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Royal Patience by heartjily4ever
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10
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 I'll admit I'm shocked that Rose doesn't immediately ask out Scorpius. I mean we all know she likes him now. Even someone as blind as my gran could not miss the looks of obvious adoration she gives him.  It's actually a little bit sickening. Obviously, like some horrifying romance movie where you wanna shout at the characters to just ask each other out, Scorpius never sees her looking at her.

They take a month after the Scorpius disaster to go out. A month. It is so stressful.  But after some harshish words from me and Chelsea, Rose asks him out and they become inseparable. Disgustingly inseparable.

"Do you think they will ever separate?" I moan, frowning at Rose and Scorpius snogging in the common room. Its two days away from Halloween and everyone else is busy planning their costume.

"You jealous Cord?" says a drawling voice from behind me.

"What do you mean James?" I sigh, not even bothering to turn around.

"Well it appears Rose is the only one who gets to snog so far this year?"

"Well are you offering then James?"

Is that a choking whale I hear behind me?

Oh no thank god, it's just James and his friends laughing. I would have been worried if there was a giant choking whale. There would be no way I would be doing mouth to mouth with that. And I'm fairly sure Chelsea is scared of live fish. Although it wouldn't be live for long if it was choking.

Train of thought gone. Choo Choo.

I've officially gone mad. I'm making train noises to myself.

"Well, I wouldn't mind, I suppose I'm a bit out of practise."

He starts towards me, but I hold my hand up with a don't even dare glare.

"Stay away Casanova, keep clear. Save it for a 4th year at the Halloween party."

"4th year, what kind of a guy do you think I am?"

"Alright 3rd year."

Chelsea and me laugh hysterically, as he storms off with his laughing friends following.

"So what you being for Halloween?" she asks, setting down her quill.

"Oh god, I'm not sure. What are you doing?"

"Debating on Cleopatra?"

"Smart. Rose?"

"Oh god, her and Scorpius are going in a couple costume. Zombie school girl."

I make a retching noise whilst Chelsea laughs.

It's the party in two days and I have no idea for costumes. I'm gonna have to make it with the help of magic.

Wait I've got it.


"Rose, you look...In between creepy and cute," I laugh, as Rose steps out of the bathroom.

Rose's red hair is in bunches and she has basically her school uniform on. The rips and fake blood make it look different from a normal day though. And the make-up! Let's just say black eyes and bloodless face doesn't suit her. Except because she has permanently red cheeks, she looks like her face is baby pink.

Chelsea did decide on Cleopatra and looks gorgeous with black hair expertly dyed by mwa.  In a pale cream Egyptian style dress and gold bands on her arms she looks like the perfect female Pharaoh. 

I decided on the Mad Hatter. I know. I know. I know. I know.

I know.

But it was too hard to resist.

Chelsea and Rose helped me create it. We curled my blonde hair and added the hat. It is green and has a black ribbon with random things like feathers and quills and receipts stuck on it. I then have a sleeveless shirt with a green bow tie, and a sleeveless emerald blazer with patches and random pieces of newspaper stuck on it. It finishes off with a green skirt that reaches mid thigh, some fishnet tights and black wedge ankle boots. The skirt has a big flouncy black underskirt underneath to give it volume. I add some curly black eyeliner, and some red lipstick and voila.

"So where is it again?" Rose asks for the 3rd time in the last hour.

"Room of Requirement. And before you ask, your meeting Scorpius outside it in 15 minutes and yes there will be drinks. And music. And you are supposed to have fun," Chelsea repeats, grabbing Rose by the arm and dragging her to the door.

"Guys I'm not sure about this," Rose whines as we head downstairs.

"Live a little," I shoot back, rolling my eyes.

We head down through the school passing others in strange costumes. The Halloween feast earlier had been amazing, with some break dancing ghosts and singing frogs. Outside the room of requirement, Scorpius is waiting in a ridiculous outfit.  He seems to agree with me, and is tugging at the over ripped shirt with distaste. I fear that Rose forced him into it. She has that affect on people. It was wise of him to agree and I think he suspects what would have happened if he hadn't. He is also in fear of her. Like everyone else. Also she knows some scary things to do with quills that really make you wince when you even hear the names.

"Hey my Slytherin baby bear," Rose giggles, whilst Chelsea sticks her finger down her throat and I laugh.

"It'll blow over, it's just the new couple thing.  In a few weeks they will be arguing like normal."

I feel my jaw drop. In my head though. I wouldn't actually be so foolish. Al looks..... like a really hot Greek guy. Albeit in a skirt, but he can pull anything off. He is wearing some sort of toga dress thing and sandals.

"What are you?" I ask, frowning.

"A Greek God, anyone can see that. Well anyone smart."

Chelsea buts in before I can say anything. "Yeah but based on the things she does, she isn't smart."

"Hey," I exclaim, " I am smart, I just do stupid things."

"Suuuure," they both laugh.

"Well, are you like, what? Uhh, a green top hat girl?" Al asks, staring me up and down.

"It's a Mad Hatter. Duh," I say, smiling, and then say in a high pitched voice, " Anyone can see that!"

"What's the Mad Hatter?"

"Never mind. Apparently only intellectual people have read Alice in Wonderland."

I feel his eyes on me again, and smile as I turn to the wall in front of us.

In a minute a big ornate door is in the wall, which wasn't there a second ago. Al pushes me open and the loud music stuns me for a second. The room is massive and doesn't look like it would fit in a wall. There is a large dance floor and tables round the side, with spidery lace table cloths. There is a massive buffet with a variation of food, with slightly gruesome names and a mix of cool and cheesy decorations.

"Come on Chelsea, " I grab her hand and drag her over to the buffet, " FOOD!"

Grabbing a mint toffee I follow Chelsea over to the drinks.

"What is it?" she asks a guy hanging round it.

"These ones are Butterbeer," he says pointing to the lighter liquids at the left, " and these are Firewhiskey." He motions at the dark red cups at the right.

"Ro will want Butterbeer presumably, " I say, eyeing the drinks," but-"

"Oh Rose can get her own drinks," Chelsea say, grabbing a Firewhiskey without hesitation. I follow her lead and get one two and take a sip. It burns the back of my throat and I want to cough but I can't. It's very strong, stronger than Muggle beer. I drink it fairly quickly and join Chelsea on the dance floor.

"You having fun," Rose calls to us and hour later, when we are sitting at a table, tired. She breaks away from the crowd and slips into a seat.

"Chelsea, how much have you drunk?" she exclaims when she gets near.

"Not much," Chelsea giggles. Rose turns to me, eyebrows raised.

"Hey, I've not had much, but I'm not sure about her. She's a bit ditzy usually, so I can't really tell."

"Hey," Chelsea, frowns at me.

We all look up as someone approaches our table. It's Kirk Turner, a 7th year Gryffindor.  He is dressed as some sort of mummy, except with a bare chest and none on his face. Basically tight trousers made of yellowing loo role.

"Hey, we match," he calls out to Chelsea, standing in front of her.

"How exactly do you match I blurt out, and he gives me a bit of a snide look.

"Egypt. Mummy, Cleopatra. Same thing really."

Since when?

"Oh sorry I didn't know you were a Mummy. I thought you just fell over in the toilet and got a bit tangled up."

I hear laughing behind me and see Albus grabbing a chair and sitting down beside me and Rose.

"Do you want to dance," Chelsea calls out to Kirk and they disappear. I sigh and roll my eyes.

"Don't worry, I don't like him either. He's one of James's mates, but a bit of an idiot really."

"Whose an idiot?"

James is standing in front of us, staring at me in a slightly unnerving way. He's dressed as a pirate obviously, with a cotton shirt with quite a low v neck, some black baggy trousers, black boots, a pirate hat and a small sword dangling from his belt.

"Your titchy mate Kirk."

"Hey he isn't titchy, Chelsea is just wearing heels."

"What are you?" James asks me, still staring. Starting to feel slightly violated now. Too much staring. Obviously when Al did it I didn't mind, but James will be my brother in law one day.

"Mad Hatter, has nobody read Alice in Wonderland?"

"James you've outdone yourself mate," Albus says as he notices him and stands up, clapping his brother hard on the back. Again with the slapping. I don't kick Rose every time she gets a question right in class. She would be black and blue by now.

"It's really good," I smile. I hope he isn't still annoyed about yesterday. Like he actually thought he could kiss me. I am promised to Albus. He just doesn't know it yet.

I have been wondering whether I might be bordering on stalker obsession. I am crazy enough.


"Hey do you want to dance?"

I look up, starting from my dream about the furry relation to Alpacas. James is standing right beside me, smiling down at me.

I find myself nodding and standing up. Darn the stupid Firewhiskey. Ah well, it's Halloween.

"Damn it," I say, as we walk to the dance floor.


"Even in heels you are taller than me."

James laughs, a deep chuckling one and we start to dance. In heels, I can really only just walk. Dancing? Well.....

"Ouch," James exclaims, as I stand on his foot for like the 5th time.

"Sorry, bad dancer," I grimace, and look around. Somebody rescue me, before I he needs a wheelchair.

"Can I cut in," says a sly voice, and I almost cry in relief as Scorpius takes my arm.

"Yeah," James says, rather too grumpily I think, " Watch your toes."

"Sorry," I call out as he heads for the drinks table.

Scorpius keeps his feet out of my way and ends up falling over all the time. He is a worse dancer than me.

"What did Rose say?" I ask, as he trips again.

"To what?"

"When she saw you can't dance?"

"She pursed her lips and kept dancing."

"Wow, your taming her. I haven't heard her mention quills at all since you started dating."

We both wince and make our way off the dance floor, some silent agreement made to stop dancing. I spot Chelsea dancing in a very over the top way with Kirk, whilst he looks at her with something that could be nervousness.

"Well I think Chelsea is making a fool of herself."

Scorpius notices her and laughs, choking on his Firewhiskey. I get another cup and sip it slowly, looking around the room. Rose is dancing with a Ravenclaw friend and James is chatting up some girls in the corner. Al is nowhere to be seen.

"Hey Al," Scorpius calls out to the Greek god making his way over to us. There he is.

"Had fun dancing with my brother?" Albus asks, glancing at me.

"Well I might have crippled him, but it was okay."

Scorpius notices Rose and stands up straight.

"I'm gonna find my girlfriend," he calls out to us and stumbles off.

"How much has he had?" Albus asks, raising his eyebrows. I shrug, sipping mine.

"Wanna dance," he asks, shocking me for a moment.

I get to dance with Al. Eeek.

Right calm, think about Llamas.

The music randomly changes from a slow romantic one to a fast paced one by The Nargles. I like them and their songs, but I could have slow danced with Albus. I must have done something bad to deserve this. Karma must hate me. Well she can be a right cow sometimes.

Hey there. Soo Party. I didn't want to go too cliche, but I really wanted to write a party scene, so sorry if your bored of endless parties. 

Also all credit goes to Lewis Carrol for Alice in Wonderland. Tose absolutely brilliant thoughts all come from him. His brain is amazing !!

I'm not sure how many chapters the rest of the story is going to have, hoping to  make it under 20. 

Alsoooo I absolutely love all the people who made this one of their favourite stories. Your the best! 

But...... please please please review for me. If you like it, review. If you hate it, review. Please. It's my new motto to review on the last chapter that's been updated in every story I read. So yeah. Mental High five for any reviewers. 



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