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The Lock Ness Monster, truly in Scotland by whispered_disaster
Chapter 5 : The Eyes in the Dungeon
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A/N- Sorry it took so long, guys... I did say I couldn't update for a while, but my little brother (who also follows this story) was asking me EVERY DAY to update, and update I have. Next Chapter is written, just need to check it over!

Enjoy!! xx



“Malfoy, please!” Hermione couldn't believe that she was partnered with DRACO MALFOY for Potions! For the whole year!

“What do you want, Granger?! I'm busy!” He shot at her, barely looking over his shoulder at her as he poured Doxy Wings into their Potion- the potion that was worth ¼ of their grade!

MALFOY! Doxy wings go in AFTER the bat spleen!” He looked lost. “Oh, just move and I'll do it myself!” Hermione went to push him, but Malfoy anticipated it, and pushed her back.


But the angle that she was leaning at sent her straight into their unfinished potion.


“Merlin, Granger! What the hell do you think you are doing?!” Hermione looked up (and up and up) at him to see that he was tinged florescent pink. She really couldn’t help the small giggle that escaped her lips.

And once the first laugh was out, a torrent of them followed.

Hermione was curled in on herself, laughing until she cried at the image of a florescent pink Draco Malfoy.



“Granger, Shut up, or I will hex you into oblivion.” Malfoy growled, more annoyed at himself for finding her beautiful when she laughed like that- uninhibited and without care- than he was at her for laughing at him.


“Oh yeah, Malfoy? I'd love to see you try!” Hermione smirked at him, finally sobered at the thought of the challenge he would present. She stealthily fingered her wand in her pocket, ready to whip it out at any minute provocation.


“You wouldn't stand a chance against someone with actual talent and intelligence.” Malfoy scoffed at her, looking down his nose. Anger welled in Hermione's veins. No one insults my intelligence!


Hermione's wand was out and under Malfoy's chin before he had time to smirk at her for his retort.

It would be Hermione's luck that Snape would have seen and heard the whole squabble, and chose that moment to intervene. Damn, I really wanted to hex that smooth skin so he would know what it is like for us mere mortals to get spots.

“Miss. Granger. Do you not understand the meaning of 'no wands' or do you just feel that you are exempt from the rules the rest of the class has to follow?” Snape drawled at her, only a slight tilt to his lips telling her that he was only keeping up appearances. Hermione and Snape had gotten close over the time they both lived at Grimauld Place, and he had a small soft spot for 'The Brightest Witch of her Age'.

“No, Professor.” She hung her head, and Malfoy looked smug again.

“And Mr. Malfoy, it seems you don’t know the meaning of 'Do not spill this potion.'”

“But Granger spilt it on me!” He whined.

“Only after you pushed me into the cauldron!”

“Detention, both of you. Tonight. My office. 7 pm, and don’t be late.” Snape strode to the front of the class to give instructions just as the bell rang.

“Well done, Granger.” Malfoy spat as he walked away.

Hermione glared after him, and the rest of the class held their breath to see what she would do. When she turned to clean up the mess Malfoy had made, the class breathed out in unison, and Bella Swan smiled to herself, amused by the antics of her 'classmate'.



“You are both to sort through these reports of past detentions, and you are to do it together. I want no arguments, no bickering, and no duelling. You are both to do this task the muggle way, and to make sure that my rules are enforced, I will be confiscating your wands for the duration of this detention.” Professor Snape held his hand out for their wands, and when Draco and Hermione placed their wands into it, he swept from the room, his cloak billowing behind him.


“Well, Granger. Get to it.” Malfoy said, getting himself comfortable on a chair, putting his feet up on the table that held boxes upon boxes of past detention slips. Hermione just gaped at him.

“Merlin, Malfoy. Can you get any more annoying-”

“Coming from you, Granger? That's rich!”









Hermione stepped back, and her hand flew to her left arm, where the word mudblood was carved into the skin, never to heal over and disappear. Always there. Always a reminder of her place in the wizarding world, the way that some thought of her, regardless of her role in the war, or maybe because of it.

“How dare you?! You stand there, acting high and mighty, trying to be better than me, when your whole argument for my inferiority is that I was born to muggles. You make me sick!” Hermione stepped towards him, and her hand flew towards his face, palm open, with unnatural speed.

But Malfoy caught it with a movement that was just as fast, and pulled her body towards him.

“Do. Not. Touch me. You got away with that in Third Year, but you will not get away with it again.” he spat down at her.

But she couldn't hear him. Her heart was beating fast, faster than normal, all she could see was neck, where his pulse beat strong, and all she could smell was his glorious scent, the scent of woods, and smoke, and something that was unique only to him.

Malfoy noticed that she wasn't listening, and he looked down at her, with his eyes that were now almost black, and he swallowed seeing the intense look in her eyes.

“Granger?” Her name came out as just a whisper, but her head snapped up, and her eyes met his. Her eyes shone, an inner light that never seemed to extinguish, no matter how many insults and slurs he sent flying her way with the sharp edge of a knife.

“I know you... Your eyes. How can I know your eyes?”

The door banged open, and Snape swept back into the room.

“Back to your dormitories. The Headmaster's orders.” He snapped, looking slightly frazzled.

Upon seeing their position, and their dumbfounded expressions, he clapped his hands and the sharp noise echoed through the dungeon. The two teenagers flew apart. Hermione seemed to come to her senses, took one look at the occupants of the room, and fled to her dormitory, holding back tears of embarrassment the whole way.


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The Lock Ness Monster, truly in Scotland : The Eyes in the Dungeon


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