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A Child's Love by Courtney Dark
Chapter 1 : A Child's Love
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 Molly let out a sigh of relief as she settled down on the bed, nursing her tired feet and her swollen belly.

She was almost nine months pregnant with her seventh child. It was going to be a girl this time, she could feel it. How could it not be, when the child already had six brothers-most of whom promised to be rowdy, boisterous (and hopefully proficient, at least to some degree) wizards when they grew up?

“How are you feeling?” Arthur asked, concern evident in his voice as he rearranged the blankets at the end of the bed.

“Is there anything else I can get you? A cup of tea? Bill knows how to make tea now, he made one for me the other day. Admittedly it was far too hot…and tasted awful, but it was a good attempt.”

Molly smiled thankfully at her husband. “I’m fine, Arthur. Just…just tired.”

Arthur stopped fiddling with the blankets and approached her, resting his hand on her very pregnant stomach.

“Virginia,” he said.


Arthur smiled slightly, which warmed Molly’s heart. His smile had been one of the first things that had drawn her to him. It lit up his whole face-put a twinkle in his eyes and erased the creases that had recently started to appear around the corners of his eyes. “It was my great-grandmother’s name,” he said. “If it’s a girl, I’d like to call her Virginia. Ginny for short.”

Molly frowned. “Virginia? Really?”

The smile fell from Arthur’s face, and Molly was suddenly reminded of how…innocent he was. He wasn’t childish-well, sometimes he was, when he was fiddling about with his plugs and all that other Muggle rubbish, but innocent was definitely the better word to describe her husband. “You don’t like it?” Arthur asked nervously.

Molly patted his hand gently. “We’ll talk about names later, Arthur. Though I have to admit, I do like Ginny.”

The smile was back as Arthur straightened. The loud chatter of voices from downstairs suddenly reminded Molly of why she was up here, and a coil of nervousness unfurled inside her stomach.

“Are you sure this is a good idea, Arthur?” she asked, for what had to be the hundredth time.

“Positive,” said Arthur. “I’ll look after the kids for the afternoon Molly, you just relax.”

But how was she supposed to relax when she knew all six of her sons were downstairs wrecking havoc, under the care of her slightly clueless husband?

She loved Arthur with all her heart-didn’t even like to think what would happen if she was ever separated from him-but he certainly wasn’t the definition of ‘responsible’ when it came to looking after the kids. He meant well, sure, but with Arthur…things often didn’t go as planned.

“What do you look so worried for?” Arthur laughed. He clearly couldn’t see into Molly’s head and know what she was thinking. “It’s not like we’re going to blow up the house!”

“Humph,” said Molly.

“Oh, come on! You don’t honestly think the kids and I could blow up the house, do you?”

“Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Arthur just laughed again which, if anything, made Molly’s doubts even larger. “Don’t worry, my wife,” he said, pulling up a patchwork blanket that Bill had made last Christmas around her shoulders. “We’ll be fine.”

As Arthur retreated from the bedroom and down the stairs, Molly closed her eyes and wondered whether she’d just made a very large mistake.


Arthur hummed to himself as he walked down the stairs, leaving Molly up in the bedroom to relax and get some well needed sleep.

The pregnancy had been hard on her, that he knew-and it couldn’t be easy, having another six children to worry about.

Arthur knew he hadn’t been around as much as he should have, and that was what worried him. He’d left Molly to look after the kids all by herself all day, every day. But what other option did he have? The only way to support his family was to work, but working meant spending less and less time with the ones he loved most.

Arthur shook his head in frustration, and tried to clear the unsatisfactory thoughts from his mind. None of that mattered-not today, anyway. Today he was giving Molly a break. Today it was his turn to be a dad.

“Dad, dad!” shouted Charlie, bounding up to Arthur and throwing his arms out for a hug. Grinning to himself, Arthur lifted up his second oldest son.

“Where’s mum, dad?” Charlie asked breathlessly. “Is she getting sick again?”

“No, no she’s fine,” said Arthur confidently, carrying his excitable son towards the kitchen where his other children were patiently waiting.

Well, perhaps ‘patiently’ wasn’t the best word choice. While Percy was reading a book about caterpillars with a very serious expression on his five year old face, Fred and George were racing each other round the kitchen, Bill had grabbed his father’s wand and was currently prodding a pot plant with it and Ron was shouting nonsense words to his teddy bear, Fluffykins.

Arthur sighed to himself, and put Charlie down on the ground.

“Alright everyone, listen up because we have work to do,” he said, clapping his hands together, and looking round at his children importantly. Percy looked up from his book with a slightly harassed expression and Fred and George stopped chasing each other but Bill and Ron paid no attention to their father.

“Bill!” said Percy, glaring at his brother, “Listen to father when he’s talking to you!”

Bill scowled at his younger brother. “You’re not the boss of me!”

“Dad!” Charlie asked, tugging on the sleeve of Arthur’s tattered robe. “Why has Bill got a wand? He’s not allowed to do magic.”

“Am so!” said Bill proudly. “I’m going to Hogwarts this year, which means I get to buy my own wand.”

“Jabba buboka wabble fwog,” Ron told his teddy bear seriously.

Arthur wearily ran a hand through his thinning hair, and gently slid his wand from Bill’s hand. “Bill, your brother’s right. You’re not allowed to…”

“HA HA!” said Charlie. “Told you so!”

“Shush, Charlie,” said Percy. “Mother is trying to sleep-keep your voice down.”

“That’s right!” said Arthur, tossing his wand aside and nodding at Percy. “And when she wakes up, there is going to be a big surprise waiting for her.”

“Yes! A surprise!” the twins chorused, high-fiving each other with pudgy hands.

Arthur bit back a smile.

“What’s the surprise, dad?” Bill asked, and Arthur noted that his oldest son still looked a little put out about the fact he no longer had a wand.

“Alright everyone, listen very carefully because I’m only going to say this once,” Arthur said, looking around at his six sons, all of whom were so different, with a twinkle in his eye.

Bill was confident and independent. He would be going to Hogwarts this year, and was constantly reminding the whole family of it. This annoyed Percy to no end.

Charlie was the most loving eight year old Arthur had ever come across-he took after Molly, that much was certain. That said, he had a certain knack for adventure. Already he’d taken a liking to the gnomes that had made the Burrow their home. Yesterday Arthur had caught him out by the hedge, talking to one.

Percy was older than his years, and always had his head buried in a book. He’d taught himself to read a year ago, and was very proud of this skill.

Fred and George were the resident trouble makers. At just three years old, they caused Molly all kinds of trouble, and she was always fretting about what they’d be like in their later years.

Ron, at just one year old, had been the loudest baby out of the six of them. He prized his teddy bear, Fluffykins, above all else, and had screamed for hours when Fred had hidden it behind the chicken pen last week.

“This afternoon, while your mum is sleeping, we are going to prepare a big surprise for her!” Arthur said, smiling as the twins looked at each other excitedly. Even Ron stopped talking to his teddy to listen.

“What sort of surprise?” Bill asked curiously.

“We’re going to clean this house till its spick and span!” Arthur said, gesturing enthusiastically at the clutter that surrounded them. Smears of dirt and mud covered the kitchen’s wooden floors from where Charlie had trudged in wearing muddy sneakers that morning. The kitchen table was covered with all types of junk, from letters and owl droppings to rotten fruit and stale bread crusts. The place was a tip.

To Arthur’s disappointment, the prospect of cleaning up the house as a gift for his wife did not seem to excite the kids-instead, every single one of them, save for Ron who probably didn’t understand a word of what was being said, let out a tragic groan.

“Do we have to dad?” Charlie moaned. “Cleaning’s boring!”

“Only if you make it boring!” Arthur said eagerly-unfortunately this comment did not bode well with the kids, so he quickly said; “And that’s not all we’ll be doing: we’re going to make your mother a surprise chocolate cake, too!”

Percy looked confused. “But…but mother does all the cooking,” he said. “You don’t know how to make chocolate cake!”

The accusing tone in his son’s five year old voice made Arthur cringe. He could already imagine Percy growing up to work in law-perhaps in the Wizengamot, one of the most boring professions out there.

Unfortunately, Percy was right-he didn’t know how to bake. But Molly was always making the most amazing jam rolls and treacle tarts and pumpkin pies…so it couldn’t be that hard could it?

“Nonsense!” said Arthur promptly. “Everyone knows how to bake a cake. Now, we’ll split into parties: Bill, Fred and George, you can help me with the baking…”

“High score!” bellowed George.

“Do we get to…to eat the bowl?” Fred asked.

“Er…yes. That leaves you, Percy and Charlie, to get started on the cleaning.”

And groaning ensued.

“That’s not fair!” cried Charlie. “How come I don’t get to do the baking?”

“What about Ron?” Percy pouted. “Why isn’t he helping?”

Arthur sighed. This ‘surprise’ was turning out to be a lot more work than he’d previously thought. He didn’t know how Molly managed to entertain the kids for days at a time-she was a much more capable parent than he’d ever be, that was for sure. “Do you want to surprise your mother, or not?” he asked, and the boys all nodded. “Right,” said Arthur, picking up a squirming Ron, along with Fluffykins. “Then let’s get to work!”

Charlie and Percy stomped off into the living room to begin their chores-Charlie moaning and complaining loudly at the top of his voice the whole way. Rubbing at his weary eyes, Arthur gently put his youngest son in the cot, which was in the next room.

Ron stared up at him with wide eyes, cradling Fluffykins in his arms. “What’s doing?” he asked, in his squeaky little voice.

Arthur smiled, warmth spreading through his heart as it did every time he heard his youngest son speak. “It’s time for you to go to sleep,” he said gently, tapping Ron lightly on the nose.

Ron frowned, as though the concept of sleep confused him. Then his eyes lit up and he asked; “Food?”

Arthur chuckled. “Not yet,” he said, and placed a blanket over Ron’s chubby legs.

Only when Ron had finally closed his eyes did Arthur go back to the kitchen, praying his cake making endeavour wouldn’t be too tragic. Bill, Fred and George had been flipping through Molly’s old, tattered and very well loved cookbook, and had found a recipe for a large, squishy chocolate cake. Arthur’s stomach rumbled in anticipation just looking at it-well, at least he knew where Ron’s love of food had come from!

“Alright Bill,” he said eagerly, turning on the oven to the correct temperature, and beaming down at his oldest son, who had plonked himself down on the bench top. Arthur knew Molly wouldn’t approve of this-would think it was terribly unhygienic, but Arthur had always been a little soft when it came to the rules. “As you’re Head Chef…”

“Dad?” Fred piped, and Arthur resisted the urge to sigh. Was it ever possible to finish a single sentence without someone interrupting?

Clearly not, with six sons who all wanted their opinions to be known.

“Yes Fred?”

“Why is he Head Chef?”

“Because he’s the oldest.”

And I’m going to Hogwarts soon!” said Bill importantly. He twirled the wooden spoon he was holding in the air, and Arthur knew he was pretending it was a wand.

He smiled, because he knew exactly how Bill felt-still remembered the day, all those years ago, when he had gone into Ollivanders and held his own wand for the first time.

He’d met Molly that day, too. Their parents had been good friends-but eleven year old Molly and Arthur had been too shy to say more than a few words to each other.

Arthur cleared his throat. “Bill, why don’t you read out the ingredients we need to make the cake?”

George frowned. “What’s…what’s ingredients?”

Bill rolled his eyes. “It’s what we need to put in the cake, stupid.”

“Bill, don’t call your brother stupid.”

“But he is stupid!”

“No I’m not!”

“He’s only three.”


Arthur groaned inwardly. This ‘mission’ was proving to be impossible. “What do we need to make the cake, Bill?”

And so, as Bill read out the ingredients, Arthur and the twins raced from one end of the tiny kitchen to the other, laying out the different items needed for chocolate cake on the bench.

Arthur knew that Molly used magic to speed up the process when she was baking, but he had thought it would be fun for the kids to make a cake by hand. After all, the Muggles did it that way-and whatever Muggles did, wizards could do to!

Besides, it was becoming apparent that Arthur had misplaced his wand.

The eggs Arthur laid down on the bench were fresh from the chickens cooped up in the backyard. One of them was pure white, and the other green and speckled. They were mismatched, just like everything inside the Burrow.



Arthur sighed. “It looks like Ron has woken up,” he said, and then looked round sternly at his three sons. “Don’t touch anything while I go and check on your younger brother okay?”

The three boys looked down sheepishly. “Yes dad,” they chorused.

Arthur hurried from the kitchen, not entirely sure that nothing would go awry whilst he was gone. Fred and George seemed to attract trouble, like a pair of magnets.

As it turned out, Ron was standing up in his cot, shaking the bars rather viciously, tears streaming down his pudgy face.

“DAAAAAAD!” he wailed, at the top of his face.

“Sshhh Ron, you’ll wake mummy…”


Arthur groaned. He could already feel a migraine coming on. Molly deserved this break, she really did. It took a lot out of her, looking after her sons every day and, with a seventh child on its way…Arthur shook his head and attempted to calm Ron.

“What’s wrong, Ronnie?” he asked, using his best soothing voice and crouching down next to the cot-gently stroking the mop of orange hair on the top of Ron’s head as he did so.

When Arthur had found out Molly was pregnant with Bill, eleven years ago, he’d panicked. He didn’t think he was ready to be a father-thought he’d be hopeless at it. Molly had reassured him. Told him he was being silly, doubting himself like that, that he’d be an excellent dad.

But even today, he still wondered whether he was doing his job properly. It came so easily to Molly, being a parent-she was a natural. He, on the other hand, was bumbling and awkward.

His lower lip trembling, Ron stretched one chubby arm out of his cot and pointed to the ground, not two feet away.

Ah. Of course.

Fluffykins was lying just out of Ron’s reach-the one thing Ron couldn’t sleep without was his teddy bear. It had to be the best loved bear in the entire world.

Both of its ears were completely sucked off and one of its eyes were missing-the other one was covered in chew marks. Its light brown fur was completely threadbare and some of its stuffing had started to come out.

“Here you go Ron,” Arthur smiled, picking up the bear and handing it to Ron, who held it as if it were a precious antique, rather than a second hand bear (it had once belonged to Bill.)

Once again, Ron looked up at his father. “Food,” he said.

“Not now, sorry Ron. Later perhaps, if you behave.”

Ron’s face creased a little, and then he repeated; “Food.”

Arthur was about to reply, when suddenly there was a loud crash from the room next door.

And this time, it wasn’t from the kitchen.


Leaving Ron alone in the cot (apart from Fluffykins, of course) he hurried to the living room where Charlie and Percy were cleaning.

They were standing next to the wooden cabinet which housed some of Molly’s most precious treasures. Charlie was holding a feather duster and Percy was wearing the floral apron the Molly often tied around her waist when cooking. It was much too big for him, and trailed across the floor.

Charlie was currently staring down at the ground with a horrified expression on his face. Percy was shouting at him.

“You’re so careless Charlie!” he yelled. “Don’t you ever think?”

“It wasn’t my fault!” Charlie said stubbornly.

“Oh, yes it was!”

“No it wasn’t!”

“Yes it was!”

“I hate you!”

Rubbing at his now sore head, Arthur hurried forward and pulled the two boys, who had slowly been advancing towards each other, apart. “Boys, boys,” he sighed. “What’s going on here?”

He looked between the two of them, but neither replied. Charlie’s cheeks turned pink and he refused to meet his father’s eyes, and Percy just continued glaring stubbornly at his older brother.

Arthur found himself glancing up the flight of stairs that lead the bedroom in which Molly currently rested. She’d only been asleep for what? Half an hour and he’d already made a mess of things. It was pathetic.

“I thought you boys were supposed to be cleaning?”

Percy scowled. “We were!” he said. “But then Charlie…”

I didn’t do it!”

“Oh, yes you did!”

Arthur vaguely wondered whether there was some sort of elixir in the Potions cabinet upstairs that could cure a headache. Or perhaps, even better, one that would cure arguing brothers. “What happened Percy?” he asked tiredly.

Percy pointed at the ground. “Charlie broke it,” he said simply.

A knot of dread formed in his stomach as Arthur warily looked down at the ground.

Oh Merlin.

Lying, cracked into so many tiny little pieces it would be impossible to put together was the goblin made goblet Aunt Muriel had given Arthur and Molly for their wedding. It was their most prized possession and probably worth more than the whole house.

Oh Merlin, oh Merlin! This could not be happening! When Molly found out…

Arthur took several deep, calming breaths. Everything was going to be alright.

Charlie bit his lip, suddenly looking very small. “Dad?” he said nervously. “Dad, I’m really sorry.”

Arthur forced a smile onto his face, when really all he felt like doing was screaming. “It’s okay son,” he said. “It wasn’t your fault. I…”


The sound was coming from the kitchen. Arthur looked down at Charlie and Percy-one was looking very upset, the other boldly triumphant.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, already hurrying towards the kitchen. “And stay away from that cabinet!”

It was chaos in the kitchen. Utter chaos.

Fred and George had somehow managed to get hold of a very large bag and were sitting in the middle of the floor, giggling and throwing flour at each other. They were both covered in the stuff and both looked as though they had very bad dandruff in their flaming hair.

Egg shells and cocoa and sugar and water covered the floor. What was worse was that where the flour and water had mixed, a thick, glue like substance had been created.

A very gluggy, thoroughly inedible chocolate cake sat on the bench next to the oven, though half of it had spilt out of the tin. Bill still sat on the bench, howling and clutching at his thumb.

“What’s going on here?” Arthur demanded as Bill continued to howl and the twins continued to throw flour.

Where was his wand when he needed it?

“Boys, stop that!” he said, almost hysterically as he hefted the huge bag of flour from between the boys and lifted it onto the bench.

“Da-ad!” moaned Fred. “We were having fun!”

“You were making a mess, too!” Arthur told them. “And what are we trying to do while your mother is sleeping?”

Fred and George looked at each other, puzzling for the right answer.

Arthur sighed. “We’re trying to clean the house,” he said. “Not make it messier!”

Daaad!” moaned Bill. “Do you not even care that I’m dying over here?”

Arthur sighed, and went to his oldest son. “I’m sure you’re not dying, Bill,” he said. “And why did you let the twins make such a huge mess?”

“I was trying to make the cake and when I put it near the oven, I burnt my finger!” Bill complained, holding up his thumb which was very red, and had swelled to the size of a large prune.

Arthur cursed himself silently. How could he be so foolish? Turning the oven on and leaving the room…Molly would never have done it.

He was an awful dad!

“Run your finger under cold water,” Arthur instructed, swiftly turning on the tap. “And keep an eye on the twins while I…”

“…IT IS NOT MY FAULT!” Charlie bellowed, from over in the living room.



“…while I check up on Percy and Charlie,” Arthur muttered under his breath, rushing from the kitchen-but only after turning the oven off.

Charlie and Percy were standing in the middle of the living room, both facing each other with equally mutinous expressions on their faces.

Arthur looked at them sternly. His head was now pounding. All he wanted to do was go upstairs, lie down next to Molly and go to sleep. Maybe hibernate, like a bear.

But then he reminded himself that he was giving Molly a break. That if she could look after six sons all day, every day, then he could too.

“I WISH YOU WEREN’T MY BROTHER!” Charlie bellowed.

“Charlie!” Arthur cried, horrified that an eight year old would say something like that to a five year old. “Don’t ever let me hear you saying something like that again! And quieten down, won’t you? Before you wake…”



Shaking his head and thinking privately that this was turning out to be the worst afternoon ever, Arthur rushed back to Ron’s cot.

If there was one good thing about all this hurrying about, it was that he might drop a pound or two. His work robes had been getting, er…uncomfortably tight and he and Molly really couldn’t afford to buy new ones, if he stretched them to the limit

Ron was shaking at the bars of his cot again, bawling his eyes out. Fluffykins lay to his side, completely forgotten.

“Quiet now,” Arthur said in a low voice, picking up his youngest son and rocking him in his arms, as he’d seen Molly do on countless occasions.

Whenever Molly rocked Ron, he stopped crying at once, and often fell back asleep.

However, she clearly had some kind of magical touch, because did Ron stop crying?

No, he didn’t! He just kept on bawling like You-Know-Who had suddenly reappeared from the dead, jumped up next to his cot and said ‘boo’.

Arthur shook himself. It would not do to continue thinking about You-Know-Who like that. And besides, many people were under the impressions that he wasn’t dead. That he was just…biding his time.


The sound unmistakeably came from the kitchen, and Arthur’s suspicions were proven correct when there was the outbreak of giggling, recognisable as coming from the twins.

Looking down at Ron, who was still wailing like a banshee, Arthur followed the sounds of the twins’ laughter.

“What on earth is going on here?” he asked as he entered the kitchen.

This question however turned out to be unnecessary, as it was quite clear as to what was going on.

The entire chocolate cake mixture had been dumped over Bill’s head and was dripping down his neck, back and nose. The twins were laughing and pointing at him in absolute delight. Bill, on the other hand, looked furious.

“Dad, dad!” beamed George. “Look at Bill!”

“Bill looks funny!” agreed Fred, nodding enthusiastically.

In Arthur’s arms, Ron kept crying.

Slowly, Bill wiped chocolate cake mixture from his eyes, glaring at the twins.

Only then did he start shouting.

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” he hollered, jumped off the bench and started chasing the twins around the kitchen.

This statement didn’t seem to have any impact on Fred or George-in fact, they seemed to think that the whole thing was one big game, and their faces lit up with glee and triumph as Bill ran after them, Ron crying all the while.

“STOP!” bellowed Arthur, in his most commanding tone-one he’d never used on his children before.

The tone worked wonders. Bill, Fred and George turned towards him, their eyes wide with fear. Even Ron stopped crying, and looked up at his father with wonder.

Arthur tried to steady himself. He hated shouting-especially hated yelling at his children. He didn’t want them to be afraid of him. He wanted to be the carefree, loving dad he’d always wished his father had been.

But that was beginning to seem impossible. No wonder Molly was so stressed all the time.

Arthur took a deep breath. “We need to clean up all this mess,” he said, gesturing around at the filthy kitchen-and Charlie and Percy had continued arguing at the tops of their voices in the living room. “Before your mother…”

“Before I what, Arthur?”

Arthur paled, and turned around slowly. Without him even noticing, Molly had appeared at the foot of the stairs and was staring at him with her hands on her hips.

He gulped. “I…erm, Molly dear…I was just saying-to the kids I mean…”

Molly glanced around at the filthy kitchen. “What’s going on, Arthur?”

Arthur sighed in defeat, and began to explain. He explained that he and the kids were trying to surprise her. That they had attempted to make a delicious chocolate cake and clean up the house for when she awoke but that…things hadn’t exactly gone to plan.

Halfway through his explanation, Molly bellowed at Charlie and Percy to stop arguing, and the two boys trudged into the kitchen at once, shamefaced. Arthur thought it best not to tell Molly what had happened to their goblin made goblet.

As he continued explaining, Molly’s face slowly softened and Ron burst into tears once again.

Sighing deeply, Molly reached out here arms. “Give him to me,” she said wearily and Ron stopped crying the moment he was in his mother’s arms.

Arthur couldn’t help but feel like a bit of a let down.

Arthur and the boys all watched in silence as Molly took out her wand and muttered a spell under her breath. Almost at once the kitchen began to clean itself-a plug flew into the sink, which promptly began to fill with soapy water, and a mop and bucket of water flew out of the cupboard and began to wipe at the floor.

“I’m really sorry about all this Molly,” Arthur said quietly. “I was just trying to help. And I know I’ve made a right mess of things but…”

He trailed off as his wife put a finger to his lips. She then gently put Ron down in his high chair, and kissed Arthur on the cheek. “There’s no need to apologise,” she said simply.

Arthur stared at her. “But…I was trying to give you a break, and all I did was create chaos!” he said.

“It’s the thought that counts.”

Arthur looked around at his six boys, and bowed his head. “I’m an awful father,” he said quietly.

Molly stepped forward, grasped his hand and looked at him sternly. “Don’t you ever let me hear you saying that again, Arthur Weasley!” she said. “You are not an awful father! Look what you managed to do this afternoon!”

Arthur snorted. “What, single-handedly manage to get our kids to fight among themselves like a pack of wild dogs?”

Molly smiled. “No. You managed to convince them to clean the house and bake a cake together. So you could surprise me. All that shows is that we’re a family. Is that we love each other.”

Arthur looked at his children again. None of them were listening to his conversation with Molly anymore-Percy had already buried his head in a book once again.

Each of his sons was so different. But he loved each and every one of them just the same. And when his seventh child was born, he’d love him…or her equally.

He smiled up at Molly. “I guess you’re right,” he said.

“I’m always right,” she said, and clapped her hands together. “Now: who wants roast chicken for dinner?”

“Food!” shouted Ron from his high chair, and Fred and George giggled.

Arthur put his arm around his wife, and chuckled.

A child’s love. That was all it took to make a family.

And a great family they had.

This was written for the One-Shot, Title, Rating, and Pairing Challenge - so I was given the title 'A Child's Love' and Molly/Arthur as my pairing.


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