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In the Night by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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In the dark, desolate place that was once my home, I wait. This place is ruined now, the walls crumble and break beneath my fingertips, parts of the ceiling now lie in pieces on the ground. What was my bed hangs over my head; one wrong move and it would fall, crushing whoever happened to be underneath. It would be a kinder death compared to what's out there.

I hide behind the ruins, holding my breath as they walk past. They do not see me, cannot hear or smell me. I'm invisible to all who cross my path; if I want to continue to survive, then I intend to keep it that way. Being seen by them would mean a far worse death compared to what's out there.

They don't stay. They're looking for something. I have no idea what it is, but whatever it is, it isn't here. And they're pissed about that. I wish I knew what it could be, could understand why they chose to come here, to my family home, to look for it. I can't imagine us having anything they may want.

What they want always ends in bloodshed.

I follow them from a distance, my footsteps small and deliberately slow-paced in an attempt to remain silent, but there is still an echo. I pause every few moments. They stop and listen along the way, then continue. They can't see me, don't know to look for me; it's the only reason I'm safe.

They take their usual precautions before they step outside; it's too dangerous not to, even they know that. With one last look around, they scan the hallway in an effort to find whoever they thought was following them and I clamp my hand over my mouth and nose to at least attempt to muffle my breathing. Confused and disappointed, their eyes cold and red, the monsters finally step outside, leaving me alone in my home once more. I step out of the shadows and tentatively remove my great grandfather's cloak from around my aching, bleeding body, making damn sure that I stay inside.

The ruins that make up the world is worse than my home, worse than any time in history. Seeing it still makes me shake in fear and anger and hatred. Seeing it still makes me want to run and hide, to fight and survive. I don't know what to do, yet at the same time my answer screams itself at me and I know that soon I'll be forced to obey. Saving the world is in my blood, or so I was told.

The world is silent now, we rarely hear the screams anymore. Humanity is dying, the monsters who started all of this have won, and even they fear the demons they've created. I wish I knew what to do. I wish I knew what he'd do, and that he was here to help me.

But he's not and I'm all alone. In this dark, desolate place that was once my home, I hide in the safety of the ruins, unseen in the shadows, and watch the sky light up as the world burns.

A/N: Brand new story, for two challenges. You'll find out all about the protagonist in the next chapter, when we go back to the beginning. I hope you enjoy this story and please let me know what you think. :)


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In the Night: Prologue


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