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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 23 : Rage
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A/N: I own nothing, JK Rowling owns this amazing world!


“Excuse me?” Rose said.

“He broke up with me,” Dom cried, “A couple of hours ago.”

“What happened? I thought you two were going great!” I demanded.

“I thought we were going good, but he broke up with me!” Dom moaned, a fresh wave of tears flowing from her eyes.

That dick! Breaking up with her on Valentine’s Day! The day of love!


I was leaving our dorm before I even had registered it.

“Mae! Where are you going?” Rose asked.

I didn’t answer, I just kept walking.

My best friend’s boyfriend of four bloody months had broken up with her on Valentine’s day. That was low.

I was huffing with anger when I reached the Ravenclaw Common Room entrance, stuff anger, I was fucking livid.

“What is broken every time its spoken?” the knocker asked.

“Silence,” I muttered.

“Correct,” the knocker grinned (is that even possible?!) and swang open the door. When I walked in, I scanned the room quickly, searching for the one and only Ryan but could not find him so I walked (more like stomped) over to Carolyn and Robyn who were sitting in front of the fire chatting.

“Where is the fucker?” I yelled as I reached them.

“What?” Carolyn asked, quite shocked at my sudden outburst.

“I said where is the fucker?” I growled.

“Which one?” Robyn joked.


I now had the whole of Ravenclaw tower’s attention.

Heh heh, whoops.

“Why?” Nicolas asked, walking to us through the crowd of shocked Ravenclaw’s.

“He dumped Dom for no fucking reason! He broke her heart on Valentine Day the bloody dick!” I whisper-yelled to them.

“Shit,” they mumbled.

“Yeah, shit,” I said turning to Nicolas, “Now where is he? I want to have a bit of a talk with him.”

“I don’t think that would be very safe…” Nicolas stuttered.

“I don’t give a flipping fuck if it’s ‘safe’ or not! He broke my best friends heart! Where is he?” I demanded, poking him in the chest.

“He’s in the dormitory,” Nicolas whispered, obviously quite scared.

“Thank you!” I grinned then turning and racing up the stairs with Carolyn and Robyn behind me. We reached the sixth year’s dorm and I gathered myself, I needed to talk before I punched, get an answer about why he broke up with her.

I turned the door handle and pushed on the door.

It didn’t move.

Someone was pushing on it from the other side, making it stay closed. And I can guess who.

“Ryan, it’s Mae! Could you open up? I want to have to talk to you about something!” I asked sweetly.

“No, sorry! Can’t I’m busy!” he yelled.

“Busy? This will only take a sec!”

A second? Pfft, yeah right.

“No, I don’t have time! You see I have… Quidditch practise!”

“No we don’t Ryan!” Robyn called.

Hells yeah, I love this girl.

“If you don’t open the door in ten seconds Ryan, I’m going to have to force it open!” I growled.

Wow, I sound so bad ass.

“Try it!” Ryan yelled.


What is it with me and using ‘dick’ as a threat today? I’ve never done it before…

Oh, right. Pregnancy hormones.

I slammed into the door, pushing with all my strength but it still wasn’t budging.

“Help!” I called to Robyn and Carolyn who rushed over and pushed into the door as well.

“Its… not… budging!” Carolyn panted, “How about we try the unlocking charm? Maybe its locked.”

Alohomora!” Robyn said.

“Then we’ll blast it open!” I cried, “On three! One, two three!”

Three red lights blasted into the door, rocking the door but not opening it.

“The dick must have put wards up!” I whispered, realising what in fact he had done.

“Ward?” they asked.

“Magical boundaries, it’s a surprise he could do the magic to place one. It’s probable weak though,” I explained.

“Can you get it down?” Robyn asked.

“No, that’s seventh year stuff. Accelerated seventh year stuff,” I groaned.

“Shit,” Carolyn grumbled.

Then I remembered...

“James!” I yelled.

“What?” they both asked.

“James can do wards! I remember him telling me about them… he used them in pranks!” I whispered to the girls, “I’ll go get him! I’ll be right back and if he comes out, stun him or something so he can’t get away!”

And I launched myself down the stairs back towards Gryffindor Common room.


* * * * *


“JAMES!” I yelled, running into the Common room.

“Mae! What’s wrong?! Has something happened?!” James asked, jumping up from spot on the couch with Lachie, Freddie and Al.

“I’m fine! But I need you to come with me to Ravenclaw Common room!” I said, gesturing for him to come with me like a mad woman, “Like, NOW!”

“Why?” Freddie asked.

“Ryan’s warded his dormitory and we can’t get in!” I exclaimed.

“Are you sure it’s wards?” James asked.

“Yeah, a very weak one plus probably some weight against the door. Carolyn, Robyn and I can’t get through it… so actually, all of you come! We’ll need you to open the door after it’s been de-warded,” I answered, “No time to wait, let’s go now!”

The boys jumped up and followed me through the castle, running at full pace.

“Sorry!” I yelled as I knocked shoulders with a random.

“Why do you even need to get in there?” Lachie asked.

“I need to give him a fucking piece of my mind, I’m going to fucking smash his fucking face in,” I roared.

“Umm, why?” Al asked a bit shocked.

“He broke up with Dom on FUCKING VALENTINE’SDAY FOR NO FUCKING REASON!” I roared, my voice getting louder.


“Man, we got some bashing up to do,” Freddie grinned.

“I get him first! I need to interrogate him!” I said, “Then you can bash him up as much as you want. WAIT SHIT, THERE’S THE ENTRANCE! GO BACK!”

We stumbled and turned around, coming to a screeching halt at the Ravenclaw door.

“Can one create something from nothing?” the knocker asked.

I searched my brain, this one was a hard one.

“Anyone have any clue?” I asked the boys as I thought.

“What the fuck, no. Do I look like a Ravenclaw to you?” Freddie laughed.

The rest of the crew nodded along, obviously having no idea either.

Then, just like that, I got it.

“There is no such thing as nothing, there is always something so the base is there,” I answered.

“Couldn’t have put it better myself,” the knocker smiled, flinging the door open.

“Why the fuck weren’t you a Ravenclaw? You’re bloody smart!” Al asked.

I just shrugged, “Come on!”

We raced through the Common room and up the stairs, coming to a stop at the sixth years dormitory where Robyn and Carolyn were standing.

“You’re back,” Robyn grinned, “Bringing the whole crew.”

“I think there’s some stuff blocking the door after the ward and these boys were lying round so I thought, why not?” I grinned to the girls before turning to James, “Can you feel the ward?”

“Yeah,” James whispered then scoffing, “It’s the weakest ward I’ve ever felt! This should be easy to break.”

I gave him a kiss on the check and grinned, “Fantastic.”

James nodded, closed his eyes and raised his wand. Taking a deep breath he began to mumbled under his breath, also waving his wand in matching movements. His brow scrunched as he worked on, some sweat visible on his brow. Suddenly, I felt the ward rise.

“You did it,” I whispered, grabbing his hand and squeezing.

“I did,” he whispered, obviously tired.

I summoned a glass and then filled it with some water, “Here, drink this. You’ll need some strength if you want to bash up Ryan.”

James grinned and sculled the water, placing the glass on the ground before giving me a quick kiss on the lips, “Thank you.”

“Time to shine boys,” I grinned, “Wards down, time to force open this door!”

The four of them all got in a good place and nodded then,


The door smashed off its hinges but didn’t go far. The boys continued to push furniture out of the way until we had a clear path in.

“Remember, I’m first then you can bash him up as much as you want,” I reminded the boys then walking in, “Hello Ryan.”

“How did you get passed my ward?” Ryan asked from his position on his bed.

“My secret,” I grinned, “But no offence, but that was extremely weak. It only took us a couple of seconds to pull down.”

“Shit! That too forever to do!” Ryan whined.

“Weak,” I heard someone mutter behind me.

“Anyway, you know why I’m here,” I said.

“No I don’t,” Ryan whispered, not looking at me in the eye.

“Yes you do, now I’d start telling me why you did it before I start to hex you,” I smiled sugar sweetly.

“No way!” Ryan yelled. He went to grab his wand but before he could send something at anyone, I flicked my wand lazily and it went flying into the air and into Robyn’s hands.

“Try anything else and these four start on you earlier,” I grinned.

Ryan stayed quiet, obviously quite intimidated.

“Weasley!” I barked, “Close the door! You and Tolin can guard it! A Potter, Jacobs and Bianque guard the windows. J Potter, you’re with me.”

I was in good-cop-bad-cop-interrogation mode now. No one should mess with me.

“Are you sure-“ Lachie began but was cut off by my glare. They all raced to their posts.

I walked over to the mess of furniture next to the door and yanked a chair from the mess, dragging it to the other end of the room,

“Sit down,” I snarled to Ryan, pointing at the chair I had just placed. He yelped and sat down.

“I’m going straight to the point, no side questions,” I explained to Ryan, “Answer it and you don’t get one of these.”

I sent a stinging jinx to the floor which made a sizzling sound before disappearing.

“Of course! What-“

“Don’t talk unless I say,” I snapped, pacing the room. Taking a deep breath, I walked over to Ryan and placed my hands on the arm rests and lowering my head so I was eye level with him, “Why did you break up with Dom?”

Ryan gulped.

“Answer the question,” I snarled, sending a jinx at his bare arm.

“Ow!” he squealed.


“Fine, I’ll answer!” Ryan yelled back, “She was getting boring!”

“Explain,” I snarled.

“She was getting boring, you know! I was just sick of her! Don’t get me wrong, she was great at the start but now it’s just boring! The snogging and the shagging just got old and I lost my feelings for her!”

“How long did you feel this way?” I demanded.

“For about a week, a week and a half?”

“More importantly, why did you break up with her on FUCKING VALENTINE’S DAY?!”

“I’ve been trying to break up with her for a week and I just didn’t have the right timing, but then it was just perfect timing today so I just did it!”

“You think the perfect time to break up with your girlfriend of four freaking months is on Valentine’s day?!” he nodded slightly, “You’re a sick bastard.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not me you should be apologizing too,” I grumbled, “Next time you dump someone, do them a favour by not dumping them on Valentine’s day.”

“I defiantly will! I promise!” Ryan nodded his head vigorously.

“Good,” I grinned walking away from him, “He’s all yours boys.”

The boys all grinned and began to advance on him when I remembered, “Oh, wait!”

They all looked at me bewildered.  

“I have something to do first,” I walked up to Ryan, studying his expression which read scared as bat shit. I laughed and then did what I wanted.

Punched him in the face.

I swung my arm back and brought it forward, my fist making contact with his nose and I heard a satisfying crack. Bloody spurted from Ryan’s nose and he yelped in pain, his hand automatically joining to clutch his now broken nose.

“That’s for breaking my best friend’s heart,” I grinned and waltzed out of the room, “Have fun boys!”

Carolyn and Robyn laughed as we ran from the room and down into the Common room where the whole of Ravenclaw house seemed to be waiting to hear the news.

“That was brilliant Mae!” Carolyn laughed.

“I wish I had taken a picture of his face!” Robyn snorted.

I giggled.

“What happened?!” Nicolas demanded.

“Just a normal interrogation,” I grinned, “He’s upstairs now with the boys.”

Nicolas’ colour faded from his cheeks when he realised what I meant and he raced up to save his best friend.

“Should we come see Dom?” Robyn asked.

“No, I don’t think she wants many people,” I sighed, “I’ll tell you when to come. She was in a terrible state when I came in after Hogsmeade.”

“Ok,” Carolyn smiled, “If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thanks! See you guys soon hopefully,” I grinned, waving.

“Bye!” they said.

I turned to walk out the door but was stopped by another voice.

“Mae!” Carolyn called.


“I hope this means you and Dom can make up.”

“Me too Carolyn, me too.”


* * * * *


Dom was curled up in a ball asleep when I got back to the dormitory. Rose, Roxie and Lily were sitting on Rose’s bed chatting, but jumped up when they saw me.

“Mae! Where did you go?!” Rose asked.

“Oh nowhere, I just went to pay dear old Ryan a visit,” I smirked.

“What did you do to him?” Lily asked.

“Just asked him some questions, hexed him, broke his nose and then left him with James, Al, Freddie and Lachie,” I grinned.

The girls snorted.

“It was actually really hard! He knew we were coming though, bloody warded the door and then pressed furniture up against it.”

“He can cast wards?” Rose asked, thunderstruck.

“Yeah, but really weak ones. Nothing James couldn’t handle,” I laughed, “Shall we head down to the common room so we don’t wake her?”

“Good idea,” Roxie smiled and we tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs.


* * * * *


“Can I stay with you tonight?” I asked James from my position cuddled into his side.

“Sure love,” James kissed the top of my head, “Shall we head off now? It’s been a tiring day.”

“Ok, I’ll meet you up there, I’ve just got to grab some stuff from my room,” I smiled.

We bid our goodbyes to our group which was Freddie, Lachie, and Al who were talking Quidditch, Roxie and Lily who were talking about their upcoming OWL’s and Rose and Scorpius who were cuddling on the couch, whispering in each other’s ears.

“See you soon,” I gave James a small kiss and ran up the stairs.

Dom was still asleep when I tiptoed into the dorm, she was wrapped in a ball.

I quickly grabbed some clothes for tomorrow and changed in my pyjama’s which consisted of an oversized Gryffindor Quidditch t-shirt that had ‘Potter’ on the back and blue and white flannel short bottoms.

I quickly scooped up my clothes and dumped them in my bag, and turned to tiptoe past Dom’s bed and out the door again.


I turned around to see that Dom had turned around and she was now awake, her eyes studying me.

“Hey Dom, how are you feeling?” I asked, “We got you some food from dinner, we thought you might be hungry.” I walked over and picked up the plate of lamb stew, and sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Thanks,” she took the plate and started to nibble, “I heard what you did to Ryan.”


“I was awake when you told the others, I just didn’t feel like talking to them.”


“So, thanks for doing that. It kind of makes me feel better,” Dom smiled weakly.

“You’re my best friend Dom, if he hurt you, I had to hurt him for doing that,” I grinned.

Dom smile became wider, “Do you think that it would be ok if we put the last couple of months behind us and start over? I really miss you.”

“I would love too, I’ve missed you so much,” I was starting to cry.

I reached out and hugged her for the first time in months. I was ecstatic to have her back and that she had forgiven me for not telling her about James.

“Are you going to stay in James’ dorm tonight?” Dom asked cheekily, eyeing my bag which was on the floor next to me.

“Yeah, but I can stay here with you and have a girls night if you want,” James would understand, I had told him how much I had missed her and wanted her back.

“No, go with James! We can have a girls night tomorrow! We could invite Carolyn, Robyn, Rose, Lily and Roxie too!” Dom grinned.

“Perfect!” I giggled, standing up and grabbing my bag, “Discuss at breakfast?”

“Yeah, normal time and spot?”


I blew her a kiss, “See you Dom!”

“Bye! Don’t be too naughty with that cousin of mine!”


“I was kidding!”


I raced down the stairs grinning widely, not caring out the whistles I was getting from me being in my tiny shorts. I was too happy that Dom and I were friends again.

“What got you so happy?” James asked me as I walked into his room.

“Dom and I made up!” I grinned, “We are officially back to being best friends!”

“That’s fantastic!”

“I know! We’re having a girl’s night tomorrow and everything! It feels like everything is becoming normal again!”

“What’s happening?” Freddie asked, emerging from the bathroom with just a towel around his hips, “Oh guys, come out with something on, Mae’s here!”

“HEY MAE!” Ian called from the bathroom.

“Fuck, can you bring me my pyjamas then?” Oliver asked.

“Coming,” Freddie walked over to Oliver’s bed and grabbed Oliver’s pants, then his from his bed and ran back into the bathroom.

“Bed?” James asked me, holding out his hand which I took and nodded.

We walked over to his bed crawled in, James closing the curtains and casting a silencing charm. He grinned and lay down next to me, his arm wrapping around my waist.

“How are you feeling after today?” he asked me, kissing my noise.

“Good. Rose is right though, we need to tell Al and Roxie,” I sighed, “We can’t bring everyone to the scan though. So far we have Rose, Scorpius, your parents, Teddy, Dom and Lily.”

“We’ll have to limit,” James said, “How about Rose, Scorpius, Dad and Dom? Because they didn’t come last time, the others can see the scan picture.”

“Sounds good,” I grinned, “But I think we should tell Freddie with Al and Roxie. He should know, he’d be one of the only out of our friendship group that’s a Wotter who won’t know, he’d feel the same way as Al or Roxie.”

“Let’s tell them tomorrow,” James said.


“At lunch, take them outside to our spot and speak to them.”

Our spot was in the Forbidden forest, just a small clearing hidden from the eyes of others. We were free and safe when we were there.

“Can Dom come too? I want to spend as much time as possible with her, I can’t lose her again.”

“That’s fine, she needs to hear it anyway, she needs to catch up with everything anyway,” James whispered.

“With our little darling,” I grinned, moving onto my back and pulling up my t-shirt to reveal my baby bump which was becoming quite visible.

“Our darling girl,” James grinned, trailing his fingers along my stomach and placing soft kisses there too.

“Boy,” I managed to breath out, I was so lost in his touch.

“You sure?” James whispered, his lips just brushing my skin.


“Really?” his lips had no reached the bottom of my breasts. And he was very slowly edging my top up.



I needed to tell him to stop. That we shouldn’t be doing this, we were going way too far. But the problem was I knew it was ok, safe, to have sex with a baby in my stomach.

“Mmm?” James repeated.

“Screw it,” I muttered, throwing my t-shirt over my head and capturing James’ lips in mine.


* * * * *


A strong arm was wrapped around my waist, securing me in place with my back against his chest and his face in the crook of my neck.

My eyelids fluttered open and I took in my surroundings, me naked in James’ bed, tangled in sheets and limbs. I smiled to myself as I remembered last night, James and I had had sex for the second time, but the first time we were actually knew what we were doing. It was amazing, blissful, other worldly. It had been the best experience of my life so far. James and I were the only people in the world at that time, just me and him making love. Lucky James had put the silencing charm up, I knew for a fact that James had been pretty loud and I had a feeling I had been too.

Checking the clock, I realised that it was 7:40 and it normally took me an hour to get ready when I actually tried which I never really did anymore because I slept so much. Today though, I was going to look pretty, I was going to put in effort because a) I had just slept with the love of my life and wanted to impress him more and b) because Dom and I were best friends again. Then I remembered that Dom and I were meeting at 8:30.

I softly picked up James’ arm from around my waist and wriggled from his grasp, luckily as James is such a heavy sleeper, he didn’t wake as the weight of the bed groaned from me sitting up. As soon as I stood up, I felt sore. I groaned softly and stretched, this was a good soreness and I liked it. I giggled, grabbing my t-shirt and pulling it over my head, then racing into the bathroom.

I showered, cleaning my hair and my body so thoroughly that when I stepped out of the shower I smelled strongly of Mango & Passionfruit.

I quickly got changed into a pale blue floral dress with a small lace white cardigan, nude high heels, a gold bracelet, my watch, James’ jewellery, gold dangly earrings and a massive black handbag. Then I did my hair in soft curls and placed a flower head band on top of my head. My makeup was simple, just mascara to make my lashes extra-long, foundation, gold eye shadow and pink lipstick.

I grinned as I put the cap on my lipstick and threw it back into my makeup bag, placing it in my handbag which had an undetectable extension charm on it and a feather light charm. I blew a kiss to the mirror once more before walking out into the bedroom, it was funny, I didn’t even look like I was pregnant.

James, Ian, Oliver and Freddie were all still asleep when I walked out, Freddie was even drooling. I skipped over to James’ bed and gave him a little nudge,

“James,” I whispered.

He didn’t move. Bloody hell, damn heavy sleeper.

“James!” I said a little louder.

He just snorted.

An idea struck. I climbed onto the bed next to him and closed his curtains, also placing a silencing charm around us. I lay down and placed my mouth next to his ear.


James shot up, his eyes now open wide and he was scanning me quickly.

“What? When? How?” He grunted.

“I was kidding James! I was just trying to get you to wake up!” I smiled, “Sorry, I know it was cruel but needed.”

“It’s ok, when do you think she will start kicking anyway?” James asked.

“No idea, we can ask Healer Malfoy next week though!”

“Ok,” James grinned, taking my appearance in, “Good morning though,” he kissed me softly, “You look beautiful this morning.”

“I’ve been up since seven thirty, I’m meeting Dom at 8:30 in the Common Room. I woke you up to tell you where I was going.”

“Wait up! I’ll just shower and change and then I’ll come down with you. I’ll only take a second,” James grinned.

“Ok, but you better be quick!” I giggled as James kissed me.

“By the way,” he muttered between kisses, “I thoroughly enjoyed last night.”

“Me too,” I whispered, “Now get moving!”

James laughed and jumped out of bed, grabbing his clothes and running nude to the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

Sighing, I grabbed my bag from my bedside and sat up. I reached in my bag and grabbed some parchment, then walking over to James’ desk and using his quill to write,








I wrote the letter twice more, except changing Al’s name to Roxie’s and Freddie’s, I decided that I would tell Dom in person.

“What’s that?” James asked, drying his hair with his wand and walking over to me.

“Note’s for Freddie, Al and Roxie about lunch today,” I explained, “Best way to tell them without being overheard.”

“Fantastic, give them to McFlurry as he’s right here,” James pointed to his grey-white owl sitting on his bed post.

“OK,” I smiled and skipped over to McFlurry, “To Albus, Freddie and Roxie at breakfast please.”

McFlurry hooted and flew out the window.

“Why did you call him McFlurry?”

“First name that came to mind and now he won’t respond to anything else,” James sighed, “Ready to go?”

“Yeah, let’s go,” I grabbed his hand and skipped out the door.

Dom was waiting down stairs against the stairs for me when I walked down. She looked just as nervous as I did.

“DOMMMMMMY!” I boomed and ran over to her, tackling her in a hug.

“MAEEEE!” Dom yelled equally as loudly, “I MISSED YOU LAST NIGHT GURLLLLL!”


“Ok, I think I am actually going to wait for the guys. I’ll see you later,” James grinned, kissed me passionately, “Bye.”

“Bye,” I winked as he turned and walked back up the stairs.

“You shagged him last night, didn’t you?” Dom giggled.

“DOMMMMMM SHUT UP!” I laughed and joined arms with her, skipping down to the Great Hall with her.


* * * * *


“Oh my merlin, you two made up?!?” Robyn yelled as she run into the Great Hall with Carolyn, running straight towards the spot in Gryffindor table where Dom and I were pissing ourselves laughing.

“Yeah,” I spat out between giggles.

“Fantastic!” Carolyn grinned and sat down on the other side of the table with Robyn, “Been waiting for this to happen.”

“Are you ever going to tell us about what you fought about?” Robyn asked.

“Yeah, eventually,” I sighed. And I meant it, I would.

At that moment, the owls came into the Great Hall. I saw McFlurry swoop down and drop letters on Al, Roxie and Freddie’s lap. They all scanned the letter, then looked up and gave me a subtle nod.

“So, what are you guys doing today?” Carolyn asked as she delicately cut a piece of bacon.

“Catching up on everything we missed out on,” I grinned, slinging my arm around Dom’s neck, “I HAVE MISSED OUT ON SO MUCH!”

“I KNOW!” Dom laughed.

“I wish I could come but I’ve got Quidditch practise,” Robyn sighed.

“And I’ve got a date with Ian,” Carolyn grinned.

“Don’t worry!” I smiled, “Because tonight Dom and I are hosting a girls night sleepover in our dorm tonight!”

“Really? Awesome!” Carolyn clapped her hands together excitedly.

“How else are you inviting?” Robyn asked.

“Lily, Roxie and Rose!” I grinned.

“Have you asked them yet?” Robyn said.


“You better before they make plans.”

“Ok,” I stood and walked over to where Lily, Rose and Roxie were, “You guys free for a girls night in my dorm with Dom, Carolyn and I?”

“Sure!” Roxie grinned.

“So you two made up?” Rose asked.

“Yep! So exciting!” I giggled.

“Finally!” Lily laughed.

“Anyways, see you tonight! I’m spending as much time as I can with Dom!” I waved, skipping back to where Dom and the girls were sitting, feeling as though as my life was finally in my control once more.


* * * * *


“Ready to go?” I asked Dom, standing up from a couch in the Room of Requirement. We had been in here all day catching up and doing random shit, I had been trying to keep her mind off Ryan.

“Yeah, where are we meeting the others?” Dom replied, swinging her legs out of a hammock and jumping out.

“Entrance Hall, James is grabbing some food for everyone and then meeting us so we better go so Al, Freddie and Roxie aren’t thinking they’ve been set up,” I explained.



We giggled and ran off.

No one was really in the halls as they were all eating lunch in the Great Hall, which was specifically why I chose this time, no one would see us wandering off into the forest.

When we got close I could hear some arguing.

“Al? What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here? I’m waiting for someone!”

“I am too!”


“What the hell Roxie? Why did you do that?”

Standing in the shadows of a corner in the Entrance hall were Al, Roxie and Freddie. Roxie was flushed with her hands on her hips, Fred was grinning and Al was laughing. Both Freddie and Al were sprouting tentacles from their face.

As soon as Dom and I saw them, we erupted into giggles.

Fred, Al and Roxie all turned around, eyes widening at the sight of Dom and I giggling with each other.

“Hi guys!” Dom stuttered out.

“Nice to see that you’re all here on time! We’ve just got to wait for James to come with the food and then we can head off,” I explained, walking forward.

“We’re all going?” Roxie asked, “What’s so important?”

“We’ll tell you when we get there, it’s not safe enough here,” I said.

“Merlin, it sounds like a life or death situation,” Freddie exclaimed.

“HELLLLLO!” James yelled, strutting into the hall with a rucksack, “Shall we get going before people come out?”

“Sure,” Al agreed, “I’m anxious to know what this is all about.”

We set off out of the hall and walked straight to the forest. Most people would freak out when they were lead to the Forbidden forest, but most of the Wotter’s spent a lot of time in there so no one was really nervous.

James and I lead the way, not talking, but hand in hand and grinning like fools. We were both still glowing from last night. Dom kept sending me knowing looks which I returned.

After five minutes of whispering, tripping and walking through the forest, we reached our clearing.

The clearing was covered in green grass and tiny violet flowers. Soft moss covered the trees that lined the clearing, becoming thicker as they got further away from the clearing. Sun shone through the leaves and the gap of the trees.

“This is beautiful,” Dom whispered, walking out into the sun shine.

“How did you find this place?” Al asked.

“Just walking around,” James grinned, walking over to the centre of the clearing and flicked his wand causing the rucksack to unpack a picnic rug, sandwiches, fruit, cakes and juice, “Come sit everyone.”

We all hurried over and dug in, I did not hesitate to eat a lot more than a normal teenage girl would eat, I would prefer for the others to pick it up instead of me having to say it out loud again.

When everything was gone, we lay silent, embracing the quiet sounds of nature that were invisible to us in the castle.

“Seriously guys, why are we here?” Roxie asked, resting on her elbows and gazing down at all of us.

“We better get on with this James,” I muttered, standing up and brushing the dirt off myself before walking over to my bag.

“What are you getting?” James called.

“Picture, might as well have some proof and I’m sure they’d all want to see it anyway,” I said, “Got it!”

I skipped back to James with the picture in my hand, but it was covered so they couldn’t see.

“So what’s this all about?” Al asked.

Here we go, time to tell them. Now explain and then you can get to the main fact, ease them into the idea…

“I’m pregnant,” I answered bluntly, shoving the picture forward.

Way to go Mae.

“WHAT?!” Freddie roared, grabbing the picture where everyone huddled around him to look.

“I am pregnant,” I sighed again.




I scoffed, “How? Isn’t that a bit obvious?”

Al went bright red, “Guess so. Sorry, a bit of a shock.”

“Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one,” Dom grinned.

“You already know?” Roxie asked.

“Yeah, I’ve known since six weeks,” Dom replied smugly.

“Who else knows?” Al whispered, peering closely at the scan picture.

“Your parents, Teddy, Lily, Rose, Scorpius, Allie-bitch and Just-evil,” I sighed.

“How did Alessandria and Justine know before us?” Fred growled.

“That was my fault,” Dom cut in, “I was angry and I shouted at Mae and they over heard. It’s how Mae ended up unconscious in the hospital wing.”

“Oh, it’s what you’ve been fighting about, isn’t it?” Roxy asked.

“Yeah, but we made up last night!” I grinned, “All’s good!”

“We’re best friends again!” Dom laughed.

“Guess you guys want to know everything?” James asked, looking at the others who nodded.

So we spoke. We explained everything from the baby, to the fight, to the appointments. We spoke for almost an hour.

“That’s everything,” James concluded.

“Wow,” Al breathed, “So I’m going to be an Uncle?”

“Yep, Uncle Al,” I grinned.

“Has a nice ring to it,” Al laughed.

“Can I be godmother?!” Dom asked.

“SHOTTY GOD FATHER!” Freddie roared.

“We are going to decide later, just want to get through telling everyone,” James sighed, “That reminds me, we’re having a Wotter family luncheon in the dining room next to the kitchen next Saturday to tell everyone.”

“Nana is going to be so happy but angry at the same time,” Dom laughed, “She won’t know whether to be happy that she’s getting her first great grandchild or angry that you knocked Mae up and your both only seventeen.”

Everyone laughed.

“Is your family coming Mae?” Roxie asked me.

“Might be, got to figure out if I want to tell them separately or together,” I mumbled.

“Do it with everyone, meet the family and stuff,” Fred grinned.

“Who will come from your family?” Al asked.

“My parents, brother Mitch and Sam Wood,” I said.

“Why Sam Wood?” Fred asked.

“He’s  both Mitch and my best friend, I couldn’t stand not telling him,” I sighed.

“Damn, I was hoping for a hot younger sister or cousin,” Al grumbled.

“If I had one, you’d know them as they would go here,” I laughed.

“Oh well,” Al said.

“We’ll get back to you on who’s going to the scan though, we’re still figuring it out,” James said.

“When is it?” Roxie asked.

“Friday afternoon.”

“So you’ll show the newest scan then?” Freddie asked.

“Yep,” I smiled, “Shall we go? It’s almost three fifteen, we’ve been gone two hours and fifteen minutes.”

We all stood up and dusting ourselves off, James also waving his wand to pack up the rucksack.

“Huh,” Al mumbled, gazing at the scan picture as he gave it back.

“What is it?” I asked, looking at the scan.

“Well it’s definitely James’, he has his head.



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