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The Fates Design by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 1 : Return to Hogwarts
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When I woke up this morning the rain was quickly beating a pattern on my bedroom window. The room was cool which only made my blankets that much warmer to lay under. As I layed there, lost in my comfort while listening to the rain I heard a soft knock on my door. I groaned and quickly pulled the covers up over my head.

"Lily?" My mother's voice called out to me. "Are you ready to go yet?"

My eyes moved back and forth under the blanket that I was still holding up like some protective shield. Ugh! I wasn't even close to being ready. "Almost!" I called back to her.

"Well hurry up dear. Hugo and Rose will be here soon and you still need to eat breakfast."

I rolled my eyes at the thought of my cousin's or should I say cousin. Hugo and I were the same age and he was one of my best friends, but his sister was another story. Rose was a goody-two-shoes-know-it-all. She had been a prefect at school and this year she would be even more unbearable since she was made Head Girl. The only thing that I really liked about Rose was her boyfriend.

I swooned at the thought of him. He was tall with blonde hair and amazing steel colored eyes. He was also the Quidditch Capitan for Slytherin and this years Head Boy. I loved the way he smiled and the way that his eyes sparkle in the sun. I was in heaven just thinking about him when I was abruptly pulled from my thoughts when the doorbell rang downstairs.

I jumped up scrambling to to get myself dressed and just as I was removing my night shirt, my door flung open and I screamed.

"Merlin's beard Albus!" I shouted at my brother as I tried to pull the blanket up over me. He stopped dead in his tracks when he heard me scream his eyes were tightly shut. "What in the bloody hell are you doing?"

"Are you decent yet?" He asked annoyed.

"Albus you arse!" I continued to shout while sending my shoe flying across the room and hitting him in the stomach.

"Oomph." He whined wrapping his arms around his mid-section. "Sorry Lils, but mum said you would be ready by now."

Damn. He's right of course, but I'm not going to tell him that. I hustled to finish getting dressed. "Alright. I'm decent now." I told him displeased at the thought that he hadn't had the decency to know how to knock by now.

He slowly opened one eye hidden behind his glasses first, just to make sure I wasn't fibbing. When he realized that I wasn't, his other eye opened carefully. "I just came up here to take your trunk downstairs."

I rolled my eyes and pointed to the corner where my trunk was waiting.

"Don't snoop through my stuff Albus!" I warned him before pocketing my wand "Just remember what I did to James!" and with that I left the room.

Just as I stepped a foot outside my door frame, Albus called to me. "Just so you know little sister, Scorpius came with Rose and Hugo."

"So?" I snapped back as if this was foolish if he thought it meant something to me.

This is when his eyes glanced over to the frame on my night stand. The one that held the picture of me, Hugo, Rose, Scorpius and the Scamander twins. Hugo had his arm around me while Lorcan and Lysander stood to his right joking with one another. To my left were Rose and Scorpius who only had eyes for one another. If you looked close enough to the picture you would see that I had eyes for only Scorpius.

Egad this is going to be a hell of a day.

I blushed, but ignored him trying with all my might to calm myself down before I walked down the stairs.

Albus chuckled. "I'm only joking with you Lily."

Yeah, somehow I didn't find that convincing. I sighed as I started moving down the stairs. My mind was racing as to how I would handle the situation that I had found myself in. Here I was getting ready to start my fifth year at Hogwarts and I was head over heels in love with my cousin's boyfriend.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid." I muttered to myself as I stepped off the bottom step.

At this point, my feet and stomach were in charge. My stomach was telling my feet that it was hungry so naturally my feet carried my grumbling stomach to the kitchen. When I entered I noticed that Rose, Hugo and Scorpius were sitting at the counter where my brother's and I usually sat. My mum was busy at the stove preparing a big breakfast that had become tradition since James had started at Hogwarts. Rose was carrying on a conversation with my mother who didn't seem the least bit interested.

"Well there you finally are sleepy head." My mother called out to me and cut Rose's conversation off. She did look quite affronted, but recovered quickly.

"Is that for me?" I asked her pointing at the plate of pancakes.

"Sure is." She smiled as she handed me the plate. "I know how much you like pancakes."

"Thanks Mum."

She was right. I loved pancakes and always looked forward to going back to school because she always would make our favorites.

I stood at the counter eating my pancakes that were dripping in syrup and lathered in butter. This helped me avoid having to make eye contact with my cousin and Scorpius.

"As I was saying Aunt Ginny," Rose continued as if I hadn't even entered the room. "They have taken away the separate dorms for the heads this year."

My mum chuckled as she listened to my cousin rant on about how unfair it was that she would have to once again have to commune with what she considered "average people".

"Well Rose, it isn't a huge deal." Mum began telling her. "They didn't have it when I was in school so I don't see what the big deal is."

Rose huffed. "It's just so unfair. I want to be independent from everyone else."

I snorted loudly into my pancakes. Everyone in the kitchen turned and looked at me. My mother had a quizzical look on her face which I tried to avoid looking at by all costs. Then a crash resonated throughout the house.

I dropped my fork and we all ran to the living room. There on the floor was my brother tanged in the contents of my trunk. He had managed to get it down the stairs alright. I shook my head mortified that my brother was sitting there with a pair of my underpants on his head.

'Albus!' I thought.

Scorpius and Rose laughed while my mum and Hugo helped Albus. I was frozen in place, but kept shooting Rose and Scorpius sharp, annoyed looks.

Just as Hugo and my mum had gotten Albus up and my things back in my trunk where they belonged, the door behind us opened. My father who had been getting a ministry car to take to Kings Cross walked in. His black and white hair and cloak were damp from the rain.

"Are all you ready to go?" he asked while looking down at his watch. "It's quarter after ten so we should probably get a move on."

My mum nodded, "Let's get these trunks in the car."

"Scorpius, will you help me get these to the car?" My dad had asked him.

"Sure Mr. Potter." he simply replied. "I'll see you in the car Rose."

Rose smiled at him while Hugo and Albus made gagging faces behind her as I silently laughed.

Finally we left the house and piled into the Ministry car and began to make our way through the rain storm to King's Cross. The streets of London were busy and dotted with multi-colored umbrella's as people made their way swiftly about. After a few minutes and much ignoring my lovey dovey cousin and her boyfriend in the distance Kings Cross loomed in the gloom.

When we finally arrived at our destination we all made our way out of the car as fast as we could. Rose jumped into Head Girl mode and began bossing us around and trying to keep us on a tight schedule to get to the platform. That is until we over heard a woman talking about wackspurts.

I really loved Luna. She is so out there in her beliefs that you just can't help but smile. I was also excited because that meant where there was Luna were her twin boys Lorcan and Lysander. They were fifth years like Hugo and I and our best friends.

"Rose? Rose Weasley?" The woman called out. Rose let out a groan. It had always been a well known fact that Rose thought that Luna was mental. Mum told us that Aunt Hermione was the same way when they were younger.

We all turned around to see Luna standing there with a bunch of Quibblers wrapped in her arms. Next to her stood the twins smiling identically.

"Hi Luna!" I waved smiling happily at her and her sons, but Luna was still looking at Rose.

Rose looked uncomfortable when she turned to Scorpius and told him that they should probably get to the platform being Heads and all. As they walked off, Luna piped up, "Did I say something wrong?"

Mum assured her that it was just how 'dear Rosie' is these days with all that responsibility, while my Dad chuckled along side of them as we walked on.

Happy to see my friends again I was excited to know where they had gone this summer. The twins had always gone somewhere with their parents during the holidays to find mystical creatures that their parents insisted were real. Lorcan and Lysander both knew that they weren't real, but always enjoyed going nonetheless.

"Where did you go this summer?" I asked them as we approached the barrier.

Lysander smiled. "Greece."

"And what were you in search of this time?" I questioned as Hugo laughed.

"This time it was a real creature. Although, I don't know that we were actually looking for this. More like we accidently came across it." Lysander explained while Lorcan nodded.

"Well what was it then?" Hugo asked impatiently.

"Children, time to go through." My father called to us and broke up our conversation.

Once we all made it through the barrier, my curiosity of what they had seen this summer was building. I tried looking for them on the platform, but it was difficult with all the other students and their parents. Steam was billowing from the express and when I finally found my family they were standing under the clock. As I approached them, I noticed my mum and dad were talking, but Albus's eyes were else where. I followed his line of vision and noticed that he had been stealing glances with Abby Dorset a Hufflepuff.

"Really Albus?" I said and caught him off guard.

"So what Lily? I am allowed to like anybody I want to."

Obviously. "So am I."

"As long as they are good to you and if James and I don't have a problem with them." He snapped back at me.

Rolling my eyes I looked away still looking for the twins. I wasn't going to fall for his trap of arguing about him, James and my relationships. They always pulled the big brother card and mind you scared of a fair few. Shame really.

The whistle finally sounded and we kissed our parents goodbye and allowed our mother one last moment to fuss over us before getting on the train. Albus and I made our way down the crowded corridor until we came to an empty compartment. We waved to our parents as the train finally began pulling out of the station. When we sat down Scorpius walked passed looking angry and with another Slytherin girl. This year, is going to be a year to remember.

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