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Engagements by MaddiePHughes
Chapter 18 : Italian At Heart
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Blaise appeared at the Manor and quickly ran up the large stairs leading to the front door. He pushed it opened and began running around the house, looking, more like hunting, for Draco.

“Draco!” Blaise yelled after he spotted Draco standing in front of a shattered mirror in the center of the hallway. Glass shards were on the table and floor, along with a few pieces inside of his hands.

Blaise clutched his shoulder tightly and turned Draco around to face him, his eyes were blood shot and his face reddened and puffy.

“She’s gone,” Draco whispered starring at Blaise.


Hermione hadn’t left the library of Blaise’s house for three days, Draco had stopped by at least four times a day, and a total of sixteen letters were delivered to her. Every single letter stayed in the corner of the table, piling high, and collecting dust. Every new letter that she didn’t read she felt herself become stronger, she felt her heart rebuilding itself. The only disappointment was Draco had Scoripus and refused to bring him to see Hermione until she had agreed to talk to Draco. Her mind flew back to a conversation she had with him yesterday morning that seemed to worsen her mood.

“Hi,” She whispered softly to the phone.

“When are you coming home?” Draco asked pain striking her voice.

“I don’t know Draco, I need time to heal,” Hermione admitted sighing loudly.

“I miss you, he misses you, we miss you.”

“Tell him I love him, tell him mummy always love him, and I’ll see him soon. But Draco please, stop calling. This way, I can’t heal, I can’t mend my broken heart with every remembrance of you. It’s painful, you knew how hurt I was in 7th year when Ronald cheated on me, and I expected you to do nothing like that. I trusted you, I loved you, and now my love and trust need time to heal, and that means away from you.”

“Okay, if that’s what you really need, I’ll oblige. I’m still going to send you letters, but those you don’t have to read,” Draco agreed.



“Yes, Draco.”

“I love you.”

“Goodbye Draco.”

Hermione shook her head and placed the small earbuds she had lying on her lap in her ears and lied back down on the couch pulling the blanket to her chest. The lyrics overwhelmed her, bringing tears to her eyes.

I am colorblind, coffee black, and egg white.  Pull me out from inside, I am ready, I am ready, I am ready.

She gripped the headphones from her ears and threw them across the room along with the iPod she had lying on her chest. She watched as the iPod collided with the wooden floor and crack the screen. Hermione brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around herself as her tears began to fill her eyes and redden her face like the last three nights.

Blasie and Pansy had left Hermione along, realizing no form of reassurance they told her would help revive her broken heart or dead spirit. Every now and then Blaise would walk by the door of the library and listened as Hermione’s sobs filed the room. A few time she had forcefully stopped himself from lunching towards the door and holding her close to his chest, telling her everything would be okay. Even though clearly, nothing was okay for her.

“How’s she doing?” Catalina asked walking in from the living room and into the ballroom where Blaise and Pansy were residing with Harry, Lucius, and Ginny.

“Same as the last few days, still aching terribly,” Blasie answered running a hand through his hair.

“Draco’s worsening as well, Narcissa’s at their home tending to Scoripus,” Lucius explained.

“How long are they going to continue to do this to each other?” Ginny inquired standing up.

“As long as it takes her to heal, she was hurt, and being Hermione, didn’t give him time to explain,” Harry sighed.

“We need to get her out of the house,” Pansy demanded.

“She needs some fresh air; she’s been cooped up in that library for nearly four days now. Almost every book in there has tasted her tears,” Lucius agreed.

“She won’t leave,” Blasie defended walking out of the room with anger filling his mind.

“Ignore him, he’s upset, neither of them will talk to him,” Pansy explained.


Draco paced back and forth in his room throwing object after object at the wall, shattering vases full of flowers, breaking lamps, chipping the bed post, and cracking a window by throwing Hermione’s chair at it.

The same words kept flowing through his mind of a song Blasie had shown him, making him feel exactly how he was feeling now.

But, it was not your fault but mine, and it was your heart on the line, I really fucked it up this time. Didn’t I my dear, didn’t I my dear?

He tugged at the loose ends of his hair leaned down to rest his palms on his knees. For the past three days he had continued to do this, go on a complete adolescent rampage and then break down falling to his knees. He felt the familiar sensation of his knees trembling beneath him and let himself fall to the ground in front of the fireplace. It seemed to be the only thing he didn’t destroy, staying perfectly in place. The few pictures of him and Hermione surrounded the mantle of it.

“Mother!” Draco screamed glancing down at the ground. A few moments later Narcissa came into the bedroom and stood at the foot of the doorway.

“Yes Draco?”

“I want to go to Blaise’s,” He admitted.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea-,” Narcissa began before Draco interrupted her.

“I don’t care! I’m going over there!” He demanded walking towards her.

“Alright, if that’s what you wish,” She sighed stepping aside. He nodded politely and rushed towards the foyer quickly apparating away to the front door of the manor.

“Blasie!” Draco screamed pounding on the door.

The front door flew open and Draco starred heavily at Blaise. He shut the door behind Draco after letting him in and stood in front of the stairs with his arms crossed.

“She doesn’t want to see you Draco,” Blasie explained.

“Blaise I don’t care what she wants, you knows she needs to see me,” He defended pointing towards the door that was hiding her.

“I’m done arguing with you,” Blaise sighed.

“Blaise, its okay,” An unexpected voice called from the top of the stairs. Draco quickly brushed past Blasie and ran up to Hermione, standing inches from her face. She gripped his hand tightly in hers and led him to the bedroom she had occupied herself and shut the door behind him.

“Don’t,” Hermione whispered stopping him from walking towards her.

“I know you don’t believe that I stopped that kiss, and I know you don’t believe that I wanted nothing to do with her. But I know you do believe how sincere I am, and how much I need you right now Hermione. You think I’m not as broken as you are? I’ve been crying as much as you, breaking things,” He compared pointing to the broken iPod, “I know how much you miss me. Your face is permanently tearstained, you think I like seeing that? It pains me to think I did this to you, I hate it almost as much as you do. I need you to know that I am deeply sorry, and I’ve noticed you haven’t even touched my letters. Those have a few things I’ve thought of that I can’t say out loud. You’ll have to read them yourself. And if you want me to leave tell me now and I’ll leave you alone to writhe in your own pain that isn’t self-inflicted but is all inflicted by me. I deserve every bit of punishment and pain I’m getting right now.”

Hermione shook her head as the tears fell and glanced down at her hands as she slowly slid down to the floor and pulled her knees to her chest wrapping them securely around herself, being the only reassurance she was familiar with.

“You’re lost in your own world, and need to find your way out,” Hermione sighed through a few tears.

“I want you to help be my light,” Draco pleaded kneeling down in front of her.

“I can’t do that Draco, you need to figure out a few things about us before I help with any mending you may need.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you to figure out who you are now, look for whom you are now Draco.”

“Show me what I’m looking for!” Draco screamed before bursting through the door of the library and leaving the house in tenths of a second, no one asking what the conversation involved.

Hermione stayed on the ground and watched the spot where Draco just stood, scolding her for telling him what he needed to do before asking for forgiveness. She smiled lightly to herself and stood up quickly walking into the corridors and towards Blaise’s bedroom.

“Hey,” Hermione murmured leaning against the doorframe.

“How was everything?” Blaise asked standing up and walking towards her.

“Easy, but Blaise I want to do something. And I need you to come with me, I need it to just be you and I,” Hermione explained sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“Yeah, anything,” He mumbled glancing at her with amusement.

“I want to go to Italy for three or four days, stay in the cottage mother has in one of the vineyards, and I want you to come with me.”

“Is this to get you away from everything?” Blaise inquired.

“Yes, I need some time away, and you’ve always been there fo-,”

“I’m in.”

“You are?”

“Doubting me baby sister?”

“Absolutely not,” Hermione replied with a grin.


Hermione walked down the cobblestone streets of Venice, arm in arm with Blaise carrying a bag full of wine, created earlier today by the wine makers.

“Tell me again why we’re taking this to the Leggendario?” Blaise asked taking one of the bottles of wine from the bag.

“Can’t we keep this one? It’s my favorite,” He pleaded.

“If you stop whining we can!” Hermione laughed pushing a piece of hair behind her ear. She regretted leaving the large piece of hair in the front down and not attached to the remainder of the bun. Hermione glanced down at her outfit and smiled at the resemblance she and Blaise had altered this morning. On Hermione’s body lied a white sundress that was tight at the chest and flowed freely to her knees, with thin straps, and a pair of brown strappy wedges. Blaise has chosen a pair of Khaki pants, with a brown leather belt, and a white linen shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. A pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses that sat on the bridge of his nose, giving his access to still see over the top.

“You do enjoy muggle inventions, don’t you?”

“Muggles have some of the best damn things a wizard could buy!” Blaise chuckled loudly.

“Blaise! Lower your voice, we’re in the muggle part of Venice, and you can’t talk about magic around the cottage, we have muggle workers!” Hermione scolded.

“Okay, mother! We’re here so enough scolding for one day.”


“Did you have to be so rude to the seller?”

“I didn’t like the way he looked at us, I mean we’re two good looking twins, and he couldn’t stop starring. Don’t you always say starring is impolite?”

“Yes, but do you have to be so over-protective?”

“What are big brother’s for?”

“We need to go buy you a suit, we have that auction tonight, and the wine tasting gala tomorrow.”

“Do we have to go to that?” Blaise whined purposely throwing his arms around Hermione’s shoulders.

“I thought we came here to for a distraction for me?” Hermione asked raising an eyebrow.

“Fine you’re right, but on Wednesday we’re going to the Adriatic Sea; I want to see some nude women.”

“I’ll be lounging in the cabana we’re renting.”

“How much money are you planning on spending?” Blaise screeched widening his eyes.

“Mother said to spend as much as we want, so I tend to do that.”

“We’re going to go bankrupt by the end of the night,” He replied shaking his head.

“Come on; let’s buy you this suit so I can go get my dress, then we can lounge on the balcony all day until it’s time to go.”

“This trip is all about making Hermione happy, isn’t it?”


“Enough of those!” Hermione chuckled taking the bottle from Blaise’s hand and throwing it into the fire pit.

“I’d rather be drunk and not remember what I’m doing, then sober and suffer through everything,” Blaise whined.

“Will you fix that bow tie? We need to get going!” Hermione replied straightening out her dress. She had chosen a white dress that was tight at her chest and loose at her hips. It was made of satin, the dress was backless and fell to the floor while in the front it raised to just an inch below her knees exposing her sexy legs. The front had a large V diving down to the middle of her stomach and the straps circling around her neck were covered in rhinestones and silver lace. Her hair fell freely on her left shoulder in her soft waves with a pair of white peep toe stilettos with rhinestones on the left side.

Blaise was dressed in a pair of black trousers, his white button down shirt, and a back bow tie. Adding his own style to the outfit he buttoned one of the buttons on the jacket and had his had all in his messy style.

“You know, mother would have a fit if she knew I was letting you wearing this,” Hermione giggled fixing his tie.

“Can we just go so we can get this over with?” Blaise asked releasing her hands from his neck and pulling her arm to his.


Blaise led Hermione up the large steps of the Venice Country Club that held the auction. A man in an all-white suit led them to the back when a large white tent was set up on the top of the hill. They walked along a cobblestone path lit by hundreds of candles by their feet. Hermione held the hem of her dress up making sure it didn’t touch any of the fire from the candles.

Blaise pulled her into the tent and Hermione’s mouth fell in awe at the memories the tent brought. It was complete resemblance to Scoripus’s first birthday party that was held in the large tent. There was a large stage at the front holding a pyramid of wine glasses along with the three white tables holding different varieties of wines, with small white cards holding the information about each wine.

Hermione watched amusingly as the waiters poured the bottles of wine into the top glass of the pyramid and is cascaded out and flowed through all the remainder of the wine glasses.

“Is this basically a wine tasting?” Blaise whispered walking over to the front table where the cards with their names lied.

“Basically, except we’re auctioning for wine bottles, tomorrow you get to taste all the wine you want and you may get as drunk as you want. Tonight I need you to take it easy,” Hermione explained.

She sat down in her seat and grabbed the card explaining the wine at their table.

The Rose Wine

Six month white grapes, two month cherries, and four week strawberries

Malfoy Manor, Venice Italy

“What are you reading?” Blaise asked taking the card from her, as he watched her expression go impassive startling him.

“This isn’t the Malfoy you think it is; it has to be a coincidence!” Blaise panicked.

“Hello Mrs. Malfoy,” A sweet voice interrupted.

Hermione’s head snapped up to meet a beautifully dressed older woman with raven hair, and beautiful purple eyes. She had paled skin and was dressed in a sleek coral dress with a man next to her who had bright copper hair and black eyes. A smile was plastered across both of their faces.

“Hello, but pardon me, you have me at a disadvantage,” Hermione weekly stated.

“Forgive me, I’m Odette Malfoy, I’m your husband’s great aunt, I was at your wedding briefly, I didn’t have the courtesy to meet you, for we had to leave shortly after the ceremony,” She explained.

“It was perfect, if I may say,” The man next to her replied.

“T-thank you,” Hermione stuttered gripping Blaise’s hand tightly.

“I’m terribly sorry, this is my husband Theodore Notts Sr,” She smiled.

“You’re Theo’s father?” Blaise asked.

“Grandfather,” Theodore corrected.

“Oh I’m sorry,” Blaise mumbled grabbing one of the wines.

“This is my brother Blaise,” Hermione introduced.

“I remember the best man of your wedding,” She giggled sitting down after her husband.

“Hello ladies and gentleman. It’s lovely to see the Zabini’s and Malfoy’s here today,” The MC greeted.

“The place looks lovely,” Odette complimented.

“Thank you, the auction is about to start, shall I hear your bids?”

“Mine,” Blaise chuckled.


“Alright ladies and gentlemen, this is the final bottle we shall be auctioning tonight. It is the Golden Rose Wine, shall we start the bidding at one thousand?”

“Two thousand,” A man in a black suit said.

“Four,” Hermione called out raising her hand.

“Five,” The unrecognizable man replied.




“Thirty!” Hermione shouted smiling.

“Thirty thousand, going once, going twice, sold! To the lovely Zabini woman in white.”

“What the hell are you doing?” Blaise chuckled clapping next to Hermione.

“Spending money and making profit,” She giggled.

“Let’s go pay and get you home before you spend thirty more thousand dollars.”

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