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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 35 : Boxing Day
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 Chapter Thirty Five

The rest of Christmas was spent getting some major drinking done with the Weasley/Potters; well everyone except Jack who I sent up to bed at 10pm which he wasn’t too happy about. Lucy wasn’t, mainly because she then had to go to bed as well as Percy realized they were the same age. I’m not really clear on what happened during the rest of the night though I was very pleased to wake up in an actual bed the next morning even if it was in-between half-naked Hugo and Louis. I’d had hangovers before, its second nature being Hugo’s best friend, but there was something worse about the one I was suffering from that Boxing Day morning. My only joy came with the fact that everyone else seemed to be suffering from the same thing

“Fuck, I think I’ve forgotten how to move” said Hugo that afternoon as he, Lily, Dom, Louis and I crashed out on the sofas back at Lily’s house. The Potters had by far the biggest, and the best entertainment systems, so going to Lily’s was an obvious choice when given the option between that and hitting the sales in all the muggle shops with the wives and daughters, watching James play Quidditch extremely hungover (Al and Freddie were taping it for us) or helping Molly Weasley prepare a buffet for later out of all the leftover food from Christmas day. Why Jack and Lucy opted to help her I will never know. Lily was sprawled across my lap in a deep sleep, I was tempted to draw a moustache on her face but thought better of it the last time I did that she broke my nose. It was awesome.

“Merlin, I feel so sick” groaned Louis “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hung over ever. I really hope I didn’t do anything embarrassing”

“Well luckily we all knew you had a birthmark on your ass Lou-Lou” said Dom “What’s not so lucky is that you felt the need to show us”. Louis groaned and hid his face in Dom’s shoulder who laughed, Lily grunted in her sleep as I began stroking her hair. One thing I had remembered from the day before was our little moment in the bedroom at The Burrow. It would have been the perfect time and place for us to have finally got together. But then I remembered Abi, and that she would be home in a few days and was coming straight over. I hadn’t considered how awkward that could potentially be. As I looked at Lily scrunch up her nose in a cute little way as she slept I felt myself blushing, I wanted to kiss her so badly there and then in front of everyone. I stopped myself and looked around to see if anybody had noticed. Luckily they hadn’t as they were all fighting over which was better; a rubber duck or a scuba diver. The Potter/Weasley kids were all very strange sometimes.

“That was a nice sleep” said Lily as she entered the kitchen about an hour later; I was already in there making myself a sandwich having regained my appetite a few minutes before “I have had such a good Christmas, no fights, no dramas from Dom everything has gone perfectly”

“Yeah it has been pretty good” I agreed as I buttered her bread for her (no innuendo) “I’m glad we came”

“I’m glad you came” said Lily leaning on my shoulder and yawning “I think the reason why it’s been so good is because we’ve had you around”

“Shut up” I scoffed “Like me being around has helped anyone; I punched James for Merlin’s sake”

“Yeah and he needed it” said Lily “Since that day he’s been really nice, or tried to be really nice at least, he and Al are getting on for the first time ever, he and Dad only have two or three rows a week and it’s made mum really happy”

“So what you’re saying I caused James to become a completely different person” I said with disbelief.

“If the cap fits” shrugged Lily biting into the sandwich I had made her “Oh my god Oliver, you are so good at making sandwiches”

“Lil, it’s putting a slice of ham in between two slices of bread” I chuckled “It aint exactly rocket science you know”

“Maybe” said Lily “I am such a cooking noob though, I seriously cannot so much as make beans on toast or even the toast!” she exclaimed. I laughed as she sat down at the table and began eating; I sat down next to her.

“So, how are you going to live when you leave home then” I asked “I mean if you can’t cook anything you are pretty damn screwed”

“I’ll just have to have you move in with me” she replied with a cheeky glint in her eye “Get you to do all my washing, ironing, cooking, shopping”

“What makes you think I’m going to want do all of those things for you?” I asked “I’ll be off living my own life somewhere”

“Well what the fuck am I meant to do?” asked Lily “I can’t do anything for shit; I even have to ask you to reach the top aisle in the library for me. How am I meant to cope in the big wide world without you?”

“Well chances are Hugo will have done something stupid and succeeded in destroying it by then” I replied and Lily snorted with laughter. It was then that I noticed the mustard smudged across her cheek, she hadn’t noticed and carried on eating completely oblivious to it. I faced downwards at the table trying to stifle my laughter

“Oi Benson, I know you’re laughing at me” said Lily “Don’t think I don’t know, I can always tell when you’re hiding something from me”

“Nothing” I replied “I’m not hiding anything from you”

“Yes you are” exclaimed Lily “I can tell. Oh my god, I have another zit don’t I? Shit, shit, shit Dominique is going to have an absolute field day with this one. Oliver, how big is it? Is it small or just like really big? Is my head even visible?”

“Lily calm down” I said pulling her towards the mirror by the sink “You’ve just got a bit of mustard on your cheek”. She went almost as red as her hair and made a whiny noise. I instinctively grabbed some kitchen role and wiped the mustard from her face. Being that close to her felt amazing, if not a little mustardy, her eyes sparkled as a massive grin formed across her face. I brushed some of her gorgeous ginger hair back and looked at her straight in the eye. I was well aware that I was blushing as much as she was but I didn’t care. She put her hand on my face and stroked my cheek, I pulled her into a hug and we just stood there hugging for about three minutes until we heard the others coming up the stairs

“Being in your arms is amazing” said Lily before everyone arrived “I know I haven’t had a hard life or anything but I’ve never felt as safe and secure as I did just then. You amaze me Oliver Benson, more and more everyday”. She kissed me on the cheek and made her way to the other side of the kitchen as Hugo and Louis stumbled in, drunk once again. I looked across at Lily and smiled, she smiled back and I’d never felt such a strong feeling of love for someone at that moment in time. Lily Potter was perfect, and I wanted her to be mine

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NEXT TIME: Oliver plans to dump Abi – but will it go according to plan? James is shocked when he hears who Oliver is dating and James finds himself in some relationship trouble

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