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Hermione Granger, the autobiography by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 3 : The third chapter
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 3 Someone is in for a surprise.

You can definitely say I was very surprised when I learn what I was. Or rather am. It was not a very logical thing for a girl like me. Magic was make believe in my opinion, so learning that you are a real witch, that is.... well I’ll write down what I remember of it.

I was done with me primary school, finally! And I was more then ready to go to an amazing muggle high school. My parents were very proud of my grades and that I got accepted in such a high standing school. To celebrate this we would be going on a nice holiday to France. It was only two day before we would go. We were sitting in the living room, enjoying a game of scrabble, when the doorbell rang.

“Hermione, be a dear and look who it is.” My mom asked me. I got up quickly to open the door and found on our doorstep a woman with a stern face and a green dress. She had her hair up in a neat bun and her lips were very thin.

“Good evening.” I said wary. I had never seen anyone like her and did not know why she would be on our doorstep.

“Good evening to you too. I was wondering if you could let me in, I have some important things to tell you about your education.” The woman answered me. Her lips turned in a soft smile. A little shocked I let her in. We went over to my parents in the living room.

“Mom, dad this is Mrs... I don’t know what your name is.” I looked up at her. “She wants to talk about my education.” I continued and sat down in my chair again.

“My name is professor McGonagall. Can I sit down?”

“Of course professor, sit down.” My dad said, pulling back a chair. “Do you want some tea?”
She did and my mom got her a cup and poured her some. When she was seated, with some green tea (black tea is supposed to make your teeth yellow) and sugar free biscuit they asked her why she had come.

“I thought it best to do this in person. It makes it easier to answer any questions and give proof.” She told them. “Let’s see Hermione Granger, I am not a teacher from a normal high school. I have come to tell you that you are not a normal teenager. It is our pride to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We have spotted great magical potential in you.”
She pulled out a letter and gave it to me. It was a thick yellowish letter with a purple wax seal on the back. I was not sure whether I was supposed to start laughing now or that I should play along. This was clearly a joke. There was no such thing as magic, was there? I looked up at my parents, to see if they were in on this joke, my father is really an open book to me so if he were I would know. He looked back at me with the same puzzled expression that was sure to be on my face.

A little shaky I opened the letter and a few papers fell out. One said what this supposed “professor” had just told me, that I’d been accepted at Hogwarts, the second was a list of school supplies I had to purchase before going to school. The last paper that fell out skidded across the table, halting in front of my dad. He held it up.

“It’s a train ticket. I says you will have to take your train to school on the 1st of September at Kings Cross station. Platform 9 ¾ .” He looked up and burst out laughing. I joined him and so did my mom. Professor McGonagall looked very stern while we were laughing. When we were done she cleared her throat.

“I have gotten this reaction a lot lately. Non of you are willing to believe in the extraordinary anymore. But I have to ask you Hermione, didn’t you ever make things happen without meaning to? Was there never a situation that you could not explain to yourself or anyone else?” She looked at me with a knowing expression on her face. Before I knew what I was doing I nodded slowly.

“There are the books, I never figured out how that happened. And the mince pie, and my sheets seem to like changing colours when I’m happy. But... it can’t be?” I had said it before I was even aware of it. How weird. Professor McGonagall’s lips stretched into a knowing smile.

“I told you there it a great potential in you. You seem to be quite a Transfiguration talent. You will do good in my class.”

“But... it can’t be. This is not real!” My mother put in, she looked very unhappy. Of course she had noticed that strange things happened around me. Her favourite teapot had changed itself into a beautiful dove and flown out of the window one day. I don’t even know what had been said or done to make this happen.

“But it is real. I will prove it to you.” McGonagall took out her wand and flicked it. All of the sudden the coffee table changed into a Dalmatian dog and started to run around the living room wagging its tail. With another flick it was an innocent coffee table again. The three of us were speechless.
“That’s all I needed to tell you. We will expect you in London tomorrow to buy your school supplies.” She gave my parents instruction on where we were meeting. “And after that you can still go on your holiday. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With this said she shook my hand and left the house. I looked at my parents. Their faces showed shock, astonishment and fear. I was quite a bit scared myself. Without a word I got up from the table. I stumbled up the stairs, tripping every other step. When I finally reached my bedroom my shins were feeling black and blue. I pulled my sheets all the way up to my nose and started thinking. Could it really be true? It was such a weird thing. If there really was something like magic, how come nobody knew about it? I would have to ask this professor about this tomorrow. How many witches and wizards were there? Were they all born with normal parents? It was really frustrating to not know a single answer to any of these questions. I did not know how to require this kind of information. My mom and dad clearly didn’t have a clue. It figured though, that I was the one that was the freak in the family. Couldn’t I be the normal one for once? I was still hidden under my covers when my dad walked into my room.

“Hermione? Are you alright?” I felt the mattress crease when he sat down on it. “Hermione, your mom and I want you to know we will love you whatever you turn out to be.”
“So you believe it all?” I asked him warily, looking up at him. He nodded and put his hand on my knee.
“You were never a normal child, I remember your mom complaining about all those weird things happening around her when she was pregnant of you. And I remember the colour changing sheets. So it makes sense. Those things don’t normally happen, I looked it up.” He gave me a teasing smile. I smiled too.
“So we are going to London tomorrow?” I asked him. “I have thought up a lot of questions I want to ask this professor.”
“Me too.” He told me.


The next day was even more unnerving then the evening. My parents and I met a group of people that looked just as nervous, outside a large bookshop. Professor McGonagall took us into a very small and dark inn that was next to it. I don’t think most of the parents had seen it before they were taken in. We got a long explanation about wizard laws and the secrecy codes. After this we had to chance money and were taken into a crowded market street. This was where I would be able to buy every item on my list. It was unbelievable, everywhere I looked were people in robes and pointed heads. The shops were even more interesting. They sold cauldrons, racing brooms, books about magic and wands. I bought everything on my list and a lot of background reading. I wanted to know everything there was to know about this secretly existing magical world. It was very exciting. I found a book about Hogwarts, telling me everything there is to know about the place. (It’s a castle in the Scottish Highlands!) I bought books about famous witches en wizards in the history of the wizarding world and a book about magical pastime. It was nice to finally know why I had always seemed abnormal and to know there were more children like me.

On our way to France I read Hogwarts: A History for the first time. It immediately became my favourite book. The rest of the holiday I spent reading everything there was to read about the world I was going to enter. I found there was a boy, named Harry Potter, who had become famous by defeating a very dark wizard when he was only one year old. I was so nervous to be behind on my classmates, who sure knew a lot of magic since they had grown up amongst it, that it learned every book by heart. Which I found was amazingly easy to do. 

So surprise or not I was ready to enter the magical world and discover as much about it as possible once I found out were I really belonged. 



Still don't own the characters and the beautiful world of Harry Potter, thanks to JKR!

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Hermione Granger, the autobiography: The third chapter


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