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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series* by Magnolia
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15
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....................and in America....................

Sirius was back in the cave with buckbeak. He felt awful! The love of his life had just called him the scum of the earth, told him to burn in hell, and said he didn't deserve to live. Of course she didn't know he was innocent, but it still hurt! He now knew exactly how Lily felt after she had gotten over her mental breakdown. James wouldn't listen to anything she said! And Elizabeth had just done the same thing to him. She wouldn't believe him, not only that but she wouldn't listen. He had never realized until this very moment how mean they had really been to Lily. They had blocked her out and pretended she didn't exist. Well everyone except Elizabeth, and now Elizabeth was doing this to him. But since she did believe he had sold her best friend to Voldermort she had a right to be mad.

.....................back at Hogwarts....................
Nikki Venus was about ready to march over to the Daily Prophet headquarters and ring her X-best friend's neck! Joann Tucci was in Nikki's opinion the scum of the earth! Joann had done it again! She had trashed Elizabeth for the 3rd time this year! She was the new Rita Skeeter! Only since Joann once personally knew her prime victim she had a much easier job trashing her. Joann had gone out of her way this time! As soon as Rita had resigned last Summer Joann took her place. Her latest article read............

Elizabeth Windell at St. Mungo's AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Windell former ministry witch and fiance' to the one and only Sirius Black has been sent to St. Mungo's again for a mental break down. This time it was because she claimed she had seen her Xfiance' on her front lawn, when the ministry arrived there was no sign of Black. Also the fact that Ms. Windell became unconscious in the Minister's office didn't help her. Your reporter believes that Ms. Windell has never recovered from her so called "Temporary insanity" and did this whole stunt for attention. I pity her daughter Ann, for having to live with a mother like this. Thankfully Ann is in the care of her Aunt Gabriella, a fine lady who has never let her niece down. Your reporter will keep you updated with the latest on Elizabeth Windell.
~Joann Tucci

Nikki picked up the paper lit if on fire and threw it against the wall. It burned a hole in the wall but she didn't care. The only thing she was worried about right now was Ann. She had to keep Ann away from the days issue of the Daily Prophet! Apparently Elizabeth had neglected to tell Ann anything about her past. She definitely hadn't mentioned Layla, Lily, James, Sirius, or anyone else for that matter. Nikki had dropped several hints about them to Ann and she had never picked up on any of them. She didn't even know the story of Harry Potter!

.................In the Gryfinndor Common Room..................
Hermione had returned from Christmas break just a week before this. She was sitting across from Harry and had never been so mad at him! Why was she mad? Because he had been right! Mitch had dumped her earlier that morning. Her eyes were red and blood shot. And tears were rolling down her cheeks. She had lost Harry and Ron, she knew that. They were fed up with her. She had lost Mitch for the same reason. He had called her "Boring!" just like Harry had. She was sitting right across from Harry, it was obvious that she had been crying, but he wouldn't even look at her! If she had been crying last year he would have comforted her, but everything was different now. She purposely dropped her Arithmancy book hoping he'd look up and smile, but he didn't he just sat there working. Or was he? He had his Transfiguration book on open on his lap. They didn't have any homework in that subject, and Hermione highly doubted Harry was studying. On the inside of the book was a piece of parchment, and when she saw what was on it, she almost fainted. It was a note to her. She could only see the top part that said "Dear Hermione" but when Harry had seen she was looking, he shut the book, stood up and walked to the other side of the room.

..................on the other side of the room.....................
Harry looked down at what he had been writing.

Dear Hermione
Look I'm sorry I called you boring. Ron and I shouldn't leave you out just because you have new friends. I'm sorry you think the things we do are "stupid" but come on! Remember how much fun we had last year and the years before?
I'm sorry about Mitch. He doesn't know how great of a girl he lost. He'll regret dumping you. Trust me.

He thought for a moment then erased Love. As he did this a new memory came into his mind.

*~A month after I got to Layla's, my owl Rosie arrived with a letter, which wasn't usual because, Elizabeth was constantly sending owls. I didn't think anything of it. I opened it and the handwriting wasn't Elizabeth's, it was James's!

Dear Lily,
I'm here at my grandparents. They're the only family I have left. My grandpa is great he loves Quidditch and is always willing to throw the Quaffle around with me. Things are better than I expected. Sirius is constantly over, but I don't think my grandmother is very fond of him! Considering he's always doing something. Last week he accidentally turned her hair pink! She wasn't very happy.
I'll see you on the Hogwart's express!

I was so happy, sure the letter was short but, I was amazed to think he sat down and wrote it. I didn't think guys did that kind of stuff, but then again James wasn't a normal guy. He was special!

"So what did Elizabeth say?"

"Ummmmmmm it wasn't from Elizabeth"

"Really? I doubt it was from your mother or sister, who sent it?"

"James" I whispered!

"Oh my God! Let me see!"


She read it. My thoughts went back to the closing part. "Love James" He wrote love James! My thoughts were
in a whirl, but then Layla snapped me out of it!

"Love James" she said

"I know, do you think he's serious?"

"I don't know? You can never tell when it comes to guys"

"Should I write back?"

"I would"~*

He thought about it for a little longer and just added Harry at the end. Then he went down to the Owlery to give it to Hedwig.

When he got there Hedwig greeted him with a happy hoot. He thought for a moment before handing it to her. If Hermione read this would she laugh in his face? Not Hermione, well atleast the old Hermione wouldn't. He decided he had to try and gave the letter to Hedwig. He watched her fly off into the sunset. And wondered what Hermione would do when she got it.

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