missed half of that.

We were at her flat that she was sharing with Luke of course. Somehow Roxy had managed to kick him for the day so we could talk all things wedding. So far I had understood nothing, nada, zilch, zero ect. But I wasn't going to tell Roxy that...

"Sure Roxy, I'm your go to girl!" I grinned.

"Thanks Rosie, I'd be lost without you."

Well to be honest I'm pretty lost myself... Is what I would of said but we don't want a stressed bride do we? Let's not freak Roxy out and things will all be dandy! Dandy... I like that word.

"I am your Maid of Honor for a reason." I winked.

"Awesome, now what do you think lavenders and white roses or white lilies and red roses?"

"If you chose lilies and roses as the flower decorations I will murder you in your sleep Roxy."

She looked confused. "Why?"

I rolled my eyes. "It may have something to do with one of your bridesmaids being called 'Lily' and your Maid of Honor being called 'Rose', understand?"

"Oh yeah." She looked at me and laughed.

I sighed "Anyway aren't you being a little over prepared for the wedding? It's ages away!"

She whipped her head around and glared at me. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to say.

"Excuse me? What if all the locations are booked out, or if the flowers aren't right or even the dresses?!?" She began to panic. "What if we can't get rings or-"

I clamped my hand over her mouth. "Shhhh! It will be okay, I promise."

I removed my hand.

She laughed "Sorry Rosie I'm just so nervous about the wedding, I'm afraid I'm going to turn into a bridezilla sometime before the wedding."

I smiled. "It will all be just dandy."

Roxy raised her eyebrows. "Dandy?"

"Yeah, it's my new word."

She giggled, "Whatever you say Rosie."

"So tell me more about the proposal before we really get into the wedding stuff." I grinned at her.

Knowing Luke and Roxy it would be pretty cool. Both of them are really out there crazy people, it's great!

"Well, as I told you we were in New York and you know how I love that muggle movie 'The Ten Things I Hate About You'?"

I nodded my head "Yeah I know."

"Well what he did was when we were at a restaurant he said he had to leave for a moment to go to the bathroom or something. He didn't come back for a while and I thought he had left or something stupid, then I heard someone start singing 'Let me love you" on the speakers just like when Kat got serenaded in the movie. I looked up and it was Luke and he was dressed in the most ridiculous bright blue tux and singing the song to me. After his silly routine which included attempts at dancing he came over to me, pulled up from my chair, knelt down on one knee and proposed! The best part was watching all the muggles in the restaurant looking at us with shocked faces! It was fantastic!"

Wow. That sounded abso-bloody-lutely amazing.

I laughed, "Roxy that sounded wicked! I knew that Luke would do something crazily awesome like that."

She smiled all her pearl white teeth showing. "Yeah, it was great, well what about you and Scorp? Is he gonna pop the question anytime soon?" she asked waggling her eyebrows.

Rose Nymphadora Malfoy, doesn't sound too bad.

"He hasn't asked and he won't for a while, we are far too young!" I exclaimed blushing slightly.

She winked. "Whatever you say Miss Malfoy."

I shoved her off the bed and she squealed when she ht the floor. Serves her right.

I spent practically the rest of that afternoon helping Roxy kick start her wedding and I was exhausted. We looked at venues, shops and countless wedding magazines, some of them where even muggle ones!

"Thanks for helping Rosie! See ya later." Roxy hugged me tightly.

I smiled, "See you Roxy!"

When I get home I was knackered and didn't want to do anything more than sleep.

I unlocked the door and walked in to find Scorpius sitting on the couch watching TV. Seeing as we lived in an apartment complex that had muggles living in it we had some muggle appliances so the neighbors don't suspect anything.

I walked up behind the couch and wrapped my arms around his neck.
"Hey Scorp." I lead down and kissed his cheek.

He turned around and smiled. "Hey, how was your day?"

I groaned, "Tiresome, who knew the Maid of Honor had so much to do?"

"I did, and I told you it would be a lot of work."

"Scorpius I know you don't want me over working myself but I really want to do this."

He stood up, "I just worry about you."

I hugged him. "Don't worry I'll be fine." I looked up at him and smiled.

He ruffled my red hair. "Of course you will be Rosie, now I believe some ice cream and movies will be needed?"

I grinned, my tiredness forgotten. "You bet!"

I rushed into work the next day barely making it on time. Scorpius's idea of staying up watching movies had sounded so good at at the time but now I am so tired. Why did I even agree to movies? ... Oh yeah he offered me ice cream...

I run into my section of the office and threw down my bag grabbed my name badge and quickly hurried to go into a ward that was specifically for Creature Related Incidents.

I arrived panting from all that running. I guess I shouldn't of stopped playing Quidditch I'm so unfit.

"All right there Rose?"

I whipped my head around to see my co-worker Darcy Carmen smiling at me with that amazing grin he has.

Darcy had been a Ravenclaw in the year above me at Hogwarts. He had bronze hair and green eyes. Before I started dating Scorpius Dom and I used to bet one which one of us could snag a date with him first, both of us never got a date with him in case you were wondering. Anyway in other words he was bloody gorgeous, just don't tell Scorpius I said that...

"Hey Darcy! I'm fine just was running a little behind time." I beamed at him.

He ran his hand through his bronze locks. "As always," he laughed. "Anyway we partnered today and we don't need a supervisor seeing as I'm already a Senior Healer."

"Hey I'm not always late Darc!" I slapped his arm playfully.

He laughed, "Yeah, not always, just most of the time."

I grumbled as we walked into the ward together.


I had lunch with Darcy and I could practically feel the envious glares girls were sending me. Jeez people calm down I have a boyfriend and his name isn't Darcy, it's Scorpius. ... Scorpius is a really weird name.

"Why do I get the feeling that everyone is staring Darcy?" I whispered nervously.

He chuckled. "Well you see, some of the nurses, patients and other female employees have this creepy little stalking club about me. They even bet on who can go on a date with me first, who does that?!?" he laughed at the ridiculous behavior of the hospital people.

"Yeah who bets on that kind of thing? Ridiculous!" I laughed nervously.

It's not like Dom and I used to do that... Cough cough jokes we did.

"They probably think you have seduced me or given me a love potion." he laughed.

"Well they needn't be worried because I have a boyfriend." I gave a dirty look to some blonde bimbo who was glaring at me. Who does she think she is Darcy wouldn't date her.

"You're with Malfoy right?" Darcy asked as he dug into his sandwich.

"Yep! Have been for a year now." I smiled and sipped at my chocolate frappe. I love chocolate frappes... They are so delicious, who need butterbeer when you have chocolate frappes.

"That's a while then, glad to hear your happy with him." Darcy smiled.

"Yeah we are dandy!" I grinned.


"Yeah, its my new word, problem?" I asked.

Why does everyone think the word 'dandy' is weird? It's just mean fine or good. And it my new word so people should learn how to deal with it.

He chuckled. "I don't have any problem with that word, in fact it is peachy."

Peachy? What kinda word is that? Dandy is way better.

I roller my eyes. "Dandy is obviously a better word."

"Believe what you want to Rosie." he said.

I laughed and looked up from the paper I was looking at. I froze, shit shit shit! It was Matt and he was making a bee line towards where Darcy and I were sitting. Gosh! Why does he stalk me we are never getting back together, like ever. ( Haha muggle song! )

"Darcy we have to go, my cheating bastard of a ex-boyfriend is heading this way." I said grabbing my things and standing up.

Darcy stood up grabbing his sandwich and looking throughly confused. Oh if only you knew why we are running away.

We both turned away from Matt and began walking between table and of of the cafeteria. I quickly looked over my should to see that Matt was pushing people out of the way in order to get to us. What a prick! Can't he get that I despise him now.

I quicken my pace and saw Darcy do the same, we were out of the cafeteria and heading down the main corridor. Suddenly out of nowhere a hand roughly gripped my waist and violently turned me around. Ouch that hurt.

I looked up and stared Matt in the eye.
"What the bloody hell do you want?" I hissed.

"I want to talk to you Rose, can't you see we are perfect together?!" Matt growled.

I pushed his filthy hands off me. "You spoiled everything when you started cheating on me with Poppy! And I caught you guys at it on my birthday!! Did you expect me to be fine with it? No! I am not fine and now I couldn't care less about who you are fucking just leave me alone!" I spat.

I grabbed Darcy by his wrist and pulled him away. He looked as shocked as I felt. "C'mon, let's leave Darc." I grumbled.

"I'm not even gonna ask what that was about." he mumbled.

"Yeah that sounds good." I said as we walked back into our ward.


Okay thats chapter four! Please leave a review in the box below! :) - Gabii

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